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Initial Link Building Strategies You Should Always Implement for a New Website If you have a new website, you have the opportunity to put in place a quality link building strategy from the ground up. Unlike many established websites that were slapped penalties post Penguin and Panda, your website doesn‟t have any baggage. You can focus on SEO that adheres to all of Google‟s quality guidelines and adopt an approach that you don‟t have to be sorry for, later. Let‟s take a look at how you can build a foundation for link building that stands you in good stead, even when your website is wellestablished. Fresh Content – Panda Worthy What‟s Panda worthy content? It‟s content that‟s fresh, engaging, well-written, relevant, updated regularly, understandable, usable, readable and last but not the least, shareable. Your website content, right from the start, should maintain the highest standards of quality. It must add value in some form or the other to the lives of your target audience.

Link Building For a New Website

Niche directory submissions Submit your website to only those directories that are relevant to your niche, content and location. By getting placement in the top directories you are laying a solid foundation for link building and improving website visibility. SEOmoz has a huge list of the best directories on the web. Remember, „reputation‟ should be the key selection criterion to keep in mind while choosing your directories.

Guest Blog Now, there are some people who believe that you must start off on guest blogging, once you have established your website, but I am not one of them. If a tactic allows you to build quality links, and it‟s something that you can use over the long term, why not get started on it, right from the start. So kick start your guest blogging efforts, identify authority blogs and their blogmasters; get in touch, interact, and publish posts on them. Press Release Announce your website to the world through a press release (PR). Here is a great article on how to write a great press release. So learn quickly and keep getting out press releases if there is something new happening on your site. Put stress on using only trusted PR services, the ones that have good standing on the market. This ensures that your PR is read by the people who matter, your target customers and the opinion makers. Use Social Media Nothing beats social media in terms of viral marketing. Even search engines are considering social media chatter as a ranking signal (some say they do, others are cagey about it); it makes perfect link building sense to create a Facebook page for branding purposes and build a network of fans and followers. This helps you share content with them, which is a great link building mechanism. Link Bait Campaign Produce amazingly written, well researched content pieces and create a link bait campaign around them. For starters, just 2-3 will do, but make sure that they are good and by good I mean really good! Put in the required effort in brainstorming the right idea, analyzing its stickiness, article production and then its promotion. It will take time for the campaign to reap dividends in the form of inbound links, but this strategy is worth its weight in gold. So don‟t wait, begin right away. Comments “Thanks”, „Great Post”, “Nice Ideas”, “Was looking for this, thanks”, these are not the comments that you must post on blogs. They are spammy, and will never help you build links. Leave insightful comments, on high authority blogs that have content relevant to your site. Even if the links that you get are „no follow‟, such comments will help build authority, which enhances your larger link building campaign. Read this article on Google on Comment Spamming For Links to get a better idea on what you mustn‟t do while using comments to improve your link profile. Competitors Analysis How are your competitors Link Building Services their link profiles? Where are they getting their backlinks from? Which are the domains they are linking to? What is their overall SEO strategy? You must have answers to this question to know the kind of opportunities that are being leveraged by your competition. This will help you build links keeping one eye on your competition. Such links will be all the more useful for you. Joining Blog Networks Interaction with blog owners through blog networks offers a twofold benefit – First you get an opportunity to interact with bloggers who are working in the same domain as you are; secondly you get an opportunity to build quality links by linking to each other through their posts or blog rolls. There are certain blogs that act as content aggregators as well, wherein your content is automatically pulled in by sites that create a page for it and link it. Stay Away from the Dirty Work

Quality link building is time consuming and the results of all the hard-work that you are putting in are not immediate. You will be tempted to use quicker and effortless methods like link spamming, joining link farms, paid links, abusing anchor text links, etc., but you will do well to avoid such temptations. They might (and this is a big might) offer short term results, but they will take your website down quickly, as well. End Words You need to be very careful about the link building strategy that you adopt in the initial stages, as it will affect your future efforts in this regard. You donâ€&#x;t want to be doing a lot of hard work but end up with an unnatural link penalty. If you are just starting out, itâ€&#x;s always a good idea to read up as much as you can. There are plenty of SEOs out there, who have been in this business for ages and who know about every SEO pitfall in the book. And they have written case studies, articles, guest blogs, help manuals on SEO, which make a worthy reading. So go through them, learn as much as you can and put this learning into practice.

Initial Link Building Strategies You Should Always Implement for a New Website