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complement each other, making it possible to serve anything from the most traditional to the very latest, sophisticated dish. Fuerteventura is an island with kilometres of coastline and many marine species along its coasts. Due to the island’s warm climate, meals are usually simple, which is why the basic ingredients of the local cuisine are the abundant fish and produce of the earth, seasoned with “mojo” sauces and dressed with the specialities of the land. Hence, some of the typical dishes that we can recommend from the island or the “Compuesto de pescado de Fuerteventura” (Fuerteventura fish stew) and Guisantes Majoreros (Fuerteventura Peas).

Fuerteventura Cheese (Queso Majorero) With its own denomination of origin since 1996, it is the first goat’s milk cheese to obtain a denomination of origin in the whole of Spain. Mature, semi-mature or fresh; natural, with “gofio”, paprika or oil; ... It is undoubtedly the most exquisite product of the island that has won acclaim with countless international prizes.

Traditional Fuerteventura pastry-making is currently based on popular customs and comes, first and foremost, from private homes, make to be eaten by the family. That is why we cannot talk about Fuerteventura deserts without mentioning the famous “frangollo”, which is made by adding lemon peel to milk and then boiling it up with flour, egg yolks, sugar, almonds and raisins; “bizcochón majorero” (Fuerteventura sponge cake), made with chick-pea flour; and the strong-tasting Fuerteventura cheese fritters.

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DE> Genießen Sie die vielen erstklassigen Restaurants, die eine exquisite Mischung der besten internationalen Küche mit den emblematischen Gerichten der heimischen Gastronomie Fuerteventuras bieten.