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Delivering Effective DDoS Protection Highlights from an Ovum analyst white paper

The importance of DDoS protection services • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can: – Stop or impair online operations – Cost a targeted business in lost sales and reputation

• Compared to a year ago: – Attack volumes: 26% increase – Application attacks: 17% increase – Infrastructure attacks: 30% increase

Are you protecting your online services? • Online services are a critical aspect of business • DDoS attacks are common across all industries – No business is immune

• Businesses need better security and DDoS protection – One-third of organizations do not have a DDoS mitigation strategy – One-third depend upon automated devices only

• The right DDoS protection provider is essential

There are many sources of DDoS attacks • DDoS attacks have been around for more than a decade • Attacks can come from: – – – – – – –

Organized criminals State-sponsored actors Extortionists Hacktivists Competitors Stock manipulators Young malicious hackers

Your DDoS protection provider should be a trusted partner • All online organizations need an effective DDoS protection strategy – – – –

Monitor for DDoS threats Detect attacks promptly Deal with any attack of any size and complexity Maintain normal operations throughout

• Develop a close relationship with a provider – Before, during and after an attack

• Choosing a provider is a critical business decision

Select a DDoS protection provider carefully • DDoS protection services are not equally capable • Businesses are often surprised when protection solutions fail • Deploy DDoS protection before the first attack • Take a systematic approach to selecting a DDoS mitigation provider • Ensure your provider has addressed all corporate requirements • Use enterprise-level criteria

Ten DDoS protection vendor selection criteria: #1 - Depth of experience • Experienced vendors have matured their solutions over time • Look for: – – – –

Longevity Track record Success rates All-around protection

For a complete list and descriptions of all 10 recommended enterprise-level criteria, downlad the Ovum analyst white paper

Ten DDoS protection vendor selection criteria: #2 - Dedicated network capacity • More providers emerging to profit from demand • Look for: – – – – –

Guaranteed levels of protection Dedicated DDoS mitigation network Always-available capacity Protection against all types of DDoS activity Tracking new threats to stay ahead of attackers

For a complete list and descriptions of all 10 recommended enterprise-level criteria, download the Ovum analyst white paper

Ovum analyst report: Delivering Effective DDoS Protection • Download the Ovum analyst white paper, Delivering Effective DDoS Protection to learn: – Why all organizations with an online presence are at risk of becoming a target for DDoS attacks – Not all DDoS solutions are capable of providing the required levels of protection for your organization – A comprehensive list of enterprise criteria for evaluating DDoS protection providers – Why proactive protection is needed to deal with all stages of a DDoS attack

About Prolexic • Prolexic Technologies is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of DDoS protection and mitigation services • Prolexic has successfully stopped DDoS attacks for more than a decade • Our global DDoS mitigation network and 24/7 security operations center (SOC) can stop even the largest attacks that exceed the capabilities of other DDoS mitigation service providers

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