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Burn Fat Fast - How to “Bomb” Your Fat Cells So They Are Completely Destroyed! You can burn fat fast by "BOMBING" your fat cells. These 2 tactics are cutting edge. You never heard them before. If you can spare a few minutes, then YOU WILL lose fat quickly. Read this now if you're looking for quick weight loss techniques that aren't boring and aren't hard. Burn Fat Fast 1. Drop the "heat bomb" on fat cells Know this, heat is hated by fat. Fat deposits get loosened up and flushed out in cases where some sort of heat is applied to them. A simple way you can "NUKE" your fat is with heat from your hands. Simple enough, rub your hands together to create this heat. Then rub your belly with these hot hands. The heat from the hands drop like a bomb through your skin and with repeated use, eventually destroy the fat cells and loosen up the deposits so that they get expelled out of the body. Do this for a couple minutes twice a day and results will start to show by the end of the week. 2. Use the "cold bomb" to induce thermogenesis. Cold water forces the body to internally heat up. The best way to use cold water isn't by drinking it, but instead rinsing your body with it. WAIT NOW. I'm not going to ask you to take a lengthy cold shower. What I will ask of you is to take your 1|Page © Copyright 2011

normal shower, but then finish it off with 15 seconds of very cold water rinsing all over your body. If you were to do that, thermogenesis will kick in and burn fat for hours and hours at a HIGHER rate than what is normal. Thus, you burn off a lot of fat that you normally wouldn't have. So try out the "heat bomb" and the "cold bomb" and watch as you burn fat fast. And that’s not all……

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Burn Fat Fast - How to “Bomb” Your Fat Cells So They Are Completely Destroyed!