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PROMINENCE It’s more than a way of living; it’s a state of mind.

Carlos Watson

Ariana Proehl A Woman on a Mission of Changing the Face of Media SUMMER 2011 USA $4.99 CANADA $5.99

Financial Planning Take the Guess Work Out of Planning For Your Future

Ishka Designs A Design Team Turns Dreams Into Reality



Photographed by Evan Agostini




A WOMAN ON A MISSION Ariana Proehl is a woman many may not know of, but she is forging a path in the world of media and has her eyes set on the top. She has her mission and is not asking anyone for permission to move forward.


DREAMS REALIZED Brooklyn design duo, Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom are a creative team that has the gift of turning a blank canvas into a dream come true.


3 l SUMMER 2011 I

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PROMINENTLY KNOWN Dr. Cornel West is using his voice as ammunition and the majority of America is listening.


WHAT’S HOT Summer must haves for any prominent professional or family on the go. There is something for everyone to enjoy.


THE GREAT ESCAPE Travel to beautiful and breathtaking Naples, Italy; the ultimate in culture, love and soul.


PERSPECTIVE Learning to appreciate the here and now can provide many blessings in your life .


SPOTLIGHT Nicole and Nichelle Nichols have created a nation for moguls.


PROMINENT IN HISTORY Rosa Parks left a legacy to remember.



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TRACEE ELLIS ROSS RETURNS One of our favorite girlfriends returns to television with a new BET sitcom, Reed Between the Lines. MORE THAN A RAP GAME Ice Cube is creating his own lane in the world of television with his sitcom, Are We There Yet. STAR POWER Actor Cory Hardrict, has come a long way from his days in Chicago and is choosing roles that will place him among the rising stars in film. BOOKS Reviews of How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. Meet author Stephanie Perry Moore and how she’s motivating our children to read. MUSIC Raphel Sadiqq is giving us soul like only he can and Jill Scott is back like she never missed a step.


GET YOUR BODY IN SUMMER SHAPE Celebrity trainer, Jenette Jenkins, shares tips to jumpstart your summer workout.


ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE TO THE NORMAL WORKOUT Bikram Yoga is all the rage with benefits to match.


FINANCIAL PLANNING THE RIGHT WAY Financial planning comes easy when you take three simple steps to save for a rainy day.


TURNING PASSION INTO PROFIT How one woman is turning her love for peace and serenity into something all women can enjoy.


BEAUTY & GROOMING PRODUCTS FOR SUMMER Take advantage and enjoy our hot picks in beauty and grooming.


LIP GLOSS SHADES THAT CAN KEEP TEMPERATURS COOL FSL Cosmetics launches their special edition lip gloss shades just in time for summer.


FASHIONABLE TIES FOR THE CREATIVE MIND Tie designer, Je Ne Sais Quoi, shows the creative side of tying it together.


HEART AND SOUL Lamar Odom is more than a Forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s a business man going about the business of giving back and making a difference.


THE SACRIFICE FOR MILLIONS: FOOTBALL AND CONCUSSIONS Every year thousands of football players risk their lives to be a part of a game they love. But the question we ask is how risky is risky.

5 l SUMMER 2011 I




Madame C. J. Walker



PROMINENCE It’s more than a way of living; it’s a state of mind.


ACTING EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Robin Wilson CREATIVE DIRECTOR Shawn Luckey SPORTS EDITOR Gyasmine George INTERN Shirlanna Little PHOTOGRAPHY Mesiyah McGinnis CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Star Davis George Acheampong Jaime Rhoadfox

Ariana Proehl creator, producer and host of Know This.

PUBLISHER Evolve Media, a subsidiary of Glenys Clarice Inc.

PROMINENCE Magazine is published bi-monthly by Evolve Media. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any kind of retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the publisher. l SUMMER 2011 I 8


I received the magazine. First let me say I am proud of you! I know it is no easy feat to helm a magazine in this economy so kudos to you. The magazine is very well done I found it thought provoking and informative on many levels. Looking forward to working with you guys!!! Marvet Britto New York, NY

You inspire me to move back into my love of publishing. I published Bahiyah Woman magazine several years ago. I love that world! Blessings.

My mother received the printed copy of Prominence Magazine about a week ago. Her response about the article on me, "Baby, I'm so proud of you. To see your name in those big letters in the fancy magazine with famous people makes me proud to call you my son." Thanks Prominence Magazine. Tony Clomax New York, NY

All I can say is wow! It was beautifully and professionally done. If I had not gotten to know you on twitter and had read your magazine I would've sworn it was off the magazine rack! This is an amazing work in progress that is well written and organized. Prominence will gain attention!

I received my copy yesterday and when I pulled it out of the envelope I was like this looks great! Even with the photo shop and the paper cut that was used, it’s very distinctive and classy. If I were a secret shopper you’re magazine would receive a 10! Gale Charlotte, NC

Lucinda Jefferson San Diego, CA

9 l SUMMER 2011 I

Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth Chicago, IL I received my first issue of Prominence Magazine today and could not wait to read it. You have created a publication that I pray will be around for years to come. You definitely have a place next to Ebony, Uptown and Essence. Can’t wait to see it on newsstands. Shay Montgomery Atlanta, GA



Would you like to share your voice with Prominence Magazine? Send an email to with your comments or suggestions along with your name and address. We reserve the right to edit comments for length and clarity.

PROMINENCE a : readily noticeable : CONSPICUOUS b : widely and popularly known : LEADING

EDITOR’S LETTER talent to leave the comforts of his home and family in Chicago to move to Los Angeles to pursue what he is passionate about, led him to star in one of this year’s most talked about blockbusters, Battle LA. Then there is Cassandra Harris, a woman inspired by the simple pleasures in life, such as peace and relaxation, set out to turn her passion into profit by creating Black Diamond Sanctuary and showing other women how to live tranquil lives. Ariana Proehl, the woman on the mission of changing the face of media and building an Oprah-esque empire is forging her own path and inspiring young girls along the way. We have interior design team, Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom, who are inspired by the design of life and bringing their client’s vision into reality.

Using Inspiration


like to think that we are all here to help and serve each other in some capacity. No matter how big or small that service is, it all starts with being inspired to do something or inspired into action. That inspiration can come from the simplest of things like a smile, a conversation or by seeing someone we admire fulfill their destiny. It does not take much to ignite inspiration. If we just open our eyes and look around we can become inspired a million times in one day.

Every story of success here was created by the individual’s desire of wanting something and going after it with an unwavering faith and determination. Those key elements were the beginning of a shift in their lives. A shift that encompasses all that they could ever want and be in this lifetime. Taking the words such as can’t, afraid and impossible out of their vocabulary released the chains that they would otherwise be bound, if they did not find the courage and inspiration to make their dreams come true. My hope as you read our summer issue is that you find inspiration. That you take hold of the gifts and talents that God has blessed each of you with and use them to create the life of your dreams. For in the end, the life that you live can very well become an inspiration to someone else. Stay inspired and empowered!

Within the pages of this issue are unique and creative individuals who found their inspiration and used that to not only fulfill their desires in life, but inspire others in the process. Cory Hardrict, an Glenys Colclough Founder & Editorial Director actor who believed enough in himself and his

11 l SUMMER 2011 I


CONTRIBUTORS STAR DAVIS Writer: Naples: Undiscovered Territory Star Davis has always had a passion for travel and for writing. It started at twelve years of age, when she accompanied her aunt on a drive across the US where she journaled every leg of the trip. Years later, Star studied Literature Writing at Columbia University. She currently works as an Associate Producer for an independent film company in New York.

GEORGE ACHEAMPONG Writer: Three Stages of the Financial Planning Process Website: George Acheampong, a financial advisor for Hinrichs and Flanagan Financial is one of the top advisors for the firm and is continually striving to perfect his craft. George is a big proponent of educating his clients so that they become knowledgeable about what steps they are taking in the financial planning process and what it means for them long and short term. A philosophy that he lives by is “eliminate failure as an option”. He takes this same approach with his clients.

JAIME ROHADFOX Writer: In The Meantime Website: Jaime L. Rohadfox. is a Christian Life Transformation Coach for Women, Speaker and Author. She has a servant’s heart and knows Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior! Jaime’s passion fuels her desire to transform the hearts & minds of women all across the nation. She is not afraid to challenge women to step outside of their comfort zone to reach their God-given purpose.

13 l SUMMER 2011 I



FALL 2011

Prominence Is

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Prominently Known

Dr. Cornel West Using His Voice as Ammunition Distinguished, influential and admired are just a few words to describe Dr. Cornel West. Recognized as one of America’s most prominent intellectuals, he has become a pop culture icon that has built a legacy surrounding his outspoken and tell it like it is personality. The Princeton University Professor, author, actor and radio host is known for his political insight and contribution to the post civil rights movement. Focusing his work on the role of race, gender and class, West has singlehandedly opened the minds of thousands to see the issues we face in American society from a different perspective. As co-host of the hour long, weekly radio show, Smiley and West which has the tag line “Thought-Provoking, Intelligent and Stimulating Conversations,” West and Tavis Smiley share a platform where they share dialogue on various topics from news, politics, entertainment and pop culture. Without question, Dr. West is a prominent figure that has helped shape our culture. He has laid the foundation for his legacy and has paved the way for those after him to follow. l SUMMER 2011 I 18

W H A T ’ S


Enjoying What Life Has To Offer

Summer Travel Must Haves

For a healthy and cool, refreshing drink, ZICO coconut water can quench any thirst to satisfaction. With an array of flavors, there is something for everyone (Target stores)

Summer will not be fun without fond memories to share. The Cannon Powershot Sd 1200 is not only compact, but gives you the best bang for your buck. ($199.00;

Keep your look sleek with a classy pair of Gucci Aviator Sunglasses. ($265.00; Nordstrom)

As the temps rise and many of us switch out our wardrobe for stylish, chic fashions and prepare for weekend excursions partaking in the Summer heat, we found must haves that can make any Summer vacation worth its weight in gold.

What’s summer without great reading material? Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power Of Now, is a great read for expanding your horizons. ($8.40;

Timeless and sporty, this Venezia Duffle bag says it all. Available in brown or linen canvas, you will find that packing light just became much easier. ($209.00;

The Apple iPad 2 seems to be a must have on everyone’s list since its release this spring. With apps galore and a convenient travel size it’s bound to be a trusty travel companion. (Starting at $499.99;

19 l SUMMER 2011 I

Summer would not be complete without a few pairs of flip flops added to your wardrobe. Old Navy has an assortment of colors and styles to suit the entire family. (Starting at $3.00; Old Navy)

ishka designs “efficiently beautiful”




Exploring all opportunities

The Amalfi Coast - southern Italy


Undiscovered Beauty By Star Davis

Naples, Italy has the perfect combination of opposites. Off the beaten path and about three hours south of Rome, Naples is a bustling city situated amongst grassy hills and azure blue waters. The international population flocks here to experience the good food, trendy spots, and the very friendly local people. With such a wide choice of things to do and places to see, Naples is a wonderful destination for everyone wanting to experience the hospitality and charm of southern Europe. Pompeii and Ercolano are nearby historic sites that invite tourists to experience the feeling of living in 79 A.D. Even within the city proper, there are bits of ancient ruins to remind us of the grand and influential history of Naples. For those who prefer being enchanted by scenic beauty, there are the easily accessible isles of Capri and Ischia. Both of these islands offer fun eateries with great tasting local fare. And both offer sunkissed, rocky beaches. Capri is the more travelled of the two. There is also the famous drive down the Amalfi Coast. Visitors can ride along the steep cliffs that look down onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. Taking the local bus is preferable to driving on any day. The views are not to be missed! The stops along the way offer small seaside towns with amazing photo opportunities. If you are considering visiting southern Europe, Naples Italy offers a fun urban vacation with lots of enjoyable local getaways. There is no end to the adventures a visitor can experience!

21 l SUMMER 2011 I

The Amalfi Coast - Southern Italy

Tempio di Iside (The Temple of Isis) - Pompeii

Naples, Italy

Via [Francesco] Caracciolo and Castel dell'Ovo (right)

Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy l SUMMER 2011 l 22

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We have solution that works. range these ofseason early figures. toafter late Although 30’s. the numbers folks may Hot just Bikram be S Entertainment ::aBooks Music :: MUSIC Building Your These Future onP afirst Solid Foundation the 2011 Minnesota Twins The Long Song S Oof baseman RClean T the chest that his brain can be intact to be Beauty :: Grooming ::::& Fashion BEAUTY ::GROOMING GROOMING ::Spirit FASHIONSIC BEAUTY ::so :: FASHIONSIC Beauty :: Grooming :: Fashion Nickel Super HEALING THE MIND BODY & SPIRIT chic city of Los Cabos for our Decadent Serenity Professional Ranks t’s not often that you come across someone who Finding informative and quality programming to More than Just a Game getting married, just getting settled into a career and Yoga articles are really quite overwhelming, most Andrea Levey Nail color covers in just one coat, brilliantly. The Perfectionist Justin She Morneau shares ten suffered tipsCOSMETICS that a season can help ending anyone concussion jumpstart on examined for CTE, which he believed he was Gorgeous coral with a refreshing watermelon scent There is nothing like football in America, and Hollywood Shea trainer Jackson, to the better stars known shares as Ice how Cube to fans, has taken SUBLIME II FSL Divalicious Lip Add some color to your summer with Design Team Turn Dreams Into Reality drive, ambition and commitment to the change they Elegant red plum scented JILL SCOTT By George Acheampong Ariana shares, “As I envision my goals and future, many can tell you Opening AC: the When Mind we Body get aplanning project and Spirit in Jamaica, we split heinisretreat proud of, but modest about. Taking different stages of financial and six key areas inprecisely, Jeanette Jenkins, is the author ofshare The Hollywood Trainer Twin sisters, Nicole and Nichelle The power couple better known as oftoGloss MARCUS retreat. This will incorporate both an elegant Photography by Christopher Malcom X: Many of us know and recognize him as a forward fornonexistent becoming the first LA Laker player in history Having the guts to follow your instincts and embark on a There are literally over hundreds of thousand articles and How To Get Out of Your Own Way has something so special to with the world, be this current day and age of By Jaime Rhoadfox FSL COSMETICS Bonita Lip Gloss Inspired Brush™ by Brazilian contours makeup to any artist nail, and so esthetician, color always Viviane glides Aires. on What You Need To Know Before You Start Planning income, having young children, bills take up most Ice Cube is Taking Hollywood by Storm of them might have Scrubbing contained inaccurate Gel PM: When did you first try your hand at interior design? When the pairing of creative minds come interior design. During my studies at FIT, we worked on Kulk BaByliss PRO Nano suffering from before his suicide. 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In this article we will Weight-Loss Plan: 21 Days to A Make Life Healthy of Reinvention Living a provided with a glimpse of the true essence of who they really are. ($5.00; In $175.00 her fifth novel, Andrea Levey, pulls from the history of approach to luxury without limitations as well as ot Bikram Yoga isrTyrese definitely one of most Inspiring Our Next the championship the Los Lakers. be awarded the coveted title. Tyrese Gibson journey of turning something you are about CORY JETSETTER HARDRICT IS GIVING HOLLYWOOD Singer, songwriter and actor, Thomas, atrue, University of their concussion during the season Lamar Odom is All Business quickly, flawlessly. And, the exclusive Complex Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, are FSL Cosmetics Oteam, u Tw ipassionate tVera tFlexiglass eplanning, rAngeles Rwas u nthe D ow n not considering financial many blog posts written for this yoga program in several places of that you become engulfed in their vision that Wang you media, Ariana isluxury striving toretreats fill athan void where Inspired by singer &hen Director Actor, What was your first project? freelance jobs together, a exactly hostel, aHot commercial office, to together to breathe life into an idea, paycheck, may be changing jobs, and carrying young adulthood. The longest relationship fourteen tips you can take to explore that season in2010 your lifeaisand IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE family members requesting his brain be donated for information as what Bikram Yoga perception of what we believe to be but it is until Music was my refuge. IGibson, could crawl into been diagnosed the space with abetween concussion, the they are notes and history, Rosa Parks, is more a woman who used The Black Diamond Sanctuary is awas series of uniquely special calling on her life and she e.g. a tree root coffee table or poured cement, or plants. fan’s enjoyment. Inspired by radio host and founder ofofThe seriously. As part of Winning the rap group Make-up NWA, Artist Cube for The always Sadiqq, has transcended the test of time in an Titanium 1 1/4" need arises. The world is aspirit lot smaller place with It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Mohandas Gandhi Jamaica’s slave rebellion of 1832 to pen this thought rising entrepreneurs to not only Pair that with an inviting and warm and you have accounted for 17.8 percent culture has provided unforgettable career and releasing his debut album, AmeriKKK’s Most Wanted, nostalgic relaxation and self renewal. Future retreats and Salim Akil combines www.jsqluxe beautiful, brilliant shine and super strong wear. So rundown of what it took for him to get to A RUN FOR BOXOFFICE MONEY address $300 the Others three may stages associate Oil of the financial him as the planning supportive process. and into something that others can enjoy and benefit from, O-Mazin Lifetime Lip Habit Gloss and creator of the highly successful Bikini Actor and film producer, Cory Hardrict, is one example of whose has shared his most intimate experiences, of Entertainment for XI Magazine, Pennsylvania football player who also that knocked Generation him unconscious and popular yoga programs you could ever Men taking Hollywood If you have by a dull storm complexion, and many years. We were engaged, but never made it to the altar. find true happiness. questions may arise. First one being what too want to be a part of it. Their determination, emphasis is placed on the quality of the content the World Wide Web and about ninety eight percent of name a few. As graduation loomed I was less pressed something powerful happens; the This June our favorite soul songstress, Jill Scott, returns with comedienne, mortgage. The things that these folks must do to be in research before taking his life. Duerson was only her rights all about. to demand respect. She was afulfill woman whoAs toD. Diva Lounge. Shayna we have the fortunate opportunity towith speak one on one with industry where the percentages of artists who automatically placed on the is determined disabled list to for seven her days, calling Any spirituality can be enhanced the practice or study of yoga. -Christy Turlington 1. suffering Do 20-60 minutes of Cardiovascular By the end of our interview, Istart not only had ahead better understanding of provoking and riveting story of afret woman named July. Visibly helps repair the vertical lines between your eyes, the As the founder of Rich Soil Clothing and Cathy’s the Internet, so having Known an international as one of the operation most influential icons of our Preppy Princess Offering aswitching 360 degree swiveling shaving and athat state-of-the art View, shares with us powder, Okeema Moore. After the horrible side effects such as simple, so Sally. ($4.99; Laz Alonzo shared with us that The Alchemist, become inspired, but motivated by. 2012 include Santa Bara, Grenada, Antigua, Petra and designed for African American Women. someone who could possibly aplanning? movement to help the total number attentive of husband injuries of Khloe Kardashian as their lives takes courage, determination and willpower. The reward struggles and triumphs moments, indrugstores) his Hall debut of memoir, Fame players and Super AC: which Beyond quickly climbed rooms the charts. with my Not brothers wanting every to stay other confined to the where he is today and listening to the drive curl my back to loneliness. Maya Angelou Bootcamp. I began to think that marriage was not for me. It seemed essence is so contagious that you want killed to do himself. all within your power to worried friends and family. Straightening Iron her highly anticipated CD, In Light Of The Sun. Giving us all a encounter whenever you try to browse for irregular texture or dry patches, work for a firm, leaning heavily towards owning my own formation of what was once a thought exactly is financial From a and PM: not on What how is the most the ratings rewarding will go. aspect Her of your career? are taking notice. ($5.00; these articles are full ofis praises and admiration. last long enough to make athe lasting impression singer and fifty years old.excruciating alignment with proper financial planning atof this felt equality isahigh something that is not merely earned, stubborn furrows across your forehead and the deepening frownies ($5.00; by sharing her gift inspirational time, Malcolm X, put forth tireless work to those we’ve come to love in television and film, that we are The hits, physical wear and tear and followed by a protocol list and brain tests in order to Kids, non-profit organization, named after his who the woman is that much behind more Know feasible. This! is, Maintaining but a better understanding of sleek design, arcitec most advanced Philips Norelco shaver The three stages of the financial planning process are; Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich co-founders of Young Mogul Nation, concealer, foundation, mascara eShave , the experts in men’s Abu Dhabi. blacking out and memory loss due to concussions that I was always the bridesmaid, yet never the bride. I play out in front of the E! Entertainment cameras for of turning your passion into profit can never be How To Get Out of Your Own Way. taste of what we have missed since her hiatus from the music year growing up, my first project was over 14 years ago in change the lives of many. suffered in games and 35 l SUMMER 2011 l bowl www.prominence victories engrained in our hearts. world of hip hop, acting became second nature as he starred as 1. Discover the “I” in you: Discover who you are and passion behind his voice, it is clear he is exercises (power walking, jogging, keep its energy alive. Nickel’s Super Clean facial scrub The limited-edition Burberry Summer company. Opportunity struck right after my final manifests withfar such vibrancy and l that SUMMER 2011 l 2011 60 are and between. information about yoga throughout the internet. The product of rape, July narrates her story with First of mother all, youBecause should learn Bikram Yoga is not fundamental overview there are three 45 lfew 2011 IIlother young and fresh approach for creating her empower and inspire thousands of African frame your mouth. Youthful "bounce" is revived. Skin is clinically 61 but is alate birthright. ofPhilly her courage to take aand songwriter, 41 lSUMMER SUMMER 2011 l concussions juncture are; protect income, protect family lown SUMMER in the event l 32 36 storytelling to youths, teens Muhammad Ali by Flip Sehulke 25 SUMMER 2011 lto SUMMER 2011 l 56 51 59 lfoundational SUMMER 2011 l comprehensive. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening who succumbed cancer, Lamar’s 53 l lSUMMER SUMMER relationships 2011 vendors and Preppy service Princess providers isindustry aoffers juicy and Compared Philips Norelco shavers, new most of the and long term effects ofreturn to play. 77 lthat SUMMER 2011 lto 29 39 llSUMMER SUMMER 2011 lwith really began to feel comfortable with fact that Iarcitec am an online publication and blog that myself and where IIall, am also have headed influenced in the world his life. of media. Join in on Ariana the fun is and three years ago, Jilly from in full force shaving, Pre Shave Lavender oil Transitional, and Now you lmoment SUMMER 2011 l24 lis 2011 40 their reality show, Khloe and Lamar. But what many 73 2011 31 measured 27 lyet. SUMMER for 2011 itJohn fulfills 2011 your purpose and serves others in and lip gloss are must haves in and God says you are. Do you see from awho career as a can football player as well asyourself Jamaica. Ismoother was studying for my taxation finals, and as usual l SUMMER SUMMER 2011 I ltime 74 lback SUMMER 2011 lis fragrance for men captures the tranquil AC: The most rewarding aspect ofsolid this chosen career the68 practices in high school 47 l laSUMMER 2011 Ihas With client list that included, Serena Williams, Terrell San Francisco 49er running back “That was a scary that help nurture your skin by Doughboy in Singleton’s, Boys n The Hood, to critical acclaim. building his career on a foundation. shocking brutality on one end and humor on the other. electrifying energy that the beauty of what presentation for school and Ishka Designs began full First working together on the famed, Americans to live better lives and build stronger firmer, and more lifted-looking. And with continued use, l SUMMER 2011 I Looking Ahead stand, she created a movement in the Civil Rights era a special branch of yoga as most of authors talk show is to inspire and empower as many young adults. Iron features an ionic generator and luscious woody fruity Jamie Foxx’s of an untimely passing of either parent, and have an not made for marriage. After my last relationship ended, I efforts are to make a positive impact on the lives overseas also allows us to navigate the cycling, aerobics class, kickboxing, Being flex & honest pivot technology, and open about aAngelou, more the aerodynamic life he lived design, and an and looking every bit of fabulous. provides twenty and thirty something follow us @Prominencemag. such a contact sport are alarming. A concussion can as God sees you? If not, when he sends you “the was created to prime and soften PM: What can one who attend one of your retreats Women like Oprah, Maya Gwendolyn that woman who without much effort, will have you thinking about may not know about the mood 6’10, Queens, of a British NY summer native is morning. that The the process. might ask the question, well how do I know where I fall? the brain began to wander. About an hour later I had reIf you have followed Hardrict’s career, you are fully aware of his When Sadiqq first appeared on the scene with any We make-up provide bag. an oasis where you can fact that I amin living it every day. I an am where I to am supposed professional wrestler, former Harvard stand out Chris communities. eliminating impurities and dead great JoeMara Perry died inpeople late April helped with decision retire football. Concussions were the operations January 2008 with amazing project. was Owens, created Tia takes Mowry, on aKimora life its own. Simmons, Brock Akil results improve. ($55.00; Girlfriends sitcom, which Brock Akil electronic temperature controls that that paved the way forchanges many toinmy follow. She will combines top was really convinced. Yet, ILee could notfragrance shake thethat visions Alongside with football, hockey istheir seen as one of themakes to make positive lives

J Stevens & Associates

Building Nation HEALTH & aWELLNESS For Moguls We specialize in providing QuickBooks consulting to ROSA PARKS Ooh, La La Three Stages of the MORE THAN A The Perfect Tie Turning Passion into Profit Raphel Sadiqq: A Dreams Get In Shape with Tips In The small businesses nonprofits. The and Sacrifice for Millions: Financial Planning Process RAPWith GAME Man Soul

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Football and

Prominence Magazine Preview Summer 2011  

Our Summer 2011 issue brings you face to face with Ariana Proehl, the creator of the online talk show, Know This! She's ahead of the game in...

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