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Nov/Dec 2019

Official magazine of the AAAMSA group

Our future cities may not be in front of us, but above us

Newly patented translucent smoke vent system

Emission Reduction and Management

Mine Rehabilitation

Community Upliftment

Waste Management

Water Consumption Reduction and Biodiversity



AFRISAM HAS A LONG HISTORY OF CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. As leaders in sustainability we have undertaken significant initiatives in the areas of energy optimisation and emission reduction; rehabilitation of mines; optimally using resources and holistically reducing our carbon footprint. We have a responsible attitude towards the environment which informs all our business practices, thereby sustaining life for future generations.


Creating Concrete Possibilities



Architect &


Nov/Dec 2019

Official magazine of the AAAMSA group

Nov/Dec 2019


Our future cities may not be in front of us, but above us

Newly patented translucent smoke vent system

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Rockfold Elecrical & Projects cc Wilfred Khumalo Tel: 076-542-7802 Email: rockfoldelectrical@ gmail.com www.rockfold.co.za

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Nov/Dec 2019





AAAMSA Group News Desk “But I wanted to make certain that the talk would be engaging and memorable. I chose to ask how Indians of local descent felt they fitted into South Africa. And I wouldn’t stand for wishy-washy opinions. The audience had to nail their colours to the mast. It was exhilarating.” Next morning, however, Devi wasn’t sure how the show had actually been received by her school principal or the radio station manager, for that matter. The result: an offer of a full-time job on radio.

No namby pamby

Covering current affairs, Devi continued to rattle cages. “I was exceptionally straightforward and asked the same of my guests. I want people to talk about the tough stuff. Nobody benefits from sugar coating. Your audience deserves the facts.”

Feisty and Fearless

The guest speaker at this year’s AAAMSA AGM, held on 18 September in Midrand, was Devi Sankaree Govender of Carte Blanche. Given the recent prominence of state capture and widespread corruption, Devi is a fitting fireball who does not back down when it comes to asking the hard questions. You know you are a natural when your parents pay you not to speak. Growing up in Umzinto, Devi was born a consumate debater and budding journalist. Visitors to the Sankaree family home were treated to Devi’s special brand of interrogation, curiosity and questioning. So at age 6, her parents bribed her to stay in the background and ‘be seen and not heard’. The request to keep quiet didn’t go down all that well but the lesson about the value of money struck home. So despite coming from a line of doctors, Devi’s parents warily consented to her enrolling for a BA with a view to becoming an investigative journalist. However Devi was determined that she would profit from her efforts because as she says, “Money buys freedom and allows choices.”

On the path

Having completed her BA, Devi realised that jobs were not going to fall from the sky. Enterprising as always, she landed a gig reading the news at the SABC as a freelancer. And she made her presence felt. “I made a point of getting to know everyone around me at the SABC, offering to help where I could for free.” At this stage Devi was teaching at a local school to supplement her income. “One day, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was an SABC manager who asked me to stand in for a presenter who hadn’t turned up. I thought ‘here’s my chance.’

With radio under her belt, a 16-year stint writing a weekly column, and a strong background in the arts, Devi felt it was time to learn more about business and finance. Together with her husband, she signed up to do an MBA. Around this time, and having seen the first airing of Carte Blanche in Standard 8, Devi found herself a member of the team which had initially inspired her career path. But it wasn’t exactly scintillating. “I was given assignments covering feral cat colonies, for example. After a year of this, it was time to ask myself the hard questions. “The answer: I was emulating Ruda Landman in business suit attire. What was important was being true to myself and coming across as authentically as possible.” More meaty assignments followed but it is intense. Typically, a story is covered in two days by just four people. Devi, the producer, camera man and the sound technician.

Making a contribution

“Of course, the feel good stories are fun, however there is nothing as thrilling as going after the bad guys. We don’t usually take security along but I’ve learned that the loud antagonistic ones are pretty harmless, it’s the ones with real money who pose a danger. As do the ones who systematically loot the country’s coffers. “Mostly I’ve learnt the value of trust. A whistle blower, for instance, is often literally putting their life in your hands. You have to have integrity and drill to the core. There is no elegant way to ask the question: ’Did you steal the money?’ You need to find your voice and break the stereotype.” Throughout her presentation, Devi made it clear that she has very little time for people who habitually moan and complain but do nothing concrete to alter the situation. As one of South Africa’s most prominent and courageous voices on thorny issues, Devi concludes, “You cannot bemoan your fate from the comfort of the coach. If you don’t make a contribution, you cannot effect change.”

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


High security welded mesh



Gate Automation

Razor wire and more ....

What is High Security Weld Mesh HIGH Security Weld Mesh is wire fused and welded at a Horizontal distance of 76.2mm and a vertical distance of 12.7mm also known as 35B/3510 where 3 denotes 3”(distance between vertical wires), 5 denotes 0.5” (distance between horizontal wires), and B or 10 denotes gauge of wire

Salient Features • Difficult to Climb: The spaces between the Horizontal wires are too narrow for fingers to have grip • Impregnable: Extremely difficult to cut with a hand cutter as the beak of a wire cutter will not be able to penetrate the horizontal wires • Excellent Replacement option to Solid Wall as: 1. More economical than a solid wall 2. Faster to install than a solid wall 3. CCTV Camera has a clear view • Further upgrade possible with electric security system • Anti-corrosive & low maintenance


• Manufactured according to BS EN 10016-2 • Wire Sizes in accordance with BS EN 10218-2 • Tolerance on Mesh Size in accordance wiht EN 10223-7 • Tolerance on Panel Size in accordance with EN 10223-4 • Welding Strength in accordance with BS EN 1461 • Zinc Coating in accordance with EN 10245-1 • Anti Corrosion in accordance with BS En 3900 E4/F4

Tensile Strength • Wire has a tensile strenght of min 550 MPA

MARK: 083 454 6488 4

Email: mark@palifence.co.za


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


Keep It Simple Based in Johanesburg, Rockfold Electrical & Projects consists of a small team with extensive experience in projects, both large and small.


ays Managing Director Wilfred Khumalo, “On the residential front, we work on single private dwellings up to large residential estates and developments. A number of blue chip developers also use our services for their commercial projects. “Although our offices are in Doornfontein, we travel extensively nationally such as to complete a recent installation at a casino in the Eastern Cape, or north into Mpumalanga to work on medical suites, clinics and hospitals.” Wilfred has run his own company for 15 years and has proven that his belief in managing a small and nimble team built on rock solid expertise is a winning formula.

Wilfred Khumalo Rockfold Electrical & Projects Tel (011) 823-1173 Cell: 076 542 7802 wilfred@rockfoldelectrical.com

Wilfred Khumalo

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019




Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Just Imagine Around the turn of the 19th century, the first skyscraper was born. All ten storeys of Chicago’s iconic Home Insurance Building comprised a skeleton of iron and steel, wrapped in a facade of glass and pane. It wasn’t only the building’s breakthrough engineering that paved our future city skylines, it was the story that each storey told, according to John Hardcastle of Aurecon.


ver since, we have been largely crafting our city skylines with the same kind of one-dimensional approach to building and design. Our experience has evolved between the tensions of professional and personal life, determined by the concrete divides that allocate our activities and interactions to either side of the urban equation. Traditionally, the city centre is the commercial hub to which people ebb and flow throughout the week, and all other living outside business hours happens in the suburbs or residential areas of the city. Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


Space will soon become a luxury

But the world as we know it is changing. Among the many ‘stats to stop the bus’ these days, is the one that tells us by 2050, 68% of the world’s population (90% of Africa’s and Asia’s population) will be urban. This great migration, coupled with the overall rise in global population, could mean our cities, within their current constraints, will need to accommodate another 2.5 billion people over the next few decades. We don’t have the luxury of space anymore.

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population (90% of Africa’s and Asia’s population) will be urban If we want to build the kind of urban ecosystems that respond and thrive on growth, we will have to reassess the way we build. The solutions to our future cities may not be in front of us, but above us.

It takes a village to raise a city

Picture this: the colossal tower downtown, once reserved for commercial affairs in the day, is now a multipurpose space where business, family life, recreation and community living intersect and overlap into a new kind of blended living urban ecology. Call it a vertical village, a multi-levelled building that, across its stacked floors, can foster the kind of human collisions to breed social diversity and infuse new life into old infrastructures. Through this model, commercial and residential occupants benefit from shared infrastructure that services shared needs.

In such a blended design, an apartment could be located in the corner of an open plan office space. Residents come and go, and often mingle inside the local coffee shop with workers throughout the week. On the same floor, a crèche serves the people who work and live there, a library intersects the vertical floorplan as a shared community resource, a rooftop garden supplies fresh produce to the pop-up cafe on the first floor. The IT department serves the broader community within the ‘village’, ensuring the best in high-tech innovation, and smart health and safety design, for residents and employees.

The solutions to our future cities may not be in front of us, but above us Imagine further: this building is one of many ‘vertical suburbs’, connecting by way of skywalks and sidewalks with other tall ‘villages’, to enclose a central infrastructure where people can gather, connect and engage over a variety of activities. Singapore’s ‘vertical kampong’ aspires to this, recreating elements of a traditional kampong with sky gardens and terraces, communal areas where residents can engage with each other, and centres for seniors and childcare placed adjacent to each other. Aurecon John Hardcastle www.aurecongroup.com

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



QuanƟty Surveying… …at the heart of every successful construcƟon project

Find out more… info@asaqs.co.za

T 011 315 4140/1 F 011 315 3785


P O Box 3527 Halfway House 1685 I Suite G6 Building 27 Thornhill Office Park Bekker Road Vorna Valley Midrand •


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


A Non-Conventional Company The new head office for Cube Route Logistics is located within the Boundary Park Industrial Park. This pet food distribution company, offering logistics services countrywide and into southern Africa, is housed in an AAA grade office block with warehousing and e-Pet store facility.


he architecture of the office building was designed by Architects Of Justice (AOJ) and once at the facility, customers coming to the e-Pet store and retail shop engage with the very striking façade of this easily recognisable facility. “This non-conventional façade is a rationalised version of what was initially proposed to the developer and the tenant,” explains AOJ’s Alessio Lacovig. What is visible in this ultramodern structure is an array of exposed concrete elements warping around the building, posed against colourful wall infill panels which are broken by glass curtain walls. “Our vision was to present a raw concrete exoskeleton, filled with a pristine envelope containing a modern, clean and sleek interior. The aim was for juxtapositions of raw and polished, dull and vibrant. These contrasts make for engaging,

striking and memorable architecture.”

Adding interest The dominant feature of the façade is the set of staggered, angled, off-shutter concrete columns. Alessio notes that while the tilting of columns doesn’t change structural integrity, it does add interest. These columns are completely structural (unlike often seen decorative approaches), as they connect the bottom perimeter down-stand beams and the top up-stand beams with some further intersecting the first floor slab. “The tilt on the columns was kept the same, a 15 degree angle, to ensure enough visual variation, without excessive complexity in formwork construction and casting,” notes Mike Rassmann from AOJ. Concrete was, from the outset, the architect’s material of choice to complement existing struc-

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


WORLD-CLASS performance requires speed, agility and endurance




Planning strategic direction benchmarked to world-class standards

Development of world-class infrastructure from concept to realisation

Development of operations to best practice and world-class standards

Supply Chain Strategy

Facility Design & Development

Process & Operations Design

• Supply Chain network analysis & design • National & Regional DC strategy development • Facility Sizing and OPEX estimates • On-line fullllment • Slow vs. Fast movers network set-up • A Supply Chain that supports business strategy • Site development strategies • Technology, IOT and digitilisation strategy

• Greennelds site development

• Operations assessment and benchmarking • WMS / WCS review • WMS / WCS functional requirements • Process and operations optimisation • Long term operational development strategies • Process audit • Labour standards and incentive programs

planning • Brownnelds site development planning • Functional building requirements speciication • Technical liaison to professional / development team • Facility sizing requirements (short to long term) • Design to execution • Procurement, program and vendor management

In today’s competitive business world you need to focus on every opportunity to advance your company mission


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

ils-ct@ils.co.za ils-jhb@ils.co.za www.ils.co.za


tures on this site and as a contrast to the aesthetic impact of the other buildings, which have respectively a black masonry façade and a glass and spider-fitting façade.

central access point for warehouse staff, thereby increasing safety and control, and includes change rooms and ablution facilities on the upper floor and administration on the ground level.

In addition, the specifiers saw the value in using concrete because of the available knowledge on site. “It is also a relatively conventional construction method, which meant the reduction and elimination of material variation.”

Letting the light in

Complementary looks The interior doesn’t disregard the exterior, and vice versa. “The way interior and exterior intersect is very conscious,” explains Alessio. “We haven’t hidden the concrete structure within the building; you can see how the ceiling edges have been stepped back to expose the underside of the concrete slab and you see the concrete beams perforating the ceiling and glass façade to intersect the columns and support the floor slab, making the expression of the structure very visible from the office interior.” The complete project measures approximately 12 000m2, comprising one level of basement parking, premium office space of 1 100m2, as well as the warehouse and e-Pet store facility totalling 9 600m2. The warehouse portion of this logistics facility had to be well laid out to accommodate multiple daily deliveries via a fleet of 30 truck. An array of drive-in bays, a large covered side curtain loading area and dock-leveller loading bays give a variety of vehicles the space required for an efficient operation. A pilot office was designed for the warehouse to offer managers an almost 180 degree view of the yard activities. It also acts as a

“While translucent sheeting in warehouses is standard, we created a natural light band at around 9m high to keep the translucent sheeting above the racking level,” says Alessio. “To allow even more natural light into the facility we introduced a monitor at the centre of the roof design and included a newly patented system, one of the first to be installed, featuring a translucent smoke vent which, unlike conventional solid louvres, will let light in and also flap completely open when smoke needs to be extracted.”

While the tilting of columns doesn’t change structural integrity, it does add interest From a sustainable point-of-view, LED lights, low energy air conditioning systems and materials which have longevity and low maintenance were specified. Correct orientation and the use of double glazing on the façade – coupled with correct proportioning of this façade – ensures a passive control of natural light entering the building, as well as the thermal temperature gains and losses, improving energy efficiency. Architects Of Justice Alessio Lacovig, Tel: (087) 802 0000 Email: studio@architectsofjustice.com www.architectsofjustice.com

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


National Monument gets Converted into Shared Office Atterbury is making its first foray into shared workspaces with its new Attspace coworking concept, which debuted at the La Gratitude Manor House on Stellenbosch’s historic oak-lined Dorp Street.

We are experimenting with the co-working concept at our Stellenbosch property and, based on its success, intend to expand our vision for shared offices into other areas of South Africa,” says Jackie Raubenheimer, leasing manager of Attspace.

La Gratitude Manor House is a national monument built in 1798 and the second-oldest building in South Africa’s secondoldest town

The collaborative workspace of Attspace is unlike any other in South Africa. It’s very first shared office space is in the La Gratitude Manor House, a national monument built in 1798 and the second-oldest building in South Africa’s secondoldest town.

All amenities included

Attspace at La Gratitude combines modern business with old-world charm in a relaxed setting. The entire space is designed to be creative, productive, enjoyable and facilitate networking between like-minded business people.

Starting with the comfort of designer and antique furniture, the Attspace experience is rich with all the amenities required for everyday business. It offers high-speed uncapped fibre Internet, personal lockers, network printing, boardrooms, lounge, fully-equipped kitchenette with free coffee, daily cleaning, shower facilities and two patios. Security is a given, including biometrics and a security application which also enables 24/7 access for working any time of the day or night. The shared offices enjoy the convenience of La Gratitude’s Italian restaurant, Asta La Pasta, and are a short stroll from the area’s restaurant and retail offerings. Atterbury Property Zahn Hulme Tel: (012) 471-1600 www.atterbury.co.za

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



On Top of Illovo Central The elegant Illovo Central mixed-use block near Sandton being constructed by Concor Buildings has topped out at 15 floors and is due for completion in March next year.


n a format that is increasingly popular in South Africa’s urban designs, the building will be a combination of office space and residential units. With parking taking up levels 1 to 5, there will be offices on floors 6 to 8 and apartments from floors 9 to 15. The living units are a combination of sizes including 80 studio apartments, 36 one-bedroom units, 43 two-bedroom units and 12 three-bedroom penthouse apartments.

manager, Fanie Stadler, this phase required the removal of considerable quantities of rock.

Bulk earthworks began in May 2018, when 27 800m3 of spoil was removed for the first three levels. According to Concor Buildings contract

“Dust control was also a key issue, which we implemented and monitored closely in line with our stringent health and safety standards,” Fanie adds.

While a typical brick and mortar wall is about 350kg/m 2, an AAC block wall load is closer to 90kg/m 2

At the core of Illovo Central’s construction is the concrete column containing the lift shafts


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Keeping things under control

Given the close proximity to other buildings in this well-developed suburb, Concor Buildings conducted smaller, controlled blasts to ensure the highest levels of safety. The planning and monitoring of these blasts also considered a Gautrain servitude tunnel below, and a school across the road.

The concrete structure has been built around a lift core for four passenger lifts and a fireman’s lift. Two tower cranes have been a feature of the skyline on this project, improving efficiencies on a site that is severely space-constrained.

Illovo Central enjoys stunning views from the Sandton ridge; looking south-east over Rivonia Road

Lightweight building blocks

An interesting innovation that the company has applied in constructing inner walls has been the use of Everite Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks. This lightweight building block has a number of benefits for modern buildings, Fanie explains. “The lighter load on the concrete slabs means that these slabs can be designed slightly thinner and with less reinforcing bar,” he says. While a typical brick and mortar wall is about 350kg/m2, an AAC block wall load is closer to 90kg/m2. The uniform surface of an AAC wall also allows for a thinner skim coat finish, rather than the usual 12mm of mortar required for a normal brick wall. This has positive material and logistics implications as less water, sand and cement need to be transported to and around the site. There is also mixing of mortar on site which makes for a generally cleaner site, with less dust. “With the benefits of these lightweight blocks

comes the demands of accuracy and attention to detail,” he says. “Added skill is required in the block laying, as well as in the plastering.”

The inner walls use autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, offering numerous benefits Performance glass used

The performance glass on the outside of the building is low-e, reflecting long-wave infrared energy to keep the inside of the building cool and reduce load on the air conditioning system. A Marmoran wall coating is applied as a protective and aesthetic layer.

Concor Construction Fanie Stadler Tel: (011) 590-5500 Email: info.construction@concor.co.za www.concor.co.za

The core of the Illovo Central building – for the lift shafts – emerges at the top floor of construction

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Eye-Catching Bricks for a Striking Library The South African government has prioritised education as part of the National Development Plan, and an integral part of the learning process is access to information through dedicated spaces. The construction of the Eastern Cape’s Mcebisi Michael Msizi Public Library works towards this mandate, with the use of Corobrik’s Firelight Satin face bricks, a mutually aesthetic and economically-sound choice.


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


The Mcebisi Michael Msizi Public Library is a captivating example of what can be achieved when using quality products and an innovative design,” says Musa Shangase, Commercial Director at Corobrik.

A room for any function

The library forms part of the municipal precinct of buildings situated along Keet Street, with dramatic views of the Langkloof Mountains. The building consists of two parts, the public library with accompanying administrative and service areas, and a small public conference component with ablutions. The library consists of children’s reading areas, study areas, breakaway rooms, reading spaces in an open-air courtyard, a dedicated area for online research and computers and the conference room.

We wanted to create a community precinct for Mcebisi Michael Msizi with facilities located off an open foyer area, that was simple to use, multifunctional and crafted in response to the beautiful natural surroundings

joints tinted red, alongside Corobrik’s bullnose bricks. “We wanted to express the main library area as a brick building inside and out, with the smaller meeting room and bathrooms plastered. This face brick was chosen for its consistent colour and shape and used with the red-tinted flush joints, ti give a slick, sheer appearance on completion.” The library’s interior main space was constructed in a variety of scales, ranging from the large face brick buttressed back wall and clerestory windows, to the low, intimate study nooks and children’s section in the north. The material palette was kept to a minimum, with expressed steel frame and the face bricks the primaries in the rugged framework. Corobrik Musa Shangase Tel: (011) 871-8600

Debbie Wintermeyer, architect at The Workplace Agency, explains that the design of the library ensured the approximately 650m² building remained modest in scale and expression, while still maintaining integrity and status as an important municipal building. “We wanted to create a community precinct for Mcebisi Michael Msizi with facilities located off an open foyer area, that was simple to use, multifunctional and crafted in response to the beautiful natural surroundings,” says Debbie. “We also incorporated a small courtyard and front arrival foyer into the plans as a way to increase usable spaces.”

A slick appearance

Firelight Satin face bricks were used with flush

The Mcebisi Michael Msizi Public Library in Kareedouw is this Eastern Cape community’s first dedicated, modern library building which is a valuable resource to all residents

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Getting Ahead in Today’s Property Market Knowledge is power and in today’s risky economic climate, investors need to make bold, calculated investment moves that yield great results. Cue EstateLiving, a South African resource and specialist consultancy within the community living environment.


asters at building relationships and identifying new opportunities, Louise Martin and Jaime-Lee Gardner’s services are helping investors and developers nationally to understand their market.

More than bricks and mortar

Louise, COO Estate Living comments, “We understand that the built environment is so much more than just bricks and mortar. We are passionate

We are not living in ideal economic conditions and property has experienced a slowdown both locally and globally


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

about partnering with developers and investors to help build communities that add value to people’s lives.” For 10 years, Louise and Jaime-Lee have been bringing stakeholders in the built environment together. “Whether you’re an investor, resident or developer, we’ve been meticulously gaining knowledge about how to create communities where people can connect.” At an event they held recently in Durban, Avi Gordon from Grovest shared his insights on section 12J, a section of the South African income tax act which provides a tax incentive for individuals, trusts and companies that invest in a SARS-

approved venture capital company (VCC). It was created to stimulate equity investments in small and medium enterprises and the extent of funds within 12J has grown exponentially since 2009. Hospitality, property, renewable energy and asset rentals are key investment areas under this section and the good news for investors is that they can claim a 100% deduction against their taxable income in the year the investment is made.

Growth in KZN

eThekwini Municipality also came to the party indicating where the growth nodes lie within the greater Durban metropolitan area. According to the municipality’s Francis Ncqobo, the KwaZulu-Natal north coast continues as an investment hotspot but other areas to the west and south of the city as well as the CBD are earmarked for future development with ample opportunities available for developers and investors. Timothy Thom from Lombard, a division of Lombard insurance company, commented on their property development guarantees which benefit developers and buyers. These guarantees offer buyers the chance to secure their purchase in a

development where there may be a shortfall. The guarantee allows them to only pay the outstanding balance of the purchase price closer to transfer. Failing to make payment results in the developer cancelling the sales agreement and submitting a claim on the guarantee.

The good news for investors is that they can claim a 100% deduction against their taxable income in the year the investment is made Property developer Richard Kelland from Riel Associates, developers of Victoria Country Club Estate in Pietermaritzburg, concluded by saying that we are not living in ideal economic conditions and that property has experienced a slowdown both locally and globally. However, he says that property is an attractive long-term investment if investors are patient. Estate Living Jaime-lee Gardner Tel: (072) 171-1979 Jaime@estate-living.co.za

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019




Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

A Fresh Look and Feel La Lucia Mall recently completed a major upgrade that has modernised and reimagined its entire retail space. Unlike many other 40-plus-year-old buildings, it now sets the bar for contemporary mall design trends.

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019




hoppers will enjoy its welcoming new entrances, airy atria, higher shopfronts, classic neutral colour palette, patterned porcelain tile floors, timber ceilings, state-of-the-art bathrooms and low-energy lighting. All this creates a fresh new experience, which is already earning enthusiastic customer appreciation. “The upgraded La Lucia Mall is crafted to meet the needs of its unique shoppers and community and give them an exceptional retail experience. Apart from the elegant new aesthetics, it also has a fresh brand identity and new shopping options,” says La Lucia Mall centre manager, Vanessa Blevins.

The original 12 000sqm La Lucia Mall of 1972 has grown to 40 000sqm over the years Major growth over the years

WBHO was the main contractor for the upgrade


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

and Bentel Associates International, which designed the original 12 000sqm La Lucia Mall in 1972, was again the architect for refurbishment of the centre which has grown to 40 000sqm over the years. La Lucia Mall refurbishment project professional, Evan Sim, director of RLB Pentad Quantity Surveyors, highlights the innovation behind mall’s reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint. Old internal and external lights have been replaced with energy efficient LED fittings and motion sensors.

La Lucia Mall Vanessa Blevins Tel: (082) 886-9963 www.laluciamall.co.za


Biggest Mall in SA gets Physical South Africa’s Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, situated in the fast-developing Menlyn region of Pretoria is an awardwinning super-regional shopping centre.


his multi-level centre hosts a large number and variety of international brands and flagship anchor stores. After effecting a R2.5 billion redevelopment, Menlyn Park set a new standard by becoming the biggest mall in Africa. To facilitate the opening of a new gym in the mall, BKV Holdings was contracted to refurbish the existing floor. BKV understood the importance of a quality underlayment in order to achieve a smooth flooring finish. With this in mind, they opted for Sika’s self-levelling screed, Sikafloor-200 Level. Their primary challenge in ensuring a 100% level floor, considering a substantial 2 500sqm had to be refurbished, was the limited time of only one week.

Preparations underway

along with the mechanical removal of the remaining tile adhesive layer. Once this was complete, and the floor cleaned, Sikafloor-01 Primer was used as a primer and bonding agent on the existing concrete floor. Sikafloor-200 Level was then applied as a self-levelling screed for the underlayment of the final floor. Sikafloor-200 Level is ideal for filling, smoothing and levelling of suitable substrates, before applying either parquet, ceramic tiles, seamless resin floors, textiles or elastic floor coverings. Up to 900 bags of Sikafloor-200 Level were required to achieve an even 10mm screed layer across the floor. After a setting time of four hours, the floor was ready for covering with a combination of rubber mats and tiles, chosen specifically for the gym environment. Another significant challenge occurred towards the end of the application of the Sikafloor-200 Level when a burst water pipe sprayed water over the newly laid screed. To the product’s credit, there was no damage at all.

To prepare the floor, the existing tiles were lifted,

Their primary challenge in ensuring a 100% level floor, considering a substantial 2 500sqm had to be refurbished, was the limited time of only one week

Romaine Cloete Tel: (031) 792-6500 Email: cloete.romaine@za.sika.com www.sika.co.za

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



As Light as a Feather The re-purposing of buildings into student residences, apartments, entry level housing and hotels is on the increase. However, existing foundations often require significant investment to cater for the load of traditional brick and mortar walls and, although lightweight walls such as dry walling is popular in commercial developments, they lack the robustness when used in residential refurbishments.


or this reason, a new lightweight, fit-forpurpose walling system has recently been introduced to the South African construction industry. SanteQ lightweight walling systems offer excellent thermal, acoustic, robustness and

The pre-engineered cellulose fibre walling systems are available in five wall thicknesses - 62mm, 112mm, 137mm, 162mm and 229mm and are erected on site

a 2-hour fire rating with convenient installation.

30 percent lighter than masonry

Weighing 550-700kg/m3 or less than 30% of conventional masonry walling, these solid cementitious systems are simpler, quicker and cleaner to erect, significantly cutting down on building times. The pre-engineered cellulose fibre walling systems are available in five wall thicknesses - 62mm, 112mm, 137mm, 162mm and 229mm and are erected on site. Once erected 100% recycled polystyrene and cementitious composite infill is pumped into the voids after which the walls can be skim plastered and painted or simply painted.

Multiple uses

The SanteQ lightweight walling systems are AgrĂŠment SA approved and are typically used for

SanteQ lightweight walling being erected for a pharmaceutical facility. Some walls were as high as 7m.


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

SanteQ lightweight walling system being erected in a Sandton hotel facility. In this application, the load-bearing capacity of the building was specified at less than 800kg/m3 which precluded the use of traditional construction materials

non-load bearing walls in hotels, student accommodation, multi-storey affordable housing developments, schools, hospitals, remodeling of existing multi-storey buildings as well as new builds with structural, time and energy saving considerations.

The walling systems offer excellent thermal, acoustic, robustness and a 2-hour fire rating with convenient installation Modelled on the Sanjo Fabtech Sterling loadbearing technology which is currently being used widely in multi-storey RDP developments for the Department of Human Settlements, the new SanteQ systems have already been used successfully in lightweight walling projects in Sandton for the repurposing of an existing commercial office into a high-end hotel, a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Benoni and the refurbishing of an existing building in Sandton into student accommodation. SanteQ Liteweight Building Technology Victor Bouguenon Tel: (010) 023-0222 Email: info@santeq.co.za

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


TRACE In is a glo antio leading party ri

TRACE due diligence solutions are based on internationally accepted best practices and our experience and familiarity with the compliance needs of multinational companies. Services range from a denied parties screening to enhanced due diligence, including TRACE Certified Due Diligence.


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

nternational, Inc. obally recognized bribery business organization and provider of third isk management solutions.

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019




Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Nothing Like a Good Old Facelift Due to a lack of tenants in an increasingly tight market, property owners are opting to refurbish their existing assets, with the aim of attracting new investment. “A good facelift can do wonders. Therefore we are finding that property owners are focusing on maintenance as much as possible,” says Keron Muller, senior architectural technologist, Paragon Group.


hile the main benefit of refurbishment is usually perceived as cost-saving, this is not always the case. “Sometimes costs can be higher due to the quantity of remedial work required, often usually only identified during the actual construction phase. Generally speaking, refurbishing an asset is a great way to facelift and maintain it, if this is done correctly,” Keron says.

More work than new builds

Some drawbacks could include existing site

Remedial work is a costly affair

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019




Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

It is the first time that this polycarbonate material has been used on such a scale in South Africa

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


Your boutique business destination Surrounded by lush gardens in the hub of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, The Peartree in Craighall Park caters for groups of fifteen through to 100 guests in three well-appointed and equipped business suites. Breakfast meetings, working lunches, indoor or outdoor dining, half-day and full-day packages including all welcome refreshments, teas and lunches are offered in Standard, Gold and Platinum packages. Secure parking, Wi-fi, lockable space, all underpinned by highly qualified and helpful staff dedicated to ensuring your event is a success, make The Peartree a destination of choice.

www.thepeartree.co.za e-mail: info@thepeartree.co.za Tel: 011 781 1401 41 St. Albans Ave, Craighall Park


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


restrictions, land and usage rights, and existing tenants in the rental space. The implication of the refurbishment trend for the Paragon Group is that these projects usually require more work than new builds, which means that the resource allocation is higher.

Keron Muller Senior Architectural Technologist

An example of a recent refurbishment project undertaken by the group is 155 West Street in Sandton which, along with two other buildings, was until recently occupied by Discovery. Upon moving to the new Discovery Place headquarters, where interior architecture company Paragon Interface was responsible for the fit-out, the property owner opted to upgrade the 25-year-old building. The original brief was to upgrade the façade, add an entirely new three-storey atrium with a roof terrace and skylight above, and a full ground-floor upgrade with common meeting rooms and a coffee shop, as well as an upgrade to the P1 parking level, with changerooms, showers, and facilities for cyclists. Additional briefs were given to upgrade the internal finishes to a modern standard, and to allow for multi-tenanted floor plates.

A significant upgrade

A full consulting team was brought on-board, and the building has been upgraded significantly as a result. This includes future-proofing the development by adding fire-escape stairs from the ground floor to the roof, allowing for a greater building density without any attendant risk. Establishing a new identity for what was perceived as the ‘old Discovery building’ was a priority. The goal was to achieve this in a cost-effective yet impactful manner, especially considering that 155 West Street is located on a prominent, hightraffic road, and in very close proximity to many of Sandton’s key landmarks such as the Sandton Gautrain Station and Sandton City. Together with the new composite aluminium façade cladding, new materials were also explored. The new entrance and atrium addition is a three-storey high steel structure with a polycarbonate and glass façade. “It is the first time that this polycarbonate material has been used on such a scale in South Africa, which by itself posed Together a challenge,” Keron with the concludes. Paragon Group Hugh Fraser Tel: (011) 482 3781 Email: media@ paragon.co.za www.paragon.co.za

Architect & Specificator

new composite aluminium façade cladding, new materials were also explored

Nov/Dec 2019



Accommodation for Students The largest student housing project ever undertaken by a South African public university is currently under development at the University of Fort Hare (UFH).

John Schooling


unded by the department of Higher Education and Training, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the European Union, phase two of the project, valued at R400 million, is set for completion in October 2020. The new residences will help ease the housing crisis at UFH and create a student community conducive to academic success.

Completion of phase two will bring the total number of beds handed over to 2 047, giving UFH the highest ratio of students to beds in the country 38

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Accommodation challenge

“Lack of accommodation is one of the biggest challenges we face at the University of Fort Hare. Most of our students come from rural areas and do not have accommodation options when they arrive. Currently, our residences are barely able to accommodate 50% of our student population on our Alice campus. Our aim with this project is

to house 65% of our students on this campus,” says vice-chancellor of UFH, professor Sakhela Buhlungu. Developed by student accommodation group Stag African, the student village includes a new student centre and a dedicated postgraduate accommodation block. Phase one of the project, completed in 2014, saw 610 beds made available to the university. Completion of phase two will bring the total number of beds handed over to 2 047, giving UFH the highest ratio of students to beds in the country.

More than just beds

“Good student accommodation is about more than just beds. Our vision for this development goes beyond providing accommodation, we want to create a sense of community and a feeling of belonging,” says co-founder of Stag African, John Schooling.

housing crisis is a result of a growth in demand for higher education in recent years. The lack of accommodation has been directly linked to higher failure and dropout rates for first year students.

The aim with this project is to house 65% of the students on this campus Studies confirm that students who live on-campus have a 25% greater chance of passing than students who are not residents on campus. “When a student is placed in temporary accommodation or is required to stay in accommodation that is unsafe, overcrowded and unhygienic, it’s no surprise when they can’t cope,” concludes John. John Schooling Tel: (021) 794 0904 Email: sales@stagprop.com www.stagprop.com

Earlier this year, government acknowledged that an additional 300 000 beds are required to accommodate the nation’s students. The student

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


Honours The Mbabane Hilton Garden Inn in Eswatini, designed by Paragon Group, was declared the winner in the Best Hotel Development category at the annual Africa Property Investment (API) Awards 2019, held on 2 October at a gala dinner during the API Summit in Johannesburg. The project was implemented in conjunction with Steve Hall Development Consultants as local partner architects. The award is especially significant in that it is one of Paragon Group’s first projects for an international hotel chain, Director Henning Rasmuss highlights. It also adds to the project’s accolades to date, which include the SAPOA Award 2019 for Innovative Excellence for an International Development.

Praise singers accompanied King Mswati III on a tour of the Mbabane Hilton garden inn

“The building is already a popular destination for Instagram-savvy Emaswati, and is the background image of choice in many a posted selfie. It has become a talking point, and is seen as a benchmark for what can be achieved in commercial architecture

The Paragon Group also emerged a winner at the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (GIfA) 2019 awards ceremony held at Wits University on the evening of 25 October 2019,

in this African capital city,” Henning comments.

winning an Award of Excellence, one of only two awarded by GIfA, for its work at the iconic 140 West Street commercial development in Sandton. Paragon Group, Phone: (011) 482 3781 Email: media@paragon.co.za Web: www.paragon.co.za

Owning the street Most recently, AfriSam launched the AfriSam Student Design Challenge

to incentivise the next generation of designers to foreground sustainable solutions in design thinking. The inaugural brief went out to architecture schools across Gauteng who were required to take an in-depth look at Joubert Park / the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) and how to connect the museum to its immediate community and other audiences. The winning design came from Lenasia resident, 23year old Hashim Tarmahomed, who is currently doing his Honours degree in Architecture Studies at Wits University.

Hashim Tarmahomed

He said the challenge to craft a

symbiotic relationship between the JAG, its rich art collection and its surrounds was interesting. “The brief was clear: to reconsider the agency of boundaries and to create a new public interface. Says Hashim, “My entry was built around the realisation that many portrait photographers come to the park to use it as a makeshift backdrop, but are not given a platform to create. My design concept was to build on a gallery-that-dissolves-into-the-park idea. The existing structures still exhibit a legacy of exclusion and segregation upon which they were built. “My proposal was for the JAG make way for a public photography centre within its precinct to encourage greater public participation, and for the remaining space to continue as a gallery.” “The project should not be seen as the gallery leaking into the streets but rather a symbiotic relationship between them. The streets and its people own the gallery as much as they do the street.” AfriSam Tel: 0860-141-141 / (011) 670-5500 Email: customer.service@za.afrisam.com www.afrisam.co.za

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



A Facelift A transformative refurbishment of the communal areas of the upmarket San Sereno retirement community in Bryanston by Auria Senior Living has recently been completed and has won a Pretoria Institute for Architecture (PIA) award for its design in the Alterations and Additions category. Barry Kaganson, CEO of Auria Senior Living, notes, “A particular challenge of the makeover was to cause minimal inconvenience to the some 340 residents during the 9 month refurbishment project. The renovation was however vital to elevate the estate from a tired eighties-style décor to better reflect our vision. Architects Kunz Raubenheimer, who won the 2019 PIA Award for Architecture for the San Sereno project, were tasked with breathing new life into buildings that were looking mundane and unwelcoming. “The detailing of pre-fabricated steel and timber covered walkways and screens is innovative in conception and application as it expedited construction, critical in a fragile residential community that

could not be disturbed,” says Barry. “The technology served to create a new humane face for the project while improving environmental comfort and ease of movement between different parts of the building.” Areas that have enjoyed a complete makeover, include the coffee shop, Café Auria, the hair salon, an indoor

Outdoor fireplaces Neolith has announced an exclusive collaboration with premium fireplace manufacturer CB Stone-Tech, neocube-o. Neocube-o is an outdoor gas fireplace developed to establish new dimensions in design, workmanship and material diversity. The chic fireplace combines high quality gas firing technology in stainless steel and Schott glass with an elegant, Neolith-clad base. Manufactured in Germany to rigorously high standards, premium quality is at the essence of the system. It is solely for outdoor use and is suitable for all gas types. The fireplace has the further advantage of being easy to move, set on four discreet rollers with a brake for fixing in position. This offers a welcome degree of flexibility as it can be quickly repositioned in an outdoor area according to specific requirements. Neolith Tel: +3- 964-652-233 Email: info@neolith.com www.neolith.com


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

swimming pool, a newly built cinema as well as extensive exercise and wellness facilities. Auria Senior Living Barry Kaganson Tel: 087 654 8833 Email: info@auria.co.za www.auria.co.za

Says Cobus Lourens, Business Development Manager for Swartland. “Our Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors are professionally sealed and glazed before they leave the factory, so that when they arrive on the building site, they are ready to be installed. A newly-added service included in the Ready-2-Fit range is that doors can be pre-hung in their frames, fitted with hinges, flush bolts and locks. “This not only saves the builder time and money on installation costs, but it also ensures that the windows and doors are adequately protected against exposure to the elements. It also vastly

increases the overall build quality ensuring that the windows and doors are finished to our exacting standards and therefore, ensuring that any warrantees are upheld,” he explains. All Ready-2-Fit windows and doors are pre-sealed with high quality waterbased sealant before they leave the factory to ensure unbeatable protection against the elements. The chosen water-based sealant boasts a number of benefits, including the fact that it is an environmentally-friendly sealant, with low VOC emissions, it is UVand water-resistant, non-flammable, lead-free, and it contains anti-fungal

properties to protect the timber from fungus, such as dry rot for example. It will also offer years of protection from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, cold, rain and sunlight. To cater for darker colours, such as Teak and Imbuia for example, the water-based sealant contains heat-reflective pigments that lower the surface temperature of the wood to reduce natural movement. Swartland Tel: 0861-10-24 25 Email: customerservice@swartland.co.za www.swartland.co.za

Diamond quality The V&A Waterfront has become the first African company of its size and magnitude to achieve Diamond class status under the Heritage Environmental Management classification. The V&A Waterfront’s journey with Heritage Environmental Management began in 2012 with a Silver classification. After establishing a Sustainability Committee, the Waterfront soon rose to Gold and then Platinum classification.

The V&A has a duty to raise the bar on environmental sustainability. Our Diamond Heritage classification is thanks to the enormous effort made by our sustainability and CSI committees, by Waterfront management and

staff, and also many of our tenants who have all joined hands to make a positive difference.” V&A Waterfront, Tel: (021) 408-7500 Email: info@waterfront.co.za www.waterfront.co.za

To achieve Platinum class, businesses must have a fully integrated environmental management system in place, and must score a minimum of 94% on their annual environmental sustainability audits. To proceed to Diamond classification, the Waterfront had to demonstrate a continued socially responsible commitment towards environmental practices and community involvement. A further condition was that the Waterfront consistently attains Platinum status for a minimum period of five years, as it had done. V&A Waterfront CEO David Green says, “As a world-class tourism destination Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Excellent Against Exposure


Carpets from fish nets and bottles The yarn used for the new ReForm range of flooring introduced by Danish producer, Ege Carpets, is derived from discarded fishing nets and other industrial waste regenerated as new flooring. The yarn has further sustainable qualities because, after use, it can then be broken down to its original chemical components and recycled as a new nylon product. To add to the range’s recycling qualities, all Ege ReForm carpet tiles’s backing is made from the company’s Ecotrust, sourced from used water bottles converted into a soft but durable felt that benefits acoustics, foot comfort levels and the environment. Kbac Flooring Tel: (021) 464-4320 Email: infocpt@kbacflooring.co.za, infojhb@kbacflooring.co.za www.kbacflooring.co.za

Tag, you’re it! Van Dyck Floors’ range of rubber flooring and paving products has achieved a Global GreenTag GBCSA Level B rating from the internation-

ally respected green building product rating and certification organisation, GreenTag, making it a leading supplier to the green building sector.

GreenTag is an independent ecolabel and trust mark that ensures that every product is tested and certified using international certification programmes and scientific methods. It is recognised in over 70 countries across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa and South East Asia. The GreenTag Certification process involves the entire supply chain from the ingredients to the final product. Audits cover all key aspects of sustainability under a single assessment process with products scored against a variety of criteria including greenhousegas emissions, biodiversity, health and ecotoxicity, life cycle analysis, synergy (product efficiency), social responsibility and labour conditions. GreenTag certification has been recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) as a product certification standard for the Materials Fit out Calculator in Green Star SA Interiors v1 Rating Tool.

Dr. Mehran Zarrebini, CEO of PFE International


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Van Dyck Floors Dr. Mehran Zarrebini Tel: (031) 913 3800 Email: sales@vandyckcarpets.com www.vandyckfloors.co.za

Dealing with the mafia

“We have acted for our clients on an increasing number of cases involving the construction mafia as they disrupt the

ability of contractors to complete the works within the specified time frame, which in turn, has cost implications. We are working to ensure that these types of disruptions are considered during the initial contracting stage, as well as suggesting practical steps to take during the construction phase,” she explains.

difficulty of effectively dealing with the consequences of their actions. MDA Construction & Technology Attorneys Aadila Mahomed Tel: (011) 648 9500 Email: info@mdalaw.co.za www.mdalaw.co.za

The so-called construction mafia is made up of local community and representatives of various business or community forums who threaten violence and cause disruptions on sites, demanding that certain contractors are appointed. Generally, they are not parties to contracts, adding to the

Just add water PPC recently expanded its range of Surerange premix mortar with the addition of Suremotar and Sureplaster. Both products deliver consistent colour and performance by simply adding water. Each 40kg bag of mortar covers approximately 1m2, and can be mixed as required, making it easier

to order exactly what is needed, with Suremotar and Sureplaster, contractors can save time, increase productivity and decrease wastage as well as prevent financial loss due to theft. PPC, Tel: 0800 236 368 Email: contactus@ppc.co.za www.ppc.africa

Clean energy for remote lodges Remote lodges are increasingly turning to solar power rather than diesel to operate off-grid, according to Stefan Kleemann, senior engineer for SolarSaver Group. Air conditioning, refrigeration, cleaning appliances, pumps, lighting, television, device charging and heating are among the main sources of energy consumption at safari lodges. Nambwa Tented Lodge, perched high in the tree canopies on the elephant migratory routes in the Bwabwata National Park, required a 50kWp installation and Kazile Island Lodge, located on a private island in the park, installed 25kWp to take care of all its power requirements.

the energy of the sun,” says Stefan. “These lodges are in remote natural landscapes and are not connected to the national grid. Previously, the lodges were generating power on-site using diesel generators, which created hazardous exhaust gases and noise, as well as being costly due to the high cost

of maintenance and fuel transport to remote destinations. Solar power provides a peaceful, green solution that has the added advantage of saving costs,” he concludes. SolarSaver Stefan Kleemann www.solar-saver.net

“Namibia’s hot dry climate and abundant sunshine for over 300 days per year make it an ideal spot to harness Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019



Just few years ago, the idea that disruptions and work stoppages could be orchestrated by the now-infamous construction mafia in South Africa was unforeseeable. The already beleaguered construction sector is trying to proactively avoid these situations, according to Aadila Mahomed, an associate at MDA Construction & Technology Attorneys.


Waste removal in seconds Many construction companies have a need for waste removal at multiple locations for various types of waste, which can be a complex, tremendously timeconsuming task for busy construction project managers. With a traditional waste removal service, it can take up to 16 phone calls to book and have the waste removed, which can mean dealing with up to four or five different service providers. Construction companies typically manage this task by dealing with waste removal bookings at each location with complex spreadsheets and todo lists. “Meanwhile their other work is falling behind, and their waste is piling up,� says Clive Amsel, founder and CEO of Wrapp. Clive and his team identified the need for a one-stop, affordable bulk waste

service that allows for multi-location bookings to be made in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban and came up with the Wrapp app This mobile app enables customers to sign up in 90 seconds and make bookings in 60 seconds. They then choose the waste location, waste type and truck size for each removal. The bookings go straight to the driver who

is nearest to each location, who will accept and schedule the service within five minutes. Cost per load varies from R550 to R4 000 and is payable on collection by credit card or instant EFT. Wrapp Clive Amsel Tel: (072) 245 9777 Email: info@wrapp.co.za www.wrapp.co.za

From wine to design Enveloped by the hills of Devon Valley, and just outside Stellenbosch in the Western Cape lies a striking building. This is the home of Louisvale wine farm and function venue. The building was designed by Christof Albertyn and represents the mixture of African and European building traditions. It is modelled on the Khoekhoen who built the first man-made domed structure in the area and the white gabled, Cape Dutch style, that had been introduced by European Colonialists in the 17thCentury, and which is the original homestead built in 1924. The two buildings are married by a floating glass arch and together, they frame the 280-degree views of the three million-year-old Cape Mountains. Louisvale wine farm Tel: (021) 865-2422 Email: helene@louisvale.com www.louisvale.com


Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


A good screed makes for a happy floor

THE IDEAL lightweight, fast construction, multipurpose, structural, insulated panel system – fully proven in use – WORLDWIDE.

ISOWALL Sandwich Panels The World’s Leading Insulated Panel System The term “resilient coverings” generally refers to floor and wall coverings made from carpet, rubber or PVC. One of the characteristics they have in common is resilience. Most resilient materials do not distribute the loads acting on the floor. The forces pressing down on the surface of floorings are transferred almost directly to the substrate. It isn’t unusual to notice the marks (albeit temporary) left by desks and chairs on PVC flooring. The weight of these objects acts directly on the screed and skimcoat under the flooring. Generally, the compressive strength of screeds must be a minimum of 20MPA. Mapei stocks a variety of screeds that can be used as underlayments. Moisture prevention is a common requirement for all substrates, it becomes even more important in the case of resilient materials. PVC and rubber are essentially impermeable, so if the level of moisture in the substrate is too high, they will swell or detach from the surface. Moisture barriers such as Mapei’s Eco Prim PU 1K can be used for waterproofing. Considering the compact thickness of resilient materials, if any imperfections or irregularities in the substrate are not eliminated, they show up clearly on the surface of the flooring. Flatness, therefore, must be guaranteed by taking special care when making the screed.

The need for specialised temperature controlled environments is continuously growing in Southern Africa Isowall, through a unique design and construction technique, is answering these needs across a continuously broadening spectrum. Originally developed to satisfy the high demands of low temperature cold rooms and freezers for the food industry, Isowall is now used in a variety of applications ranging from temperature controlled buildings for sensitive broadcast equipment to abattoirs and chemical plants. Isowall’s unique modular panels are used for both cold rooms and insulated doors, allowing for absolute versatility in design and application. By providing complete project management, we can plan, design, construct, supply and commission cold stores to suit the various needs of the cold storage industry. CONTACT DETAILS: 326 Derdepoort Road, Silverton | (012) 804 3564 info@isowall.co.za | www.isowall.co.za

Mapei SA Geoffrey Green Tel: (011) 552-8476 Email: g.green@mapei.co.za www.mapei.co.za

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Nov/Dec 2019



Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019


Piecing together your success.


We understand that you’ve been building your career piece by piece, and that all those hours, projects and plans allow you to live the lifestyle you deserve. Partner with PPS, and let us help you ensure your success is more than the sum of its parts. Proud sponsor of the SAICE Young Engineer of the Year. Visit pps.co.za to find out more about our financial solutions for graduate professionals. PPS is an authorised Financial Services Provider.


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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

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South African Glass and Glazing Association


Postal Address:

1st Floor, Block4 Conference Center 2nd Road Midrand

P.O. Box 7861 Halfway House 1685 Tell: (011) 805-5002 Fax: (011) 805-5033 Email: sagga@aaamsa.co.za

ELECTRONIC CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMANCE Certifies compliance with National Building Regulation N(2) only (For Inclusion Form 4 of SANS 10400-A)

This certificate serves to confirm that glazing materials installed by the SAGGA / AAAMSA member mentioned below to the building as described hereafter conforms to SANS 10400-N: 2012 Ed 3.1 The Application of the National Building Regulations, Part N: Glazing Project:

House XYZ

Project Type:


Physical Address:

Stand 110 Botha Ave Sandton, Johannesburg

Method of Glazing:

Repair Glazing

Putty Glazing

Type of Glazing 1:

Laminated - Clear

Single - Clear

Thickness of Glazing(mm):



Colour of Glazing:



Safety Glazing Identification Mark:


Glazing Solutions Not Included:



Limited to:



Main Contractor /Developer/Owner:

Sample Construction Company

(When Applicable)






Sample Glass Company

(Primary Contact)


082 082 0820

Business Tel: +27 (0) 11 805 5002 E-Mail: SAGGA Membership #:



Safety Glazing Identification Mark:

Note: Glazing installations not covered by this certificate are: a. External glazing on external walls in buildings where the height measured from ground to top of such wall exceeds 10m; horizontal overhead or slanted glazing including but not limited to skylights and glass awnings; glass flooring; three and one edge supported glass; frameless toughened glass assemblies, glass in balustrading: underwater viewing panels and rim flow glass. The applications not covered by this certificate shall be signed off and approved in writing by a Competent Person Glazing 1 or Competent Person Structures b. This certificate does not cover the performance of the installation in respect of air leakage, water penetration and structural performance of the framing system (SANS 613). c. All balustrades shall be signed-off and comply with SANS 10160,

Installer Name

A Jones

Issued by:

A Smith



Certificate Number:


On behalf of the Installer/ Glazier who by issue hereof warrants authorization thereto.

SAGGA is administered by the AAAMSA Group. AAAMSA Registration No. : 1974/000006/08 Because the actual use of certificate is beyond the control of AAAMSA / SAGGA such use is the exclusive responsibility of the signatory. AAAMSA / SAGGA cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through the incorrect or faulty use of this Conformance Certificate. Executive Director: JJ Heyneke, BScWoodSC (Stell) MSAGI (Cat2)

Certification Safety Awareness www.aaamsa.co.za


Inspection Training

certificates@aaamsa.co.za Architect & Specificator

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Architect & Specificator

Nov/Dec 2019

Profile for Promech Publishing

Architect and Specificator Nov/Dec 2019  

Architect and Specificator Nov/Dec 2019  

Profile for promech