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The expert negotiator

In getting to such a beneficial conclusion, negotiation requires individuals who know what they are doing. Expert negotiators excel at written and verbal communication – in style and substance – but they also understand how to read and use non-verbal communication methods. Expert negotiators are mindful, meaning they are conscious of their words and actions, as well as those of their business counterparts across the table. They also know how to communicate assertively and to think before they speak.

In a nutshell, expert negotiators can be described as: 

win-win focused - understand that every negotiation is an opportunity within an opportunity

honest - able to build trust through word and deed

flexible - able to adapt to the unexpected positive and negative in the negotiation

ambassadors - understand that they are the face of their company to outsiders

creative - able to come up with ideas and solutions to (re)solve issues that arise

careful planners - understand the importance of gathering pertinent information

aware - not only of their own strengths and weaknesses, but of those of their opponents

team players - understand that they represent their company first

sound communicators - understand how to respectfully explain complicated subjects simply and clearly

assertive - understand the difference between aggressive and assertive communication and know how to use it

Communication styles and their consequences

As refers to the final point, we must note here that assertive communication is never aggressive. Depending on with whom one negotiates with, we - oftentimes without even noticing it automatically slip into a negotiating communication style. With those who have power over use,

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1.8 Negotiations and relationships (chapter)  

1.8 Negotiations and relationships (chapter)