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Water protection plans in Italy

Merli Bill (1948)

Objectives: To regulate discharges


It poses limits of concentration to principal chemical substances in wastewater. •

Defects: •

It doesn’t consider biological parameters for the protection of human health. •

It doesn’t consider the rivers flow

So: In 1999 a low is emanated. It improves the protection of water in Italy. It is the law n째152

Objectives: •

It considers the health of macroinverteb rate. •

It considers biological parameters

But ‌ the legislation In this case , too,

doesn’t consider fish communities, index of quality for water courses.

Infact: In 2000 a new directive is emanated: It is the directive 2000/60/CE or European Union Water Framework Directive.



To value the ecological condition of water courses and lakes;

To value the biological condition of rivers and lakes.

It must be analized: Acquatic flora


Acquatic invertebrates


Fish communities


Morphological elements


We hope that the taken measures can bring wellness to quality of water and that they can maintain it.

Water Protection Plans in Italy  
Water Protection Plans in Italy  

Water Protections Plans