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• Monday, the 17th of September, the exact date of our anniversary, we had spoiled our visitors with many personalized presents and discounts. They had received personalized keychains and timetables from Promenada, vouchers from Intersport, Reina Bijou and Secuiana, discounts from Mondex, Steilmann and Toyplex, free meal menus from RD Grill, free accessories from Bijoux Style and loyalty cards from Hermosa.

• Anniversary amusement park. Was held on our parking area in the week-end 21-23 September and included: bumper cars, carousels, slides and terraces with Romanian cuisine.

We concluded the anniversary program with an outdoor mega-concert held on Sunday, the 23rd of September, beginning 6 PM. In the opening, kangoo jumps and break dance representations took place. The show was performed by notorious: Connect-R, Corina, Emil Lassaria & Caitlyn and presented by Mihai Morar, who has made a sensational entertainment. During the representations we had all admired the a fascinating show of lasers.

Anniversary 4 years