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God breaks men free!


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“Promise Keepers Christchurch Break Free Event has gone to a whole new level of power and impact,” according to Greymouth men’s group leader, Peter. “Although the Events have always been gripping and challenging experiences, the new revamped format has connected with men in a new way.” Todd said, “Awesome first night! …can hear the chains breaking already!” “All of the new innovations to the program were an outstanding success, allowing God to impact men in an even more powerful way than we have ever seen or experienced in the past,” according to Paul Subritzky, National Director of Promise Keepers. “These changes will be locked in to future Events. They allow men more opportunity for interaction and the ability to ask questions, reveal the challenges they are facing and receive personal answers in many different ways.” At this year’s Events men are not only encouraged to break free from the chains holding them back, but come to clearly understand where they are on their spiritual journey. Author and men’s speaker David

Murrow was interviewed via Skype from Texas where it was only 2am! Despite the very early hour, David did a wonderful interview, outlining the stages that men go through in their journey. Clear guidance was then given by subsequent speakers on how to ensure that men fulfil their purpose and destiny in life and be examples and models for others to follow. The new format included multiple speakers, dramas, panels and segments that created a fast moving Event. There were also many specific opportunities during the Event for God to move in deep and significant ways so that men could find breakthrough in their lives. Carl was moved to comment, “This year I enjoyed the new format… I believe that this weekend’s messages have touched me even more than the past years. I have

refocusing and being reinvigorated, both personally and in ministry. It went so well that no one left for 20 minutes after the finish. Tom O’Neil was a powerful new addition to the speaking team. He gave specialist career and goal setting advice at the Stance breakout for young adult men, who are at an important decision-making stage of their life. Guidance was given so that they could set and achieve goals in life that would enable them to see visions fulfilled and their goals for the future accomplished. Stephen Miller, a young father of seven children, also spoke and shared his wealth of experience on such diverse things as finding the right wife, to journeying through life in a way that would maintain your integrity no matter what you are faced with.

been sitting on grief for the passing of my father and the PK weekend has been huge in breaking this shell/protective wall around my emotions. I have felt I have been a little absent to my wife/children and the ministry I serve in. I feel that wall has dissolved and I can, I think, move on.” Inside the building there was graphic evidence of the recent earthquakes as repairs are underway to many cracks which have caused cosmetic damage to the concrete structure. On Saturday afternoon while men were inside the venue (La Vida Centre, meaning “life”), rejoicing in the hope that Jesus gives us, immediately outside in an adjacent park, a 17 year old girl tragically lost her life, suspected of huffing butane. It was a graphic example of the struggles and choices facing us all. Break Free features several specialised breakouts. A new innovation that was trialled in Auckland last year was the

Coordinator Aaron More said that Transition, the breakout for young men aged from 11 to 17 years, was the best he had ever been part of in Christchurch. This was based on the high level of participation and engagement of the youth. The worship was led by a talented band at this youthoriented Event. This opened the way for a salvation call with many responding. Many speakers have also commented on how much they personally received from Break Free. Speaker Geoff Wiklund said, “I know that God has touched me and given me new focus for the days ahead. There were great times to get alone with God and hear His voice.” The next Events in Wellington and Auckland will capture this momentum and many more lives will be changed.

Refreshed & Released pastors’ breakout coordinated by pastor Geoff Wiklund. At the Christchurch Event this was exceptionally well received by pastors who deeply appreciated the opportunity for a time of refreshment,

You can leave ordinary behind and live the transformed life that God has called you to. Register now and be part of Break Free Wellington or Auckland.

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Break Free WLG 14-15 Sep | AKL 5-6 October | 0800 PROMISE (77 66 47)

God Breaks Men Free!  

"Promise Keepers Christchurch Break Free Event has gone to a whole new level of power and impact" says Peter from Greymouth.

God Breaks Men Free!  

"Promise Keepers Christchurch Break Free Event has gone to a whole new level of power and impact" says Peter from Greymouth.