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Fun Stuff The Ultimate Gift T

By Beth Feldman

his past fall, my mom and I set off on an adventure to Spain. While we were only spending a quick weekend away in Madrid, we were determined to carve out time for some serious retail therapy. After an evening flight zipped us across the Atlantic, we arrived Friday morning, dropped our bags off at the hotel, and literally shopped till we dropped. Here’s what we found along the way...

Boots, Boots, Boots! Why should Puss have all the fun? When find it in New York too, but at that moment, I felt as if I had hit it comes to boots, Madrid has cornered the market. As we Spanish gold. walked along Puerto del Sol near Plaza Mayor, we encountered Trendy dresses, belts and bags - During any shopping trip, dozens of shoe stores and I must have tried on nearly a dozen there’s always one store you wished you had made a purchase pairs of boots. Unfortunately, since I’m plagued with big calves, and for me, Desiqual was the one that got away. We wandered I couldn’t find a style that suited my fancy, but trust me, if you into the store at the start of our shopping jaunt and I instanthave normal size legs, you won’t be disappointed. ly fell in love with their bright colored patchwork bags, belts, Gorgeous Leather Belts and Bags: As dresses and flouncy tops. While I dewe stumbled across dozens of souvenir cided not to make an impulse buy, I shops with handbags and accessories regretted it the next day when I met made in China, I was determined to find a woman in our tour group who had a authentic Spanish leather. Ironically, I gorgeous bag that she had purchased found exactly what I was looking for in from—you guessed it—Desigual! the lobby of our hotel, the Westin PalWhile the store was closed when we ace. Founded in 1846, Loewe Madrid tried to return, there is a silver linhas become one of the most exclusive ing. It turns out Desigual has stores leather retailers in Spain and they sell in Manhattan and Westchester, New gorgeous hand bags and belts. In a moYork. Shopping anyone? ment of weakness, I treated myself to a Flea Market Finds - By the time Sunreversible chocolate/black leather belt day arrived, all the stores were closed, with gorgeous sterling silver buckle. but that didn’t stop me or my mom. Fashionable Winter Coats Anyone? After visiting the Prado museum, we Even though we were thousands of hopped aboard a double decker tour miles from home, we wandered into bus that drove past the El Rastro, the Zara- which has stores in the US, but biggest flea market in Madrid. Since I’ve never hopped in (what was I thinkthe crowds were gi-normous, we opted ing?) After perusing the racks, I fell in to buy our souvenirs right near the love with a charcoal gray coat with a Prado and even purchased a gorgeous Mom and I on a quick shopping cape and hood ensemble that felt so Euoriginal oil painting by a local street break. Notice the silver belt ropean and chic. Sure, I can probably artist for $60! ■ buckle I’m of my fabulous finds in Madrid.




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Be a WOF

Tap into your inner passion but being a Woman On Fire By Jeanne Muchnick


hat are you on fire about? That was the hardships of aging parents. Me? I talked about question posed at a recent “Women on my midlife career crisis transitioning from “old Fire” tea I went to at Lady Mendel’s in media” to “new” and how I’m still struggling to New York City. And, boy, did it get me thinking. find my place. We all want to live our lives with passion and What I found so rewarding was the love in integrity. Women, especially. We thrive on shar- the room – the connections I made in a short ing – and spilling – as a way to better ourselves, three hour period -- that made me feel like I had learn from each other, and draw inspiration from known these women for ages. I later told my siseach other’s energy. Which was what I found ter, how incredible it was what you’ll say to perso amazing about this late lunch/early dinner. fect strangers. And how awesome it can be, how Life Coach Debbie Phillips does this tea parties those who don’t know you, can have such clarity and vision on what is best for you. These regularly across the country, assembling a vawomen really listened in a way that felt riety of women across all walks of life, safe, secure and authentic. most of whom have never met (in my I left the tea feeling recharged, like group, half had been before and sort my battery had been rebooted and of knew each other, half didn’t). It was like going to a therapy session that the world – even the new media one – could be my oyster. The wom– but with 12 therapists offering aden had made me feel good. And I felt vice instead of one. good knowing I had helped others. It Debbie starts off the teas welcomalso was pure bliss to completely disconing everyone and doing a little ice-breaknect from the world (no cellphones allowed!) er by asking everyone where they grew up, and and sit and enjoy a leisurely tea with a successlater, after we’ve networked and munched on ful Life Coach who knows how to steer the conscones and tea sandwiches, what we were “on versation in ways that kick start your brain, all fire” about. Some were there because they were wrapped in a warm hug that assures you you’re sober 20 years and counting, others had started never alone. new businesses or had found new careers postDebbie is all about listening to your heart and raising-their children. Others were more emothe “inner flame” that guides us, if only we would tional: A woman thinking of divorce and trying listen. Check out her site, but more importantly, to be strong about it, a single mom struggling think long and hard about how to invest in yourwith her new empty nest, a woman dealing self and make 2012 your best year ever. ■ with her dysfunctional family, dealing with the

Jeanne Muchnick

Jeanne Muchnick has published hundreds of parenting and lifestyle articles for various publications and websites including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Woman’s Day, Parents, and Westchester Magazine. Tonight, she’s having her “famous” mustard chicken for dinner (go to her website for the recipe.) 30


Jeanne Muchnick, right, poses with Debbie Phillips.

A Role Mommy Magazine l Holiday 2011

Fun STuff

Melissa McCarthy in a scene from “Mike & Molly.”

My Celebrity Crush Y Melissa McCarthy shows her “real” side. By Mitchell A. Chaitin

ou know how you think to yourself, “You about being large in an industry where the talk know you’ve made it when….?” Well my always goes back to her being overweight. She “when” occurred recently when I got to also shared about trying to keep some normalcy meet my celebrity crush at an Ivory Soap event. in her life as the mom of two young daughters, Not only did I get to meet Melissa McCaespecially after her winning an Emmy. rthy, star of Mike & Molly–I got to make I confess, I had been watching her for her smile most of the evening. She struck me as So what does one say to their cemore “real” than many other celebrities. lebrity crush? I’ve read enough in I suspect she’s tired of the red carpet my blogging career to know I can’t treatment – just my hunch, but when ask the same questions she gets all you’re the mom of two young girls, the time. I need to bring something your focus is not on celebrity living as different to the table – after all, I want much as saving for the kid’s college and her to remember me for at least a minute enjoying their youth. Which is why I always after she’s on to her next event. go for the parenting questions when I’m at a “meet And so: I took the honest route–this after scrap- and greet” like this. Parenthood is what keeps these ping my way to the front of the media horde that celebrities grounded, and this is what we all share, was scrambling for her attention. I told her I was no matter who’s “famous” and who’s not. a gay dad blogger and was part of the “chubby I admire too, that she is not the stick figure chasing” crowd that thought her large TV co-star, stereotypical Hollywood star. She is a large Billy Gardell, was quite attractive – she was hys- woman who doesn’t hide her body--she walks terical at the thought! She promised to tell him, if around proud, making her–at least in my humble for no other reason, than to see him turn bright opinion–a real role model. It was a real pleasure red. I got my moment! to meet a “star,” someone who had just been on Melissa had a personal assistant/publicist/pit- stage winning an Emmy award, and who ten minbull who was more than happy to keep us “little utes later seemingly enjoyed talking to some rent people” away from her. But Melissa wasn’t hav- stabilized guy from down the block. ing any of that; until she was needed on stage, The biggest reward? My 8-year-old son loves she was more than happy to share her time with the show and thinks his dad is “cool” for meeting all of us non-traditional media types. She spoke “Molly” from Mike & Molly. ■

©2011 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved.

Mitchell A. Chaitin

“Daddy Mitch” is a NYC-based stay at home dad who blogs about the fact that his 8-year-old son has two dads. His biggest joy? Sharing with the world the fact that we all have more similarities than differences. Go to www. for more information. projectyou



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Discovering My Inner Yogini I Thanks to a new DVD by Gaiam, I’m all about the “om.” By Cristie Ritz-King

Yoga instructor to the stars Gwen Lawrence debuts her Gaiam Fit Body Yoga DVD at Laughing Lotus in NYC.



A Role Mommy Magazine l Holiday 2011

used to hate yoga. I kept trying classes at the suggestion of other people. “It will help your asthma.” They said. “You’ll feel better after long runs.” They promised. But all the chanting and incense coupled with my utter inability to quiet my mind meant sure failure for my life as a yogini. I was an athlete after all. What use did I have for yoga? It was just another four-letter word. Ten years and three kids later, I have a profound appreciation for yoga. After trying just about every conceivable exercise that a busy working mom can fit into her life, I went back to give yoga a try. To my surprise, I realized it was exactly what I needed. Like running, yoga gives me a chance to focus on my own wellbeing, guilt free, for a few hours a week. As a mom, that is a rare but valuable gift. Unlike running or spinning or many other effective, but high-impact exercises, yoga is good for all of me. There is no pounding or straining, just stretching and realigning and breathing. What more could my tired body ask for? Coupled with running it is the perfect one two fitness punch. Yoga is the yin to my fitness yang if you will. While I practice regularly, I still don’t go all in for full-blown meditation and I’m not, like millions of other women my age, a devotee of Bikram. Instead, I’m more of a community center yoga girl -- a middle of the road yogini who is happy to find  the 60 (or 30) minutes of peace when I can get it. Which is why, when I was invited to attend a class with Gwen Lawrence,   at the very hip Laughing Lotus Studio in  the Chelsea area of Manhattan, I jumped at the chance. I knew of

Fun STuff

Writers grab a yoga mat and stretch away the stress.

Gwen from a few exercise TV segments I have seen of hers. She is a yoga teacher from Rye, NY and her background in massage therapy and fitness training makes her an athletes’ dream yoga teacher. Gwen teaches regularly and is also the yoga teacher for many pro athletes in the New York area. Her new DVD from Gaiam, Fit Body Yoga, is perfect for everyone from the reluctant beginner to the devoted practitioner. The class at Laughing Lotus was everything I hoped for. The studio manages to be both funky and gorgeous, with graffiti-covered walls and floor to ceiling windows throughout. And Gwen? She was as fantastic in real life as she is in the videos I’ve come to know at home.  She worked us out with the precision of a fitness

professional and the softness and grace that are the essence of yoga. We held positions designed for tired arms and backs because she was teaching a room full of writers and she imagined (correctly) that we needed to make amends for days spent hunched over laptops. The class was challenging enough for yoga regulars but Gwen explained everything so that even the newest student could follow along. My only complaint was that she doesn’t teach closer to my house. The good news: thanks to her new Gaiam DVD, I can practice yoga like a rock star every day in my own living room.  For information on her DVD visit the Gaiam website or Gwen’s personal site,  ■

Cristie Ritz King is a Certified Health and Wellness Counselor at Real Life Wellness. Cristie’s approach is based on helping people keep the joy in eating while being joyful about how great they look and feel! Cristie is also the Founding Editor of The Right Hand Mom Blog and Co-Founder of Jersey Moms Blog. She and her husband share their house with three silly kids and a cat that thinks it’s a dog which no one really minds. They are proud to call Red Bank, NJ home. projectyou





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Katie Schlientz

My Ode to Football This girl’s guide to the Super Bowl.

t’s Monday night. And instead of tuning into the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Dancing with the Stars, this girl is curled up in front of my big screen watching football. Gasp! The horror! While I may need a ten-step program to overcome my football addiction, what’s more annoying is the reaction I get from friends and co-workers about my programming selection. While most of the talk around the water cooler involves American Idol song selections and who salsa’d their way to the top this season, I’m bursting with giddiness to discuss stats, touchdowns, and the latest updates on injuries. I mean, come on… Did you even SEE that play last night? Sigh. I didn’t think so. I love my circle of friends—I do!—but it’s very hard to find true fellow female football fans. Some girls talk the talk, but when it comes down to actually watching football, it’s a whole other ball game. I don’t want to discuss what player has the cutest butt. And I certainly don’t care what celebrity femme fatale the quarterback is currently dating. Kim Kardashian, PLEASE stay away from my NY Giants! You’d think the men in my life would be a little more accommodating… in fact you’d think they be



A Role Mommy Magazine l Holiday 2011

drooling over a girlfriend who believes fall Sundays mean football and either chicken wings in the oven or chili in the crock. But that’s not the case. My latest ex-boyfriend laughed at the thought of me joining his fantasy football league. (Maybe that’s one reason he’s an “ex”?) The hardest game to sit through, however, is on Super Bowl Sunday. While I love hosting—or even attending—what has the potential to be the party of the year, I grow increasingly frustrated. I love the Super Bowl commercials as much as the next guy, but I can’t stand the chatter that continues once the game is back on. Is it too much to ask to be able to actually watch the game? (Side note: we are speaking of the championship here!) I apologize in advance if I shush you during one of the most important plays of the game, but I promise to return the favor while you watch the talking babies, dancing chimps, and powerful pugs breaking down doors to tout the latest in consumer goods. So don’t judge me on Super Bowl Sunday, when I jump up to yell at the ref’s lousy calls, balancing a tortilla chip bathed in salsa in one hand and my glass of red in the other. It’s football, after all, and just like a true woman – I don’t want to spill on my new jersey. ■

© asiseeit


By Katie Schlientz

Worried about how to get dinner on the table when you’re NOT a cook?

So were these other busy moms...who found solutions in Dinner for Busy Moms (Plain White Press): Your book is chock-full of wisdom and humor. I really appreciate how your advice helps assuage the guilt I often feel when I serve takeout…again. I now have a firm conviction that no matter what ends up on the table, my family and I will eat dinner together.

­—Marsha G., New Rochelle NY

You have made brilliant use of other’s tips, etc. Your approach to the whole book is fabulous. This should go viral.

­—Laurie Z., San Francisco, CA

I started the book at 1 a.m. and finally put it down around 2:15 a.m... LOVE IT! ... makes me want to head out to the grocery store and fill my empty cabinets!

­—Jenn K., Indianapois, IN

Go to for more info.

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Project You Magazine, 2011 Holidaze Issue, Fun Stuff Section  

This is the Fun Stuff section of the 2011 Holidaze issue of Project You Magazine.

Project You Magazine, 2011 Holidaze Issue, Fun Stuff Section  

This is the Fun Stuff section of the 2011 Holidaze issue of Project You Magazine.