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PROLIFIC Table of Contents • Up Close & Personal Interview with

Model/Actress Julia Ymanova. • Powerade ∙ Rockstar ∙Promotions ∙ Up N

Coming Tour. • RnB Artist Shemida J. • The Sasha Benita Show.

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A Personal Interview


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A Personal Interview


CEO "H" of Prolific Entertainment Group sat down with Julia Ymanova for an exclusive Prolific Magazine interview. Julia is a working model who has also done acting and work as a MMA ring girl. We chose to interview Julia not only because she works with Prolific Entertainment Group but that she is a model in demand and has a lot to offer in multiple facets of life‌ Julia is a very interesting person! So sit back and relax as you get to know this beautiful woman. w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


PROLIFIC Prolific: Where are you from?

Julia: I am from Russia. Prolific: Where do you live? Julia: I live in Florida currently. Prolific: Tell us about your education? Julia: High School I went to a French School, Graduated from the University of Humanitarian Arts and Pedagogical Sciences ( linguistics ) back in Russia I got my BA. When I get some more free time I plan on spending this time in Russia and finishing the last year to get my Master’s degree. Prolific: What languages do you speak? Julia: I speak 4 languages fluently (English, French, Russian and Tatar) and currently I am learning another one. In two years I plan to speak 2 more languages fluently, to make it 6 languages total. Prolific: Have you attended fashion modeling courses?

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

Julia: No, I have not attended any type of fashion modeling courses. Back when I was living in Russia I was a full time student, I had a cool job which was organizing events (rock concerts, DJ parties etc.), I started getting into modeling and acting and I had my trainings at the gym and karate. I simply had no time for these types of courses. I attended a couple of those with my friend, just to support her and to be honest I did not think that these type of courses were a necessity for me. As far as modeling… for me it was like “ You learn as you go!

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PROLIFIC Prolific: How long have you been modeling? Julia: Since 17 years old

Prolific: Why do you love being a model? Julia: I like modeling because it is something different than a 9 to 5 job, if you know what I mean. Some people do not know, but modeling is a hard job, sometimes I have to get up at 5 am in order to be at the shoot in time. I get a lot of opportunities to work with different types of people and different types of jobs. I get a lot of opportunities to compete in pageants and swimwear type competitions, I love to compete. Modeling is not monotone job, if you know what I mean. Today it is a photo shoot, tomorrow it is a ring girl job, the next day it is a swimwear fashion show. I love it. Prolific: What are your goals as a model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

Julia: I have a goal and I am taking little “baby steps” to achieve it. I cannot tell you what it is yet, but you’ll see. I am trying to be the best at everything I do. I take care of myself; I take care of my face, my hair, my body. My brain is in need for new information every day, so I read a lot, I network a lot, I meet new people. I develop myself not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Just being pretty and perfect on the outside won’t take me where I want to be. It takes a lot of effort to really progress in this field. Prolific: Tell us about one of your favorite photo shoots you have done?

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

Julia: This is an interesting question, I haven’t thought about it before. I really don’t have favorite photo shoots. Every photo shoot is special in its own way, I like them all and of course I love the result.

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PROLIFIC Prolific: Tell us about your MMA modeling and what you have done with the MMA?

Julia: That is my favorite type of modeling. I have done a lot of things in MMA, like photo shoots, calendars, ring card girl jobs etc. I also used to work for a certain MMA organization, I was showing fight techniques and interviewed fighters on film. Some of my fight techniques have over a million views on YouTube. Unfortunately, I had to leave this organization and go on my own. I am launching website soon and I am going to have an MMA section where you can see fight techniques, interviews, work outs and much, much more. Right now I work for Fight Time Promotions as their official Fight Time Ring Girl featured on SunSports channel. I love it. Prolific: Do you personally like MMA fights? and Why/or Why not?

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

Julia: I love MMA fights, boxing fights and the sport in general. I practiced karate for a few years and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shortly and loved it so much. Knowing how much dedication those fighters put into this sport is why I find this sport extremely fascinating. When people look at me they would never know what kind of person I am in the real life, they think that I am another Barbie doll type model but when they get to know me better their opinion drastically changes. I have a different type of interests and personality than most other girls. MMA modeling is my favorite, it is not even about the money, I get super excited when I get an MMA gig.

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PROLIFIC Prolific: Tell us about some of your acting?

Julia: Acting is my passion. Since childhood I wanted to become an actor. I just knew I could do that. I started studying acting back in Russia. I had some stage acting experience when I came to the US. After I started having film acting type gigs. I have done a lot of TV show pilots and a lot of extras/ featured extras roles, commercials. I started to going on auditions; unfortunately in FL there are not a lot of opportunities in this industry. But all of this helped me so much. Now in the US I am attending acting classes. I would love to act in a theater somewhere because it is so exciting! It is also an escape from reality, a way to get away. You are playing a character which is completely different from you. You become a different person with a different life, different past and different future. It is much more complicated than modeling; so many aspects of our lives are involved. I like modeling, but I love acting. Prolific: How long have you been acting? Julia: I started acting at the age of 15. Prolific: Tell us about some of your acting roles?

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

Julia: The most memorable role was a role of Tatiana in a play of Evgenii Onegin. Everyone knows this novel I am sure. Tatiana was madly in love with Evgenii and she sincerely and being na誰f told him about her feelings in the letter. Evgenii has feelings for her too but he was too proud to answer. Basically his pride and selfishness destroys his life. It is a drama and a wonderful novel written by Russian writer Alexander Pushkin.

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PROLIFIC Prolific: How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements? Julia: I am very easy to get along with. I do believe that I have a little different mentality and a point of view on the world due to me being from a foreign country. I am very friendly; you would never catch me acting inappropriate on the job. My life taught me to be patient. I am super open to client’s requirements. I am a very respectful person, extremely honest and very straight up. I am very easy to work with. Prolific: What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? Do you practice constantly? Julia: I am actually into nutrition and fitness training. My diet is very clean. I do cheat sometimes thought, we all do. I take care of my body, I go to the gym and sometimes I practice hot yoga and I love it. I have been practicing sports all my life. Prolific: What are you likes and dislikes? Julia: I like books and I dislike rude people. Prolific: Do you have a love interest? Julia: This is a very interesting question. But no, no love interests at this time. Prolific: What is your favorite sport and why?

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

Julia: Boxing and MMA are my favorite sports. We previously discussed why. Prolific: Who is your favorite athlete and why? Julia: My favorite athlete is Arnold Schwarzenegger; I like his mindset throughout his whole life.

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PROLIFIC Prolific: What is your favorite movie and why? Julia: Oh, there are so many of those. I would say my favorite movie is Death Becomes Her. I love everything about this movie. Prolific: Who is your favorite actor and why? Julia: My favorite actor/actress is Meryl Streep. She is super talented and “has no limits.” Prolific: What does Julia like to do in her spare time? Julia: In my spare time I like to do something fun! Prolific: So what does Julia consider fun? Julia: I like to go to the beach, workout, movies… I’m just a regular girl. Prolific: What is your fantasy modeling job? What is your fantasy acting job? Julia: My fantasy modeling and acting jobs… I haven’t really thought about that. As far as modeling I would say something like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. And my fantasy acting job would be a Broadway performer.

Model / Actress Julia Ymanova

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Julia Ymanova

So now you have a little more insight to who Julia Ymanova is. A talented Model, Actress and Ring Girl. Julia is on the rise and we at Prolific are glad to be apart of the Julia Ymanova franchise. To see more Julia Ymanova go to our website. Thanks and hope you enjoyed this interview. CEO: “H�.

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Powerade Rockstar Promotions Prolific Entertainment

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Left: Fashion Model / TV Host Sasha Benita Right: BET’s “The Game” Cori Be w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m



Left: Playboys Hottest Campus Coed Cali Lowe Right: High Fashion Model Chelsea w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Featured Artist

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• Limited Edition (“LE”) is a lyrically

Hip Hop Artist Limited Edition “LE”

empowering hip hop artist. Born in Tampa, FL, which he has lived his whole life. Limited Edition has a style that can be put to any beat and conquered like no other. Some critics have said “he’s a backpacker with a main stream feel”. Mostly influenced by New York hip hop artists such as (AZ, Cormega, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Rakim), in which his style reflects. Limited Edition has made music not for the money or the fame, but just as a release of his emotions, to get his thoughts, views and ideas out there. In the beginning of his affair with music, Limited Edition use to freestyle to the Biggie Ready to Die Single Cd. Which had instrumentals as “Who Shot Ya” and “Juicy”? As he grew in age (as well as talent) he picked up music software called Magix to record on. With a telemarketing headset and some pens and pads, he went to work. Thru the years his flow, style and lyrical content (and equipment lol) would blossom into what you see and hear today.

w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Hands down Limited Edition’s lyrical ability and style can compete with mainstream and underground artist on any level. Till this day the hunger and hustle of a true hip hop artist lives in L.E’s music and he hopes that he can fulfill his destiny of being one of the greats. Currently Limited Edition is working on a new single and album to be released later in 2012.

Also L.E has been Featured on DJ Smallz Southern Smoke Mix tapes, Coast 2 Coast mix tapes, and on many local FL artist mix tapes and albums. As he toured several states, after a performance in Palm Springs, CA. He was offered and inked a deal with Universal Music Group. The sky is the limit for Limited Edition, as his talent Increases, so does his connection and exposure. So Be ON THE LOOK OUT!!!!!! MHMG!!!!!! L.E!!!!!!!!! w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Left: RnB Singer Shemida J Right: RnB / Hip Hop Singer Shae Allen w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Left: Pop Singer Michaela Homeyer Right: Pop / Hip Hop Artist Chrissy Dior

w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Left: Hip Hop Artist Queen GiGi

Right: Hip Hop Artist LAR

w w w . P r o l i f i c W o r l d w i d e . c o m


Left: Hip Hop Artist StreetWays Right: Hip Hop Artist Grimez

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Left: Hip Hop Artist / Producer Dundil Right: Rock Band Nine Mile Drive

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Press Release May 15, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

POWERADE / ROCKSTAR PROMOTIONS / PROLIFIC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP "UP-N-COMING TOUR" Prolific Entertainment Group has announced the second leg of their Up-N-Coming Tour in conjunction with the release of the tours Compilation CD “Here We Go”, coming out on Prolific Entertainment Music Group (PEMG) this summer. This second leg of the tour will also be sponsored by Powerade and RockStar Promotions. The tour dates begin May 26th in Tampa Florida with a beach party at Crabby Bills and run through Clearwater, St. Pete, Siesta Keys, Orlando and Melbourne Florida. The concerts mark the reemergence of some of Florida’s Hottest Acts on stage; they last toured in the summer of 2011, with multiple success. “We finished the first leg of the tour with great success and have taken the data and compiled a greater show for the second leg!” said Prolific Entertainment Group’s CEO “H”. CD “Here We Go” is a stunning collection of songs from the Up-N-Coming Tour’s artist. The album continues the timeless and unique blend of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and added Rock that defines the tours artist. Over the years the artists have contributed some of the most enduring songs in the Florida marketplace. On the Up-N-Coming Tour, the artist will be supported by some of the hottest producers to bring a Fresh and New sound to the tour. Tour Artist: Limited Edition (LE) recently signed to Universal Music Group, Queen GiGi, Shae Allen, LAR, Chrissy Dior, Shemida J, Dundil, Grimez, Street Ways, Nine Mile Drive, Michaela and a cast of others. For More information on the Up-N-Coming Tour and the album visit:

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RnB Artist Shemida J

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PROLIFIC "Next to the word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world"- Martin Luther.

Shemida J is most certainly in possession of that treasure. From Florida by way of Freeport, Bahamas this young lady has been surrounded by music from day one. Whether it was singing in the church choir or school talent shows, this petite song bird has always displayed an unwavering love and passion for the art. Her God given gift was evident as a child which would eventually lead to her directing the children’s church choir at a remarkably young age. With musical influences ranging from groups like Destiny’s Child to artists such as Lauren Hill and India Arie, her diversity and knack for adaptation should come as no surprise. Creatively finding inspiration from life's day to day occurrences, the most important of which being the joy of motherhood, Shemida J croons with the soul of the everyday woman. RnB Singer Shemida J

With a voice that once heard is simply undeniable, Shemida J possesses a talent which is phenomenal indeed. Shemida J currently has one of the top singles in the marketplace. To hear “The Reason Why” go to our website.

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Host Sasha Benita

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The Sasha Benita Show is a online talk/news program that will air every two months. The show is hosted by Model/Actress Sasha Benita from Tampa Florida. The shows format can be compared to the great Arsenio Hall Show / Daily Buzz News on steroids. Every show is very energetic and the host delivers fresh news and the latest social media and entertainment trends. We bring a unique awareness to a demographic that is over-looked over says "H" CEO of Prolific Entertainment. There is a segmant that focuses on Government, Entertainment and Social awareness with a up-tempo spin with delivery. There are Co-Host that will be added within the next couple of months and the show is set to premiere August 2012. How Viewers Can Contact the Show: (727) 238 – 7165 Facebook: Prolific Entertainment Group Fan Page

Twitter: @WeRprolific General Email:

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