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Projek Kalsom 18 Press Kit

Projek Kalsom 17 student participants and facilitators at Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm, Sungai Udang, Melaka. Photo credit Š Sharif Ahmad Sharif Hashim 2011

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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1.0 About Projek Kalsom is a motivational programme for Malaysian Form 4 students from less fortunate backgrounds that runs for a week during summer, organised by Malaysian university students mostly from the United Kingdom. It is a collaborative project between Kelab Belia Kalsom (fondly known as Kelab Kalsom, Registrar of Youth Societies registration number: PPBM 8086/12) and United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC). Kelab Kalsom and UKEC are actually ‘old friends’ - our relationship with UKEC goes back to 1995 when the organisation is officially established. Projek Kalsom 18 will be held in from 14th to 20th July 2012 at Kampung Sukan Petronas, Miri, Sarawak. This is the first time Projek Kalsom will be in East Malaysia! Following the tradition of Projek Kalsom 16, in Terengganu, Projek Kalsom 18 will include a Community Programme at Kampung Muhibbah before the start of Projek Kalsom 18 on 16th July 2012. This year's Projek Kalsom will include 150 participants from 10 schools in Miri and 36 facilitators who are Malaysian students from all over the globe. As part of Projek Kalsom 18, the 'Keen for Knowledge' a book donation drive was carried out earlier this year and books will be donated to schools and libraries in Miri, Sarawak. 1.1


The name Kalsom was adopted from an earlier initiative in the 90s.

Puan Kelthom Abdullah was a single mother struggling to make ends meet in Kelantan. Her children were forced to drop out of school, and her plight was given some media attention in 1993. Upon reading about her in the papers, a group of young Malaysian students in the UK decided to run a collection to help bear the education cost of her children. Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


For the initial group of students, it was not enough to merely collect money. They decided to take it a step further, spurred on by the conviction that they had a greater role to play. They decided that given their youth, and being students themselves, they were in an excellent position to help encourage and assist students from lesser-developed parts of Malaysia to excel in their studies. And so, during their summer holidays in the following year, they ran a motivational camp for the students of Jerantut, Pahang. It proved successful, and they decided to run it again the following year in Grik, Perak. The Projek Kalsom 16 held in summer 2010 also featured a homestay programme at Kampung Langkap, Setiu, Terengganu for facilitators, on top of the usual motivational programme. "I'm here to work together with the students so that they can confidently find their purpose, motivation and role in this world, so that they can become successful and wholesome individuals. I'm not here to turn anyone into a "mini-me". I'm not perfect, and I believe they too can teach me a thing or two about life." - Hannah Nazri, Director of Projek Kalsom 17 2011. She was also facilitator for both Projek Kalsom 16 2010 and Projek Kalsom 15 2009. Projek Kalsom has since been held annually, growing from strength to strength, and is now run with the full support of the Malaysian High Commission in London, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Youth & Sports. Below is a list of locations of Projek Kalsoms in the past:                 

1994 – Jerantut, Pahang Darul Makmur 1995 – Grik, Perak Darul Ridzuan 1996 – Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman 1997 – Machang, Kelantan Darul Naim 1998 – Dungun, Terengganu Darul Iman 1999 – Batu Berendam, Melaka Darul Azim 2000 – Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim 2001 – Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang Mutiara Timur 2002 – Kangar, Perlis Indera Kayangan 2004 – Besut, Terengganu Darul Iman 2005 – Rembau, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus 2006 – Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim 2007 – Kangar, Perlis Indera Kayangan 2008 – Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman 2009 – Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan 2010 – Setiu, Terengganu Darul Iman 2011 – Sungai Udang, Melaka Darul Azim

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2.0 Objectives The objectives of Projek Kalsom are:


To inspire and encourage participants to want to achieve more in studies and life by  Helping them develop a positive self-image and sense of confidence through activities organised.  Providing positive role models in the facilitators for the participants to look up to and aspire to be like.


To equip participants with the means to achieve the first objective by  Helping them develop and use practical study skills.  Developing an interest in English Language and debunking the fear of the language.


To stress that moral and religious values are as important as academic and career success, AND to instil leadership qualities and independence  Emphasising the essential qualities of a successful person.  Equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.  Sharing real-life examples of the application of the concepts shown.


To expose them to the wealth of career and education opportunities available to them after secondary school  Exposing them to the wealth of career and education opportunities available to them after secondary school.  Providing information on higher education funding opportunities (scholarships and loans) available to participants.


To develop a greater awareness and empathy towards the struggles of the less fortunate amongst Malaysia students

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3.0 Rationale “I am very lucky to be able to join Projek Kalsom as a participant and also a facilitator. Those were very sweet moments I had during Projek Kalsom. I would not trade the experience for anything.� - Projek Kalsom 16 2010 facilitator & Projek Kalsom 14 2008 participant, currently at a local college Malaysia has been undergoing a lot of development over the past 25 years. In the process of pursuing our goal to be a developed nation by the year 2020, a lot of focus was placed on concentrated development, starting with the Klang Valley region, and now, the Iskandar Development Region in Johor. While the attention given to those areas is good, much of society out of the development spotlight remains lacking in relative terms of the economic and education opportunities made available to them. We believe that while the government remains the chief actor in building the country, there is a place and role for members of the Malaysian society to contribute towards this similar goal. We also believe, from observing the efforts of the government, that one of the primary ways to develop our country is via education, or the development of human capital. This has proven to be successful in alleviating poverty and raising the quality of life of people, not just in Malaysia, but all over the world. As Malaysian students enrolled in tertiary education institutions in the UK and Ireland, we believe that we can assist in the process of nation-building by helping inspire, encourage, and assist secondary school students from lesser privileged backgrounds to achieve more in studies and life. We intend to do so by running a motivational camp targeted at Form 4 students from lesser developed parts of Malaysia over a period of 5 days during our summer holidays every year. "I found myself more confident to speak English and more motivated to go for my dreams. I hope that Projek Kalsom could be further expanded to more students, especially those who are average performers as I believe that many more can benefit and the programme may broaden their horizons and elevate them from average performers to high achievers." - Amer Asyraf, Winner of the Best Participant Award of Projek Kalsom 16 2010 At the same time, we acknowledge that with the material prosperity that comes with development, we are currently being swept up by the cultural waves of individualism and materialism. This has led to some educated and successful Malaysians, like those who studied

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


abroad in countries like the UK, being less aware of and concerned with the lives and struggles of the less fortunate in Malaysia. We believe that Projek Kalsom will be an excellent opportunity for us to promote among Malaysian students studying in universities in the UK an awareness of and empathy towards the struggles of the less fortunate. It will also function as a means of empowering us students, as citizens, to contribute towards the process of nation building by volunteering to facilitate the learning experience of participants during Projek Kalsom.

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


4.0 Committee Sarah Syamimi Mohd Suhaimi, Director Education| University of Nottingham, UK Course| BSc Economics Contact| My first Projek Kalsom was back in 2010. Since then, this project has always been so dear to me. I am a strong believer in the power of youth. The key of empowering a nation lies in empowering the youth as the future leaders. Projek Kalsom is one of the many sincere efforts for the cause. Projek Kalsom is more than just a common motivational camp. We always work on the personal touch and the bond between facilitators and students. We also believe that this project should be a life changing point to those who joined it, made it the students or the facilitators. Projek Kalsom has always been special for me and for the rest of us. We welcome you to join and help us and to experience yourselves the wonderful Projek Kalsom. Regards, Sarah Syamimi Mohd Suhaimi

Iskandar Najmuddin Othman, Deputy Director Education| University of Southampton, UK Course| BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science Contact|

Stephen Liew, Administration Manager I Education| PETRONAS University of Technology Course| BEng Chemical Engineering Contact|

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


Ristina Hassan, Administration Manager II Education| University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA Course| BSc Chemical (Petroleum) Engineering Contact|

Mohd Farid Al Azim Noruzi, Treasurer Education| University of Bristol, UK Course| LLB Law Contact|

MODULES DEPARTMENT Puteri Nuuraine Ayu Nasir, Modules Manager Education| University of Mansoura, Egypt Course| MBBS Medicine & Surgery Contact|

Sara Rijaluddin, Modules Officer Education| University of Durham, UK Course| LLB Law Contact|

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT Amir Zulhaqeem Zakaria, Logistics Manager I Education| Curtin Sarawak Malaysia Contact|

Nor Syahira Mohd Mahayadin, Logistics Manager II Education| Curtin Sarawak Malaysia Course| BEng Electronic & Communication Contact|

PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT Nadiah Azli, Publicity Manager I Education| Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan Course| BSc International Economics Contact|

Khairul Arifin Md Ajib, Publicity Manager II Education| Met Film School, London, UK Course| BA (Hons) Practical Filmmaking Contact| As producer and director of Filemduatayar Studio, Khairul has more than one year of producing and directing experience in low-to-no budget professional independent short film productions. *Filemduatayar Studio is one of Projek Kalsom’s partners. See Sponsors & Partners.

Adam Omar, Productions Manager Education| Imperial College, London, UK Course| PhD Aeronautics Research Contact| Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


Khairul Asyraf Khalid, Regional Manager (Malaysia) Education| Curtin Sarawak Malaysia Course| BSc Applied Geology Contact|

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


5.0 Sponsors & Partners Partners 


CURTIN E-FACT Website: Curtin E-fact is a group of trained facilitators studying in Curtin University of Technology’s students that varies from local to international students. E-Fact's objective is very much similar to Projek Kalsom, which is to help the younger generation to build a strong and well rounded characters through the academic and skills programmes, as well as to inculcate the culture of excellence within our young people.

FILEMDUATAYAR STUDIO Website: Filemduatayar Studio (FS) is a newly formed Sole Proprietor company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company is fully owned by Khairul Arifin Md Ajib, a Met Film School, London student. The principal purpose of FS is the development and production of media products that promote good causes and how-to skills. For the year 2011 FS is experimenting with inspirational short films and documentaries to slowly expand our operations. We believe there is hunger for entertainment products that inspire the audience to stand up against the challenges of life.

TRADING FUTURES BY LSE STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE Website: Trading Futures is a Financial Literacy workshop project initiated by the London School of Economics Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team. This workshop is targeted for needy students in the hope of teaching them how to gain financial independence and to be able to move freely towards achieving success in life. Projek Kalsom and Trading Futures believe that personal financial management is an

Providing Hope, Building Futures| Memberi Harapan, Membina Masa Depan


important skill that needs to be taught, especially to students from financially disadvantaged families.

Endorsement  

Ministry of Youth & Sports, Malaysia Ministry of Education, Malaysia

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Bronze Sponsors

Individual Contributions Mr. Ilyas Jamil

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6.0 FAQ 1. What is Projek Kalsom in short? Projek Kalsom is a motivational programme for Malaysian Form 4 students from less fortunate background that runs for a week during summer by Malaysian university students mostly from the United Kingdom. It is a collaborative project with the United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC). Projek Kalsom and UKEC are actually “old friends� - our relationship with UKEC goes back to 1995 when the organisation was officially established. Up to 2012, a total of 17 Projek Kalsoms have been organised throughout Peninsula Malaysia. 2. Is Projek Kalsom only open to Malaysian students studying in UK universities? No, any Malaysian university student can join Projek Kalsom, but the majority of our facilitators come from UK universities as this programme has its roots in the UK. Every Malaysian university student is welcome to join the Projek Kalsom family. We have yet to organise a formal programme whereby non-Malaysian students can join us too. This is definitely in our future plans. However, if you are especially interested in this year's programme, please contact the Committee for further arrangements. Alternatively, you may join UKECharisma, a project run by our partner, the United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC). 3. How are facilitators for the Projek Kalsom selected? Facilitators are selected based on their enthusiasm and academic rigour, as well as degree course. This is because we aim to provide a balanced mixture of career choices for the benefit of the student participants. If the number of facilitators exceeds the seats available, a first come, first serve basis will be employed in the selection of facilitators while at the same time considering all other factors listed above. For more details of facilitator criteria, please contact the Committee. 4. How are student participants for Projek Kalsom selected? Student participants for Projek Kalsom are Form Four Malaysian students who obtained excellent Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) results or deemed to have high academic potential as well as coming from a lower income bracket family, has unemployed parents or is an orphan, as categorised by the local state Department of Education. We do not select the participants.

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5. Is Projek Kalsom open to only Bumiputera persons? No, of course not! Don't be silly. Projek Kalsom is open to all Malaysian students regardless of race, creed and religious values. 6. So, if I am interested to join Projek Kalsom, do I need to pay any fee? All accommodation, meals and transportation in Sarawak are paid for all facilitators except for return flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sarawak.

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7.0 Media Social Media 


Twitter: projekkalsom

Projek Kalsom was shortlisted as one of the top 10 for 2012 DiGi WWWOW Internet for Good Award.

News 

Annual camp motivates poor students to aim high. Available from:

Berita Harian, 8th September 2011

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 Projek Kalsom 18: Promotion/Recruitment. Available from: A Vocal Journey (2010 Projek Kalsom 17 – A Step Towards Revolutinising Education). Available from:

Projek Kalsom 17: Empire State of Mind. Available from:

Projek Kalsom ke-17. Hope. Harapan.


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Projek Kalsom 18 (2012) Press Kit