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LUNDY DEVELOPMENT MOVES FORWARD A developer has purchased the Lundy property and is moving forward with plans to construct 17 single family homes and approximately 40 townhomes on this land. For many years, this abandoned industrial site has been a blemish for this otherwise residential section of Glen Head. The property is located north of Glen Head Road and adjacent to the Long Island Rail Road tracks. In late fall, the run down, hazardous building was finally demolished after years of pressure by local civic associations and the Town of Oyster Bay. The prospect of a residential development for this land has been ongoing for many years. A referendum voted on by local homeowners several years ago had established the potential scale of residential development for this site.

DEVELOPER RETURNS TO PURCHASE HALMS PROPERTY After the Library abandoned its campaign to purchase the Halms property, the developer, who made the original purchase offer, has returned to buy this site from the owner. Local civic leaders have been in contact with representatives of both parties to monitor the agreements being made regarding the scale of development for this site. The developer is moving forward with its original plan to develop a community of townhomes for residents that are 55 years and older. The plan is to build clusters of two-story buildings comprising of 2-bedroom homes (approximately 1,500 square feet) with a garage for each unit. The number of units is not to exceed the 55 to 60 townhomes that had been previously agreed upon in public meetings with the developer during the first attempt to buy this property. We will keep you posted on any new developments as information is shared with local civic leaders.

INCREASED COMMUNITY FRUSTRATION WITH FIRST NATIONAL BANK & SUNOCO SITE EYESORE In March, local civic leaders met to discuss the growing frustration of residents with First National Bank of Long Island's (FNBLI) protracted timeline for purchasing and developing the Sunoco property. Dissatisfaction and anger fueled many of the comments shared at this meeting as civic leaders reported the mounting number of complaints received from their members regarding this continued eyesore at our town center. Community leaders also shared their concerns about FNBLI’s continued expansion of its footprint across the entire Glen Head business district with its most recent takeover of the building where JW’s Restaurant had been located. There is increasing concern that FNBLI's additional office space at the Sonoco property, a prominent piece of town real estate, results in our town missing an opportunity to grow its retail and restaurant business. Civic leaders unanimously agreed that the next step is to pressure the bank to make a decision to either immediately move forward with its plans to build at this location or step aside for a new purchaser. A good portion of the meeting was also dedicated to formulating plans for a community demonstration to be held in the near term. Civic leaders concluded that a demonstration may be the only way to get FNBLI senior officials to listen to the voice of our community about how frustrated our residents are with the bank's lack of progress. Civic leaders are sending a joint letter to bank officials requesting that a public statement be issued to the Glen Head community articulating the bank's plan and timeline for the Sunoco property. We will update you with additional information as it becomes available, including about the potential community demonstration.

THIRD PRECENT CONTINUES TO WORK CLOSELY WITH GLEN HEAD COMMUNITY Last fall there were reports of isolated incidents where two individuals had approached students offering to sell them drugs. Local civics immediately met with top officials from the Third Precinct regarding these activities. Through increased

RENOVATION OF GLEN HEAD LIRR WAITING ROOM COMPLETED Although the exterior renovation of the Glen Head Station house had been completed last year, there had been major delays for the completion of the interior waiting room area. The renovation is now complete. It included the removal of the outdated ticket booth, new flooring and paneling, refurbishing of bathrooms and other improvements. Unfortunately, the timing of the renovation took place during the coldest weeks of what was a relatively mild winter. Overall, community members are happy with the outcome and appreciate the improvement to their overall commuting experience.

police presence and an ongoing focus on this matter, there have not been any additional reports of these


individuals in town or other reports of drug solicitation by them. An ongoing investigation also resulted in the police arresting several individuals in the midst of a drug sale attempt one evening at the Glen Head LIRR station. The POP Cops Unit (Problem Oriented Police) has been reinstated by the Nassau County Police Department. This unit is

On April 18th, the NYS Department of Public Services (DPS) will be conducting an informational meeting at the North Shore High School Library at 8:00PM. DPS officials will provide an overview of restructured electric utility operations on Long Island. They will also review information with regard to electricity rates, customer rights and protections and guidance for getting customer complaints resolved. DPS officials will also provide tips for preparing for and responding to storms and other emergencies. Share this information with friends and neighbors. Doors open at 7:45 P.M.

comprised of a select group of police officers in each precinct who perform communitybased policing to help build strong ties between the local community and the police department. George Pombar represents our local civic associations at periodic meetings with POP officers assigned to the many communities served by the Third Precinct. He will act as our liason – if you have any “non-emergency” policing issues that you would like to have reported, please email us at promenadecivic@gmail.c om.

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