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Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 2:37 PM

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Thank you for joining the Promenade Civic! Welcome to our very first Promenade Civic Newsletter. The Promenade Civic is 120 homes strong and growing. Thank you for your membership and for spreading the word with your friends and neighbors. Our goal is to be a reliable source of information for our local community and a combined voice about issues that are important to us as a community. To that end, we have been working hard to develop our Promenade Civic home page and the capacity to disseminate Newsletters and Updates to share information with you. The technical complexity of launching the home page, creating a newsletter sharing platform and linking the two - took more time and effort than we had originally anticipated. Especially, as we are all volunteers fitting this work around our full-time life responsibilities. A very small number of you, had voiced frustration and disappointment with us as a start-up civic association. We believe that what we have developed will help us to share information with you more easily and regularly, and we hope that you feel that it was worth the wait. We thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to being a reliable source of information moving forward. Please take advantage of our Promenade Civic homepage at Our homepage is intended to be an information resource about our association and an easy way to access a collection of our Newsletters and Updates. Through our web page, you can communicate with us by sharing any questions, concerns or information about important matters impacting our wonderful neighborhood, via e-mail at

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1/30/14 2:41 PM

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Sunoco Land Negotiation The First National Bank of Long Island has been in negotiation with Sunoco for almost a year with the intention of developing this property. After having gone back and forth with Sunco, the saga continues with the Bank now in possession of the contract after having gone back and forth with Sunoco. The civic leaders continue to pressure the Bank executives for a signed contract. As attorneys have been involved with making sure their clients are legally covered, the process continues to be delayed. Both parties indicate that they have plans to sign the contract soon. The Bank’s large property by Waldbaums is also up for sale and the Civics will monitor the progress of that transaction as well.

Glen Head Business Area Beautification Board members from several of the area civics attended two recent meetings with Town officials managing the Glen Head beautification project. Supervisor Venditto has agreed to fund this project with $500,000. The beautification project area will start at the Glen Head LIRR station up to the “Four Corners”, and will extend one block west. It will extend south and end at Bernard’s. The funds will support the installation of antique lighting, and the expansion of the brick sidewalk started by the owners of the Jack Shack property. The extent of the brick sidewalk will depend on a combination of support from local businesses and the project funds set aside by Supervisor Venditto. The funding for this project is tied to the Sunoco - Bank sale.

New York American Water Co. Our local Civic Associations have worked together to jointly submit bills to the American Water Co. from Glen Head residents that feel they have been significantly overbilled. We are working directly with the VP of Operations for a response and ultimate correction of these outrageous bills. The Civics also filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission (PSC) and submitted an appeal to dispute PSC’s approval of the “corrected” bills and $75 surcharge. If you feel you have been overcharged and would like to add your home to the list of bills being reviewed, please email your name, address and period of overbilling to us at

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“Glen Head Four Corners” Traffic Study Several months ago, the Civics submitted a formal request to Nassau County for a traffic study at the Four Corners. The request also includes a review of the dangerous crossway by the business district where many children and adults cross. Nassau County is working on the traffic study request and held a meeting in December with Civic Leaders to review the traffic issues. We are hopeful this review will lead to the installation of turning arrows at the lights as well as an improvement at the crossway.

FOR SALE! Halms Industry Building and 5.4 Acres of Land

1/30/14 2:41 PM

Gmail - Newsletter The Water Co. has agreed to a meeting with Glen Head residents on Tuesday February 11th in the cafeteria at the High School. Anyone wishing to have their bills reviewed by representatives of the Water Co. should arrive at 7PM. For all others, a question and answer session with the Head of Operations will begin at 8PM.

Meetings with National Grid

After holding meetings with the owner, members of the immediate community chose an Assisted Living Residence as the best option for our community, as this would have yielded the most favorable tax net and least impact on local traffic. To date, the owner has been unsuccessful in attracting developers of Assisted Living facilities to this location. A meeting held last week with the owner, resulted in two residential options that were favorable to the sellers, and will be considered by the community that bear the greatest impact of this development. The local Civic leaders are working together to assess the matter. We plan to release an update specific to the Halms Property sale later this week.

Representatives from many of our local Civics attended a meeting with National Grid officials at their Hicksville office. The meeting was positive; however, we received neither promises nor reassurance about the future of the plant. National Grid intends to sell the property after completing the demolition, which should extend well into this year. We invited national Grid officials to participate in a local Town Hall meeting. Due to potential upcoming litigation, National Grid is willing to participate in smaller meetings for up to 20 participants at each. National Grid is willing to host several meetings at their Hicksville office for the many Civic Associations in our community.

Glen Head Rug Business Signs

At a meeting with National Grid last week, NG managers shared information regarding the progress and future timetable of the dismantling of the plant and their expected tax reductions. There is extensive information to share, so it will be included in a National Grid update this week.

Glen Head LIRR Station Beautification

Our local Civic Associations have filed a complaint with the Town of Oyster Bay about the excessively large sign that Glen Head Rug had installed on the front of their business. The sign was not in compliance with the TOBâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s code, and in response to the complaint, the town demanded that the owner remove the sign. We will monitor the progress and keep you posted.

This project was spearheaded by the Local Civic associations and is near completion. The exterior of the Glen Head Station house has completely renovated. New flower boxes will be added in the Spring.

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1/30/14 2:41 PM

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