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In Every ISSUE 4 Editor’s Letter Staying Cool

5 Between Us

Denise Jonas on Keeping Grounded, Ways to Bond with Your Daughter, Wired Women and more.

10 Charge It!

There’s a new Ann in Town

12 Food for Thought: If I Were a Tattoo… What Would I Be?

13 Win a Family Trip to Migis Resorts

The Maine Camp Experience is Like No Other

14 Family Television

18 Mom-Tested Road Trips

15 Your Home

19 Montreal Magic

16 Baby Talk

20 The Campus Tour

Five Questions for Kiele Sanchez Room to Grow Ask the Question Lady

18 Party Time Eat Together

19 Play Time

Game On! Grab the remote for engaging family games

36 Quick Meal

Simple Tarragon Tuna Sandwich for Two

Five Fab Destinations that are Parent and Kid-Worthy Canada offers an affordable vacation The College Process Doesn’t Have to Have You Tearing Your Hair Out. Follow These Tips.

21 Find the Right Overnight Camp for Your Child 22 Traveling Mom Supplement

Saving Gas, The Beauty of All-Inclusives, The Benefits of Inter-Generational Travel and more.

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A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011


Staying Cool S

ummertime...and the livin’ ain’t easy. What with planning last minute road trips, making sure our kids are happy at camp, attempting to get in shape for bathing suit season (okay - who are we kidding about that one - never gonna happen), and finding time to shop for some super summer fashions, there’s nothing lazy and hazy this time of year. Here at Project You, we are happy to share our summer issue - chock full of great information and advice and even a special travel supplement from the gang at TravelingMom.com. Contributor Linda Grant (SingleMomNYC) talks with Denise Jonas about keeping her superstar sons grounded, while humor writer and fashion maven Jenny Isenman shares her hot picks for summer that’ll turn heads. Plus, I got the chance to interview Kiele Sanchez, who stars in the A&E crime drama “The Glades” and we’ve even got a special giveaway from the show for our subscribers! If you’ve got a teen who’s about to embark on the college tour circuit, we’ve got expert advice from college maven Carolyn Cohen on how to navigate your way to the perfect campus for your kid. And if you’re a parent of a child contemplating sleepaway camp, we’ve got tips from expert Jill Tipograph on how to pick the best camp by making a vacation out of your touring experience. In the mood to spruce up your home? We’ve got you covered with some fabulous decorating tips that will help you transition your childrens’ rooms from toddler to teen. The ladies at Partybluprints are back with a plan to get the family around the picnic table for some great food and quality conversation. As I mentioned, Traveling Mom offers a special supplement that’s jam packed with great advice about summer getaways. Plus, yours truly shares my five favorite road trips along the Northeast while Holly Rosen gives us a birdseye view of another fabulous vacation option, Montreal. So before you hit the pool or beach, get ready to dive into a great summer read.


Beth Feldman Editor in Chief

betweenus Superstar Mom By Linda Grant

The scoop on staying grounded from the mom of the famous Jonas Brothers Denise Jonas with her singing sensation sons.



ver wonder what it’s like to be the mom of one the most famous groups in the world? Well, I got the chance to find out when I interviewed Denise Jonas, the mom of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, aka the Jonas Brothers and let’s not forget the youngest Jonas brother Frankie. From the moment she walked into the room, I could tell she was like every other mom I know but just happened to have talented and famous children, supportive, involved and happy that the fans love her sons as much as she and her husband do. As I was interviewing her, I envisioned that her house was always filled with friends and family, the house everyone wants to be invited to and hang out. Denise was attending an event with her son Nick, who has teamed up with Quaker Chewy Granola Bars to launch a new singing competition for kids. The contest, known as the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, was created to give parents of kids ages 8 - 14, a platform to showcase their kid’s vocal talents. The Grand Prize winner will get to record a song produced by Nick Jonas, an online music video, a contract with Jonas Group Management and $5,000 in cash. For more information on the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, go to www.ChewySuperstar.com. Thanks to Beth [Feldman, Project You editor], good friend and blogging mentor, I was invited along with fellow bloggers Amy Oztan from Selfishmom.com and Katja Presnal from Skimbacolifestyle.com to see Nick Jonas perform and interview Denise. And for the record, my eight-year-old daughter asked if she could read two of the questions and Denise graciously said, yes. Sweet, right? A thoroughly memorable experience for both mother and daughter. As the caregiver of her son Nick—diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 13—Denise Jonas has teamed up with Lilly Diabetes, Disney Online and Disney Publishing Worldwide to launch the Once Upon a Time Contest, which encourages parents and caregivers to submit an original written work, such as a poem, story or essay, inspired by their child’s experience with type 1 diabetes. The winning entry will be featured on Disney Family’s new type 1 diabetes website (www.family.com/type1), and the winner’s family will have the opportunity to attend the 2012 children with DIABETES annual international conference, Friends for Life, in Orlando.





Our Q & A with Denise Jones:

PY: How have you managed to keep your sons grounded despite their meteoric rise to fame? Denise Jones: I don’t know that I am responsible. I think that I have done the best I could as far as being a parent with my husband and I collectively trying to parent them. Keeping them focused on not necessarily on fame or what they are doing but focused on being a good person. That’s we have always stressed and I think that’s what’s helped them to always think about others not themselves. What is your advice to parents who have kids who dream of pursuing myself which is kind of hard, I don’t a career in music? know what to do with it. But I have I would say, that it’s really imalways just felt like that life was portant to listen to your kids, not about me and I think you and pay attention to what NYCSingleMom.com have more reward when you their ideas are, never discourtake the focus of yourself esage them from their goals, pecially as a mom. I think it’s even if you might think are unrewarding when my kids are attainable. Nick said I was singer blessed. but he was really being kind because I am not really a good singer. His dad is What would you cook for you them? really the musical one. I try to encourage My family is of Italian background. My all of them in their gifts. My youngest son, grandmother was of French descent but Frankie has different gifts, so I am trying to they love everything Italian that I cook. encourage him in new ways. They love my chicken enchiladas that my mom passed down. We were always Now that your sons are getting older, about eating healthy. We were always are you finding more time for your- very careful about eating together. self to do the things you’ve always loved to do? Did you go on the road when they I like this question because it’s a natural were younger? question for women especially those who As Nick mentioned, he was auditioning are stay at home but as I said, before a lot in New York but he did not go on about embracing life and living in the the road until he was twelve. I would moment. This has been a pretty fast ex- travel when he was in the tri-state area perience and I think that I have tried to as much as I could. My husband was live and experience every moment. I al- also working another job so he could not ways felt that this is what I loved to do. I travel. My brother, who had just graduam still missing cooking for them which is ated it was the perfect fit, went with satisfying. Just as Nick likes fans to sing them on the road. There were not gone with him, I like when they are eating my for extensive periods of time. After the food. I am having a little more time for first year, I was able to go with them. 6


A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

What is your favorite place since you have been all over the place? I love Europe and New York and miss being on the East coast a lot. That’s the best part, is that we have travelled and seen the world together. I love that Frankie can say that at ten years old, his favorite city is Rome. Who can say that? It’s been a blessing. My interview with Denise Jonas had to be one of the most relaxing, and laid-back interviews I have ever had and it’s thanks to her, engaging and warm personality. With an incredibly positive outlook on life, Denise is a true Role Mommy who encouraged her children to accomplish their dreams and as a result, they’re all living happily ever after. ■

Linda Grant is the Founder/Editor of NYCSingleMom.com where she writes about her adventures raising her adopted daughter in downtown New York City. And don’t miss Therapy Thursday where Linda discusses challenges all parents face. You can find her on Twitter@NYCSingleMom.

betweenus By Erika Katz

Five Ways to Bond with Your Daughter

1Try Something New

Two years ago, my daughter and I went into a surf shop to by some sunblock. She picked up a brochure for surf lessons, and we decided to try it. It was a challenge for both of us, but we had such a great time. Now, it is an activity we do together every summer. If surfing is too adventuresome for your taste, try a hot yoga class, cardio-kickboxing, or mountain biking.

2Pamper Yourselves

In the summer, hair can become dry and brittle from, sun, chlorine, and salt water. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to her hair and to yours. Wrap hair in a wet towel and relax outside for a half an hour. The heat from your head mixed with the warmth of the sun will open the hair cuticle and allow the conditioner to penetrate thirsty hair. Wash out the conditioner and you will be left with of water. To sweeten, juice a box of strawberries or raspberries. nourished, soft locks. It is a fun easy way to create a spa Add ice and serve. This is lots of fun and much healthier than like experience at home. a mix.

3Refresh your home

Pick some fragrant flowers from your garden like roses or lavender and hang them to dry overnight. Remove the petals and wrap them in a breathable fabric tied with a pretty ribbon. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you have homemade sachets. Place these in her clothing drawers as well as in areas all over your home. It is incredible how a little bit of fragrance can go a long way to transform your home.

4Hydrate Your Body © istock.com/ Studio1One

Great skin begins with hydration. Instead of plain water, make your own refreshing lemonade together. Have her squeeze 4 lemons (rich in Vitamin C which is essential for collagen production) and mix the juice with a pitcher

Fun Fac t

5Plant a garden

Nothing is more rewarding than growing your own food. You can plant some fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary, cilantro, and thyme. If you have space outside, wild strawberries are easy and perennial. Digging the soil, watering the plants, and caring for the garden is a great learning experience for your daughter as well as a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. ■ Author of Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust (Greenleaf Press, March 2011), Erika Katz uses her beauty expertise to help moms bond with their ‘tween daughters. As the mother of a ‘tween girl, she now writes a popular beauty blog for mothers tackling the drama of the ‘tween years.

Looking for a fast and easy way to remove cellulite before going out or to the pool? Try rubbing a slice or two of cucumbers along your problem area for a few minutes. The phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing the visibility of cellulite. Works great on wrinkles too! —The Pampered Chef projectyou




Wired Women

Meet Digital Mom mavens Colleen Padilla and Audrey McClelland, authors of The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home.  The book, which is set for release this summer through Harper Collins, shares the story of Audrey and Colleen’s meteoric rise to the top of the parenting blogosphere and gives readers the inside track on how to turn the business of blogging into a lucrative career.  As bloggers/tweeters and facebookers ourselves, we asked them how they’ve turned their dreams into reality: How did you meet? Audrey & Colleen:   We met in January 2009 at a Lifetime Media meeting in NYC. We hit it off instantly because we have very similar backgrounds -- we both were swimmers, very dedicated students and athletes, both went to Ivy League schools and ended up knowing a few of the same people. We also both had left corporate America to be at home with our children, while creating an online business from home.  Plus, we were the only ones who couldn’t stay up as late as everyone else that weekend!  We just clicked from the beginning and had similar ideas for where we wanted to take our blogs.

job, with set hours and all - or it could take over. Colleen: The hardest lesson I’ve learned is the need to say No. And to say to it often. I can’t do it all and I’ve luckily accepted that I need to say No.  I tend to be a people pleaser and over extend myself to everyone - including companies that want me and many other Digital Moms to often work for free. It can be hard to say no to exciting opportunities or the chance to work with a big brand and get potential exposure, but I’ve learned to prioritize what is best for both my business and for my number one priority which to spend time with my young children - who are already growing up too fast. 

What was your most memorable experience you’ve had in your journey as a digital mom? Audrey: Most memorable experience was being Do you ever unplug?  If so, what do you do to on the red carpet with Tim Gunn at the People’s unwind? Choice Awards in 2010, it was incredible!   To Audrey:  I’m getting better. Unplugging for me think that bloggers are now reporting live from is hanging with my family, reading a book or inevents and are considered influencers has been dulging in some reality TV shows.  I have made amazing to witness and be a part of. it my mission to unplug on the weekends and in Look for this book -Colleen: My most memorable experience  thanks the evenings, my laptop stays shut till the boys where else? Online to my crazy life as a digital mom has definitely are in bed.   Unless something is pressing and and at bookstores. been the chance to meet my favorite movie star, needs to be done, I unplug in the evenings. I want Jennifer Garner, up close and personal at an event my sons to be proud of their mom, but not feel like her with Frigidaire which included my children as particilife is online only. pants cooking up healthy snacks with Jennifer. She was as lovely Colleen:  Yes! I love to unplug although being connected via in person as you’d imagine this “down to earth” celebrity Mom Facebook and Twitter can be very addicting. Setting time limto be. its helps on a day to day basis even when I am connected. On the weekends and in the evenings,  I will unplug altogether to What hard lessons have you learned in your digital mom give myself both family time and personal time.  When I’m unjourney? plugged, you can usually find me on an adventure with my famAudrey:  The hardest lesson has been trying to find a healthy ily  or out for a run. I’m an obsessive reader and love to indulge balance.  The Internet is open 24/7, there aren’t any vacation in the latest vampire or paranormal novel - or any book for that days or sick days, you have to roll with it all.  I’ve had a diffi- matter! Every night before bed, I read  for almost an hour as I cult time finding a perfect balance (not that there is one).  I’ll find it’s a great way to clear my mind and get a good night’s be working on a post and look up and it’s two hours later. It’s sleep. Instead of going to bed with insominia and having my one of those jobs where you invest a lot of time, energy and mind race with my own worries, reading provides the perfect passion; you just need to make sure you’re working it like a real escape to help me unplug entirely.  ■ 8


A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

betweenus By Eric Ruhalter

Summertime and the Livin’s Easy (Just like Spring, Fall and Winter if you’re a Kid) 

Kids count down to summer vacation, often starting as early as September. They can’t wait for the day when there’s no more school, no more homework, no more projects, no more teachers. Finally, that long-anticipated last day of school arrives and, Lo and behold, – They’re bored.  Kids knock school all the time. It’s something they’re compelled to do because their parents tell them that it’s good for them. The same reason they shun a healthy diet, getting the proper amount of sleep and maintaining good dental hygiene.  But truth is that school isn’t so bad. They have recess and gym class and lunch time where they can barter for snacks so nutirition-less that they can’t be found even in the deepest recesses of the food pyramid. It’s not such a bad place. They play games, do art projects and are all day shoulder to shoulder with their smiling, fellow school-hating peers.  So, what I suggest is that this summer -- until the dreaded return of school -- make sure they have the most unpleasant summer imaginable. Hire a nanny. One who’s not very nice. Perhaps a frustrated retiree from the armed forces. A real drill sergeant type who misses beating down the spirits of young recruits who’s starting to show signs of dementia. Let the kids wake up before the sun, run, march, stand at attention, dig latrines and eat powdered foods with no tasty high fructose corn syrup. They can scrub toilets with a toothbrush and endure frequent tongue-lashings fierce enough to bring a badass with tattoos on his neck to tears. We’ll see how bored they are then. And, come September, we’ll see just how much they hate school

KidDictionary Word:


SUMMER SCHOOL CLASSES PARENTS WISH THEY COULD ENROLL THEIR BABIES AND TODDLERS IN ● Remedial Physics: You Can’t Pick Up That Book. You’re Standing On It! ● Potty Training I & II ● Ears: Those things on each side of your head. An Introduction To Listening ● Logic 105: When You Throw Mommy’s Car Keys in the Trash Can You can’t Go To The Park ● That’s Not Food! A Survey of Things You Shouldn’t Put in Your Mouth ● Foul Language 101: Things Daddy Says When He Hurts Himself, But You Shouldn’t

STAYHOMOPHOBIA (stay-HO-muh-fo-beeuh) n.: Fear of having your kids home for the entirety of Spring Break Week or all summer.

● Behavioral Compliance: Mom Says. You Do. ● Booger Harvesting: Yes, You Need A Tissue ● English as a First Language: Using Your Words ● Intro to Journalism: Go Ask Your Father

Eric Ruhalter

TheKidDictionary.com Eric Ruhalter studied economics at Dickinson College, in Carlisle PA, where he learned, first and foremost, that he’s not the least bit interested in the theories and principles of economics. So rather than study, he began spending most of his time writing. Don’t tell his father. He works in television in New York City, and resides in New Jersey with his wife, Kara, three children, and their two cats who will not stay off the dining room table no matter what Eric says or does to them. (Eric often speaks in the third person with hopes that it will make him seem more important.) projectyou



chargeIT! By Jenny Isenman

There’s a new Ann in Town Fashion maven Jenny Isenman falls back in love with an old friend

Rekindle with an Old Friend:

Doesn’t sound like a fashion tip, I know, but on a recent interview assignment, I was reintroduced to Ann Taylor - a place I hadn’t shopped since dressing for job interviews apres college and I was more than pleasantly surprised. OK, I was shocked - and I may have a bit a of a girl crush on the new Ann. Yep, I said it, I’m a fan of Ann!  I know, you’re thinking, I’ve sold out.  I’ve finally traded my trendy Theory short shorts (that I swore I would never wear again) for a high waisted “Mommy Suit” that accentuates my post baby pouch. Well, ye of little faith, you are wrong.  I didn’t have to change for Ann, she changed for me.  (If only my husband would be so accommodating!)  Don’t believe me?  One look at the pictures in this article, which are all courtesy of Ann Taylor and you can see why I started crushing on her... or at least her new style. For more about what’s on trend for summer, the new Ann Taylor, and how to put together a fresh summer look for under $200, check out this Lifestyle interview and challenge.

Just when you found the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) summer crept up on you and the new trend demands every woman have a ton of white in her closet... not to mention the LBD’s “sweet” sister the LWD at the ready. This summer will bring a lot of Boho chic clothes that incorporate the white trend. Think tunics with tailored shorts, and flipflops  or a maxi-skirt with a sequined tank.  One piece is chic, the other hip... well hippy.   Finally, I can be granola and still wear my stilettos.  Who would have ever thought that wouldn’t be an oxymoron?

Click here to see Jenny’s Summer Trend Report video! 10


A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

courtesy of ann taylor

What’s Hot is White-Hot:

Add a Pop of Color Turquoise, hot pink, orange, lemon yellow... add them to your repertoire. This summer is about fun color and accessories. Bright hues, island colors and blues are the hottest, or should I say the coolest? PS - bright colors actually make your skin look fresher and make you look younger.   Let’s be clear, I’m not talking splatter painting your ensemble to look like you did in the 80s, that will age you.  I’m talking a pop in a scarf, a tank, some lucite cuffs, or a hip statement piece of jewelry.  No need to break out the day-glow EGs.

Shorts are Suitable:

courtesy of ann taylor

It’s true, a tailored short looks great with uber high heels and a silky shirt or a blazer. It may be my favorite trend.  I get to feel chic and business-y, while ready at any moment to bust into a pop song and dance number... or at the very least, a flash mob.  Imagine the way Rihanna would show up for a board meeting and go with it.  

Click here to see Jenny’s Summer Trend Report video!

Jenny Iseman

Jenny Isenman, AKA Jenny From the Blog, is an on-air lifestyle expert, iVillage iVoice, and freelance writer for multiple women?s sites and magazines. When she?s not marveling at her hubby?s inability to get dishes into the sink, she can be found on her award winning how-to and humor site TheSuburbanJungle.com. projectyou



food FOR THOUGHT By Beth Feldman

If I Were a Tattoo... What Would I Be? N

open a LOFT account, I would simply flash her my LOFT logo and she’d know that I am truly one of their favorite shoppers. I’d do the same for Ann Taylor but I think the lettering is a little long for my arm. Better yet...maybe I can do a tattoo of shopping bags - one with LOFT, another with Ann Taylor and a third with White House Black Market.

Hydrangea Bush - Just yesterday, I told my husband how thrilled I was with how beautiful our hydrangeas are looking this year. The purples are so rich and lavish that I would be proud to leave our home each day sporting a replica of our treasured bush on my arm.

A Volkswagon EOS Convertible - Since that’s what I’m dreaming about for my next car and probably won’t get it (the trunk space is too small for our family), I can at least wear it proudly on my arm or leg. Or, I could always do a VW “Punch Buggy” that could change colors every time my kids punch my arm.

The Ann Taylor LOFT logo - Instead of the salesgirl asking me each time I visit whether I want to

A rendering of a woman getting a pedicure - Since I can hardly find the time to get my nails or



A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

my toes done, this would be the next best thing. It could almost serve as my personal to do list - look down at my tattoo of the lady being pampered and immediately head to Sophia’s Nails. Re-create My Favorite Hotel of All Time...Le Sirenuse in Positano - My husband and I went there on our honeymoon nearly 15 years ago and since jet fuel prices are out of the stratosphere, I probably may never go back until we hit retirement and our kids send us away for our 50th anniversary. Rather than conjure up memories of our romantic five days in southern Italy, I could wear it proudly on my butt cheek where it would serve as a reminder to my husband that it’s time to take me on a really romantic vacation. So there you have it...I’ve bared my personal tattoo collection with you. ■

© istock.com/ Colourfield

ow that the summer is in full force, I’ve been noticing an increasing trend in my area. Tattoos. Big burly men who could qualify for contestants on “The Biggest Loser” sport them on their arms, their legs and their bellies. Ridiculously fit men who look like “The Situation” from “Jersey Shore,” have them all over their arms, legs and backs. Surprisingly, the muscle men always avoid desecrating their most prized possession...their six packs. And let’s not forget women. I’ve seen rose tattoos on ankles, hearts near someone’s butt crack (okay, yes, it’s weird that I looked but it’s like a bad car accident... you just can’t look away). I’ve seen an ink charm bracelet on someone’s wrist and ankle - although I would have taken the sparkly kind over the painful version any day of the week. And I’ve seen birds, names of loved ones (including grandmothers), a memorial tattoo and so many more that last night, I had a dream about being kidnapped and strapped into a chair at a tattoo parlor. While I am pretty skittish when it comes to allowing a creepy bald guy use a drill to engrave my Grandma Dora’s initials on my arm, if yours truly were ever forced to get a tattoo, here’s a few options I think I could live with...

our SPONSOR By Danielle Feigenbaum

Win a Family Trip to Migis Resorts with the Maine Camp Experience

courtesy of maine camp experience


here’s nothing like summertime in Maine! If you’ve never been to Maine, summer is a magical time to go. If you’re contemplating sending your child to overnight camp in Maine, you don’t want to miss taking part in this amazing opportunity! Migis Hotels, a collection of award-winning luxury hotels and resorts in Maine, is partnering with MaineCampExperience.com to give away two fabulous vacation packages AND offering 25% off new reservations throughout summer 2011 when touring a Maine Camp Experience member camp this summer. Migis Hotels and The Maine Camp Experience know that summers and camp belong in Maine...and they’re sure you’ll agree. MaineCampExperience.com is a newly launched informational and resourcebased website to help parents explore the culture and offerings as well as learn more about visiting overnight camps in the best state to send kids to camp. The website is represented by a community of premier American Camp Association accredited Maine camps that are dedicated to providing children with the highest quality summer camp experiences. Migis Hotels is a collection of luxury hotels and resorts dedicated to creating an unparalleled world of relaxation and recreation at extraordinary waterfront settings in Maine. Breathtaking views, gourmet food, and attentive, personalized service distinguish Migis Hotel Group’s portfolio. Each property - including Black Point Inn, Migis Lodge and The Inn at Ocean’s Edge - has a unique and distinctive character that conveys a strong sense of place

and ensures an authentic Maine experience. As one reviewer said “It’s like summer camp for adults!”

Visit Maine Camps this Summer and Save on your Stay

The best way to explore the wonder of camps in Maine is to visit them with your kids. Plan a family tour at Maine Camp Experience member camps this summer, because families won’t want to miss out on the 25% discount Migis is offering on new reservations (subject to availability). Stay at these quintessential Maine hotels and lodges, and tour our camps, to truly understand why Summers and Camp Belong in Maine! Call any of the Migis properties and mention Maine Camp Experience to receive this special offer.

Win a Family Summer Vacation in Maine

Also at MaineCampExperience.com, families can enter to win one of two com-

plimentary luxury summer vacations valued at up to $5,000 at any of Migis’ three award-winning properties. Vacation packages include accommodations, food, and activities for up to 4 people. Families considering a Maine Camp Experience camp for their child in 2012, can schedule a camp tour of any member camp this summer, and be eligible to win the TourA-Camp Vacation (drawing will be held on September 1st, 2011.) Families with a child(ren) currently enrolled as a member of a Maine Camp Experience camp are eligible to enter The Camper-Parent-Appreciation Vacation (drawing to be held July 25th, 2011.) ■ Danielle Feigenbaum, former Television Marketing and Promotion Executive at CBS and ABC Networks, joins Role Mommy and Project You as a regular contributor. Danielle lives in Westchester with her husband, Andrew and their two kids - daughter Alexa, 6 and son Jordan, 3.




familyTELEVISION By Beth Feldman

Five Questions for Kiele Sanchez


recently got the chance to interview Kiele Sanchez, who stars as Callie Cargill in the hit A&E Sunday night crime drama, “The Glades.” Now in its second season, Kiele plays a single mom with a 12 year old son who by day, works as a forensics nurse who helps easy on the eyes Matt Passmore solve murders in Palm Glades, Florida.  

Kiele Sanchze plays a forensics nurse on “The Glades.”

What are your favorite summer books? I’m a big reader. I just picked up Birds of America by Lorrie Moore and it’s a book of short stories on loneliness which is probably not the best book to pick up since I’m working in Miami and my boyfriend is in New York and I’m alone most of the time.   Union Atlantic is the next book I’m going to read.  What’s your favorite summer movie? “Bridesmaids” was the best.   I literally looked like one of those cartoons where the tears were spurting out of your eyes.  It was hysterical!  



What do you do love most about working in Miami? I have to say I like the most the people here. We have an amazing crew and most of them are from Florida and are local hires, and they’re warm, awesome funny people.   Even though “The Glades” is a crime

Make sure you watch Kiele on “The Glades” every Sunday at 10 PM, ET/9 PM CT on the A&E Television Network. And if you’d like to win an autographed DVD of the series’ first season, subscribe now to Project You and we’ll select one winner via Random.org.

A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

drama, are there every any laughs on set? What don’t we see behind the scenes? The thing you’re not seeing is that we laugh all the time.   When Matt and I do a scene - the more serious the scene is, the more ridiculous we are between takes.  We can go into it and turn it off - to stay that heightened and dramatic in any way is really hard and I think we would burn out.  A lot of times, we play danger games.   He’ll do something to make me laugh and break (my concentration).  (If they showed a blooper reel) mine is going to be filled with obscenities and inappropriate gestures. ■


What job did you have before you got discovered? Kiele: I have been working since I was nine - helping my stepmom’s dad - I used to take things to the flea market and I used to work every Saturday and would wake up really early.  My dad was a jockey when I was growing up, sometimes I’d go to work with him and clean a barn or walk a horse.  I worked at a Diesel store once and they almost fired me because I would tell the truth about whether people looked good in jeans.  We worked on commission and my bossed asked me what are you not getting?  I’m not gonna lie.

yourHOME By Christine Wetzel

Room to Grow

Interior designer Christine Wetzel’s tips for transitioning children’s rooms.

Neutral wall paint allows you to change accent pieces to transition your child from two to tween.

paint. It’s an instant face lift! My favorite? ModernWallGraphics.com. Their choices are more on the sophisticated side, but maintain a sense of whimsy.

pictures courtesy of christine wetzel design


y basic design tenet is to truly make a client’s home “theirs.” I want them to feel as if they are walking into their own private oasis, while at the same time applying a sense of practicality and longevity. In the past, I’ve often found myself employed by families looking to create bedrooms their children can grow with. This can seem like a daunting task (think of the little boy who loves dinosaurs as he grows up to worship football stars). I’ve had plenty of experience with this; both working with families in the past and with my own two children. Here, tips to keep in mind when designing a child’s room: Use neutral colors. Instead of painting a bright pink room for your princess,



Have fun with your accessories! Some of my most fabulous finds for decorating children’s rooms include: Pottery Barn Kids PB Teen Target Home Goods

4Throw a rug, or two.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to persuade clients to use hardwood floors in their chilpaint the walls a neutral color and then add dren’s rooms. They create another avenue princess accents in more transient pieces for easy, economical changes. If hardwood like bedding, pillows, and curtains. floors aren’t do-able, that’s ok too! Trust me! As she grows from prinIn either situation you can eascess to tween she will thank you ily freshen up a room’s look for not putting up that unicorn by adding colorful area rugs ChristineWetzel wall paper she begged you for. to match your décor!.

Christine Wetzel Design.com

out accents as your 2Swap child grows.

By keeping your main palette neutral, you are able to transition other design elements easily. For example, replace the pink princess netting over your daughter’s bed with beach-themed shelves and fabulous shell pillows.

on wall decals are your 3Stick friend.

These decals easily stick to walls and don’t cause damage to existing

5Keep it modular.

I love the flexibility of modular furniture. It’s semi-customizable, so you have the ability to add and subtract pieces to create desks, large dressers, and bedside tables as your child grows. A great place to pick up modular furniture is PBTeen.com. ■ Christine Wetzel has over 13 years of interior design experience. She graduated from Denison University and continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Interior Design. She lives in Tarrytown, NY with her boyfriend his two boys and her two teenagers. projectyou



babyTALK By Jennie Baird and Laura Wattenberg

Ask the Question Lady We have daughter named Malia and a son named Tytan, and are preparing for the birth of our second son. My husband and I both like Nytro with a possible nickname of “Nyte.” Is this TOOO out there? The older people we ask do not like it at all: my mom said ABSOLUTELY NOT (repeatedly). But then my husband asked a group of high schoolers and they thought it was way cool. We like unusual names and my husband was inspired by American Gladiators. Are we delusional? —Jen (from the 70s)



A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

dynamite it killed many people, including Nobel’s own brother. An ever bigger turn-off for your mom’s generation could be the medical uses of nitroglycerin. In drug names like NitroMist and Nitrospan, the prefix nitro- has come to mean “heart disease.”

Where does that leave you? The high school kids’ reaction tells you that the name should play well on the playground. The adult world, though, is likely to react strongly to it throughout your son’s life. ■

Jennie Baird & Laura Wattenberg www.NameCandy.com

Jennie Baird and Laura Wattenberg are the creators of NameCandy.com and BabyNameWizard. com. NameCandy lets you “indulge your taste in names” with celebrity name news, the Ask the Name Lady advice column and more, while BabyNameWizard.com is the authoritative source for tools and analysis to help you find the perfect name.

© istock.com/ aeduard; © istock.com/ DaydreamsGirl

simple answer is that even tiny steps of Ah, Jen from the 1970s, style can be enough to “cross the line” you’ve put your finger with a name. To start with, Tytan is on the key question for more comfortably name-like, a mashup would-be unique nam- of popuar choices like Tyson, Tristan ers everywhere: is this and Payton. You can get away with a lot cool, or am I crazy? Your bittersweet more boundary pushing when you wrap sign-off speaks volumes. When you’ve the name up in familiar sounds.

Then lived your whole life as one of many there’s the meanings. As words, titan with your name, unconventional and nitro both suggest explosive choices can be tantalizing, full strength, but in different ways. of that certain something your Do you have a Titans are mythical deities, name never had. But you question for the or towering figures in realdon’t want to go too far beworld arenas. The word’s Name Lady? yond the curve, giving your associations are positive, Send it to ask@ children names that move bathed in the mist of legend. past edgy into burdensome.

I namelady.com Nitro, in contrast, is a very real can understand your confusubstance that shows the dark sion in this case. If everybody’s fine side of power. 

It’s telling that your with Tytan, a creative twist on a brash mom hates the name so much, while word name straight out of American high school kids love it. For teenagers, Gladiators, why would they object to nitro may just seem like a vague power Nytro...a creative twist on a brash word prefix, along the lines of “turbo.” Their name straight out of American Gladi- associations with the word probably run ators? The two names share so many to snowmobiles or comic book supervilelements, from the y-for-i swap to their lains. Your mom, though, might know popularity as brand names for power more about actual nitroglycerin, a subequipment. How can a grandma who ac- stance so explosive that before Alfred cepts one flip out over the other?

The Nobel figured out how to turn it into


Want to become a


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partyTIME By Elizabeth Mascali & Dawn Sandomeno

Eat Together Dinner has the power to create family and community, whether the gathered are blood relatives, business colleagues or newfound friends. Simply put: Good things almost always happen when people share a meal. —Unknown gether try brunch. Dinner parties may not be in your budget, or maybe they are too time consuming, so try breakfast instead. Sunday is a great day to invite grandma, grandpa and all the cousins over for a pancake breakfast. This is a very inexpensive way to entertain a crowd and conversation over a few cups of coffee is a great way to catch up. Add fresh fruit, fun toppings and bacon or sausage,. BREAK THE RULES PACK UP A PICNIC – If AND DO LUNCH - Can’t you are always on the run, make dinner work for the make a meal to go. Take it whole family? Then move with you to the beach, park, dinnertime to lunchtime. ball/soccer field or pool and This may me easier in the PartyBluPrintsBlog.com have a time out to sit tosummer when the kids are gether to enjoy sandwiches, out of school. It’s actually a cheese, fruit, bread, fried healthier way to eat and may chicken or whatever is handy just be more practical for your to pack in your basket or cooler. lifestyle.  Weekends are also a perThe shade of a tree, a blanket and fect time to try this out. some delicious snacks will provide the perHowever you make time to eat together, fect place to share a meal together. do it regularly and when you can open your MAKE IT BRUNCH – If the family table to friends and family. It’s an intimate meal means getting the entire clan to- and wonderful way to connect.■

Here are 3 suggestions to try when time is tight this summer.

In the summer, it’s easy to get together over grilled burgers.

Benefits of Eating Together ❏ Provides opportunities for communication and building relationships. ❏ Family meals appear to give children an edge in the classroom. ❏ Studies show that Preschoolers had better language skills when the family ate together ❏ Researchers at the University of Illinois found that children ages 7 to 11 who did well on school achievement tests spent a large amount of time eating meals and snacks with their families. Their achievement was not affected by their mother’s employment status, full-time, parttime or not employed ❏ In a study that followed 65 children over 8 years, Harvard researchers looked at which activities most fostered healthy child development: play, story time, events with family members and other factors. Family dinners won out. ❏ Mothers in the Nutrition Education Network of Washington’s focus groups said, “When we eat together, we eat better.”

Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno are party and lifestyle authors, bloggers, and social media hostesses. Their first book, PLAN TO PARTY, (Yorkshire Publishing) offers ideas from their blog andis a go-to resource for home entertaining. 18


A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

©PartyBluPrints,inc.; © istock.com/ monkeybusinessimages


haring a meal forces a time out to nourish, mind, spirit and body. If you consider all three then you realize how important it is for families to eat together. Summer is really not much different than the rest of the year when it comes to busy schedules, so we need to get creative and make it happen.

playTIME By Jennifer Wagner

Game on!

Click here

Grab the remote: These new products will have the whole family engaged

Sure lemonade stands are fun in the summer but the following will keep your kids entertained and out of your hair: Ages 5-7 and up Magical Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages & Castles, DS, DSi - New game in the Zhu Zhu line in which players help Princess Snowcup find Prince Dashington’s castle.

Jennifer Wagner

Connect With Your Teens

courtesy of vendors


had the opportunity to attend a fun event at the NYC offices of Nintendo. I had a chance to meet many Nintendo employees, enjoy great food and drinks and try out two new Nintendo games that are brand new this summer. Wii Play: Motion and Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident are both fun games for all ages and the guests were lining up to play them. Wii Play: Motion introduces 12 unique minigames that use motion-control. The games can each be played alone or with up to 4 players. A Wii Remote Plus controller comes in each box. The children at the event loved adding scoops to ice cream cones in the Cone Zone minigame. Some of the other fun games that I tried or viewed were Flutter Fly, in which you must guide balloons through an obstacle course, Grappling Ghosts, where you find and catch ghosts and Wind Runner in which you use the controller like an umbrella and ride the wind through a race course. If you enjoy finding hidden objects then you will love Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident. Players act as detectives and

hunt for hidden objects and solve puzzles on Malgrave Island. You can play alone or up to four people can play together. This is the first time that a Mystery Case Files game has been made for the Wii. I love the film Noir look of the game, which is like an old-time mystery. With multi-layered hidden objects and brain-teasing obstacles, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident can keep the whole family involved and having fun for hours. There is even an interesting and mysterious storyline to add to the excitement of the game. If you were worried that Nintendo was going to focus all of its efforts on the 3DS this summer, then you can stop worrying. With games like Will Play: Motion and Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident, your kids and your entire family can have a great time on the Will all summer long. ■ Jennifer Wagner has been working with Millennials for years, mostly as an academic law librarian teaching students legal research. Her blog, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, helps parents keep up with pop culture and technology as a way of bonding with their teenage children.

Mario Kart, Wii - Great racing fun for the entire family, up to 12 players can play together online.

Strange and Wonderful World of Ants, iPad app - Quirky science app with an adjustable reading level making it usable to a wide range of kids. Great illustrations. Math Bingo, iPhone and iPad app – Ranked as one of the top educational apps for elementary school age kids. Ages 8 and up Plants vs. Zombies, Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, DS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Web – Fun comic graphics in which players protect their homes from zombies using various types of plants. Winner of numerous awards. Appeals to all ages. Cut the Rope, iPhone and iPad app 8 Fun strategy game from the makers of Angry Birds. This game also involves physics. Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version, DS and DSi – Interesting plot involving animal liberation, fun and easy to play, online component. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii – Fast paced adventure game with classic Nintendo characters. Two players can enjoy it together in cooperative mode. Great family game.




familyTRAVEL By Beth Feldman

Mom-Tested Road Trips Planning to hit the road this summer with your family and don’t know where to go? Check out our fave five destinations that are both kid and parent-worthy.


Block Island, RI

We have been going back to this cozy, family friendly island with our friends for the last five years and I have to say, that every year we find something new - whether it be a Blueberry Mojito at the Spring House, fabulous jewelry, cakes and picture frames at the farmers market or just great conversation at an outdoor restaurant with a view of the ocean. Our friends, who are Block Island veterans, know every nook and cranny of the island and have introduced us to all their favorites including the Spring House, Mansion Beach, hiking trails, bonfires and much more. For an ultimate family vacation, go away with a few friends and make it one that you will never forget.


Nantucket, MA


Bethany Beach or Rehobeth, DE

Rent a house with friends or family, hit the beach, play tennis, relax at the 20


pool, bike ride and more. At night, the restaurants are plentiful as are the crabs and there’s a boardwalk filled with shops and activities for families. If you live in the tri-state area, the ride to Bethany Beach is just long enough before the kids start asking “Are we there yet?”


Smuggler’s Notch Vermont

The drive might be far, but once you arrive, the experience is well worth the trip. With several pools and slides for the kids, hiking and biking trails, lakes, pedal boats, canoes, water skiing (which I managed to do after not having tried it in more than 20 years!), Smuggler’s Notch has it all. And if you venture out of the family

A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

friendly resort, check out the Ben & Jerry’s factory nearby, Cabot Cheese, great shopping in Burlington and the Trapp Family Resort, Vermont has everything in a family vacation and more.


Explore Pennsylania

This pick takes me back to my childhood since I spent my summers at my parent’s home in Dingman’s Ferry, PA. If you’re looking to experience the simple life at its finest, then Pennsylvania is the way to go. From canoeing and white water rafting, to the Amish Country, Gettysburg, Milford, PA and more, Pennsylania is the place where history, adventure and memory making begins. To find out more go to VisitPA.com. ■

© istock.com/ DeepGreen

There is nothing that quite compares to Nantucket. From the decadent restaurants (Le Chanticleer), the great brunch spots (Black Eyed Susie’s), bike trails, beaches, sailing cruises and shops, this is by far one of my favorite New England destinations. If you can’t swing a summer trip, then check out the island in the fall where you can still enjoy biking, eating, shopping, sailing and more. Best hotel on the island for families: The White Elephant --- one of the most beautiful resorts on the island. If you have time for a weekend getaway without the kids, I highly recommend visiting Nantucket on your own too - my husband and I spent our first anniversary there and still remember it as if it were yesterday.

familyTRAVEL By Holly Rosen

Montreal Magic I

Will and Kate were here: Reason enough for you to check out? Visit the Aquatic Garden at the f you’ve been trying to figure out Montreal Botanical Gardens. how to take your kids abroad without breaking the bank, you should think about a trip to Montreal. Why not avoid the new airfare increases, high exchange rate and even the long flight, as well as the time difference, when you can travel only a few hours by plane or a hand full by car to Montreal? Once you cross the border in Canada, you’re nearly there. The trip is just that easy. Once you’re there, you can introduce your kids to everything that you love about France without actually taking them there. Montreal is the 2nd largest Frenchspeaking city in the world with some of the most delicious French cuisine. Think of all those French pastries- from morning croissants to evening crepes – you can in- tensive tours or you can take the bikes out troduce to your children!  for a whole day.   In terms of when to go, summer is a The city itself offers countless possibrilliant time as there are festivals bilities for children.  The Olympic galore, including the  Fireworks Park houses the Biodome, an Festival, Montreal Grand indoor zoo with four eco zones Prix,  the Fringe Festival, the including a tropical forest, TheCulture Montreal Circus Arts Festival polar world, Laurentian ForMom.com (July 7-24) and the quintesest and St Lawrence marine sential Jazz Festival (June 25eco system. Nearby you have July 4th)….and so many others. the Botannical Gardens and an Winters can be quite cold, but you Insectitarium.  The Old Port houscan leave the city and take your kids ski- es  the  Montreal Science Centre which ing in the Laurentian Mountains, which currently has the  Indiana Jones and the are breathtaking, or tour inside the walls Adventure of Archaeology exhibit to celof beautiful Quebec City. ebrate the 30th anniversary of the film’s Cabs are easy to get all over the city, debut and will not be in the U.S. for anand bikes are popular options for get- other six years.  Nearby you have Shed 16 ting around the city, as well.  The city has Labyrinth, an indoor maze, Pointe-a-Cala well-developed bike path system so it’s liere, Montreal’s Museum of Archaeology very easy to ride around.   They have re- where they have a fantastic multi-media cently adopted the public BIXI bike sys- film that tells the history of Montreal’s detem, which is a word that combines “bi- velopment, bicycle and quadricycle rentcycle” and “taxi”.   They are inexpensive als, boat rides, and outdoor winter skatand easy to take out and are available at ing rink. Other kid-friendly destinations self-service stations all over the city.  For are the Montreal Planetarium, La Ronde longer bike rides, and to make certain you (amuseument park), Atrium Le 100 (inget a child-friendly bike, Ca Roule/Mon- door skating), jet boating and rafting on treal on Wheels is your best option.  Lo- the Lachine and really good shopping if cated in the Old Port area, they offer inex- your children are on the older side.

© istock.com/ nantela

Holly Rosen

Here are a few tips to know before you arrive: ● Public transportation is free for kids on weekends (up to 5 kids) ●Y  ou can get a museum or attractions pass ( 30 museums plus popular city attractions and access to the public transit network) ● The permanent exhibits at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are always free. ●S  pace for Life (which houses the Biodome, Insectitarium, Botanical Gardens and Planetarium) has a 3 for 1 ticket which saves you money. ● There are plenty of parks all over the city for when your kids need a break from sight-seeing.. ■

Holly Rosen Holly’s career spans the worlds of television and publishing, including positions at MTV, Lifetime Television and John Wiley & Sons. She is now founder of Maxo Social Media and is the editor of www.theculturemom. com. She has two children and lives in Larchmont.




collegeBOUND By Carolyn Cohen, Esq

Welcome to your new rite of passage:

The Campus Tour Before you start tearing your hair out anticipating the college touring process and planning a cross-country trek to see 25 campuses in six days, sit back and take some deep yoga breathes. Plan accordingly and follow these tips:

Start local. Visiting colleges or universities near home can be a great place to begin the college search. Choose colleges that vary in size and type of environment in which they are located. Can you believe it’s that time? (DIdn’t you just graduate?)

Encourage your child to take the lead early on in the college process including calling to schedule the visit, introducing him/her to the admissions staff, filling out the paperwork and choosing from among the tour guides.

Keep quiet and let your child ask the questions on the tour. You know that whatever you say, will embarrass them anyway. Use the time when you’re in the car or over dinner to discuss the specifics about the school.

Avoid rushing from campus to campus. More than two schools in a day or a trip longer than three days becomes a blur.

Grab lunch in the cafeteria. Besides checking out the food, this allows your child to eavesdrop on, or engage in, conversations about the school. 22


Read bulletin boards and school newspapers to get a sense of weekend and evening activities.

and missing lunch because you’re dashing to the next info session, are all rites of passage on the college road trip.

Plan for down time. Get tickets for a sporting event or theater production on campus. Explore the school’s surrounding area.

Parents should not voice their opinions first at the conclusion of a visit, nor let their body language reveal their thoughts before their child has reflected upon what he or she has seen and heard.

Allow your child to change his or her mind and feel secure enough to do so. As a parent, this is your time to listen.

Students should bring a notebook and record their thoughts about each college and take pictures to help recall the details of each campus.

A Role Mommy Magazine l Summer 2011

Have fun. Sloshing through puddles on a campus in the rain, getting lost

Finally, try to see the humor along the way and enjoy this unique opportunity to spend time with your teenager. For most students McDreamy University does not exist. Instead, as they become more familiar with the subtle differences between schools, they will start to identify and prioritize what is important to them, bringing them closer to deciding ultimately where they would like to attend. ■ Carolyn Cohen, Esq. is a Certified Educational Consultant and founder of College Pathways located in Chappaqua, New York. For further information, contact Carolyn at collpathways@gmail.com or 914 260-2754.

© istock.com/ RichVintage

Set up appointments in advance. Colleges usually schedule 45 minute tours and hour-long information sessions back-to-back. Encourage your child to preregister to attend a class while visiting and schedule your info session and tour around the desired class time.

ourSPONSOR By Danielle Feigenbaum

Finding the Right Overnight Camp for your Child


he time has come… your 6, 7, 8 or 9 year old child says to you, “I want to go to sleepaway camp!” Now what? If you are sure they are ready, you need to begin picking the best place to send your most prized possession. While, the thought of selecting an overnight camp for your child can seem overwhelming, where you send them is all about the right fit – to meet their and your needs. Jill Tipograph, the summer camp expert, shares some wonderful tips in her book, Your Everything Summer Guide & Planner: ✓ Tour the camps in the summer to observe kids and staff in real

A Breathe of Fresh Air

will receive the most attention on a mid-week tour. ✓ Do not over-schedule. Two tours a day are ideal; one tour in the

The actual location of the camp plays an important role as well in your sleepaway camp choice. Many parents share that they want their child to meet kids at camp from different communities, states and countries. And to have the opportunity to explore the wonderful outdoors; participating in activities they can’t do at home. Others feel the destination should offer parents and families summer vacation options as well.

the specific area can be included in the tour. ✓ Match the environment to your individual child. Do NOT assume that be-

As one parent who sends her sons to Camp Androscoggin said, “Pine trees, beaches, lakes, lighthouses, and deep blue skies are all welcoming sights when you arrive, not to mention the vast wildlife. Maine camps are the best of the best with years of experience behind them. Generations of families return to the same camp because it is such a positive life experience for their children.” And Matt Pines camp director of Maine Teen Camp said; “Maine is clean, safe and pristine.” You can’t say that about most other states!

time. ✓ Call ahead! Tours are not available at all times. The first and

last weeks of overnight camp are often closed to tours and many camps do not allow visits on trip days, either. ✓ Weekends are the most popular time to visit camps but you morning and one in the afternoon. ✓ Tour when the family is rested and fed. ✓ Do make sure everyone in your family is appropriately dressed with comfortable shoes, a hat, water, etc. to optimize the tour experience. Evaluate whether or not a younger child can handle all the walking and traveling involved. ✓ Have realistic expectations. Depending on the time of day you visit, activities could be altered due to weather or scheduling. ✓ If you are not taken to an area which has interest to you or your child, ask if cause a friend, relative, or sibling went to a camp that it’s right for your child. Every child has different needs! ✓ Speak with the camp director about your child in person or on the phone. (The advantage of an in-person meeting is that you can see how the director relates to kids.) Pay special attention to staff training. ✓ Involve your child; participation helps him/her prepare for the experience (especially first-time campers). ■

courtesy of maine camp experience

Try Maine:

To help narrow down your options, plan tours and even a vacation while you’re there, visit MaineCampExperience.com. The Maine Camp Experience is a newly launched informational and resource-based website to help parents explore the culture and offerings in Maine, as well as learn more about visiting sleep away camps in what is touted as the “most peaceful state” in the country. The website is represented by a community of premier American Camp Association accredited Maine camps that are dedicated to providing children with the highest quality summer camp experiences. To find out more about Maine Summer Camps and to enter to win (MaineCampExperience. com/Visit/) an unforgettable family vacation at Migis Hotels (the quintessential Maine hotel properties) – and how to save money on this summer’s stay - visit the Maine Camp Experience website today (MaineCampExperience.com).

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Šwww.istock.com/ DNY59

Summer Travel Issue

Road Trips

Tips for a Better Road Trip Few things are more American than the long road trip. Kids in the back arguing about who crossed the imaginary line and Mom and Dad in front threatening to “turn this car around if you kids can’t behave.” By Cindy Richards


f you’ve taken a family vacation or ever traveled with kids, chances are you’ve been on a road trip. Maybe it was great; maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, it likely provided fodder for years worth of great family stories. Here are some tips to help ensure your road trip is great, and memorable.

1 ©www.istock.com/ monkeybusinessimages; ©www.istock.com/ Dewitt

Bring a map.

Yes, the GPS is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. But it’s not infallible, it won’t teach your kids how to read a map and it won’t tell you that you’re only 10 miles from the site of the world’s largest ball of twine.


Bring snacks.

Food is the fastest way to calm the snarling masses. But think car-friendly

Make your summer road trips a family bonding experience. foods. That means small finger foods, such as grapes, that are less likely to leave a mess behind. And the only beverage allowed should be water. It’s better for everyone and it won’t stain the seats. (See our Healthy Snacks story on Page 34 of this Summer Travel Issue for more car-friendly foods.)


Bring entertainment.

Yes, it can be electronic. Those portable DVD players and smartphone apps have secured their place in the road trip world.

But don’t give up some old fashioned family fun. The alphabet game (find something outside the car that starts with a letter of the alphabet), Mad Libs and other family conversation starter games are real road trip bonding experiences.


Get some exercise.

Plan to stop at least every two hours to let the kids run around for 15 minutes. It will prolong the trip, but it also might save your sanity (and theirs). If the natives

Get Your Car in Gear The key to a good road trip is … a good car. Really. There is no bigger vacation buzzkill than a broken down vehicle and spending hours (and maybe thousands of dollars) at the repair shop. So, before you embark on your road trip, Audra Fordin, a fourth-generation auto mechanic in Flushing, New York, recommends taking your car to the mechanic for a check-up. Make sure all of the maintenance is up to date (oil changed, air filter cleaned, tires checked) and top off all of the fluids, including the windshield washer fluid. Once you’re on the road, keep your eye on the gas gauge. “Exits can be far and

few between when you reach unfamiliar territory,” she says. “Try not to let your gas gauge go below the quarter mark. This will save you time, money and hassle.” Finally, if your car starts to overheat, put the heater on HIGH (even if it’s 100 degrees outside)  to bring the hot air from the engine into the cabin.  This should help to buy you more time to get to the service station. Likewise, if your charging system light comes on while you are driving, shut off all the “extras” (a/c, interior lights, radio, defroster, if it’s daytime, shut off the headlights too). Going bare minimum will relieve some of the load on the engine—maybe enough to allow you to reach a repair shop. Special Section

Survival Guide for Moms Who Travel

Road Trips

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A GPS is great, but maps still have their place on a road trip. get restless miles before the next rest stop is planned, try a little in-the-car exercise with a rousing round of “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes.” Even little ones in car seats can play along. Sing each round faster and mix up the instructions (ears, nose, legs and toes), until everyone dissolves into a fit of giggles.


Name that trip.

This is a way to make each trip unique,

especially if you’re headed on the same road to the same Grandma’s for the umpteenth time. Call it the Summer to Remember Tour or the Granny Gerta’s Greatest Hits Trip. Let each kid come up with a name, then have a secret ballot to vote on the winner. Click on the compass! Read how you can ensure your children won't be fighting on your next road trip!

Tips for Saving Gas

✔ Slow down. If you’re on the highway, driving 60 miles per hour instead of 70 mph will add as much as four miles per gallon of gas over the duration of your trip. Likewise, traveling at a constant rate of speed, versus fluctuating between 55 and 75 miles per hour, will add another four miles per gallon. ✔ Turn the car off when it’s not moving. You’ll save gas and reduce the risk of the people inside being poisoned by the carbon monoxide gas released from the exhaust. ✔ Use the air conditioner when you’re on the highway. Having the windows open creates an aerodynamic drag that causes an engine to work harder, which uses more gas. On side roads, turn off the A/C and open the windows ✔ Plan your trip to avoid backups. It’s better for your gas mileage and your blood pressure.

Special Section

©www.istock.com/ ranplett

Over 60 traveling moms who will make your trips easier

We’re giving away prizes for sharing stories of

Heroes Wanted! A $10,000 vacation to the top

Heroes Away From Home, including a $10,000 vacation!

Random Act of Kindness, as voted by you! Have you witnessed a roadside rescue? Did a customer service agent go out of their way to make your day? Maybe you even owe your life to the kindness of a stranger? From medical miracles to spectacular service, we’re searching the world for everyday heroes away from home. The hero you nominate can win a $10,000 vacation. You could win too!

Now through Labor Day, September 5, 2011, visit TravelGuard.com to enter.

For more information on Travel Guard plans, see your travel agent, call 1.800.826.1300 or visit www.TravelGuard.com. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND OR SALES PRESENTATION IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN THIS CONTEST AND SWEEPSTAKES. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. The Travel Guard "Random Act of Kindness" Promotion starts May 30, 2011 at 9:00:00 AM EST and ends October 31, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM EST. Open to legal residents of the United States (excluding U.S. Territories), age 21 and over, and residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) over the age of majority in their province/territory, at the time of entry. The Promotion consists of a Video/Photo Contest ("Contest") component and a Voter Sweepstakes ("Sweepstakes") Component. To Enter the Contest: Beginning May 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM and ending September 5, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM EST go to www.TravelGuard.com and submit either a video or a photo along with an accompanying story describing your submission (between 10 and 200 words), about a random act of kindness by someone who has helped you or someone else when away from home, along with your full name, email address, phone number, country and state/province/territory of residence and a username and password, and the full name, email address, phone number, country and state/province/territory of residence of the Nominee. Contest Entries must be submitted by September 5, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM EST. Limit one Unique Contest Entry per person/household per day. To Enter the Sweepstakes: Beginning October 1, 2011 at 9:00 AM EST and ending October 31, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM EST, go to www.TravelGuard.com, and vote for one of the eligible Contest Entries, enter your full name, email address, phone number, country and state/province/territory of residence and a username and password. You will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes ("Entry") for your Vote if you voted for the eventual Contest Grand Prize Winner. Limit one (1) Vote/Entry per person/email address per day. Odds of winning the Sweepstakes Prize depends on the number of Votes received for the Contest Grand Prize Winner during the Voting Period. Sponsor: Travel Guard Group, Inc., 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54482. Void in Puerto Rico and all other U.S. territories, Quebec and where prohibited by law. Subject to full official rules, available at www.travelguard.com/unlucky. 1347 05/26/11

Baby Talk

Where, Oh Where, Can My Baby Go? Consider international

I never would have tried this when my kids were babies, but every time I have run into young families traveling abroad with babies, they say the same thing: International travel with babies is easy. For one thing, babies sleep anywhere and any time. So no worries about jet lag. For another, many cultures are family-focused and baby-centric (Mexico and Italy, in particular) and welcome babies at hotels, restaurants and attractions. If you’re still nursing, there are no food worries. And babies used to sleeping in strollers or baby carriers can do that in Paris as easily as Peoria. So baby naps while you walk around to see the sites.

Go to the beach.

The beach is a great laid-back destination for kids of all ages, but it’s particularly good for babies and toddlers. Just remember to bring or rent a good beach umbrella to protect that fragile baby skin from the sun.

Rent a bigger place.

Hotel rooms can get really crowded once you move in the crib, stroller, car seat, diaper bag and all the other equipment that comes with a baby these days. Opt for a condo, apartment or house instead. They come complete with kitchens, so there’s a fridge and microwave for preparing the baby’s food and they have a separate bedroom with a door that closes so parents can stay up and get to know one another after the baby goes to sleep. Having access to a kitchen is a key to saving money when traveling with a family, regardless of the kids’ ages, simply because you can save so much on restaurant meals.

Think all-inclusive

I know--you never would have considered an all-inclusive before the baby. But consider it now. Club Med does a particularly good job. The buffet includes a section with baby foods in jars and the baby corner, open 24 hours a day, contains the necessary facilities for preparing meals: blender, sterilizer (provided on request), microwave and refrigerator. The Baby Welcome package for children from 4 months to 2 years includes amenities to help make traveling with infants and toddlers easier—including bottle warmers, a stroller to use during your vacation and even a baby bathtub, which significantly reduces the equipment you have lug along.

Try a cruise

A growing number of cruise lines will take children in diapers, including Disney, Carnival and Royal Caribbean ships offering the Royal Babies program. Cruises also are great options for families with kids of different ages, right up to and through the teen years. There are so many activities and so many kid-friendly options that everyone ought to be able to find something they want to do.

Take a train

Kids under 3 are fascinated by trains and when my kids were babies, they fell asleep almost immediately, lulled by the gentle rocking. As they got a little older, the freedom to toddle up and down the aisles as needed to burn off a little energy was a precious gift. It takes a little longer to get there, but just being on the train can make getting there the highlight of the trip. Special Section

Click on the compass! Read how you can make a trip to Disney baby-friendly!

©www.istock.com/ DNY59; ©www.istock.com/ jaroon

Oh, for those carefree B.C. (Before Children) days of travel. You shoved a change of underwear, an extra pair of socks and your toothbrush into a backpack and you were ready for a tour of Europe. But now there’s a baby in your life. It doesn’t mean you can no longer travel. It just means you’ll be traveling heavy now—who knew babies needed so much equipment? But, how do you decide where to go with a baby in tow? Consider these six things when deciding what trip is right for you and your baby. By Cindy Richards

Broadway’s original summer program enables theatre-loving kids to develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through ensemble performance.

2011 sCHedule June 20tH – august 5tH June 20–24: Camp Broadway: Ages 10–17 July 11–15: Camp Broadway: Shining Stars: Ages 6–9 Camp Broadway: Ages 10–17 Camp Broadway: Next Step: Ages15–18 August 1–5: Camp Broadway: Shining Stars: Ages 6–9 Camp Broadway: Ages 10–17

enroll now!

Call: 212.575.2929 Email: info@campbroadway.com

www.CampBroadway.com facebook.com/officialcampbroadway twitter.com/#!/campbroadway (@CampBroadway)

Travel Tips

Why All-Inclusives Are Right for Families Travel snobs like to scoff at the idea of an all-inclusive resort. But once you have a family, an all-inclusive resort can be a gift. Why? Let us count the ways. By Cindy Richards The dirty little secret of family vacations is: They aren’t always fun for the parents. At all-inclusives, parents can relax because there’s no major trip planning involved. Just get up in the morning, check the activity sheet and decide what you want to do that day. And, since there are a limited number of additional fees, there’s less need to monitor spending along the way.

● All you can eat buffets

My first all-inclusive experience was a visit to the beautiful Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort with my son, who was 11 and an incredibly picky eater. Our vacations were stressful affairs during which we tried to find a restaurant with something he would eat, only to find he didn’t like the food once it arrived. Then we had to decide: Should we blow the family vacation budget on another meal for him, or let him go hungry?

RoleMommy.com Subscribe to our “Role Mommy on the Run” newsletter and if you’re a parenting blogger, join “The List” and receive invitations to events, media opportunities, writing assignments and much more!

©www.istock.com/ wakila

● Parents can have fun too

Travel Tips

At the Beaches resort, that was never an issue. With a buffet line stretching across the room, I encouraged him to take a spoonful of anything that looked good and try it. If he liked it, he could return to the buffet line for more. In the worst case scenario, he could always get a plate full of fruit. He’s now 17 and no longer a picky eater. Instead, he’s a teenage eater, which can wreak even worse havoc on a family travel budget. Once again, those all-you-can-eat buffets are a family travel budget saver.

● Lots of activity choices

Because all-inclusive family resorts are aimed at including all ages, there are a plethora of activities, from kids’ clubs that entertain the little ones so Mom and Dad can have a little free time to teen-friendly activities designed to keep older kids smiling. I was shocked by the sheer number and variety of activities offered by the Club Med Ixtapa Pacific during my family’s stay there. The resort has kids clubs broken down by ages from 4 months to 18 years. My biggest shock was seeing more than a dozen normally surly teens laughing and having a great time. They had taken over the big pool (and kicked out the adults, which may be what led to the smiles) in an activity organized by one of the cool Club Med G.O.s (Gentils Organisateur, or Gracious/ Nice Organizers).

©www.istock.com/ appletat

● More Predictable Cost

This, of course, is the No. 1 reason to choose an all-inclusive resort. You know, for the most part, how much this family vacation will cost. No more need to keep a running total of every bagel you buy or Diet Coke you drink in the hope of bringing the family vacation in or under budget. Click on the compass! Read about the best Caribbean all-inclusives for families.

All-inclusives are great for all ages.

How to Choose an All-Inclusive Resort There are many variations on the all-inclusive theme. But the types of destinations most likely to have all-inclusive vacation rates are large resorts, dude ranches and cruises. How do you know which venue is right for your family? What do you like to do? If you like to stay in one place and be pampered, opt for a resort. If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, try a dude ranch with its horseback riding, fishing, hiking and other outdoorsy adventures. If you like vacations that show you more than one spot in the world, consider a cruise that stops in several ports of call. Read the fine print Does the price include the activities your family will most want to do? If you’re a water-loving family, be sure the sailboats, peddle boats and swim toys are included in the price. If you like fine dining, check to see whether the upscale sit-down restaurants are included along with the buffet line. If you don’t consider it a vacation until you’ve had a spa treatment, check the treatments and rates at the spa before booking your trip. Will you use what you pay for? An all-inclusive that includes booze isn’t a deal if you don’t drink. Consider consulting a travel agent A good travel agent will ask about your family’s needs and recommend a resort or cruise ship that is most likely to meet those needs. It is possible to book everything online these days, but when you’re spending big bucks for a seven-day all-inclusive vacation, it’s nice to get the advice of someone who’s been there-- and might have enough influence to score an upgrade to a better room.

Special Section

Family Travel

Traveling with Grandma: Multigenerational Travel T Start early

Stephanie Diehl, owner of Travel Designed by Stephanie, an Illinois travel agency, who has taken her husband, their two kids and four grandkids on two trips, recommends starting early because it’s tough to find a week that works when you have to coordinate among several working adults, kids’ school vacation schedules, summer sports and the other demands of busy, modern family life. Kim Moldofsky, who travels frequently with her parents, her two sons and husband--and sometimes with her brother’s family and a cousin’s family as well--said that traveling over the winter holiday break

Pack your bag, not expectations, on a multigenerational trip.

from school makes the scheduling easier. The destinations are more crowded, but there are fewer other activities, such as summer sports, to schedule around.

Choose a destination

Once you have a date, it’s time to think about where you’ll go. If you’ll be traveling with family members of varying ages, interests and physical abilities, travel experts suggest cruises, all-inclusive resorts or house rentals. “All-inclusive resorts are designed to keep guests on the property,” said Diane McDavitt, president of Luxury Link Travel Group, “thus they offer multitudes of activities, services and amenities.” Cruises also offer a variety of entertainment and activity options, with an added perk: the ships travel so you get to see more of the world without the hassle of packing your bags and moving. Some families opt to rent a big house at the beach or some exotic location. It has the advantage of keeping everyone together, but Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, founder of Momaboard.com, warns that it’s important to get a big enough place to ensure everyone can have their own space. “We’re an Indian family, so there is lots of togetherness. If my husband had his way he would have us all in a loft in sleeping bags sharing a bathroom because that’s how much he loves proximity,” she wrote in an email. “My firm rule is that everyone should have the option to shut a room door and get some privacy.”

Don’t overschedule

It’s fine to include some mandatory family togetherness--requiring everyone to have dinner together each night, for example-but it’s also important to be flexible enough to ensure every vacationer gets a chance to do things they want to do according to their own interests and physical needs. That Special Section

can involve many parts of the trip--from allowing time for little ones (and maybe Grandpa) to get in an afternoon nap to considering everyone’s ability to walk long distances before planning a five-mile hike.

Who pays?

Finally, the planning process should include a thorough discussion of who will pay for what. When Francesca Folinazzo travels with her husband, mom and daughter, everyone buys their own plane ticket, Folinazzo pays for the lodging and her mom pays for most meals. “It kind of evens out,” the Chicago native said. After the decisions have been made and the money paid, multigenerational travelers need to do one more thing before heading off on the adventure, said Nancy Schretter, managing editor for Family Travel Network: “Leave the expectations at home.” “Multigenerational family vacations are one of most anticipated events of the year, so it’s easy for grandparents and parents to get all misty-eyed envisioning the great memories and intimate bonding moments that will be created on their trip,” she said. “If we’re being honest, however, we know that family vacations never go exactly as planned. There may be bumpy moments, relationship issues may surface, travel snafus happen, the weather might not cooperate, and the kids might have a meltdown or two. It’s OK. Just take the experience as it comes, don’t dwell on it and go with the flow. “Sometimes those vacations where things don’t go as planned make the best vacation memories of all.” Click on the compass! What you need to know before you take the whole family to Disney World.

©www.istock.com/ Lammeyer

raveling with an extended family requires more advance planning, more communication and more flexibility than a typical family vacation. “Listening is a lost art when it comes to travel planning, but it’s crucial to a harmonious trip,” said Kelly Merritt, author of The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel.

Be Well

Snack right, even on the road

Fruit is a must. Choose less messy, easier-toeat options such as bananas and apples. For long car trips, freeze grapes for a treat that also will help keep the cooler cold.

A family vacation should be fun. And there should be treats. Family vacations are the time to say “yes” to ice cream, chips and candy--in moderation. And never in the car or on the plane. By The TravelingMom Staff

©www.istock.com/ ZoneCreative; ©www.istock.com/ gaffera; ©www. istock.com/ kaanates; ©www.istock.com/ DNY59


he last thing you need is a sugar-fueled meltdown when there’s another two hours on your road trip or a ground stop on your plane. And those salty snacks will just lead to thirsty passengers who will drink more and then need to pee more, which will lead to more stops, which will delay your arrival, which will make Dad mad. These healthy snacks will satisfy little (and big) appetites and keep everyone feeling energetic and ready to go when you reach your destination.

Protein-rich snacks such as string cheese, nuts and hardboiled eggs will help keep the driver awake and keep everyone’s blood sugar levels stable.

Kid-friendly veggies such as mini carrots, cucumbers and celery sticks are easy to eat. Cut them into long thin strips and call them swords to make them seem more enticing. If your kids will only eat veggies with dip, save that snack for the roadside stops. Or get your kids their veggie allotment by ordering veggies instead of fries when you stop for a meal.

What to drink? Water, of course. It’s better for all of you and, unlike juice for the kids or coffee for the adults, it won’t leave a sticky stain if it spills on the cloth seats.

Special Section



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quick MEAL! By Alma Schneider

Simple Tarragon Tuna Sandwich for Two

Summer is here and light eating is a must for both our energy and waistline. Enjoy this healthy and tasty sandwich at home or at the beach.

❏ 2 cans tuna in water, drained ❏ 2 TBS light mayo ❏ 1 TBS chopped, fresh, washed Tarragon ❏ 1/8 tsp salt-more to taste ❏ 1/8 tsp cracked black pepper-more to taste ❏ Dijon Mustard to taste

●D  rain the tuna and place in a large bowl. Add in the mayo, tarragon,salt and pepper. Stir until combined. ● S pread desired amount of mustard on bread, lettuce and tomato if using and top with other slice of bread. Repeat with other sandwich.

❏ 4 slices hearty whole grain bread tk

❏ optional sliced tomato and lettuce



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So were these other busy moms...who found solutions in Dinner for Busy Moms (Plain White Press): Your book is chock-full of wisdom and humor. I really appreciate how your advice helps assuage the guilt I often feel when I serve takeout…again. I now have a firm conviction that no matter what ends up on the table, my family and I will eat dinner together.

­—Marsha G., New Rochelle NY

You have made brilliant use of other’s tips, etc. Your approach to the whole book is fabulous. This should go viral.

­—Laurie Z., San Francisco, CA

I started the book at 1 a.m. and finally put it down around 2:15 a.m... LOVE IT! ... makes me want to head out to the grocery store and fill my empty cabinets!

­—Jenn K., Indianapois, IN

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Project You Magazine, Summer 2011  

This is the summer 2011 issue of Project You Magazine with a special section by TravelingMom.com

Project You Magazine, Summer 2011  

This is the summer 2011 issue of Project You Magazine with a special section by TravelingMom.com