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BANK TO FINALIZE PURCHASE OF SUNOCO PROPERTY As communicated in the April newsletter, local civic association and community leaders met to discuss additional actions that could be taken to address this matter. Among the actions taken, the local civic associations sent a joint letter to bank officials requesting that a public statement be issued to the Glen Head community articulating the bank’s plan and timeline for the Sunoco property. Recently, a First National Bank of Long Island (FNBLI) official confirmed that Nassau County has provided the needed approvals for this property to move forward. The next and final step in the approval process is with the Town of Oyster Bay, which is expected to be expedited so that the Bank can finalize its purchase of the property. The civic leaders have been informed that FNBLI officials are eager to move quickly on the construction of a two-story office building once they own the property. The Bank shared its original architectural plans with local civic representatives a few years ago. The civics requested some specific enhancements that were to be considered by the Bank. FNBLI officials have agreed to meet with representatives from the local civic associations in the near future to discuss the final architectural plans. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

HALMS OWNER EXPECTED TO CLOSE SALE TO ESTABLISHED DEVELOPER After the Library abandoned its campaign to purchase the Halms property, the developer, who made the original purchase offer for this property, returned to buy this site from the owner. The owner and broker have confirmed that the sale agreement is close to being signed. The developer is moving forward with its original plan to build 56 to 60 condominiums for residents age 55 an older on this 5.3 acre property located on Glen Head Road. The developer is an established and respected firm that has a long standing track record of building in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. The local civic associations have asked the owner and broker to meet and share the detailed plan for the proposed buildings. We will keep you posted on any new developments as information is shared with local civic leaders.

LOCAL CIVICS UNITED IN OPPOSITION TO GARVIES POINT Local civic associations joined together to formally announce opposition to the RXR/Glen Isle Development plan proposed for the Glen Cove Waterfront. While the civic associations support and even look forward to development of the site, they urged Mayor Reginald Spinello and the Glen Cove City Council to craft a waterfront development that will not choke the city or the communities surrounding it. A number of concerns were raised about the development plan, including:

The massive footprint and height of the buildings, accommodating as many as 2,500 residents.

The amount of traffic that would be generated, an additional 3,200 vehicles according to the Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The admitted inability to address traffic impacts at the intersection of Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard (Route 25A), as well as at other locations in Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, and Sea Cliff, including Shore Road in Glenwood Landing, Route 107, and Glen Cove Avenue in Glen Head.

The current proposal varies greatly from what was originally proposed and approved. The recent amendments are significant and change the characteristics of the project so significantly in terms of size, number of units, usage, etc. We believe there have been 9 amendments to the original proposed plan in 2003. The plan changed from a waterfront project we could all enjoy with restaurants, shops, and a hotel, to a more restrictive use consisting primarily of residential units.

There has been a lack of transparency; the project approval was not presented to voters in a referendum. - Unanswered questions about whether the environmental cleanup, as well as inadequate stormwater control.

We will keep you posted on any new developments as information is shared with local civic leaders.

UPCOMING ELECTIONS AND ANNUAL MEETING ON NOVEMBER 10 We will hold our Annual meeting and Board of Directors election on November 10 at 7:00 pm in Room 100 at the Glen Head School. At the meeting, we will provide an update of our membership and the current issues impacting our community. We will also vote for the following positions whose terms are expiring: President, Secretary, and a General Director position. These positions will serve for two-year terms. The positions of Vice President and Treasurer will expire next year. Members of our current board serving the positions that are up for election are as follows: Mark Vineis, President, Katherine Kearney, Secretary, and James O’Sullivan, General Director. Mark and James have agreed to run for re-election. Katherine has decided to not seek renewal of her board position. We thank them for their commitment and help in establishing the Promenade Civic

LUNDY’S PROPERTY IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS The eight acre Lundy's property, located north of Glen Head Road and adjacent to the Long Island Rail Road tracks, continues to be a work-in-progress. As shared in prior newsletters, residents adjacent to this property and the general community were very happy to see the dilapidated building demolished. The developers are now waiting for New York State to confirm that the site clean-up site is approved. Once approval is received, the developer will progress with its plans to build 37 townhouses and 17 homes voted on by local homeowners several years ago. The Civics will continue to monitor this project to ensure the developer moves forward according to plans. We will update you with any new information.


Association and addressing issues in our community. Thank you!

leaders have been active in writing letters and meeting with Town of Oyster

If you are interested in running for one of

Bay (TOB) officials to discuss several roads in our North Shore neighborhood

the board positions, please forward your name and the position you are seeking

that are in desperate need of complete repaving.

either via email to A

TOB officials originally approved the

candidate information sheet will be sent for you to complete and return prior to

patching of areas on streets that needed repairs but the civics argued that this

your name being formally submitted.

approach would not correct the serious deterioration. At a recent meeting with

Nominations will be accepted beginning October 11, and ending November 3.

TOB officials, the complete repaving was approved for William Street and Sylvia

Nominations will not be accepted after this date or at the annual meeting. Only

Street areas. The funding for these projects has been officially approved by

civic members in good standing can be nominated for positions. Candidate

the TOB Board and contractors are being reviewed for the project to move forward

information sheets and the election slate will be shared after the November 3

in Spring 2017.


The Civics are working to schedule a follow-up meeting to ensure this project

The election of officers shall be conducted by majority vote at the Annual

moves forward as planned and to discuss the future approval of additional roads in

Meeting. Voting is limited to one adult household member with one vote per

need of repaving. We will share updates about the progress as they become

membership home. Only members in good standing are permitted to vote. There is


no proxy voting or write-in voting permitted. If you have any questions, please contact

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD For questions about the Promenade Civic, please email: unsubscribe from this list

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