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Promise Me ... m•a•g•a•z•i•n•e

Beautiful South Carolina Weddings Premier Issue

Kindal Dankovich, Bride

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Promise Me ... m•a•g•a•z•i•n•e Beautiful South Carolina Weddings Premier Issue

Jamie and Richard................................................................ 3 Photography by Josh Jones Paula and Brandon............................................................. 20 Photography by Dylan Wilson

Kindal and Adam............................................................... 32 Photography by Kim Deloach

Brittany and Ryan.............................................................. 46 Photography by Jeff Blake

Rachel and Regan............................................................... 60 Photography by Rick Dean

Molly and Jonathan............................................................ 78 2 Photography by Sposa Bella

Jamie & Richard Photography by Josh Jones 3



e were engaged for a year and a half, so I had plenty of time to work on this, but it is stressful and I was terrified. I was so busy, it’s like a wirlwind, but my advice would be to try to relax and enjoy it, after all, it’s just like a great big party.” Sage advice from the new bride.”I think the hardest decision we had to make was where to have it. There was so many things that have to be considered. Out-of-town guests coming and where will they stay, will the facility handle the number of people, and of course, will everything fit into our budget. We finally decided the best location for us was downtown Greenville.”


Jamie said the absolutely best thing she did was hire a wedding planner. “There are just so many little things you don”t think of. Our photographer recommended Christine Faust of Faust Events, and I couldn’ t have been happier with the way things turned out. She just took so much pressure off. I’m sure she saved us a lot of money by knowing what to do and how to do it. She was able to loan us little things like centerpieces that had been used before, and that saved us having to buy them.”




he bride says she got most of the good ideas off of the internet. “We selected our photographer off the internet, and that was really a good decision. Not only did he take great pictures, he was real easy to work with and he had some great advice and ideas about the whole thing. He was just great to work with.” “One thing that took some time was finding a good place to have the rehearsal dinner. There are so many friends and family you want to invite, it was real hard for us to stay on budget. This is another area where the wedding planner was invaluable.” 8

The bride said the easiest decision she had to make was the flowers. “I knew I wanted hydrangias. I wanted to keep it simple and elegant and not overdone. I guess you could say southern and simple.” The couple honeymooned on St. Martin’s. A relative loaned them a condo there so that made the decision easy. Jamie said they had a beautiful beach, “and we tried all of their fancy mixed drinks.”


Their favorite picture was the one of them kissing in the middle of the street. “I thought we were going to get killed, but Josh told us to trust him and we did, “ she laughed.





Ceremony: Wyche Pavilion, Greenville Date: September 18, 2012 Reception: Huquenot Loft Coordination: Faust Events Flowers: Dahlia Catering: Good Life Cake: Kathy and Company Dress: Evelyn Bridal Hair/Makeup: Wilson’s on Washington Strings: Mulfinger Quartet Band: Southern Crescent Band









Paula & Brandon

Photography by Dylan Wilson




his article is a little different than most bride interviews, because the bride in this case is herself a wedding planner. “I would highly recommend to all brides that they hire a wedding planner. It makes everything so much easier,” she advised. She said while the vendors you hire will go about doing their thing, the planner is always for the bride. “A planner makes sure everyone does things the way the bride wants. They are her advocate. And most planners can work within all kinds of budgets, so you don’t need to be afraid you don’t have the money.”



One thing a prospective bride in South Carolina should remember, she said, was to select a venue really early and get it booked. “The best places are booked quickly, so pick a place then go from there. Two years in advance is about right.” One suggestion Paula made was for a bride to start an inspiration board. “Put everything you like on the board. Pictures, colors, flowers, everything. Show it to your planner to give her something to work with.” Another suggestion was for the band. “If you have specific things you want the band to play live, make sure you tell them in advance. They have to practice music they haven’t 26 played before.”


Date: May 19, 2012 Where: Windows on the Waterway, Hilton Head Hair: Celeste Iannazzo Makeup: Joy Ross Suits & Flower Girl Dress: J. Crew Bowties: Southern Proper Escort Cards, Napkins & Invitations: Live, Love, Paper Florist: The Greenhouse Dress: Custom Design






Kindal & Adam Photography by Kim Deloach 34



“ know its hard to believe, but I wasn’t nervous the whole time during the planning of my wedding, but when the doors opened and it was time for me to walk down the aisle, that’s when I got nervous!”


Kindal said they had everything scheduled six months ahead, and it was a good thing they did. “I knew I wanted something outdoor, and when my mom and I visited Chattooga Belle Farm we knew immediately that was the place. Another week or so



and it would have been booked up.” She had a wedding planner for the day of the wedding and she said she really took a lot of stress off. “We were worried about rain, even though we would have had a cover, but it rained seventeen days in a row before the wedding, but just a little bit that day that morning. It was beautiful!”



Kindal says they stayed on budget. “All of our vendors were really helpful finding what we wanted within our budget. Also, the computer was very helpful to us finding things.” The bride says she had known her photographer for a long time. “She shot a friends wedding I was in, and 41



she had also taken some pictures of my husband’s family. She was so easy to work with, she would always be my first choice.” Kindal said her husband’s favorite color is blue, so they had the bridemaids dresses in blue. 44

They honeymooned in Jamaica and had a great time. “We even hiked up a waterfall,” she said.

Date: July 13, 2013 Where: Chattooga Belle Farm Reception: Same Planner: Kim Wehunt Flowers: Statice Floral Couture Catering: Kathy & Company Cake: Same Dress: Poinsett Bride Hair-Makeup: Millie Lewis Music: Party Machine Grooms Dress: Thomas & Sons Limo: Eastside Limosine DJ: Party Machine :







Photography by Jeff Blake 48

y & Ryan




rittany says her whole life she had wanted to have a big wedding wearing a big white dress, and it would all be outside. “At one point I really began to stress out, but I had a talk with myself and I kept telling myself ‘everything will be fine.’ And it was.“Of course,” she said, “the 51

biggest worry with an outside wedding is it will rain. A big cloud came up, but it missed us until several hours after the ceremony. Good thing, because we really didn’t have a backup plan.” Brittany says the hardest single thing she had to do was getting the groomsmen all fitted out for their tux. “That was the hardest single thing,” she said, “but the best advice I can give a prospective bride is be sure the reception is organized. Have a time to cut the cake and toss the bouquet and the special dances. If you don’t do this it



it can be a nightmare.” The wedding took place at Brittany’s inlaws house, and getting enough of the right flowers was a real job. “My aunt handled the flowers and did a great job, but it took a lot. By using family members to help out we were able to 54 save a lot of money that we could

for other things. She said they had a budget, and for the most part was able to stick to it. “We did go over on the flowers, but everything else came in about right. Jeff Blake took the pictures, and Brittany says he was “nice to work with.” “He was always there when we needed him, I highly recommend him.” Brittany said the only thing her husband wanted was to serve filet mignon at the reception.




“That cost more, but since that was the only thing he asked for we had to do it.” She said she bought the seventh dress she tried on. “I had an idea what I wanted, but when I tried them on, I didn’t like them so much. Then I tried this one, and loved it.” The newlyweds honeymooned in Hawaii. “It is beautiful, everyone should go there,” she said. Date: May 5, 2012 Where: In-laws House Reception: Same Catering: Camden Fireplace Cake: Sweet Cakes Dress: Evelyn’s Bridal Hair/Make-up: Rumors 58 Grooms Dress: Evelyn’s Bridal





Rachel & Regan Photography by Rick Dean 62




“ e were together for seven years before we got married, and even then it was more my husband wanting to do it than me. I liked the idea of having a big wedding, but I didn’t grow up dreaming about it.” Rachel said several family members helped with the wedding, and they were a godsend. “My husband went to the Citadel, and we always knew we would get married there. It worked out great, “ she said. 65


“We even had the reception at the top floor of the football stadium. The view from there is great, and is really pretty at night. My caterer decorated the tables, all I did was pick out the tablecloths. My cousin did the flowers for the tables, I don’t know what I would have done without her.” Rachel said they managed to stay on budget for the whole thing. “My parents paid for all this, and I have a younger sister that will be getting married soon, so I didn’t want to break the bank. We tried to show some sense about things.” The big parts of a wedding are what most people stress over, Rachel said, but for her the big things were the easiest, “For instance, I am really picky, and I thought the dress was going to be a chore. But I selected the second dress I tried on.” Rachel said her photographer was wonderful. He did such a great job. “I am not a photographic person, but he made me feel so comfortable it was fun.” She said she found little ways to save money,“My mom and I made the wedding favors, and I thought they were really neat. And the cake, we got the cake at Publix. They can do anything you want, it was good and it was beautiful. Also, I think it was about half of what it would have cost if we had an individual to do it.” Rachel said the advice she would give a prospective bride was “don’t stress about everything being perfect. Once you get into it it just all works out and you don’t care anyway, 67 because you are so excited about what is happening.”




The newlyweds honeymooned at Riviera Maya, near Cancun. They stayed a week, and said it was a really good choice. “It was all inclusive, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. The beach was beautiful, the water was beautiful - - in fact, it was better than we imagined!”

Date: July 27, 2013 Where: Summerall Chapel at Citadel Reception: Johnson Hagood Stadium Catering: Aramark Cake: Publix Dress: David’s Bridal Hair/Make-up: Fix Salon Groom’s Dress: Men’s Warehouse DJ: Aaron Trahan










Molly & Jonathan Photography by Sposa Bella 80

n 81



f all the things Molly did heading up to her wedding, she said picking out her dress was her favorite thing. “Once I got that dress, then I was the cinderella girl,” she said. The wedding was held on Furman University campus, at the Furman Chapel. That only seemed natural, since they met at the school when they were both freshmen.

While she said she didn’t have a lot of strong opinions



about what she wanted at her wedding, she did have a vision of the flowers. “I thought I knew what I wanted, but I really lucked out with my florist. He had so many creative ideas. I wanted a garden type look, kinda undone, and he knew what to do. He even decorated the tables at the reception and every table was different.” Molly did not use a wedding planner, because her mom filled in and did so much. Mom was just tremendous, she said. She wanted the pictures to be natural, and she was well pleased with her photographer. “Nothing was posed. It was all natural. They just



what to do and it all came together. I couldn’t be happier with it.” Molly and Jonathan had a year-long engagement, which gave them a year to plan the big day. She said they had all the “big stuff” booked ten to eleven months ahead of time and the small things as they went along. She says the most exciting part was seeing it all come together and her family and friends all there. 87




Date: September 7, 2013 Where: Furman Chapel Reception: Poinsett Club Flowers: Greg Foster Catering: Poinsett Club Cake: Kathy & Company

Dress: Bridal and Formal Hair-Makeup: Wilsons/Katie Cotton Rouge Music: Mr. Potato Head Grooms Dress: Thomas & Sons Limo: Eastside Transportation 91

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