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Mar/Apr 2019

Robots offer additional infection control Striking elegance achieved with black bricks


OfďŹ cial magazine of the AAAMSA group

STOPPING FIRES BEFORE THEY START! ASP Fire is able to conduct fire-risk assessments and Rational Fire Designs for shopping centers. Fire plans have to be resubmitted for approval whenever a tenant changes, or if the internal layout of a shop changes.

Ceiling void smoke detection, void fire protection and the activation of smoke extraction systems by tenant fire panels are areas often ignored when shopping centers are built. Most tenants are not aware of the specific requirements for automatic fire detection and alarmsystems and their obligation to install them.

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Mar/Apr 2019

March/April 2019


Robots offer additional infection control Striking elegance achieved with black bricks


Official magazine of the AAAMSA group


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March/April 2019





AAAMSA Group News Desk Johan Heyneke - Executive Director

Louie Käber

It was so sad for me to hear about the passing of Annemarie. We met and worked together, way back 89/90. She was always such a friendly and bubbly person. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and loved ones. Rest in Peace my Friend

Obituary – Annemarie Featherstone

Hans & Stella Schefferlie

The first time I met Annemarie was in the early ‘80s when she was a sales representative for Pretoria Glass. Ever since she has been engaged with numerous glass distributors and served many clients nationwide with passion, enthusiasm and integrity. In the late nineties Annemarie became involved in the AAAMSA Group representing the interest of the glass distributors through participation at Regional meetings. Her unwavering support lead to her election by her peers as Gauteng Chairperson for SAGGA in 2011. In 2013 she became a member of the National Council, a position she held until 2019. Her dedication was a source of inspiration for everyone who she touched during the course of her involvement with AAAMSA. The AAAMSA Group has lost a valuable member who will be remembered for a long time. Rest in Peace

John Featherstone

I was once married to this amazingly ambitious, fun-loving and beautiful lady. Her achievements in the industry speaks for itself, but more importantly was her exceptionally positive and courageous attitude to life, especially during the last few years. She has left a lasting legacy for all in the industry, and for her boys, Cago and Andre. She leaves only fond thoughts and memories and will be sorely missed. Goodbye Skattie

Jeff Saville

I have known Annemarie Featherstone for 39 years, I first met her when she was an energetic 19-year-old working for Africa Glass Pretoria around about 1980. She loved the Glass Industry and the Glass Industry loved her right up to the end of her life. Annemarie was the most positive, passionate and hard-working person I have had the privilege of knowing. She never let the grass grow under her feet always keen to learn and never afraid to try new innovative ideas. Annemarie truly loved life and lived life to the fullest. A brave girl who will be sorely missed

Rob Curle

It is with great sadness that we say farewell to you Annemarie. A hard worker and conscientious employee with a passion for getting the job done! Annemarie was always professional but never too serious so as not to have a laugh along the way. To her sons and extended family, we know you will miss her presence and constant input of energy. We offer you our deepest and most sincere condolences on your loss. Over the years Annemarie made many friends within the industry and beyond; and as a colleague became part of PG family. Annemarie, we know you are now with others gone before, happy to be with them, and probably raising a ruckus already! Your absence will be sorely felt by many. Go gently into the night dear lady

Vanessa Scholtz

Annemarie, a queen and a fighter, you need not ask why, as those of you who knew her would Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator 4

March/April 2019

Creating Concrete Possibilities




know. The way she presented herself, her dress sense and her demeanour, was exactly that, fit for a queen. Pristine, elegant, with a finesse about her that matched her comprehensive knowledge within the glass industry. Annemarie had a presence that could command a room full of professionals and co-workers, her strong work ethic was ever present, with a great sense of purpose. A fighter. A stronger conviction to live life, love life and conquer challenges are not easy to find. You made us proud, Annemarie can own that, and we had the privilege to be a part of that. Through a motion of confidence, she was elected SAGGA Gauteng Regional Chair on 29 March 2011 and elected on National Council as SAGGA Gauteng Chair on 30 July 2013 as well as AAAMSA Group Regional Chair. Annemarie continued to serve the AAAMSA group and members up until she received another calling, a far greater one, and her final resting place. We have had many nights spent at AAAMSA offices sharing a glass of wine and dissecting the industry. Sharing our life story our trials and triumphs. I will truly miss her laugh, her intellect, her elegance and her kind nature. I will miss her ability to introduce you to countless industry connections. I will simply, miss her. Her work here might be done, but her legacy will remain, the name “Annemarie Featherstone” will be known for many years to come. Goodbye for now, my beautiful friend, colleague, mentor and legend

Jackie Martingano & Gary Bertholdt

A true shining light, a proud ambassador, a lady with such admirable strength. We could all take a page out of her book on tenacity and determination, which Annemarie demonstrated in every respect right till the end. We felt so fortunate to have this incredible lady in the employ of Glass Partners, and to be able to benefit so much, not only from her incredible knowledge in glass, but in her way of life. Annemarie’s passing will be a huge loss to us personally, as well as to the entire industry.

Martin Volker

Words cannot express our grief and agony at Annemarie’s untimely death. She will leave a huge vacuum both at Glass Partners and the South African building glass industry in general. Annemarie always had a passion and fighting spirit while performing her valuable work for Glass Partners which she applied with the same enthusiasm to bravely fight her illness for so long, never

complaining or giving up. Her positive attitude during this time is a lesson for us all. Annemarie served the glass industry vigorously, finding time away from her busy career to chair association bodies and share her experience and knowledge. All who came in contact with her will always remember her good advice or recommendations. She touched so many people!! Our sincere condolences go out to her sons Andre and Cago as well as her family and many friends. We are all going to miss Annemarie so much. She was a shining light in the industry and her memory will last forever. Farewell Annemarie, until we meet again

Eileen van Greunen

Annemarie was well loved and respected in our industry. Her energy inspired us all and her knowledge of glass and the industry kept us all on our toes. Fiercely loyal, professional and passionate, I always have very fond memories of her when I think about her. God blessed her with immense strength, and she projected such positivity right to the very end. A true inspiration to us all. Her courage smile and positivity; her fighting spirit and constant smile will be an everlasting memory to us all!


When we received the news that Annemarie had passed away early Friday the 11th of April 2019 a chill went through our office. Without exception we remembered the joyous and sparkling personality of Annemarie who was always courteous and friendly with us. When she came into the office, she afforded time to each of us enquiring about our circumstances, never drawing the attention to her illness. We silently shared her burden and admired her strength and tenacity coping throughout with the hurdles of life. We are all going to miss you but know that you have now found your peace

Johan Heyneke & Elize Christowitz

Where does one begin to describe you Annemarie? Committed, a fighter, gentle, sincere, joyful and most of all, you were our friend. You are the most positive person we have ever known. Not once did you complain about your circumstances. You always supported us, thank you for all the calls to find out how we are doing. Thank you for everything you have done for us. You will always be in our thoughts; we will always love you!

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architecture’s Highest Honour Arata Isozaki, distinguished Japanese architect, city planner and theorist, has been selected as the 2019 Laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the award that is known internationally as architecture’s highest honour.


auded as a visionary among his international contemporaries, Arata’s forward-thinking approach, deep commitment to the “art of space,” and transnational methodology have been evidenced since the 1960s. This prolific architect has been credited with facilitating dialogue between East and West, reinterpreting

Arata’s work has thus far surpassed six decades and over one hundred built works throughout Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia

global influences within architecture, and supporting the development of younger generations in the field. His precision and dexterity are demonstrated through his mastery of an intercontinental range of building techniques, interpretation of site and context, and intentionality of details.

What is architecture?

Arata’s early successes in architecture transpired during the era following the Allied occupation of Japan, when the country sought to rebuild itself after the ruins of the Second World War. “I wanted to see the world through my own eyes, so I travelled around the globe at least ten times before I turned thirty. I wanted to feel the life of people in different places and visited extensively inside Japan, but also to the Islamic world, villages in the deep mountains of China, South East Asia, and metropolitan cities in the USA I was trying to find any opportunities to do so, and through this, I kept questioning, what is architecture?” recalls Arata. Not only did he extend efforts to physically reconstruct his native hometown with buildings including _ita Medical Hall (1959-60) and Annex (1970-1972 _ita, Japan), and the _ita Prefectural

Arata Isozaki

Allianz Tower Lobby(2014)


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Library (1962-1966 renamed _ita Art Plaza in 1996), but also redefined a mutual exchange between eastern and western societies, allowing Japanese vision to inform European and American design, particularly in the 1980s. “Arata was one of the first Japanese architects to build outside of Japan during a time when western civilizations traditionally influenced the East, making his architecture, which was distinctively influenced by his global citizenry, truly international,” comments Tom Pritzker, Chairman of the Hyatt Foundation.

Geometrically simple

His buildings appear geometrically simple, but are infused with theory and purpose. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles was the architect’s first international commission. Though controversial and geographically challenging, the red Indian sandstone building was resolved by Arata’s eloquent awareness of scale through an assemblage of volumes, while employing the golden ratio and yin yang theory throughout, evoking the complementary nature of western and eastern relationships.

Japan), Tsukuba Centre Building, (1979-1983 Ibaraki, Japan), Art Tower Mito (1986-1990 Ibaraki, Japan), Nara Centennial Hall (1992-1998 Nara, Japan), Pala Alpitour (2002-2006 Torino, Italy), Himalayas Centre (2003-2013 Shanghai, China), Allianz Tower (2003-2014 Milan, Italy), Qatar National Convention Centre (2004-2011 Doha, Qatar), and Shanghai Symphony Hall (2008-2014 Shanghai, China).

I wanted to see the world through my own eyes, so I travelled around the globe at least ten times before I turned thirty Arata is the 46th Laureate of the Pritzker Prize, and the eighth to hail from Japan. The 2019 Pritzker Prize ceremony takes place in France in May, accompanied by a public lecture in Paris. Eunice Kim Email:

Arata’s work has thus far surpassed six decades and over one hundred built works throughout Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia. Other prominent works include the Kitakyushu City Museum of Art (1972-1974 Fukuoka,

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019




Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

_ita Prefectural Library

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



The Role of Architectural Review in Rational Design The qualitative review under rational design includes an architectural review, fire-safety objectives, fire hazards and risks, trial fire-safety designs, and worst-case fire scenarios for analysis. For example, consultants often ignore the various areas that a fire can start in and fail to carry out an analysis and calculations for these scenarios.

ASP Fire CEO Michael van Niekerk


ll buildings in South Africa must comply with the requirements of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act No. 103 of 1977), Fire Protection, as set out in SANS 10400 Part T: 2011. Any digression from the prescriptive requirements requires a rational design. This has to be completed in accordance with the fire engineering methodology framework requirements of BS 7974. The Application of Fire Safety Engineering Principles to the Design of Buildings, supported by the published documents, form an integral part of the BS 7974 framework. A rational design is the performance-based design of fire safety and prevention mechanisms and strategies in a building in order to provide the same or better fire safety levels of the National


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Building Regulations, where the prescriptive requirements cannot be applied. This process is not elective, inasmuch as that only certain parts of the framework may be used, or that the results of the process are subjective or optional.


A rational design commences with a fire-risk consultant visiting the premises, or reviewing a set of new building plans, to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of all areas of the property to inspect

all areas of fire safety and risk in detail, ASP Fire CEO, Michael van Niekerk explains. “Rational design takes into account the behaviour of a building during a fire, meaning the structure must be designed accordingly, thereby minimising any potentially devastating impact.” Engaging a fire engineer at the earliest possible stage of the design can avoid costly fire protection systems by designing from the start with fire in mind. Following the qualitative review, the next step is quantitative analysis in accordance with BS 7974. Here the main focus is on the development of fire within the enclosure of origin, the spread of smoke, structural response and fire spread beyond the enclosure of origin, detection of fire and activation of fire-protection systems, fire-services intervention, and evacuation of occupants. Assessment against criteria is the final step, where the fire-safety designs developed during the engineering analysis are assessed to ensure that the objectives established at the beginning of the process are, in fact, met.

Upon completion of the fire-risk assessment and drafting the rational design report, ASP Fire provides the client with practical actions to implement. The report comprises a detailed and documented objective fire-risk assessment, as well as fire-engineering calculations and analysis where required, covering all aspects of fire risk and safety.

A detailed and documented objective fire-risk assessment, as well as fire-engineering calculations and analysis where required Protection

“This guides the client in protecting its business, employees, and customers by providing prioritised recommendations for action, in order to rectify problem areas and strengthen existing fire-safety procedures. This also ensures that the client complies with fire-safety regulations for the protection of life, property, and the environment,” Michael highlights. ASP Fire also works closely with insurance brokers and underwriters to address a client’s fire risk based on the outcomes of the fire-safety risk assessment report. This assists in preventing damage to property and products, loss of life, financial loss, consequential loss of profit, loss of productivity, and insurance repercussions. ASP Fire Michael van Niekerk Tel: (011) 452-2169 Cell: 083-779-1701 Email:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Low Emissions for Pran Boulevard Aecom was recently appointed as the ‘green’ consultant for Pran Boulevard on Umhlanga Rocks Drive.


ran Boulevard consists of two separate office buildings of three levels each, linked together on each level with enclosed glazed bridges. There are three parking levels providing about 250 parking bays, as well as a ground-floor podium level with timber decks, walkways, landscaping and water features. The total building area, including the parking levels, is about 18 600 square metres.

More than 70% of all building waste generated onsite is recycled or reused A particular achievement of the project is that the two buildings achieved a 60% improvement in carbon emissions over the SANS 204 National Building standard. This is due to innovations like a cooled-air HVAC system, combined with waterefficient measures such as efficient sanitary fixtures and water-wise landscaping, Aecom Sustainability Practice Area Lead, Candice Manning, highlights.

Energy and water usage recorded

Paints, adhesives, sealants and carpets all have low VOC emissions. More than 70% of all building waste generated on-site is recycled or reused. An integrated Building Management System (BMS) system records and logs all energy and water usage within the building, which can be displayed in real-time for building-performance review. A 4-star Green Star rating was the target from the outset. This was a particular achievement in that Aecom also had to adhere to the highly


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Aecom Sustainability Practice Area Lead, Candice Manning

specific requirements of the Ridgeside Management Association (RMA) concerning the treatment of corner sites in the precinct. Aecom Lara Lombard Tel: (012) 421-3832 Email:


QuanƟty Surveying… …at the heart of every successful construcƟon project

Find out more…

T 011 315 4140/1 F 011 315 3785

P O Box 3527 Halfway House 1685 I Suite G6 Building 27 13 Architect March/April 2019 Midrand Thornhill Offi&ceSpecificator Park Bekker Road Vorna Valley •


Pushing for Environmental Sustainability Emira Property Fund, which recently became the first company in Africa to have its carbon reduction targets approved by the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative), is continuing its positive impacts in environmental sustainability by increasing its use of renewable energy resources.

Boskruin PV installation 5


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


he company has undertaken numerous sustainability projects to improve the performance and resilience of its properties, all while lowering operating costs for its tenants, preventing waste and reducing its carbon footprint. “Science-based targets provide companies with a clearly defined pathway to future-proof growth by specifying how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We are taking strides on our sustainability journey and remain committed to meeting our targets,” says Geoff Jennett, CEO of Emira Property Fund. Emira’s science-based targets are to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions to 13% by 2022 from a 2015 base year, and it is well on target to achieve the pledged reductions.

Geoff Jennett, CEO of Emira Property Fund

Emira’s installed and planned PV farms, with over 11 000 solar panels will remove 6 472 tCO2e of carbon emissions annually Going solar

Working towards this over the past six months, Emira installed its fourth solar PV farm. The 1,2 MWp rooftop solar farm at Wonderpark Shopping Centre. The company has already installed solar power generation at its Epsom Downs Shopping Centre (271 kWp), Randridge Mall (1,2 MWp) and Mitchells Plain Shopping Centre (224 kWp). Its fifth solar PV installation at Boskruin Village Shopping Centre has also been approved and is set to go live in the middle of this year. In addition, the company is exploring a 795kWp solar power installation for its Ben Fleur Shopping Centre. Emira’s installed and planned PV farms, with over 11 000 solar panels, together have a 4 296 kWp capacity and deliver a saving of 6,763 MWh a year. This removes 6 472 tCO2e of Carbon emissions annually.

Additional initiatives

In addition, the company’s four major water efficiency projects, completed in the last six months, are saving an estimated 21.6 million litres of drinking water annually. It is also investigating three more water saving initiatives in the current financial year. Emira’s R-22 refrigerant gas replacement programme is on track for completion in line with set targets by December 2020. The REIT has undertaken to have all air conditioning systems at its buildings replaced with more energy efficient inverter-type technology units that use a more ozone-friendly refrigerant gas. The REIT also completed a major heating, ventilation and air conditioning replacement project at its Southern Centrum Shopping Centre in Bloemfontein, Free State. The centre’s aging centralised aircon plant was replaced with a new system that is expected to produce significant electricity savings for tenants. Boskruin PV installation

Emira, Geoff Jennett, Tel: (011) 028-3116

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Customers rely on Afrisam’s consistency and quality, and on the company’s high level of customer service

Pre-stressed Slabs in Demand With rapid urbanisation and the increased premium on land in urban areas, multi-storey residential designs are now the norm.

This makes the use of pre-stressed concrete slabs an efficient and affordable solution, streamlining the pace of construction work while enhancing building quality and lifespan,” says Elematic SA director, Craig Webber.

Cutting back on time

The four-storey walk-up design, for instance, lends itself well to a repetitive construction methodology where precast comes into its own. Craig emphasises that the precast option eliminates the need for back-propping and allows other trades to start working under the slabs immediately, significantly accelerating the project schedule.

The precast option eliminates the need for backpropping and allows other trades to start working under the slabs immediately Moreover, the high quality finish on the underside of the slabs makes an additional false ceiling unnecessary, and eliminates this potential cost. The company’s precast staircases also lend themselves


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

well to the fast track approach to many modern housing projects. Using the traditional rib-and-block method of slab construction, contractors can wait about three weeks for concrete to cure fully, before props can be removed and work can commence.

Slabs are ready to be built on in three days

“By comparison, we install our precast slabs on one day and grout the next, allowing building to start on the third day without any further delay in the project timeline,” he says. Helping the business sustain its quality standards is AfriSam. AfriSam’s Rapid Hard cement is very fine, giving it a larger surface area to react with water, which increases the rate of hydration and gives it higher early strength. This allows the manufactured concrete product to be released from the mould sooner, speeding up the

production cycle and making factories as efficient as possible. It also provides consistent strength performance, so that the production processes can be timed with precision and without any danger of breakage due to weakness when removing products from moulds.

The high quality finish on the underside of the slabs makes an additional false ceiling unnecessary Afrisam Maxine Nel Tel: (011) 670-5893 Email:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Storage King close up of brickwork


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Playing With Bricks A Boundary Park warehouse and office block, located within Johannesburg’s North Riding area is a unique envisioning of the striking elegance that characterises Corobrik’s latest addition to the clay paver range – the Black Brick.

The use of black bricks gained popularity in various building designs in Europe and America, and there was a call from local architects for this aesthetic from a quality building material,” says Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director. “The Boundary Park warehouse and office block is one of the first buildings completed in the black brick.”

Largest local black brick building

“This design is unique as it is the largest building in South Africa to be built entirely from this product,” says Musa.

This design is unique as it is the largest building in South Africa to be built entirely from black-coloured brick The double-storey office is attached to a warehouse with the office component shifted off the end of the warehouse to extend the façade. This reveals a translucent edge to the warehouse, primed for

digital display. The warehouse is also designed for high-level racking, which means the office section is several levels higher than is traditionally seen in office parks. “The captivating aesthetic of the building was a requirement from the client, achieved by the stark brick elevation which contrasts well with an extremely large-angled glass façade and playful entrance design. The plaster and paint effect echo the off-shutter border and accentuate the diagonal glazing, this perspective play makes the entrance look deeper, enhancing the perception of space,” continues Musa. Face brick was used throughout the warehouse and offices, internally and externally. There are also portions of black brick façade visible internally as features within the office. Energy-saving measures are incorporated through insulation placed inside the brick cavity walls. Corobrik Musa Shangase Tel: (011) 871-8600 Email:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Fill Cavities Permanently CemteQ has introduced a new surface-treated perlite for the insulation of cavity walls. Branded PerlFill, the surface-treated perlite provides a quick and effective lightweight non-flammable insulating fill for cavity walls that is as permanent as the walls that contain it.


he product flows easily into all cracks, voids and cavities, providing a very effective insulation blanket. Placement in new or existing walls requires no particular training or equipment, making it a constructionfriendly and cost-effective solution, particularly when compared with density polystyrene board.

Water repellent

PerlFill is specially surface-treated to make it more

Perlite is chemically inert ensuring it will not corrode piping and electrical or communications conduits


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

water repellent, ensuring that its insulation characteristics are maintained. Perlite is chemically inert ensuring it will not corrode piping and electrical or communications conduits, is pH neutral, non-toxic and sterile. Laboratory tests on water transmission show that a cavity wall filled with treated perlite resists transmission of water to the interior. Performance of the overall wall was rated “excellent� in accordance with procedures established by the National Bureau of Standards in BMS82. Treated perlite insulation will not, however, waterproof a poorly constructed masonry wall and good construction practice should also incorporate the use of suitable weep holes and weep hole covers.

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Your boutique business destination Surrounded by lush gardens in the hub of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, The Peartree in Craighall Park caters for groups of fifteen through to 100 guests in three well-appointed and equipped business suites. Breakfast meetings, working lunches, indoor or outdoor dining, half-day and full-day packages including all welcome refreshments, teas and lunches are offered in Standard, Gold and Platinum packages. Secure parking, Wi-fi, lockable space, all underpinned by highly qualified and helpful staff dedicated to ensuring your event is a success, make The Peartree a destination of choice. e-mail: Tel: 011 781 1401 41 St. Albans Ave, Craighall Park


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Perlite is a glass-like rock derived from the lava of under-sea volcanoes. After it is mined, the volcanic rock is ground and shock-heated to around 900°C, which causes its water content to vaporize and create the myriad tiny air bubbles and corresponding light weight and good insulating properties. In a final step, the granulate is treated with silicone to make it more water-repellent. In addition to its use as an insulator in buildings, the matrial is used for the insulation of

Perlite is a glass-like rock derived from the lava of under-sea volcanoes low-temperature equipment such as super-cold storage and cryogenic tanks, as well as in foodprocessing applications. CemteQ Tel: (011) 824-4600 Email:

Installation of CemteQ’s new Perlfill, a surface-coated loose Perlite insulation for cavity walls

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Putting a Spin on a Court



Traditionally, court buildings are not the most welcoming of places and for decades function has triumphed over form. That dynamic has shifted in Booysens, Johannesburg, where the new Booysens Magistrates Court was opened.


eams led by project partners Co-Arc International Architects, Consultium Architects and Urban Designers were given a joint mandate to design a new court building on a site in Rifle Range Road. The stage was set for the construction of a new generation court building where a perfect balance of function and form prevails. “The project required creative thought, as the new 9 795m² court building occupies a sloping, rocky corner site and is a two-and–a- half floor structure,” says Kagiso Ramatlhape, the design team leader and director at Co-Arc.

Heavy lifting

“One of the early challenges was the earthworks, which were redesigned so that only surface rock would be broken and the building was ‘lifted’ and elevated for placement on the 3.42 ha site, thereby reducing costs,” he continues. Half of the building’s entire footprint is a basement which serves the needs of court officials and the SAPS. The other two floors are home to ten courtrooms.

Nothing conventional

The new structure is not a conventional court building. A large top-lit concourse lends a feeling of openness to what is the major public area.

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Rather than being intimidating, the area is a user-friendly atrium and the high volumes that have been achieved through the design open to the various functions within the building.

A large top lit concourse lends a feeling of openness to what is the major public area “The use of natural light, fundamental to the design, has been carried through to the office and support areas, creating an ergonomic, welcoming working environment. The earliest indication that we had achieved our aim of making the building accessible was when visitors said the building reminded them of a welcoming shopping mall rather than a building belonging to the Department of Justice,” concludes Kagiso . Co-Arc Kagiso Ramatlhape Tel: (011) 447-1344 E-mail:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


High security welded mesh



Gate Automation

Razor wire and more ....

What is High Security Weld Mesh HIGH Security Weld Mesh is wire fused and welded at a Horizontal distance of 76.2mm and a vertical distance of 12.7mm also known as 35B/3510 where 3 denotes 3”(distance between vertical wires), 5 denotes 0.5” (distance between horizontal wires), and B or 10 denotes gauge of wire

Salient Features • Difficult to Climb: The spaces between the Horizontal wires are too narrow for fingers to have grip • Impregnable: Extremely difficult to cut with a hand cutter as the beak of a wire cutter will not be able to penetrate the horizontal wires • Excellent Replacement option to Solid Wall as: 1. More economical than a solid wall 2. Faster to install than a solid wall 3. CCTV Camera has a clear view • Further upgrade possible with electric security system • Anti-corrosive & low maintenance


• Manufactured according to BS EN 10016-2 • Wire Sizes in accordance with BS EN 10218-2 • Tolerance on Mesh Size in accordance wiht EN 10223-7 • Tolerance on Panel Size in accordance with EN 10223-4 • Welding Strength in accordance with BS EN 1461 • Zinc Coating in accordance with EN 10245-1 • Anti Corrosion in accordance with BS En 3900 E4/F4

Tensile Strength • Wire has a tensile strenght of min 550 MPA

MARK: 083 454 6488 26


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Robots to Control Hygiene “The mounting resistance of germs to antibiotics is a growing global concern that requires much greater attention and vigilance, not only within healthcare but from every level of society.”


his is the warning expressed by Dr Ricky Dippenaar, a Cape Town neonatologist based at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital. “We are currently losing the battle against these rapidly evolving germs, which are now becoming resistant to our antibiotics faster than we are able to develop and produce new drugs to combat them,” he says.

Using the Pulsed Xenon UV light emitting robot an impressive 90% reduction in surface bioburden, or the number of microbes living on a particular surface, was achieved

Correct use

“In addition we require much greater vigilance with regard to the use of antibiotics, where in some countries these types of drugs are easily available, even on the streets,” he adds. “The correct use of these medicines is critical if we are to maintain their effectiveness and protect ourselves from antibiotic resistance. This involves the use of antibiotics only when absolutely necessary, and the correct medicines and doses to match the condition involved.”

Robots to the rescue

Ricky has been a part of an ongoing study on the use of the Pulsed Xenon UV disinfecting robot within an expressed human milk (EHM) feed preparation unit of Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital, and recently presented the team’s findings. Using the Pulsed Xenon UV light emitting robot, which is distributed by Kiara Health, within the hospital’s sensitive expressed human milk feed preparation area, a 90% reduction in surface bioburden, or the number of microbes living on a particular surface, was achieved. “While our local study has been relatively small and is ongoing, it is confirming what many other studies conducted at hospitals around the world have revealed, the robot is a highly effective infection prevention and control tool within hospital environments,” he axplains.

No silver bullet

“The robot provides an additional layer of protection to our existing infection control measures. We believe that while the device is not a proverbial ‘silver bullet’ for all infection control challenges, the technology will form a critical part of the future of infection control measures within healthcare facilities the world over. “The robots are proving effective and efficient, and are tough on germs yet gentle on the environment. In addition to their germ destroying capabilities, they can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be moved around easily within our facilities to achieve thorough disinfection quickly with minimal disruption to busy hospital areas,” concludes Ricky. Kiara Health Martina Nicholson Tel: (011) 469-3016 Email:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Going Modular Last year, a new factory opened outside Liverpool, England employing 150 people 24 hours a day. What does it manufacture? Homes, starting with a first order of 81 homes and 58 apartments, as part of a first-year target of 450 homes. And it’s just one among many.


rom schools in Ireland to prisons and hospitals in the United States; from sustainable luxury apartments to vast workers’ dormitories, last year saw modular construction go well

beyond hype. In 2019 it will get even stronger, with housing shortages a key driver. The UN estimates that over 2-billion new homes will need to be built over the next 80 years. Modular manufacturing enables affordable houses to be built faster and at higher volume. Driven by a worldwide shortage in skills and housing, increased modular construction will impact the construction industry.

31% of the UK’s largest contractors reported a fall in margins in November 2017, with the country’s largest 10 contractors having a negative average margin of -0.5% Driving the market

Growing numbers of traditional construction companies will begin opening modular factories to stay competitive. More new players enter the industry, from manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, to local governments, banks and insurance companies. Many will be able to offer flexible finance and service packages too. The pressure on incumbent building firms to adapt will be huge. They’ll need tighter control and more adaptability over every aspect of their projects. Proving they can, if necessary, partner up with larger networks of suppliers, offer services and maintenance on assets once built, include equipment hire, and yes, even offer or manufacture some modular units or components. 10% of traditional construction firms could go out of business over the next five years. Competition around delivery and productivity will be fierce. Many companies will find themselves balanced on a knife-edge of opportunity. On the one hand growing urban populations and housing short-

Now Is The Need For ERP Last year there were ongoing efforts to drive efficiencies, increase productivity and establish repeatable delivery. This year, the pressure will be even more intense. The need for adaptability has never been more urgent.

Kenny Ingram


This year will be when many construction companies seriously start considering systems like ERP not as isolated back-office finance functions, but essential, joined-up systems that provide urgent coherence, speed and efficiency throughout a project or business. This could be the year when construction takes a giant leap forward, embracing digital adoption.

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

The collapse of Carillion, one of the UK’s largest construction giants, sent shockwaves through the construction industry. The company built and maintained major assets such as schools, prisons, hospitals and power stations across the UK, before collapsing with 1.7 billion Euros in debt.

Digital asset life cycle management integrating both BIM and ERP will emerge as a future need-to-have While analysts have endlessly debated how and why, insiders point to many systemic faults. Certainly, in a company that size, spread over that many projects, it seems fair to say that without a central, integrated business system it would be all too easy for projects to be kept separate and siloed, financially and operationally.

Making all the connections

Central to ERP’s power for construction companies is its ability to connect and integrate all functions in a project, from finance to operations to design, enabling maximum adaptability. Building Information Modelling (BIM) will be a driver of digital asset life cycle management and integration. BIM

10% of traditional construction firms could go out of business over the next 5 years ages will mean more demand and a higher order intake. On the other, shrinking profit margins and increased competition will mean unprecedented pressure on productivity and delivery.

When more is less

With profit margins as tight as they are, many construction firms feel as if the more business they bring in, the less money they make. A recent Deloitte report found that construction companies’ profit margins are under pressure in several European

submarkets, with Western Europe particularly vulnerable. In the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland profit margins are so narrow they may not even be offset by higher order intake. 31% of the UK’s largest contractors reported a fall in margins in November 2017, with the country’s largest 10 contractors having a negative average margin of -0.5%. IFS Kenny Ingram,

is an integral part of moving from a document-driven to data-driven world. We’ll soon see construction companies take their first step into merging and building on the strengths of combining the two systems. Many firms have now started to integrate BIM models into their business. But building BIM on its own without an integrated business system is only a small part of the picture. ERP takes all the functions of the business and provides it with one set of data, enabling it to flow through a project’s life cycle all the way from inception to disposal, and enabling any combination of service or asset management in between. For manufacturers, integrating ERP as a whole business system rather than a single financial tool, is old news. They’ve been successfully integrating CAD with ERP for years. However, for many companies in construction, that journey remains to be made.

This year will be when many construction companies seriously start considering systems like ERP

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Vertical Expansion Takes the Cake The winner of last year’s rise in the city international architecture competition for affordable housing in Maseru, Lesotho, was recently announced at the Alliance Française de Maseru.

Creating Spaces,” submitted by Tanmoy Dey, a graduate of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology Department of Architecture in Bangladesh, along with his team mates Louise Bani Sarcar and Syed Golam Rabbani, were selected from among 56 entries from 30 countries.

The ingenuity of Tanmoy’s winning scheme is encapsulated in the simplicity of the plan and the ability of the house to incrementally expand vertically

The challenge

The competition brief challenged entrants to design a high-quality, sustainable and energy efficient home, which is especially important in Lesotho given the country’s very cold winters and hot summers, for less than $3,750 USD. The brief also sought designs that would allow the home to be scaled up so that one family could incrementally add extensions, or a home that could be replicated as a larger building or as row housing. Following a community design workshop that included Tanmoy along with low income families and the local construction sector, the design was modified and built by the Lesotho Housing and Land Development Corporation. The prototype was used to gauge the market response as to whether it was a viable solution to the current shortage of affordable housing in Lesotho.

Keeping it simple

The ingenuity of Tanmoy’s winning scheme is encapsulated in the simplicity of the plan and the ability of the house to incrementally expand vertically. The building can evolve into a more urban and dense environment with a good public street presence and an interior with enhanced privacy.

Rise in the city Daniela Gusman Email: Deputy Minister and Director of Housing from the Ministry of Local Government viewing the exhibit

Block 77 - Winning Design by Tanmoy Dey

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Mixed use Development for Warsaw

Towarowa development in Warsaw

Warsaw will join major world cities, including Copenhagen, New York, Paris, Toronto, Abu Dhabi and Washington in having the distinction of the world-famous Big Architects buildings on its horizon.

Hadley Dean, CEO of EPP


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

The Big Architecture group was selected to participate in the design of Towarowa 22, a space that combines residences with office, retail and food. We believe the development will be a stand-out attraction in Warsaw that showcases the city in the best possible way,” says EPP CEO, Hadley Dean.

Towarowa 22 will be a one-of-a kind mixed use project in the rapidly developing business district in downtown Warsaw

Enlightened Architects

- choose aluminium for superior efficiency, innovative options and environmental sustainability.

The architecture firm laid out their plans at the MIPIM real estate exhibition in France and Towarowa 22 will be its first project in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mixed use

“Towarowa 22 will be a one-of-a kind mixed use project in the rapidly developing business district in downtown Warsaw. With an important commercial component, consisting among others of retail, food and beverage and entertainment, it will be the biggest shopping and leisure area in the city and the biggest project in our portfolio by far. Additionally, the complex will offer quality residential, office and hotel space. The commercial area will be surrounded by public gardens, creating a modern space,” continues Hadley.

An exciting place

“When designing Towarowa 22 at the heart of Wola district, we drew from the rich cultural history of Warsaw to create a contemporary neighbourhood with lasting value for the future,” Hadley concludes. EPP Hadley Dean

Aerial view

The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa incorporates aluminium, with a weight of up to five A380 aircraft, to achieve its incredible height. Hulamin rolls, extrudes, paints, powder-coats and finishes aluminium for roofing, structural, sun control, guttering, cladding, fenestration and endless components – delivering superior lightness, strength and durability. For your next building - Think Hulamin

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

34426 - Hulamin July 2018.indd 1

33 2018/10/02 2:52 PM

TRACE Inte is a globa anti-br or leading pr party risk

TRACE due diligence solutions are based on internationally accepted best practices and our experience and familiarity with the compliance needs of multinational companies. Services range from a denied parties screening to enhanced due diligence, including TRACE Certified Due Diligence.


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

International, Inc. globally recognized ti-bribery business organization and g provider of third risk management solutions.

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Africa’s Leading Insulated Panel System


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


A handful of estates in Gauteng offer piped gas as an alternative energy source to their residents.

To Gas or Not To?

A handful of estates in Gauteng offer piped gas as an alternative energy source to their residents. With Eskom’s unstable electricity supply and increasing tariffs, it differentiates these estates into an exclusive market.


ut, the majority of the estates are not in close enough proximity to Sasol’s natural gas pipeline and have to settle for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) storage tanks.

A few developments with this sort of setup include Steyn City Lifestyle Resort, Waterfall Country Estate and South Hills.

A common point of contention in South Africa is the issue of availability of natural gas and also the guaranteed supply thereof Advantages

A big advantage of piped natural gas is its affordability compared with LPG and electricity. The price of natural gas ranges between R220 and R320/GJ compared with LPG at R470-R520/GJ or electricity at R500/GJ (equivalent to R1.80/kWh tariff). The price is also not prone to the constant price fluctuations seen in crude oil products and has a more stable base. It has a much better carbon footprint compared with coal. When the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, gas remains reliable. Another advantage of natural gas is the safety aspect. It is lighter than air and will evaporate into the atmosphere if a leak occurs compared with LPG, which is heavier and more likely to accumulate on ground level and ignite.

Security of supply

A common bone of contention in South Africa is the issue of availability of natural gas and also the guaranteed supply thereof. No one wants to

make a large capital investment without guaranteed security of supply. It is true that South Africa does not have an oversupply of gas available, but there is still gas available based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The development of South Africa’s Gas to Power IPP Programme and Gas Utilisation Master Plan (GUMP) has been underway for the past few years. A framework and plan for the strategic development of natural gas demand and supply in South Africa is in great need. To narrow it down, there are three methods of increasing South Africa’s gas supply: • Piped natural gas from neighbouring countries like Mozambique • Imported liquefied natural gas (Shipping LNG) • Domestic natural gas sources, either conventional (onshore/offshore) or unconventional (shale gas/ coal bed methane)

Biggest hurdle

Despite the vast opportunity for natural gas to improve its footprint in South Africa, given government’s commitment to diversifying the energy mix away from coal, the biggest hurdle is marrying the demand and supply of gas at the same time. To secure a stable supply of gas, an anchor client must be sought. However, to secure an anchor client, proof of a stable supply of natural gas must be supplied, a case of what comes first. Energas, Laetitia Jansen van Vuuren Tel: (011) 397-6809 Email: Web:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Getting smart with glass Afrika Tikkun Services and Belron Canada have joined forces with PG Group to train young people to become qualified glass installers. This programme aims to transform South Africa’s construction industry by providing critical skills for youth development and potential job creation opportunities, along the flat glass manufacturing value chain. The curriculum is guided by the Construction Regulations Act and learners are managed by the PG SmartGlass Academy facilitator.

aluminium windows, patio doors, stack doors, framed and frameless showers and shower doors. Trainees are allocated to ‘customers’ or ‘host companies’ where they begin the task of applying their skills in a real working environment. During this development phase, and at the

end of the programme, they undergo a summative assessment where both the foundation and technical phases are assessed and successful trainees qualify as installers. Afrika Tikkun, Tel: (011) 325-5914 Email:

The course involves an initial six to eight-weeks of theoretical training at the PG SmartGlass Academy in Midrand, which includes courses on health & safety, first aid, firefighting, working at height, understanding business, customer service, construction regulations and workplace professionalism. The practical component of the course includes working with small hand tools, putty glazing, glass cutting, snapping and the installation of pre-assembled

An energy-efficient screed One brick at a time An ultra-lightweight, thermally-insulating and fireproof aggregate for plaster screed and concrete, Pratliperl can assist the construction industry in meeting quality standards such as SANS 204. This is particularly important due to an increased focus on energy-efficiency in building.

Applications range from underfloor insulation and insulated roof decks to lightweight screeds on corrugated iron or concrete roofs, fireproofing structural steel columns, insulating cryogenic tanks, loose-fill thermal insulation in wall cavities, and lightweight tile adhesive filler.

Specified for lightweight plaster and screeds, Pratliperl has been pre-treated to enable it to mix with ordinary cement. The thermal insulation properties of a two-leaf (220mm) external brick wall can be doubled simply by adding 16mm of Pratliperl plaster on either side of the wall, Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger says.

Pratley Eldon Kruger Tel: (011) 955 2190 Email:

“Not only is this a ‘green’ building material that can assist in meeting sustainability criteria, the fact that it is ultra-lightweight slashes the cost of high-rise structures in particular,” he adds. In addition, the product is highly durable, features good acoustic properties and can withstand temperatures of up to 1 250°C without comprising its structural integrity. It can even be gunited when applied to large surfaces.


Architect & Specificator

PPC has launched a programme of brickmaking workshops in various townships, from Katlehong in Ekurhulen to Soweto in Johannesburg to Mamelodi in Pretoria, where there is a high concentration of small brick making businesses. The workshops are led by PPC Technical specialists who pass on their technical know-how to brick-makers. The PPC sales team then takes over to offer individual brickmakers support in growing and managing their businesses with ongoing mentoring to complement the technical expertise transferred at the workshop. “The key purpose of these workshops is to impart knowledge and expertise to these business people and to ensure that they get the best value out of our product and, in turn they can produce the best quality bricks and blocks for their customers,” says Njombo Lekula, MD of PPC South Africa. PPC South Africa, Njombo Lekula Tel: (011) 386-9000,

March/April 2019


A FIRST in the glass industry – MIRRORSHIELD Toughenable Mirror!

Showing off the ropes Skyriders Access Specialists recently showcased its flexibility with a pilot project at one of Builders Warehouse’s new clients, Oasis Water.

that installing scaffolding would not have been efficient from a cost and time point of view, Skyriders Marketing Manager Mike Zinn, points out.

While the bulk of the installation and set-up work for the pilot project was undertaken successfully by Builders Warehouse at ground level, it was decided that rope access was the ideal solution for the work-at-height aspect.

“This project called for a work-at-height specialist to ensure the quick and safe installation of the necessary piping infrastructure,” Mike concludes.

This was not only due to health and safety issues, but also given the fact

Skyriders, Mike Zinn Tel: (011) 312-1418 Email:

Stick and click tiles Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) combine the high-end look of hardwood (or stone) with durability, and Van Dyck Floors, the distributor of Rococo and Verve, has seen a rise in popularity in these two products. Rococo is one of the most luxurious stick-down LVT’s on the market. The planks have bevelled edges and a UV coating with Aluminium Oxide (AO9) for added protection against scratches and surface abrasion. On the official Measurement of Hardness Scale, A09 registers just below diamonds. This coating helps to maintain the appearance of the LVT and results in low maintenance requirements and costs, as well as less downtime for

MIRRORSHIELD Toughenable Mirror is resistant to corrosion and humidity and a very versatile product that can be curved and laminated.

cleaning in commercial environments. The product is suitable for commercial and heavy residential applications and it is very easy to install. The Verve Rigid Click LVT tiles are waterproof, do not require expansion gaps, are quick to install and have a dimensional stability that is much higher than international requirements. They also offer low maintenance, no telegraphing, no need for acclimatisation prior to installation, and no need for unsightly transition strips in doorways between rooms. Van Dyck Floors Bernd de Smedt Tel: (031) 913 3800

MIRRORSHIELD Toughenable Mirror can be utilised in building applications including: walls partitions doors displays ceilings cupboards wardrobes furniture. Also to be used in interior and decorative applications such as: shower cubicles bathrooms hotel lobbies health clubs gyms façade panels or in commercial refrigeration and lighting systems. C & C Safety Glass is stocking and processing Toughenable Mirror in stock sheet size

3210 X 2250 Contact: Monique Buttle T 011 864 1341

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Optimal thermal and acoustic elements Following growing global trends of ensuring optimal comfort in buildings, the developers of Cape Town’s The Onyx ensured that appropriate thermal and acoustic elements were integrated into the construction of what many call the perfect blend of a hotel and residential offering.

with high volume Saint-Gobain Gyproc ceilings and modern bulkheads, which complemented Gyproc/Isover’s intelligent lightweight walling. With each product underpinned by superior aesthetics, acoustics, thermal, and fire properties, the building will provide a

comfortable space for residents and guests to enjoy. Saint-Gobain Janet Thompson Tel: (012) 657-2800

The Onyx comprises of 260 rooms, ranging from 35m2 apartments and hotel rooms to 400m2 plus penthouses. Part of design excellence is ensuring that the building not only looks the part but feels good as well, in terms of acoustic and thermal comfort, elements which are fast growing in popularity as developers appreciate their importance. JW Hugo Construction enlisted the services and skillset of the Saint-Gobain Gyproc team to ensure guest comfort in every aspect of the hotel. The project required a fast track, clean and lightweight solution, which is why the team specified the use of drywall systems and ceilings. Scheltema Ceilwall JV ceiling and partitions ensured that the 222 rooms were installed

Bubble-like showroom Paragon Architects South Africa (PASA) was tasked by developer, Eris Property, to design an aesthetically-appealing corporate head office and showroom that fits in with the industrial environment of Isando in Johannesburg for Barloworld Equipment. The building also had to facilitate a productive but agile working environ-

ment, taking into account efficiency with regard to water use, energy consumption, and waste management. Another important criterion was that the look and feel had to reflect Barloworld Equipment’s corporate identity and culture, Pasa Project Architectural Technologist David Cloete highlights. A feature of the project was its prime

location adjacent to the busy R24 highway, where it was vital to maximise the available frontage. Apart from housing offices for Cat Rental and Used Equipment, the design had to showcase the brand via internal and external areas. The head office consists of two elongated, north-facing buildings: a twostorey north building, and a three-storey south building, linked by an enclosed, glazed bridge. The office structures sit lightly on a landscaped podium, which floats above a semibasement parking level. The showroom is a bubblelike structure dedicated to large earthmoving equipment. The building is split into two specialty areas, namely equipment defined by a ‘tyre’ or ‘track’ category, open and enclosed showroom area. The space also includes two floors of office space to the rear. Paragon David Cloete E-mail: (011) 482-3781


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


New guidelines for insulation Knauf Insulation has launched its new Insulation Solutions Guide ahead of the introduction of both the new SANS-10400XA regulation requiring external walls to be built with cavities, and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC). The new guide is designed to make specifying the right insulation for every application quick and easy so customers can be confident they will achieve the desired levels of energy efficiency. In addition to the product and application sections, the Insulation Solutions Guide also includes information about Knauf Insulation’s sustainability credentials. Knauf Insulation’s Glass Mineral Wool products contain up to 80% recycled materials. This whole process saves on raw materials and energy demands, cuts carbon emissions, and reduces waste going to landfill. Most of Knauf Insulation’s Mineral Wool products are manufactured using Ecose Technology, its patented sustainable bio-based binder that contains no added phenol or formaldehyde. As a result, these are 70% less energy-

intensive than mineral wool products made using traditional chemical-based binders, further reducing their ecological footprint.

Knauf Insulation Suria Ramnarain Tel: 074 512 7817

Cutting down on tiling time Mapei’s Eco Prim Grip, a ready-to-use bond-promoting primer prepares an existing tile or stone surface to receive a new installation without the time, labour or dust.

of heavily trafficked areas that need to be brought back quickly in service such as supermarkets or showrooms. In addition, the layman would find no problem with renovating bathrooms,

showers, kitchens, balconies and terraces. Mapei SA Geoffrey Green, Tel: (011) 552-8476 Email:

The synthetic-resin-based primer enhances the performance of mortars and their adhesion to existing ceramics and other difficult substrates and it can be applied with a roller in just one coat. A surface coated with Eco Prim Grip is ready for new tile installation within 15-60 minutes. Low odour and VOC compliance make the product safe for use in interior environments. For quick and simple installation, Mapei has developed a wide range of polymer modified adhesive that do not require latex or bonding liquid during installation. The high strength, fast setting and non-slip cementitious adhesive range from Adesilex and Keraflex is ideal for internal and external applications of all tile types including large format tiles. The benefits of the range are many, especially to builders in the renovation Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


For a watertight fit

An entire concrete structure can be transformed into an internationallyaccepted watertight barrier, with the use of the crystalline permeabilityreducing admixture, Chryso CWA 10.

Empowering Architects and Engineers with Jumbo laminated glass sizes!

This is according to Brenton Brouard, technical manager for concrete at Chryso Southern Africa, who says that internationally-accepted penetration depths are used to describe the degree of watertightness of concrete. The standard stipulates the depth of penetration of water under pressure, to evaluate the watertightness of concrete to liquid. A 50mm penetration depth is classified as being impermeable with respect to potable water and a 30mm depth as being impermeable

with respect to water containing aggressive substances. Brenton says this test has been frequently used in South Africa to evaluate the effectiveness of crystalline permeability-reducing admixtures. He cautions that it should be noted that these products do not waterproof concrete, but rather reduce the concrete’s level of permeability and watertightness to the internationally-accepted levels. Some penetration of the liquid under pressure is possible. Elrene Smuts Chryso South Africa Tel: (011) 395-9700 Email:

Construction chemicals specialist CHRYSO Southern Africa supplied its CHRYSO® CWA 10 integral permeability reducing admixture to the Temba Waterworks project

Architects and Engineers are now able to push the boundaries with Jumbo laminated glass sizes! C & C Safety Glass’s New Laminating Line is fully operational with the capability of producing a maximum Laminated glass size of

2550 x 6000

Toughened Laminated glass size of

2400 x 5000

Curved Toughened Laminated glass size of

2400 x 2400

Contact: Monique Buttle T 011 864 1341


Architect & Specificator

Automated lighting Retrofitting older building stock with ‘smart’ automation solutions is now possible with the latest Hager system introduced locally by leading supplier ElectroMechanica (EM). Known as coviva, the system does not require construction work in order to be installed, or even additional cable routing, as it is an entirely retrofittable wireless solution, according to Ryan Whitelaw, ElectroMechanica Product Manager for Building Automation. The cost-effectiveness of the coviva system lies in its micromodules, which are easy to install, monitor, and control. Once installed behind existing switches or connection boxes, the micromodules communicate wirelessly in order to automate multiple functions. Once connected, the micromodules can instantly control dimming systems, on/off switches, raising/lowering blinds and more. With coviva, individual functions can not

March/April 2019

Ryan Whitelaw, EM Product Manager for Building Automation

only be controlled, but also combined, which means that entire scenarios can be created and retrieved upon demand, such as ‘morning’ or ‘evening’. Called ‘covigrams’, these scenarios can be created simply in the app by means of an intuitive menu with understandable ‘if-then’ functions. ElectroMechanica, Karen Zotter Tel: (011) 249-5000 Email:,

Bringing JHB back to life


Construction of Divercity Urban Property Fund’s Jewel City is changing the face of Johannesburg’s CBD and revitalising six city blocks that have been closed to the public for decades. Work has started on the first new residential building in Jewel City and, in addition, the first residential conversion of an existing building on site is now underway. By remodelling Jewel City’s existing buildings and constructing new buildings of over 40 000sqm, Divercity is converting a formerly closed-off area of the city into a modern inner-city neighbourhood. Jewel City will reopen to the public in 2020 as a mixed-

use precinct, including 1 200 new residential apartments in its first phase and up to 1 000 in its second phase. Residents are expected to move into their Jewel City apartments from November this year as the first floors of residential development are completed.

Upper floors will become available first, moving down the buildings until all floors are finished with Phase 1 completion in April 2020. Divercity Urban Property Fund Zahn Hulme Tel: (012) 471-1600

LED screen throws a curveball

As part of the ongoing refurbishment of Johannesburg’s Fourways Mall, Primary Colours has installed a large, curved LED screen above the new food court. The combination of location, scale and the innovative concave design all add up to an easy win for advertisers, but installing the screen presented a number of challenges. The screen is 19.84m in length, and 1.536m tall. The entire installation, including the custom-made frame, weighs around one ton. The smooth curve of the screen was made

possible by using LED tiles comprised of rubber-backed modules that can be bent to fit almost any curved surface. Each tile is held in place by magnetic strips, which means that it adapts to the curvature of the mounting surface. This proved to be a crucial attribute in the case of this new installation, as the Primary Colours team discovered that the architectural drawings of the wall did not reflect the reality they were confronted with. The curvature was not only uneven, but also quite different from what was indicated on the blueprints.

“This installation represents a more imaginative way of using existing technology,” explains Primary Colours directors Ashendra Singh and Grant Neill. “Whereas these DigiLED panels are manufactured flat, they can be bent to almost any concave or convex curve, making them extremely adaptable and offering greatly enhanced flexibility when it comes to choosing LED signage locations. Primary Colours Tel: 072-106-2068 Email:

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Moving Growthpoint Properties has secured Altron as a tenant for its head office situated at The Woodlands Office park, in Woodmead, Sandton. Altron will take up occupancy at The Woodlands in November 2020

under one roof with the group’s nine operating companies under one roof, enabling greater efficiency, collaboration, innovation and cost-saving. Before the Altron group moves in, Growthpoint will modernise, customise and connect eight buildings to Altron’s requirements. Altron will occupy roughly a quarter of the 125 000sqm office park, which offers a lifestyle centre incorporating a gym, Mugg & Bean and creche. The Woodlands is unique in that its

tranquil setting includes its very own game park which is home to springbok, blesbok and other smaller animals. A key feature of the project is constructing a new walkway to create a spine linking all the buildings together. Growthpoint will also deliver a turnkey internal fit-out solution, beginning with a workplace study, to ensure the space is tailored for Altrons’s people and optimised for high performance. The upgraded campus is designed to receive a 4 Green Star SA rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) - an independent certification of the campus’ resourceand cost-efficiency. Growthpoint Paul Kollenberg

Estienne de Klerk, CEO of Growthpoint South Africa

Sound acoustics The Sunnyside Park Hotel in Parktown, Johannesburg, is both a National Monument and a Heritage Site. The upmarket 4-Star hotel boasts 152 guest rooms, 9 conference venues, a restaurant and a pub. The owner is in the process of refurbishing the venue by replacing the old windows and doors. New windows reduce outside noise levels, will increase the guests’ comfort and promote a calm ambience in the hotel. The decision was taken to replace the existing windows and doors with Rehau’s uPVC windows and doors, fitted with double glazing using acoustic, reflective glass. The energy saving potential and low maintenance requirements are further reasons why the hotel’s owner specified these windows and doors. Rehau Polymer Theda Botes Email:


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

to continue providing comprehensive solutions for its clients across Africa. Sandi was previously a director at Pentad Quantity Surveyors and a partner at Brian Heineberg & Partners. Mbutuma then established her own practice, Azzaro Quantity Surveyors (Azzaro), where she served as the Managing Director. During the transition period from Azzaro to SVA, Sandi will continue to fulfil her responsibilities towards clients in relation to her role at Azzaro. She holds a B. Tech (QS) from UJ, and completed the Programme for Management Development at Gibbs, and the Property Development Programme at the UCT Graduate School of Business.

Realigning runways 45 community members from the informal settlements of Freedom Farm and Malawi Camp graduated in Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) in house building. The training which commenced in September 2018 at a cost of R1.3 million, marks the second of its kind for Airports Company South Africa, Cape Town International Airport. The runway realignment plan at Cape Town requires that the three informal settlements of Freedom Farm, Malawi Camp and Blikkiesdorp be relocated in order to secure its future expansion plans and together with the City, a formal housing development is underway. As part of its commitment to these communities, the airport is assisting community members by providing them with access to key house building skills which include bricklaying, carpentry, painting and plumbing. “Skills training such as this immediately makes these community members more employable and will hopefully help to improve their access to work,� says Deon Cloete, General Manager at the Cape Town International Airport.

SVA International, a member of Gibb, has appointed Sandi Mbutuma as managing director, equipping the company

Gibb, Andiswa Dlokolo Tel: (011) 519-4600 Email:

Uncluttered views Collins Property have commenced construction on the Mzuri Estate in Somerset West, which will include 68 single-residential homes, 32 townhouses and 136 apartments. The development plan for Mzuri Estate offers one of the last properties with uncluttered views over False Bay and value to purchasers in a property market where value is hard to come by. Located in Bizweni Avenue, the estate boasts an all-inclusive lifestyle offering with a firm focus on contemporary, eco-friendly design, innovative technologies, indigenous landscaping, paired with state-of-the-art connectivity and security.

the focus will be shifted to the internal roads and services of the estate, as well as the estate’s clubhouse, followed shortly thereafter by the top structure for the homes and townhouses, with residents estimated to take occupation of the first units in May 2021. Mzuri will be the first self-sufficient development in the Western Cape with its own waste water treatment plant servicing the water requirements of the estate. Mzuri Tel: (021) 883 5550 Email:

The three-bedroom signature show house unit will be completed later this year and will showcase the high quality, contemporary lifestyle product that future residents can expect from the developers. Upon completion,

As a continuation of this programme, ACSA plans to provide further scholarships to students who qualify to complete the 12-month Community House Building programme and the recognition of prior learning programmes. Cape Town International Airport Deidre Davids Tel: (021) 937-1303 Email:

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March/April 2019



Sandi Mbutuma

Hotel business to the rescue TPF Advisors, part of the Village N Life Group, recently consulted to a South African consortium on the acquisition of Pezula Hotel on South Africa’s Garden Route for a value of R240m. The Pezula Hotel consists of a commercial area of over 5 800 square metres and 78 sectional title suites of nearly 6 400 square metres. The consortium has appointed Village N Life as the new management company and has already started investing in upgrading the hotel. Pezula Hotel, Tel: (044) 302-3333

Sandton transformations The R3-billion-plus redevelopment of Barlow Park will transform the Sandton Central site from a sprawling corporate park which previously housed Barloworld’s Corporate office, Logistics and Equipment head offices, into a modern mixed-use precinct. The project is a collaboration of three South African businesses, Barloworld, Atterbury and African Rainbow Capital. As the co-investors in the redevelopment of the prime Barlow Park Precinct, each party will hold one-third of the property. The new Barlow Park development includes 55 000sqm of offices, 700 residential units, and a 12 000sqm community retail centre, apart from other leisure, hospitality and recreation uses. Atterbury, Zahn Hulme, Tel: (012) 471-1600


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March/April 2019


Upgrading walls and floors Sika South Africa undertook a refurbishment project in the company’s head office reception area, which included structural and aesthetic upgrades to the walls and flooring.

ful thought and preparation, was the high volume of foot traffic that would still need to pass through the central reception area to access offices while the renovation process was underway.

Since flooring is one of Sika’s areas of expertise, they were in the perfect position to use their very own flooring solutions and skilled in-house technical experts for the upgrade of the head office reception area. A challenge that was easily overcome with care-

The overall goal was for the floor to have an attractive and clean decorative finish. The stair risers, vertical surfaces and walls were sealed with two coats of Sika floor, a low VOC, clear, two-part, water-based polyurethane matte coat.

While renovations were on the go, and as part of the reception revamp, Sika took the opportunity to create a green garden from an old existing pond feature. The chosen waterproofing system was the trusted green roof system that has root-resistant properties which was then reinforced with Sika Reemat Premium Glass Fibre. Sika Mark Griesel Tel: (031) 792-6500 E-mail:

Upskilling in construction Profica is focused on skills development, with a variety of initiatives that ensure a pipeline of fresh talent is coming into the industry and young people get the opportunities they deserve. “Our skills development initiatives have grown to include a bursary programme and a vacation work programme. We also offer internships. The construction industry has faced a serious skills shortage for several years and having the right skills in place at every stage of each project is critical to our continued success,” says CEO of Profica, Tim White. Tim adds that this is the fourth year in a row where students have joined the Profica team from the vacation programme, moving onto an internship and then successfully going into permanent roles within the team. “This enables real transformation and skills development in the construction project management industry,” Tim concludes. Profica, Tim White Tel: (011) 234-5828 E-mail:

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March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

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March/April 2019


Piecing together your success.


We understand that you’ve been building your career piece by piece, and that all those hours, projects and plans allow you to live the lifestyle you deserve. Partner with PPS, and let us help you ensure your success is more than the sum of its parts. Proud sponsor of the SAICE Young Engineer of the Year. Visit to find out more about our financial solutions for graduate professionals. PPS is an authorised Financial Services Provider.


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March/April 2019


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019




Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

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March/April 2019



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March/April 2019

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March/April 2019



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March/April 2019

(031) 569-6071

(011) 203-5000

Origin Aluminium


uPVC Product Manufacturers

Outer tough. Solar E grey/Inner tough. Low-E Outer tough. Solar E grey/Inner tough. Low-E 5,850mm + 12mm + 6,380mm 6mm + 12mm + 6mm Low-E 6mm + 12mm + 6mm Low-E

FT6500 Fixed Curtain wall (011) 614-7594 FT4000 Top Hung FT6600 Fixed Curtain wall Window Wall Top hung Window Wall Fixed light (011) 626-3330 NuKlip Foldaway NuKlip Casement (TH) NuKlip Galaxy Slider NuKlip Flush Glazing Casement 30,5 (011) 748-2660 340 Casement window Folding Door Heavy Duty Slider (011) 626-3330 Technal Turn & Tilt (021) 948-2468 Paragon Frameless Sliding Stacking door Serene Tilt and Turn SwirtTM 36 SwiftTM 28 SwiftTM 30 SwiftTM 38 TM (011) 389-0352 Swift TM 34 Edge Thermal Casement TM Icon Sliding Door Rouge Sliding Door ClipTM 44 Shopfront Door Clip 38 Vertical Pivot Window VerticalTM 70 Sliding window 6,38 Coolvue 6.38mm CoolVue 6,38mm Coolvue 6,38mm Coolvue 6mm + 12mm + 6mm 8mm clear float 6.38mm PVB + 12mm + 6.38mm PVB 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6mm Intruderprufe 6mm Intruderprufe

Outer-4mm clear float/Inner-4mm Pilk-K-Low-E Outer-4mm clear float/Inner-4mm Pilk-K-Low-E Outer-4mm clear float/Inner-4mm Pilk-K-Low-E Outer-6mm clear float/Inner-6mm Pilk-K-Low-E

4mm + 6mm + 4mm 6.38mm glass - Coolvue 6.38mm glass - Coolvue

(021) 905-7160 Top hung double glazed (021) 905-7160 Top/Side hung (041) 461-1240 Top/Side hung

* Not available at time of going to print April 2019


Inovision Frameless Distributers (Pty) Ltd


Hinges & Hardware


Fenestration Technologies

Architectural System Suppliers

MG Innovations t/a Betcrete

Clear Interderprufe 6.38

6.2mm (3-1PVB-3) - Saflex® Clear Intruderprufe

6mm + 11.5mm + 4mm Clear Interderprufe 6.38 6.38mm laminated glass ASGI 6.38mm laminated glass ASGI Cape Culture Mock Sash window 6.38mm Winsters Side Hung Small Pane Fanlight 6.38mm (022) 433-8000 Winsters Mock Sash window 6.38mm Cape Culture Mock Sash window 6.38mm Cape Culture Side Hung 6.38mm PVB Laminated clear 6,38mm IntruderPrufe (012) 811-0085 Meranti Window 4mm clear float (021) 704-1122 TSRW Roof window (Openable) 4mm + 7.6mm + 4mm Low-E

(011) 786-5471 Victorian Sliding Sash Top/Side hung (032) 947-0435 Sliding Door Full pane Townhouse SH/TH

(041) 484-1226 Thermospec uPVC Window (011) 786-5471 Top/Side hung

Polymer Concrete Product Manufacturers

Tony Sandell Roof Windows

Timpro Hout Produkte


Scampee Manufacturing CC

K Parker Joinery

Timber Product Manufacturers

Beltronix (Pty) Ltd K Parker Joinery

(011) 571-7400

(011) 914-1363

Image Glass & Aluminium

Rene Turck & Associates


4mm clear float 4mm Low-E Pro 40 flush glazed folding door 6.190mm SolarShield S10 Bronze 340 Casement 4mm + 8mm + 4mm Patio Door SolarVue HL Neutral LowE 30.5 Casement 4mm clear float Sliding Patio door 6.38mm laminated glass Elite horizontal slider 6.38mm laminated glass Elite sliding door 6.38mm laminated glass 115mm SD Slider 6.38mm laminated glass 70mm Alufold window 6.38mm laminated glass 70mm Alufold (Slide/fold door) 6.38mm laminated glass 50mm Rene Truck window 6.38mm laminated glass

Product Range

(010) 593-8400 Eagle 30.5 Casement


Eagle Aluminium

Aluminium Product Manufacturers

Company Name

STE - Subject to enquiry

9955+12+4013 9955+12+4013 4357+12+1803 9804+12+4013 9804+12+4013 16015+10+4140 16015 16015 16017+12+4142 16019 16019 16019 16019 16017+12+16017 16018 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 16019 1803 1803

16015+6+16015 16019 16019

16019 ZA30163 16015 *

11379+11.5+4140 1803 16007 16007

1803 1803

16015 9922 16024 16015+8+9922 16003 16015 16019 16019 16019 1803 1803 1803 1803

International Glass Database Number


95% argon 95% argon 90% argon Dehydrated Dehydrated Dehydrated Dehydrated Dehydrated Dehydrated



85% Argon


Gas Fill

2.19 2.73 2.43 3.48 3.36 4.64 3.66 4.08 2.91 5.52 5.54 5.78 5.9 3.55 5.31 3.67 5.54 5.78 5.66 5.73 5.66 4.88 5.74 5.71 5.76 5.54 5.75

4.13 5.7 5.7

1.6 4.42 4.0 4.54 4.0 4.2 3.9 4.2 5.0 4.8 4.9 2.1

4.2 4.42

5.22 4.27 5.44 3.36 4.83 5.39 5.23 5.93 5.78 6.07 5.9 5.7 5.68

0.22 0.22 0.33 0.49 0.56 0.41 0.55 0.51 0.64 0.40 0.37 0.19 0.32 0.54 0.62 0.51 0.37 0.38 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.35 0.38 0.41 0.33 0.40 0.41

0.49 0.49 0.49

0.29 0.55 0.43 0.59 0.62 0.47 0.46 0.5 0.62 0.59 0.62 *

0.48 0.55

0.55 0.33 0.24 0.53 0.38 0.61 0.42 0.40 0.40 * 0.57 0.57 0.57

0.20 0.19 0.26 0.50 0.56 0.38 0.56 0.51 0.64 0.55 0.52 0.23 0.44 0.58 0.65 0.56 0.51 0.52 0.52 0.53 0.52 0.49 0.53 0.58 0.44 0.55 0.57

0.49 0.51 0.51

0.41 0.6 0.46 0.65 0.48 0.54 0.53 0.58 0.68 0.64 0.65 *

0.52 0.6

0.58 0.26 0.05 0.56 0.38 0.58 0.43 0.55 0.56 * 0.61 0.61 0.60

A3 A3 A3 A3 A3 A2 TBA TBA TBA A2 A1 A1 A2 A4 STE A4 A3 A3 A3 A3 A3 A2 A2 A3 A3 A2 A3

A4 A1 A3

A3 A3 A1 A2 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A2

A2 A3

A2 A2 A1 A3 A1 A3 A1 A4 A3 * Not tested Not tested Not tested

FS0015 FS0017 FS0046 FS0019 FS0020 FS0047 FS0048 FS0052 FS0053 FS0056 FS0060 FS0061 FS0062 FS0001 FS0054 FS0004 FS0009 FS0010 FS0011 FS0012 FS0013 FS0018 FS0021 FS0022 FS0023 FS0031 FS0032

FS0006 FS0007 FS0027

FS0069 FS0028 FS0044 FS0045 FS0065 FS0063 FS0064 FS0066 FS0008 FS0068 FS0067 FS0030

FS0039 FS0028

FS0003 FS0046 FS0034 FS0035 FS0036 FS0005 FS0024 FS0014 FS0016 FS0043 FS0040 FS0041 FS0042

Thermal Solar Heat Visual Mechanical SAFIERA Transmittance Gain Transmittance Properties Test U-value Coefficient Certificate 2 SHGC VT Class # (W/m .K)

Only NFRC standardised U-values are shown. Actual values are fenestration configuration and size sensitive and must be obtained from individual manufacturer


Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

SABISA is a Trade Association which represents the


Ceiling & Partitioning Industry and its Contractors, at Government, SABS and other national forums.

CMA Conference Centre, 1st Floor, Block 4, 2nd Road, Midrand

Key Membership Benefit


Members are provided, by SABISA, with guidelines for the installation of Ceiling & Partitioning. These guidelines are frequently used by the Built Environment Professions as specifications, as well as, basis for dispute resolution. Membership offers, national recognition by Professions who refer to SABISA’s membership list for appointment of Ceiling & Partitioning Contractors. Login Access to the online Ceiling & Partitioning certificate system.

Phone: +27 (0) 11 805 5002 Fax: +27 (0) 11 805 5033 Postal Address: The AAAMSA Group, P.O. Box 7861, Halfway House, 1685 Website: Administered by:

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March/April 2019



Architect & Specificator

March/April 2019

Profile for Promech Publishing

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Architect & Specificator March/April 2019  

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