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EN> Try the many haute cuisine restaurants offering an exquisite fusion between the best of international cuisine and the emblematic dishes of the local cuisine of Fuerteventura.

Flavors of 134

Tradition and Innovation

Fuerteventura cheese, known and acclaimed throughout the world; the fish straight out of the sea; the meat of the local Fuerteventura goats that graze freely over the Fuerteventura landscape… are all carefully prepared to make exquisite dishes. The local cuisine tastes of salt, the sea and the pastures of the Fuerteventura goats. Goat meat is the most popular of all. You can find baby goat meat anywhere you go, although everybody has his own way of preparing it. Other meat dishes may include well-seasoned soups. If you like meat, we would recommend specialities such as baby goat meat, or pork, both highly appreciated among Canary Islanders. Potatoes are eaten everywhere on the Island of Fuerteventura. They are served with a wide variety of dishes, the most popular dish is undoubtedly sautéed, baked or boiled potatoes (in salty water), accompanied by a “mojo” sauce. This dish is known as “Papas arrugadas”, a very important local dish. The different varieties of potato grown on Fuerteventura include Papas Rojas (Red Potatoes), Papas Blancas (White Potatoes) and others with some very different flavours. Another product similar to the potato is the Sweet Potato, which is also famous on the Island.