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contessa background Contessa was designed by Giugiaro Design, a well-respected Italian car designer, with optimal ergonomics, functionality and refined design/style in mind.


Positioning Statement

Desk chair with • Height- and rotationally adjustable arms • Retrofitable depth-, height- and rotationally adjustable headrest • Coat hanger option • 75 mm hard- or soft-wheel casters

Contessa is a fully featured task chair suitable for image-, health- and comfort-minded office workers. It is a comfortable mesh chair with flair and superior ease of adjustment. For certain image areas including boardrooms, executive and managerial offices, Contessa provides high quality and ergonomically correct seating. Larger North American companies have standardized on Contessa for task-intensive environments such as call centers or customer service departments.

Key Message This chair is all about blending ergonomics, ease-of-use and superior quality and design. Contessa complies with BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) and CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) requirements for strength and safety as well as ergonomic requirements. Contessa allows specifiers to choose from an extensive fabric and finish program, frame finishes and upholstery selections.


Date introduced: 2005


Product ships in: three weeks


Strength and durability: Compliance with the following standards: •



Product Application •

CGSB 44.232-2002 (Canadian Standard for Task Chairs for Office Work with Visual Display Terminals) BIFMA G1-2002 (U.S. Standard Ergonomics Guideline for VDT (Visual Display Terminal) Furniture Used in Office Work Spaces) JIS W 1032 - 2004 (Japanese Ergonomic Standards) EN 1335 (European Ergonomic Standards)


Contessa can be used in intense task environments as well as environments with lesser task demands, boardrooms, receptions areas as well as managerial and executive offices

Adjustability, Features and Benefits •

Fire codes and safety: Compliance with the following standards:

• •

CAL TB-133 (Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture for Use in Public Occupancies; only approved configurations and fabrics) CAL TB-117 (Flammability Test Procedure for Seating Furniture; all configurations and fabrics)

Construction details:


- reinforced scuff-resistant 27.5” diecast aluminum base


- 75 mm hard, dual-wheel non-hooded carpet casters; reinforced nylon optional soft casters for hard floors are polyurethane-coated nylon - 1 3/4" hard plastic glides, soft glides have soft insert pads

• • • • •

gas lift:

- gas-assisted/pneumatic cylinder


- synchro-tilt rubber torsion mechanism/control constructed of aluminum


- mesh-type: reinforced polyester, braided for improved comfort, elastic piece-dyed to prevent color fade - urethane type: polyester, reinforced plastic (polyamide), constructed of glass-filled nylon

seat structure:

- aluminum diecast frame – 2" forward/back adjustment in six positions levers on left and right of seat control adjust


- inner back; reinforced polyester, braided for improved comfort, elastic piece-dyed to prevent color fade

lumbar system:

- polypropylene pad, reinforced plastic structure, constructed of glass-filled nylon

back upright:

- constructed of glass-filled nylon/or aluminum


- constructed of cast aluminum and polypropylene


- T-arms, polyurethane pads, reinforced plastic (nylon) structure


- molded, colored, polyurethane foam for seat and back - HCFC and CFC free - 0 global warming factor - “bumpered” as covered sides to protect furniture, dynamic fatigue test by constant - force pounding: thickness loss = 5% (specification calls for not more than 25%)

• • • •

• 3e


BIFMA X5.1 - 2002 (Strength and Durability of Office Seating)

Polished aluminum, platinum or black aluminum base and frame Six mesh colors Slim profile, inviting shape and clean lines with a contemporary flair A range of aesthetic options for a great variety of environments -- materials: fabric or leather options, seat fully upholstered or mesh seat

Ergonomics: Compliance with the following standards: • • • •


Aesthetic Options, Finishes and Considerations • • • •

Facts and Details 1

Statement of Line:



Ease of use, user instructions and need for training •


Synchro-tilt functionality or chair movement – 2.8:1 ratio – for every 2.8° that the back tilts, the seat will tilt 1° for a total of back tilt of 22°. Chair movement allows for feet to remain on floor and line of sight to remain constant while reclining Seat height adjustment – range of 5.3” with a telescoping cylinder. This range allows the user to adjust the seat height to individual size and preference. The adjustment button is found under the right arm cap for superior ease of adjustment Seat depth adjustment – allows the user to adjust seat depth to ensure proper contact with the chair back and may help reduce pressure behind the knees. The seat adjusts 2” in depth to correspond with varying buttock-to-popliteal area (inside knee) dimensions Tilt lock – enables the user to freely recline or lock the back in an upright, or one of four reclined positions providing appropriate/preferred support in multitask situations. The adjustment button is found under the left arm cap for superior ease of adjustment Tension control – easy to adjust four-stage side tension adjustment tailors the chair’s tilt resistance to personal size, weight, body shape/weight distribution and preference Lumbar height adjustment of 4” helps provide maximum personalized lumbar and back support Lumbar depth adjustment of 1/2” helps provide maximum personalized lumbar and back support 2D cantilevered arms adjust for height and rotation to fine-tune the supports to size, preference and work orientation Headrest – the optional headrest allows for multiple adjustments in height, depth and angle, supporting a healthy position of the head and neck by maintaining the spine’s natural C curve in the cervical spine

Teknion offers digital user instructions, expert group training, can offer personalized training, written instructions and the recommendation for including furniture-use training in new employee orientation, yearly use and benefit reminders

Ergonomic considerations, fitting or customization of product to user

The combination of adjustments and ranges of adjustability provides seating to appropriately fit personal preferences and the body sizes and shapes of a broad worker population as well as task demands and preferences Contessa offers body-fit contouring Lumbar height and depth adjustability provides for excellent lumbar and shoulder support allowing the possibility to alleviate shoulder and neck stress Shape of the back comfortably fits the user and provides superior back support When assuming normal working postures, the backrest remains in contact with the user’s lumbar area throughout the range of back reclination resulting in proper weight distribution and complete comfort Seat construction allows for superior flexibility and comfort and helps to distribute weight in the highest body pressure area – the sitting bone or tuberosity area – alleviating pressure and avoiding “bottoming out” while seated

- compliance with CAL 133 and CAL 117 - exceeds ASTMP – 3770 – 91 10

Isometric Drawings:

Warranty; general and specific •


List price range and prices for typicals •


$1377 list; headrest + $163

Environmental considerations • • • •

Front-Side View

Lifetime warranty with exceptions (five years on fabric, 10 years on pneumatic cylinders)

Major resin components are discreetly identified – aids in recycling or disposal Recycled content and 86.7% percent recyclable by weight Environmental data sheet available at Greenguard Certified for Indoor Air Quality

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Katalog stolica contessa 3  

Katalog stolica contessa 3