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LEADS Já pensou no futuro? Magia das Propagandas Everyday advertising executives influence us to buy food and other things by using colours, photos and animations. This influence may be bad for us because we are always buying something we don't need.

Getting old isn't easy, but there are things you can do to have a better life when you get old.

Nos trilhos do trem Projective geometry was developed in the Renaissance by the artists of the period. It is a way of drawing geometric figures with a feeling of depth, using perspective techniques and instruments.

Qual seu parâmetro de beleza? Nowadays, body beauty is a concern that makes people want perfect bodies. Most people do not take necessary precautions to have perfect bodies.

Simetria geométrica na arte e ao nosso redor Geometric symmetry is a way to measure people's beauty. This parameter to beauty tells us that the more symmetrical a face is, the more beautiful the person would be.

Mundo da Álgebra Algebraic expressions always explain natural phenomena. This relation may be proved by the Fibonacci sequence, which is used in Biology and Chemistry to understand these phenomena.

Luz, Câmera, Caverna Rock art would not have existed without fire, because cavemen could not have made their drawings on the wall if there was no light. After that, those drawings became very common and they were the first form of telling stories. That's why we can tell that cavemen were the first to make cinema.

O mundo em outra perspectiva

Novo território digital a ser explorado

Any picture which is three-dimensional is 3D. It is mainly used in video games, films and presentations. Chico Ortiz tells us more about it.

Digital photography can be used for many purposes: in fashion, art, science, to help the police solve crimes, to capture important moments.

Admirável mundo novo People these days are less willing to do chores that can now be done by modern devices. Nowadays we ask ourselves if what we do and have is a need or just an addiction.

Redes sociais & relacionamentos sociais

Nowadays, people in Asia can easily talk to a friend in America. But how? Using the Internet! But all this technology can be bad as people are replacing face to face conversations by virtual ones.

Internet: confiável ou não? Nowadays the internet is not reliable, and people have no idea of what can happen if they don't follow some tips to use the web safely.

A mensagem através da imagem Zacharias Janssen has created the first instrument to study little things by putting lens on each side of a tube, around the 16th century in Europe. It was a landmark in modern Science.

Ciência e Tecnologia na Medicina Como ver o mundo?

Modern medicine and technology seem to be inseparable nowadays. The discovery of new technology helps medicine cure diseases.

The eyes and the brain are the most important organs in the human body. Together, they are very important to “see” the difference between reality and virtual reality.

Lixo - parte do mundo

Sustainability is the key word to help save the world and to preserve nature. Having sustainable attitudes is not difficult and we will show you how.

Light Painting

Light painting was created in the beginning of the 20th century by Man Ray. He used a camera and a source of light to make light painting.

Índio é tendência

Indigenous people and people from urban areas use body art to express themselves by painting their bodies.

Por: Gabriel Bargieri, Fernando Mota, Marcelo Yamato, Renata Mendonรงa E Carolina Rocha





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Revista 8° Ano 2013