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WINTER 2017 - SUMMER 2018

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3” x 3” 11 gauge steel frame tubing construction. Reversible Fat/Standard pull-­up bar combination. Accomodates up to 4 users simultaneously. Includes: Storage box, Half-­Rack, landmine, sit-­up station, battle rope attachments and J-­hooks. Half-­Rack, Bumper plate, vertical weight bar and accessory storage. Storage box serves as plyometric station. Heavy duty caster wheels and leverage handles for convenient transportation. Suspension training system. 3 Stage durable powder coat finish. Standard colors include: White, Black, Gray, Red and Yellow. Custom colors available by request. Dimensions: 63” W x 54” L x 90” H Standard Weight without accessories: 395 lbs.

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  Heavy-­‐duty  rack  with  numerous  built-­‐in  safety  features  allows  for  hundreds  of   free  weight  and  cable  exercises  encompassing  every  muscle  of  the  body  while   replacing  over  17  gym  quality  pieces.     Super  Brawny  3”x3”  box  steel  construc on  with  an  angled  front  rack:  Provides   an  incredible  safety  feature  during  failure  of  Heavy  Squats,  Bench,  or  Military,  etc.     Unique  retractable/  extendable  telescopic  mul -­‐adjustable  footpads  gives  the   user  a  variety  of  full  range  of  mo on  pulling  exercises  and  stability  when  used  in   conjunc on  with  the  built  in  weight  stack  and  adjustable  ver cal  pulley  mount.


Outlaw Rack  System

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Outlaw Rack  System  w/  Dual  Adjustable Cable  Column

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Pro PL-­350 w/ Platform

Pro Half Rack


Made With 3”x3” 7 Gauge Double Notched Uprights

Pro PL-­370 w/ Platform

Pro Full Power Rack


Also Available In 3”x4” 7 Gauge Uprights Page 5

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Half Rack w/ Bench

Folding Bench Available on PL-­340 and PL-­540 Racks Half Rack w/ Out-­of-­way Bench Storage Page 6

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Sport Series Full Power Rack


Sport Series Half Rack

Upright Posts Made With 3”x3” 7 Gauge Steel Page 7

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3” x 3” 7 gauge multi hole upright post Adjustment hole are on 2” centers Leaser engraved numbering for exact bar positioning 2 adjustable J bar hooks 2 adjustable Safety catch arms Weight and Bar Storage Chin up Station 3 stage durable powder coat finish ( Standard colors: White, Gray, Black )



Accessory Rack

Dip Station



Single Leg Squat


Connecting Cross Member

Logo Bridge



Adjustable Weight Horn

Lower Band Attachment


Landmine Attachment

Optional Sport Series Accessories Page 8

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Squat Press  Stand


Squat Press  Stand  w/  Dual Fat  &  Skinny  bar  pull  up

2” x  3”  11  Gauge  steel Lower  holes  1”  on  center Upper  holes  2”  on  center 2  Adjustable  bar  cataches Shown  with  op onal safety  catch  arms

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Promaxima Full  Rack


Promaxima Half  Rack

3” x  3”  11  Gauge  steel Lower  holes  1”  on  center Upper  holes  2”  on  center 2  Adjustable  bar  cataches 2  Safety  catch  arms

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Accomodates multiple users at same time. 3” x 4” Laser notched uprights. Laser etched numbering system for accurate bar catch placement. Monkey bars. Available in 10’, 14’, 20’ and 24’ configurations Durable powder coat finish.

CT-­14 14’ Cross Training Rig

The Panther Rig 2 Page 11

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Black 8540

Maroon 8627

Bright Yellow 8415

Orange 8625

Dark Purple 8576

Red 8528

Camel 8606

Hot Sauce 8615




Light Blue 8632


Custom Embroidered Logos Available Standard Frame Colors

Royal Blue 8542

Pla num 8567

Forest Green 8571

Custom Frame Colors Available for an Additional Cost


Bright Yellow


Dark Purple



Hot Sauce

Frame Color

Royal Blue

Light Blue

Forest Green

Rubber Mat Interlocking Flooring






Rubber mats come in 3/8” and 1/2” thickness, mats lock together for easy installation. Colors are also available in 3/8” thick rolled flooring.

4’x6’ and 4’x8’ mats available in 1/2” and 3/4” thickness.

Flooring Page 13

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PLR-­150 Olympic Bench Press PLR-­100 Olympic Incline Bench Press

2” x 3” Steel Frame

Olympic Benches

PLR-­300 Olympic Decline Press

PLR-­200 Olympic Military Bench Olympic Benches Page 14

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FW-­20 Inverted Leg Press

P-­118 Inverted Leg Press

w/ Linear Bearings

Lower Body PLR-­950 Angled Smith Machine w/ Linear Bearings,1” shafts and Weight Storage

FW-­4 Hi Lat/ Low Row


Angled Smith Machine w/ Linear Bearings, 2” shafts and Weight Storage

PLR-­750 Back Extension

Lower/Upper Body PLR-­450 Preacher Curl

Upper Body Page 15

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PLR-­800 Seated Utility Bench

PLR-­600 Flat Work Bench w/ Wheels PLR-­700 Decline Bench

Benches PL-­94 Flat Work Bench

Benches FW-­36 Squat Stool

FW-­66 Shoulder Press Stool w/ Reversible Seat

Benches Page 16

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Adjustable Workbench w/ Wheels

Adjustable from 0-­90O

Benches PL-­610

Multi Adjustable Workbench w/ Wheels

Adjustable from Decline to Incline



Adjustable Workbench w/ Spotter Stands & Wheels

Adjustable from 0-­90O

Benches Page 17

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2000 lb. Chrome Needle Bearing Bar 2000 lb. Black Olympic Bar

2500 lb. Chrome Olympic Bar

1500 lb. Chrome Olympic Bar

1500 lb. Black Olympic Bar

6’ Jr. High Olympic Bar 6’ 17 lb. Aluma-­Lite Bar Olympic Power Curl Bar 7’ Football Bar

OLY-­TRAP Trap Bar


FW-­48 ProMaxima trap bars accommodate small and large framed athletes. Also Available as OLY-­TRAP RB Rackable Trap Bar

9-­Bar Holder


10-­Bar Holder

Weight Storage Page 18

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FW-­275 2-­Tier Kettlebell Rack Kettlebells Not Included

FW-­276 3-­Tier Kettlebell Rack

Kettlebell Racks FW-­234 2-­Tier Shelf Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbells Not Included

FW-­233 3-­Tier Shelf Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Racks PLR-­500 (Shown) 2-­Tier Dumbbell Rack with Saddles

PLR-­500A without saddles

PLR-­505 (Shown) 3-­Tier Dumbbell Rack with Saddles

PLR-­505A without saddles

Dumbbell Racks Page 19

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Rubber Encased Grip Plates

Urethane Grip Plates

Olympic Plates Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbells

Urethane Dumbbells

Dumbbells Rubber Encased Kettlebells

Cast Kettlebells

Kettlebells Page 20

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Colored Power Bumper Plates 3000 Drop Test

Colored Rubber Bumper Plates 45 lb.

45 lb. 35 lb.

35 lb. 25 lb.

25 lb. 10 lb.

10 lb.

Extreme Bumper Plates 8000 Drop Test Sizes: 45 lb. 35 lb. 25 lb. 10 lb.

45 lb. 35 lb. 25 lb.

Black Rubber Bumper Plates 10 lb.

Steel Hub Inserts

Olympic Plates

Solid Steel Core

FW-­76 Plate Rack w/ Wheels

FW-­13 Olympic Plate Holder

FW-­139 Horizontal Bumper & Plate Rack

FW-­152 Deluxe Weight Tree

FW-­100 Vertical Bumper Plate Holder

Weight Storage Page 21

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Medicine Balls FW-­118 4-­Sided Medicine Ball Rack

FW-­103 Medicine Ball Rack

FW-­130-­3 3-­Tier Medicine Ball Rack

Plyometrics & Accessories

FW-­114 Double Sided Medicine Ball Rack

Medicine Ball Racks

FW-­47 Stackable Metal Plyometric Boxes Also available in  12”  &  6”


11129 3 in 1 Foam Plyometric Box 20” x 24” x 30”

Foam Plyometric Boxes

3” 6”

11119 11120







30” 24” 18”

11123 Wood Plyometric Boxes 12”, 18”, 20”, 24” & 30”

Plyometric Boxes Page 22

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RPL-­7 Tricep Press

RPL-­3 Power Row

RPL-­12 Vertical Chest Press

RPL-­76 Hi Lat Pull

Upper Body

RPL-­43 Unilateral Tricep

Upper Body

RPL-­45 Seated Thigh Extension

RPL-­46 Prone Leg Curl

Lower Body Page 23

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PL-­75 Unilateral Wide Pull Down

PL-­91 Seated Mid Row

Upper Body P-­1200 Unilateral Leg Press

PL-­156 3-­Way Hip and Leg Sled PL-­52 Reversible Squat

PL-­30 Unilateral Power Lunge

PL-­66 Unilateral Leg Press

Lower Body Page 24

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P-­4100 Hi Lat Pull

P-­1000 Chest Press

P-­1100 Rear Deltoid/ Pectoral Fly

P-­3100 Tricep Extension

Upper Body

P-­3000 Bicep Curl

Upper Body P-­5200 Prone Leg Curl

P-­5000 Seated Leg Press

P-­5100 Leg Extension Page 25

Lower Body

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ST-­75 Leg Extension

ST-­70 Leg Extension / Leg Curl

ST-­50 Seated Cable Row

ST-­20 Shoulder Press

ST-­90 Leg Press

Selectorized Page 26

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CM-­‐335 Mul Func onal  Trainer Dual  adjustable  pulley  system  with 2  enclosed  weight  stacks. 11  different  pulley  adjustments  on each  column. Mul ple  people  can  work  out  at one   me. Includes  mul -­‐grip  chin  up  sta on. Over  40  Excercises.

Neutral and  Wide  grip  chin-­‐up

P-­‐7200 Adjustable Cable  Crossover

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3 Station Multi-­Gym

2” x  2”  and  2"  x  3"  11  Gauge  steel construc on.   40  oz.  Seamless  upholstery,  bacteria free.   Leg  extension/  leg  curl/  chest  press/ incline  press/  shoulder  press. Seated  low  row. High  lat  pull  w/  padded  seat  and thigh  pads. Knee  raise/  dip  sta on.


Butterfly Attachment Available

Multi-­Gyms P-­235

4 Stack Multi Gym

2” x  2”  and  2"  x  3"  11  Gauge  steel construc on.   40  oz.  Seamless  upholstery,  bacteria free.   Leg  press. Chest  press/  incline  press/ shoulder  press High  lat  pull  down/  seated  low  row. Leg  extension/  leg  curl.

Multi-­Gyms Page 28

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Vertex T22 Smart Treadmill


Vertex VE22 Variable Stride Elliptical


Page 29

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Vertex E22 Smart Elliptical


Vertex R22

Smart Recumbent Bike

Vertex B22 Smart Upright Bike

Page 30

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Centurion 21T

Commercial Treadmill  without Entertainment  Package

21TX with  19”  LCD  HDTV   Entertainment  Package The  5  HP  AC  motor  with  Hybrid   Control  ensures  years  of  powerful   and  reliable  performance.

The 4  HP  AC  motor  with  Hybrid   Control  ensures  years  of  powerful   and  reliable  performance.

Vertex S-­‐22 Indoor  Cycle

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Viper 77141 Treadmill


Viper 77131 Elliptical

Viper 77121 Recumbent Bike

Viper 77111 Upright Bike

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Centurion 25SM Stepmill



Commercial Stepper


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ProMaxima 5310 Ashbrook Houston, Texas 77081

Silk Series Indoor Bike

CV-­1100 Club Rower


ProMaxima First Responders 2017  
ProMaxima First Responders 2017