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commitments 2009  2013

Dear Sir or Madam: Over the past four years, my team and I have worked very hard to make good on all the commitments we made to you in 2005. Whether in the environment, culture and recreation, taxation, economy, transportation, citizen relations, public security or housing, we have introduced innovations, maintained our assets and improved the services we provide, all while respecting your capacity to pay for them. As this term comes to an end, we can proudly say that we’ve delivered the goods. Now, we again stand before you with new projects and new directions. We believe our record of achievement, which was recently distributed to you, is the best proof of the fact that if we say we will do something, these are not just empty words.

Our commitments to you will ensure continuity, but they include new avenues that reflect the evolution of our society. My team is also evolving: equal representation of men and women is now one of its main features. Other characteristics of this team include integrity, dedication, attentiveness and availability. When you make your choice on November 1, if you consider the achievements, the commitments and the quality of the team that is seeking your support, I’m convinced you will choose us.

Gilles Vaillancourt Leader, Parti PRO des Lavallois – Équipe Vaillancourt Mayor of Laval

mayor's message

During the next term, we promise to:

 Maintain the water tax refund for seniors aged 65 and over.  Make the city attractive for residents with property taxes that respect their capacity to pay.  Continue to pay cash to limit borrowing, where possible.  Maintain our aggressive tax policy to attract businesses and industries to our municipality.  Continue accelerated debt repayment.  Continue financing various funds created specifically for variable expenditures, infrastructure renewal and grants distributed under incentive programs.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Adopt a viable sustainable development policy for all activities.  Instill a collective vision of a sustainable community in order to reduce greenhouse gases.  Raise public awareness of sustainable development.  Continue efforts with the Quebec government for the acquisition of the three large islands in the Saint-François archipelago to create a regional park.  Work on making manufacturers more accountable for end-of-life management of their products.

 Continue our efforts with government authorities to build a biological treatment facility for organic waste, using biomethanation and composting to produce biogas and compost.  Promote more responsible use of drinking water.  Encourage nuisance noise reduction by raising public awareness and with appropriate by-laws.  Continue planting trees alongside highway on and off ramps and along boulevards.  Encourage the building of green roofs.

 Include stores and small businesses in recycling pickup by providing them with blue bins.

 Establish a program aimed at encouraging the construction of LEED-certified homes.

 Introduce pickup of compostable materials.

 Amend the Tree Code to subsidize the pruning and maintenance of trees by specialists every seven years.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Adopt a physical activity and sports policy for Laval, in collaboration with the Agence de santé de Laval, to promote healthy lifestyle habits (Active Laval, consuming less junk food, etc.).  In the interests of balancing work and family, increase recreational activities available during school breaks and in the summer, together with community organizations.  Publish a directory of woodlands on the territory.  Install playground equipment and fitness equipment for people aged 50 and over.  Continue and complete the extension of the bicycle path network.  Continue upgrading equipment in the city’s parks and equip new sectors under development with similar facilities.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Maintain partnerships with community organizations.  Continue our association with the Mondial Choral.  Complete the process for creating the Cité du Chant Choral de Laval.  Maintain support for Laval’s artists and craftspeople.  Introduce a bookmobile service for cultural communities.  Sign agreements with school boards for the distribution of our document collection through schools.  Contribute to television programs on topics such as family, jobs, schools, etc.  Continue heritage enhancement in historic parishes such as Sainte-Rose-de-Lima, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Sainte-Dorothée and Saint-Martin.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Begin construction of the Cité du Savoir.  Continue our efforts to attract more than $4 billion in investments.  Maintain the tax credit program for residential renovations.  Finalize discussions with both levels of government and private partners to build a high-calibre trade fair centre.  Encourage the densification of the territory by building 4,000 housing units in the next four years.  Sign agreements to build a national-calibre athletic and cultural centre.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Participate actively in studies on extending the metro in Laval in order to complete the link between Montmorency and Côte-Vertu stations.

 Encourage carpooling by increasing the number of parking spots reserved for carpoolers near high-traffic public transit stations (metro, suburban trains).

 Continue our efforts to introduce a network of electric buses along main corridors.

 Continue our efforts with the AMT for the introduction of suburban train service in the east end.

 Continue the expansion of bus service in all districts by increasing the territory covered.

 Finalize studies and build the extension of Dagenais, Daniel-Johnson and Souvenir boulevards, to connect them to other main arteries.

 Continue negotiations with the AMT to set up reserved lanes on highways 15, 13 and 19.  Study the feasibility of using minibuses to provide service within districts.  Examine the possibility of buying articulated buses for service on major arteries.  Continue negotiations with the AMT to expand park-and-ride facilities at Cartier and Montmorency metro stations.

 Widen Daniel-Johnson Boulevard, between du Souvenir and Saint-Martin boulevards, and Dagenais Boulevard, between Highway A-13 and Arthur-Sauvé Boulevard.  Finalize the feasibility study, and, in concert with the Ministry of Transport, create a second access to the Terrasses sector, in Sainte-Rose.  Continue efforts with the Ministry of Transport to widen and extend Highway 19 to the David bridge.


 Ask government to increase the capacity of des Bois Avenue to ease traffic in the west end of the island.  Complete installation of the anti-noise screen along Highway 440, between Highway 19 and Lublin.  Complete the redevelopment of Arthur-Sauvé Boulevard, from Jodelle to des Bois Avenue.

During the next term, we promise to:

 Introduce regular times for residents to meet with their municipal councillor [e.g. one Saturday morning per month].  Hold one regular Municipal Council meeting in each district during the term.

 Improve access to the Saint-Paul Street sector in Sainte-Rose.  Launch efforts to build the Val-des-Brises interchange (Hwy 440/Robert-Bourassa).  Create a left-turn lane in both directions on Laurentides, between Bellerose and Dagenais boulevards.  Extend René-Laënnec Boulevard between des Lacasse Avenue and St-Saëns Boulevard.  Continue repairing road infrastructures, bridges and works of art.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Encourage the construction of multigenerational housing.  Promote the creation of housing cooperatives.  Maintain home ownership programs and assistance for renovation.  Sign new agreements to build affordable housing.  Publish a housing information guide to facilitate landlord/ tenant relations.  Continue efforts with the Société d’habitation du Québec to build social housing on the territory.


During the next term, we promise to:

 Set up the PAIR computerized program to make daily phone calls that ensure the safety of our seniors.  Install audible traffic signals for the visually impaired at major intersections.  Maintain police bicycle patrols in parks.  Increase information activities on fire prevention and the efficacy of smoke detectors.  Continue efforts to build closer ties with residents.  Maintain police operations to dissuade speeding on Laval roads.  Increase the time allowed for pedestrians to cross busy intersections.  Adopt measures to increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility.


Jacques St-Jean Saint-François

Sylvie Clermont Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Madeleine Sollazzo Val-des-Arbres

Gilles Vaillancourt leader, Parti PRO des Lavallois – Équipe Vaillancourt mayor of laval

Michèle des Trois Maisons Duvernay — Pont-Viau

Francine Légaré Du Marigot

Claire Le Bel Concorde — Bois-de-Boulogne

Benoit Fradet Renaud

Norman Girard Vimont

Yvon Martineau Saint-Bruno

Lucie Hill Larocque Auteuil

Ginette Grisé Laval-des-Rapides

Jocelyne Guertin Souvenir — Labelle

Ginette Legault Bernier L’Abord-à-Plouffe

Basile Angelopoulos Chomedey

Alexandre Duplessis Saint-Martin

Pierre Cléroux Sainte-Dorothée

Jean-Jacques Beldié Laval-les-Îles

France Dubreuil L’Orée-des-Bois

Yvon Bromley Marc-Aurèle-Fortin

Martine beaugrand fabreville

Denis Robillard Sainte-Rose

1707, Saint-Martin West Blvd. Laval, Quebec H7S 1N2

Telephone : 450-669-3939 Fax : 450-668-5864

Version française disponible sur demande.  Authorized and paid for by Me Jean Bertrand, official agent of the Parti PRO des Lavallois – Équipe Vaillancourt. Printed by Litho CP9.

Commitments 2009-2013  
Commitments 2009-2013  

Commitments 2009-2013