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Hot Weather, Hotter Nights Why women crave more sex in the summer The Skin We’re In Don’t let summer celebrations get in the way of skin care Have Fun in the Sun with our Favorites Is Facebook making you miserable?

Vacation in a Glass Summer cocktails from the gals at Party Blu Prints. Which eReader should I buy? Ohm Sweet Ohm When the kids are away, the mom will play! “Oogust: with the Oogieloves Introducing an all new movie going experience

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Last Minute Getaways In the Spotlight with Stephanie Rosenlund Sorry But Do I know You? How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Visiting NYC this Summer? Don’t miss the new Spy Exhibit at Discover Times Square.

editor’s LETTER

Summer Loving


ummer is here and for me, the living has been pretty easy. The reason? Both my kids are in sleep-away camp and my hubby and I have had the chance to experience what life was like B.C. (before children). While it’s been liberating not to have them around, I have to admit, we both miss them terribly. I’ve also realized that there were certain important things I didn’t teach my son before he left - like how to properly address an envelope! The good news is, now that the kids are away, we’ve been able to re-ignite our relationship -- hitting the Hudson Valley wine country, taking a last minute sailing trip, dining out with great friends and much more. Plus, the month away from my kids has enabled me to tackle all the things on my to do list that I can’t seem to accomplish during the school year. Here at Project You, we’ve got you covered this summer - from great books to last minute vacation getaway ideas, tips on combating seasonal allergies, fabulous party options and a laugh out loud

essay from one mom who shares why she’s over the moon that her kids are away at camp. For those of us who have become short term empty nesters, find out why women crave more sex this time of year and discover why so many Facebook addicts are starting to hate their online friends. If you’re in the market for an ereader, Connect with Your Teens writer Jennifer Wagner shares her top picks. Plus, the gals from Getting Gorgeous are back with their best looks for summer. Our issue would never be complete without incredible entertaining tips from Partybluprints and shopping expert, The New York Mom shares her perfect nail polish picks for summer. Last but never least, our favorite dad, Eric Ruhalter, is back with the latest D-List and Kid Dictionary definition and trust us when we tell you, he’ll have you in stitches. So get ready to dive into Project You, enjoy your ME time and have an amazing summer!

Best wishes,

Beth Feldman Editor in Chief



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Between US Avoid a Makeup Meltdown Beat the heat this summer with beauty tips from NYC-based makeup artist Jacqueline Aguece (

pply a powder eye shadow over A your pencil eyeliner on your upper and lower lids to prevent liner from smudging. T ry airbrush makeup for special occasions. It is water and heat resistant!


➋ Use a powder-cream foundation combination ➌ product to keep shine to a minimum. One to try? MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus ($27). ➍

fter using a liquid or cream foundation, dust a A small amount of loose powder on your face to set your foundation.

Apply an eyeshadow primer to keep eyeshadow from creasing in humid conditions. ■

Looking for the latest products containing S P F ? Turn to page 14!

project you

What role does Facebook play in divorces? A recent survey in the United Kingdom blames Facebook for nearly one-third of all divorces. While this may or may not be valid, more couples point to what they see on their spouse’s profile page as evidence.

See page 16 for story on Facebook and jealousy.

Tangerine Tango According to Pantone, 2012’s color of the year is “Tangerine Tango,” an eye-catching reddish orange. It’s showing up in home décor, fashion, and accessories.

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen As she did in her New York Times columns Quindlen says for what many of us wish we could say. This memoir is about her 50+ decades as life as a mother, wife, daughter, and more. 6


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan A novel featuring an elegant ocean liner crossing the Atlantic in the summer of 1914, and the choices one woman – Grace and her husband Henry, need to make when the boat suffers a mysterious explosion.

©; ©

Summer Reading List

Keep Pep in Your Step!


Summer heat got you beat? Try these tricks to keep your engine revved: ● Protein Power: Keep a few snack-sized packages of nuts in your purse. The power snack packs a blood-sugar spike that won’t plummet like sweeter alternatives.

● Rock Out! Create an energy boosting playlist on your iPod for times you are feeling low. When you need to revive, just pop in the earplugs and you’ll be good to go!

● Take a Walk: Nothing gets the blood pumping more than a little physical activity. If you feel like you’re fading, take a quick walk to boost your energy.

● Go Bonkers for Berries: The dark hues of berries comes from a powerful antioxidant that boosts energy. ­—KS

● Chew This Gum: The military handed out caffeinated gum to

fighter pilots to keep them awake during long fights. You may not be flying the skies, but you have enough on your plate! Skip the second cup of coffee (and calories) and pop in some refreshing peppermint Java Gum.

Summer Reading List The Red Book by Deborah Copaken Kogan Been referred to as “The Big Chill meets The Group:” a story about a once-close circle of friends who meet again at their 20th college reunion.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron From the guy that brought the book 8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter, a story about a dog’s life and his many incarnations. If you liked Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain– you will enjoy this. —JM projectyou



KidDictionary Word:


(stay-HO-mo-FO-bee-uh) n.: The fear of having your kids at home for the entire summer vacation.

Happy Camper, Scared Parent


By Eric Ruhalter

ast year, my friend’s son had on the shores of Lake Winnepausome mishap where he’d got- sakie? (I don’t know how to spell it. It ten poked in the eye while at seems THAT hard.) We can’t. He will summer camp. When my friend got be, for the first time, on his own. up there to check on him (his eye was Here’s hoping he grows from this forfine) the first thing he noted was ay into independence. These freethat he was still wearing the doms and responsibilities are Eric same T-shirt he had on when coming pretty soon regardRuhalter they dropped him off. less. And it seems wise to let TheKid This summer, for the first him experience a piece of it time ever, my son Jaxen will in this kind of safe, remote go away to a sleep away camp micro-reality. for two weeks starting the last And I’m happy for him that week of July. I’m a little worried he’ll he’ll have the opportunity to enjoy be home sick. He’s a little worried the a taste of freedom and be lodged in last week of July will never get here. a beautiful place where the number This is going to be a real challenge one objective is to enjoy some sumfor us, his parents. How can we watch mer fun. And at least I know in adover him? Control his every thought vance that I don’t have to bother and action when he’s six hours away packing a change of clothes. ■ 8


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

The (d.a.) D List of Ways to Embarass Your Teenager • Acknowledge them in public. • When driving your child’s friends somewhere in the car, sing. • Always wear the exact same outfit that they wear. • When they get on the bus, come out in your bathrobe and wave to them like you did on their first day of kindergarten. • Sign on for any and all high school chaperoning duties. • Three words : Kiss On Lips Eric Ruhalter’s book The Kid Dictionary: Hilarious Words To Describe the Indescribable Things Kids Do is debuting everywhere in March from Sourcebooks.

t love life! a th p u e ic p S 11! Turn to page

Summer Sizzle


Heat up your marriage with these “mood foods” from celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin, co-star of TLC’s hit series Freaky Eaters:

Celery A few stalks raises a man’s androstenedione, which emits a scent women can’t resist!

Pomegranates Rich in antioxidants that allow blood to flow through your veins — a key component of good sex.

Red, red wine Increases estrogen levels and contains resveratrol, an antioxidant that improves circulation during sex.

Oysters A rich source of tyrosine (an amino acid) and zinc ergo more libido!

Carnal condiments Spicy sauces, sides, and dressings like hot sauce or salsa contain the chemical capsaicin, whose effects mirror the signs of arousal (sweating, tingles, rapid heart rate, and flushed cheeks).


Stay Healthy This Summer Try EBOOST! Add a packet to your water, and you’ll receive a natural boost of vitamins and minerals to keep you going for your busy summer schedule. Try all four flavors: super berry, orange, acai pomegranate, and pink lemonade. projectyou



project you

Maria Colaco


M om

Twinkle Toes

Caviar nails are all the buzz! Tiny beads cover your nails for this instant avante garde trend that will definitely have your friends talking. Ciaté Caviar Manicure™ $25

Nudes are big this summer. Keep the nails clean and polished with nudes to perfectly compliment your skin tone. Try the selection from $10

Want to rock that patterned trend this summer but don’t want to commit? Stick-on nail polish strips are perfect for those who like to change things up a bit on the daily. $9 Sally Hansen

Metallics are in and while you can’t go for the GOLD in this summer’s Olympic games, support your favorite athletes with fashion! Try Sephora By OPI. $30 ■

Maria Colaco writes about her life at She is a dancer and choreographer in NYC and lives in the burbs with her husband, kid and giant dog. You can find her on Twitter at @pluslily.

©; nail polish images courtesy of vendors

‘Tis the season to show off those toes. From bright vivid colors to lace designs, nails are making a big splash this summer. By Maria Colaco

project you



Hot Weather, Hotter Nights


Why women crave more sex in the summer. By Jeanne Muchnick

ay “summer,” and you instantly think of the beach, something sizzling on the grill, cold white wine and breezy summer reads. But what about sex? According to scientist and author Patricia Barnes-Svarney, hot weather brings even hotter nights (or days). Her new book, appropriately called Why Do Women Crave More Sex in the Summer: 112 Questions That Women Keep Asking—and That Keep Everyone Else Guessing, was recently released. Here, some answers to our own sizzling questions.

Project You: Seriously? Women really crave more sex during the summer? Can you tell me why? And when you say “more” —what exactly does that mean? Patricia: Alright, ladies: how many times have you said to your significant other, “I’m just going shopping for a sexy snowsuit,” versus, “I’m off to find a sexy bikini?” One of the reasons why many women seem to want more sex in the summer (in this case, “more” does not mean more than men—it means sex more often during the summer) has to do with clothes. Lighter clothes projectyou



project you

Watch the book tr

make you feel less encumbered, and many summer outfits reveal more curves, cleavage, and skin. All this adds up to feeling better about yourself—and often being more amorous. Researchers have found more “scientific” reasons for being in the mood, too. The summer sun is one of the main culprits: longer days and shorter nights cause the body to produce mood-boosting dopamine and serotonin, along with a hormone called MHS—all natural chemicals that increase a woman’s libido. And there are smells that bring on amorous feelings, too—which is why there are so many toiletries that come complete with wonderful smells. Think lavender (calming), roses (arousing)—and don’t forget men’s sweat! Researchers have found that if a man is attracted to a woman he will secrete chemicals through his sweat glands—a signal that he is sexually interested. And although you may not consciously know it, as a woman, with your heightened sense of smell than men (and with summer’s more humid air to carry the smells)— you’re brain picks up his eau de attraction. 12


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012


So if we want more sex, or want our partners to want more sex -- are there certain flowers or plants we should have around the house? Not everyone has a green thumb, which is probably why many people use oil scents instead of trying to plant a garden (plus, gardening often wears you out— and you want some energy for sex!). For the house and bedroom, try flowers like lavender, lemon balm, various mints, and roses—smells that calm, sooth, and arouse. Silk sheets help, too!

Is it really true that marriage keeps the brain young? Yes. There are studies that show that couples who live together are half as likely to develop dementia (especially Alzheimer’s disease) later in life as people who live alone. Of course, the researchers add that there are other factors that keep your brain young. But they add that having someone around to talk with—even if you bicker about who has the remote—is a good thing, as such brain activity may strengthen the connections between your brain cells. ■

The Skin We’re In Don’t let summer celebrations get in the way of skincare. New York medical Aesthetician Julie Pipolo shares her tips on keeping your skin glowing. By Katie Schlientz

Body Language Keep Skin Smooth This Summer

Katie Schlientz


lay back, totally relaxed, as medical aesthetician Julie Pipolo uses a small utensil to rake away my dead skin. As uncomfortable as it may sound, I am literally on the verge of drifting off to sleep as she softly scratches every inch of my face. “Ok beautiful, all set!” she says. “Go look at how good your skin looks.” I snap out of my sleepy mode, and pop up to the mirror anxious to see my new skin. It’s shiny and clean. And it looks amazing. Julie is still wearing the magnifying glasses she uses to examine my face. I can imagine she can look deep

into my pores with them, and I picture a not-so-pretty sight. But Julie exclaims the opposite; she peers over them, with her head pointed down. “You are glowing!” “You have to be careful in the summer with your skin,” Julie explains. “We all do a little more partying in the summer—there’s more drinking, there’s more sun, there’s more bad foods around. You wouldn’t stop working out in the summer, would you? The same goes for skin. Yes, you can shift your products, but you can’t stop your skin treatments completely.” ■

Read More! approach to keep skin looking healthy. “Most women I see are Skin NY Westchester takes both an internal and external

missing a glow to their skin.” Check out Julie’s tips on reflexology of the face to determine if you’re “problem area” could be caused by something internal!

Dermaplaning: A small, special blade is used to scrape the top layer of skin away, eliminating the dead skin that makes your face look dull. For the best results, visit a medical aesthetician like Julie who is licensed to perform the treatment. Sunblock: “Moms are so worried about putting the sunblock on the children, they forget to put in on themselves.” The key is to apply, and then reapply. The Right Products: “You want to cut back on using products containing retinols and hydroxies.” Try using a BB Cream! This pimplefighting cream uses natural ingredients to light and even the skin.

Skin NY Westchester BB Cream, Contact Julie Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream, $49.95 Clinique’s Age Defense BB Cream, $37 projectyou



project you

By Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney

J oin us ok! on Facebo ous


Have Fun in the Sun with our Favorites

Every summer, our beauty routine and beauty products change. We opt for makeup that has SPF in it because we want to be able to protect our skin against the harsh rays of the sun. We’ve searched high and low for some of the best beauty products that provide beauty coverage AND SPF coverage. Here’s our 7 Fave Beauty Produces with SPF for your beautiful face:

o rg e etting G

bareMinerals Multi-Tasking Face SPF 20 $18 bareMinerals mineral-based powder miracle concealer and eye shadow base works miracles on skin. It’s amazing seeing this product also be a “safe” product to use in the summer with an SPF of 20. Perfect option for evening your skin out.



A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

Chantecaille Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Powder & Refill $70 If you’re looking for foundation that’s lightweight with flawless coverage, this is it. With the SPF at 46, it’s giving you coverage against the sun, too. It blends beautifully and doesn’t leave a residue on your face. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a fabulous (and high-quality) foundation powder.

Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer with Soft Flex with SPF 15 $10.79 This conceals dark circles and discolorations up to 16 hours with natural looking coverage. It’s lightweight and stays put all-day long!

Body Language

images courtesy of vendors

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush with SPF 22 $12.99 Looking for some fabulous blush with some coverage? You’ve got it here. Goes on super easy and flawless and transforms your skin. Your skin looks beautiful and is protected with the SPF 22. We love this product!

e.l.f. Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 $3 You need to protect those lips! You can still gorgeous lips with some color, you just need to make sure you’re wearing something fabulous. e.l.f. Studio offers lip balms with SPF 15 in an array of colors. You’ll be kissable and have safe-lips.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Makeup SPF 55 $12.99 Here’s the perfect go-to makeup item if you’re looking for a compact. It blends easily and gives you a very natural look. The SPF 55 is perfect to keep you safe while you have it on. It’s offered in 8 different shades. ■

Estee Lauder’s Lip Conditioner SPF 15 $18.50 Soothes and conditions your lips. This is one of the best products to wear on your lips in the summer because you’re getting fabulous lip protection and conditioning, but also protecting against the harsh sun. projectyou



project you

Is Facebook Making You Miserable? “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a major driving force for many Americans. But according to Todd Patkin, letting yourself envy what others have is more likely to sabotage your happiness than to help you build a better life. Here, he shares his own experience-tested advice to help you leave jealousy behind and open the door to increased happiness.

Admit that envy is a problem.

To some extent, envy is natural. You can’t go through your life without feeling jeal16


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

ous from time to time. So first, simply take note of when and why the green-eyed monster makes an appearance.

Remember that “happiness” looks different for everyone.

When you’re constantly comparing yourself to the Joneses, you’ll suffer several unintended consequences. Worrying about how you don’t measure up robs you of your present happiness.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Yes, living with an “attitude of gratitude” is a clichéd concept. But infusing it into your life will also totally change your viewpoint…

Be generous.

You’ve heard the saying, “The more you give, the more you receive.” Well, that goes for happiness, gratitude, help, friendship, and more! “The good news is, it really is in your power to take charge of the green-eyed monster. Just remember, if you always try to focus on what is going well in your life, you will feel much more balanced and look back on your life with much less regret. I promise, taking gradual steps to banish jealousy will make you happier each and every day!” ■



t can happen without you even realizing what’s going on. You’re scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and see a newly posted album of your friend’s kids. It seems like they’re always so well behaved, you sigh. I’m lucky if my boys will stay still long enough to take a picture! It’s true: Most of us compare ourselves to—and try to keep up with—the proverbial “Joneses” on a near-constant basis. “Being in the clutches of the green-eyed monster can really sabotage your overall happiness,” says Patkin, author of Finding Happiness: One Man’s Quest to Beat Depression and Anxiety and—Finally— Let the Sunshine In. Social media has really exacerbated the extent to which envy affects our lives. Think about it: Sites like Twitter and Facebook allow people to live their lives in full view of others…and sugarcoat every aspect of them. The bottom line is, jealousy doesn’t do anybody any good. Banish envy the next time it starts to rear its ugly head with Patkin’s tips:

project you

Fun StuFF By Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno


Vacation in a Glass

Summer entertaining should be fun and casual. Everyone is in the mood to enjoy and the warm weather means your guests will need to be cooled off. So when selecting a cocktail for your party, one rule to remember is: keep them ‘cold and light’. Our favorite cocktails for summer include fresh seasonal flavors and lots of citrus and ice. Here are three very different takes on cool summer cocktails. Remember to be a considerate host and offer non-alcoholic options like fun mocktails for guests who will be driving or may not wish to partake. Always remember to drink and serve responsibly.




project you

Lemon Martini

This delicious pre-dinner cocktail is the signature cocktail for parties on the patio. Ingredients (serves 2) ❑ 1 tablespoon sugar ❑ 1 cup crushed ice ❑ 3 oz. lemon-flavored vodka ❑ 1 oz lemon-flavored liqueur ❑ 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

Summer Moscow Mule

This refreshing cocktail is slightly more masculine, but the ladies will love it! Ingredients (serves 1) ❑ 2 tsp. fresh squeezed orange juice ❑ 2 oz. vodka ❑ 4 oz. ginger beer ❑ 1 orange slice (garnish)

Instructions Rim martini glasses with a lemon wedge, turn glass upside down and press into sugar. Put the glass in the freezer to harden the sugar. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, vodka, liqueur, and lemon juice. Shake until mixture is very cold. Strain liquid into 2 martini glasses. Cut thin strips of the lemon peel to float in the glass.

Instructions Juice oranges and set aside. Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add juice, followed by the vodka. Top with ginger beer and garnish with an orange slice.



A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

Fun Stuff

Frozen Sparkling Kiwi “Bellini” Perfect for après beach, poolside or brunch


Ingredients (serves 6) ❑ 1 bottle of VOGA Italia Sparkling Wine ❑ 6 kiwis, peeled and sliced

❑ Juice from 3 limes ❑ Mint leaves, 2 branches ❑ Ice cubes, 5-6

Instructions Mix together half of the Sparkling Wine, kiwis, half of the mint leaves, lime juice, and ice cubes in a blender. Blend it well, until smooth. Then pour it into chilled glasses. Top each glass with remaining half of the Sparkling wine. Mix gently and garnish with mint leaves. ■

Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno are party and lifestyle authors, bloggers, and social media hostesses. Their first book, PLAN TO PARTY, (Yorkshire Publishing) offers ideas from their blog andis a goto resource for home entertaining.




project you By Jennifer Wagner

Which eReader Should I Buy? With all the eReaders on the market, how do you know which one to buy? The decision is made even more difficult by the fact that each eReader has a variety of models. Here is a description of the most popular and best-rated eReaders for you to compare. Kindle Touch It is extremely light and small enough to fit into almost any bag. Great for outdoors reading with advanced e-ink display. Includes text-to-speech, audiobooks and mp3 support. Holds up to 3,000 books. I bought one of these for myself and love it. $99 or $149 with 3G.

Kobo Touch Low cost eReader with storage for up to 30,000 books. Known for its social networking capabilities, you can earn rewards for reading. It has a very long battery life. $99



A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

Jennifer Wagner

Connect With Your Teens

Did you know?

images courtesy of vendors

The biggest benefit of owning a Kindle is that the Amazon Kindle Store has a much largest selection of eBooks than any other eReader. Also, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book a month for free.

The iPad If you don’t mind spending $500 or more ($400 is you buy the older iPad 2) then you will get a tablet with a multitude of eBook apps. You can purchase and buy apps from Apple’s ibook store, or use the Kindle, Kobo or Nook app. You will also have available thousands of apps for games, news, education, entertainment, social networking and more. The only disadvantages of the iPad, besides the cost, are that it is bigger and heavier than most eReaders and is difficult to use outdoors

Kindle Fire The Fire is actually a tablet with an eReader built in. It is a great buy for a tablet that you can also use for movies, apps, games and browsing the web. The only disadvantage is that, like any tablet, it is difficult to use outdoors because of glare.

Fun Stuff

Barnes and Noble Nook Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight – The smallest and lightest of B&N’s offerings, about the same size and weight of the Kindle Touch. E-ink display which allows it to easily be read outdoors, however with the addition of the GlowLight, it can also be read in the dark, like a tablet, but something that no other E reader can do. $139, or without the GlowLight for $99. ■

Jennifer Wagner has been working with Millennials for years, mostly as an academic law librarian teaching students legal research. Her blog, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, helps parents keep up with pop culture and technology as a way of bonding with their teenage children.




project you

By Holli Silver

oo Hoo- Just saying. That was my Facebook post on June 24th. This coincidentally was the day that I placed my last child on the bus to await her sleep away camp adventure. I waved as they loaded the trunks onto the bus and as the bus pulled out of the parking lot. I cried crocodile tears. Tears of joy ran down my face. That’s right. Six glorious weeks (minus two weekends for visiting days) of precious me time. But who’s counting? Me -that’s who. Now before any of you get the wrong idea and think that I am a cruel lady who can’t wait to get rid of her kids think again. The feeling is, I assure you mutual. I gave my precious ten year old the biggest hug and wettest kiss that one can imagine. I turned away for three seconds and she was already on the bus hugging her BFF’S. I thought to myself this is too uncomplicated I’d just better peek on that bus to make sure that she was okay. Do you know what she did? She shooed me off that bus like yesterdays leftovers. As I turned my back on my child I couldn’t help giving myself a standing ovation. 22


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

I found the right camps for my children to learn invaluable life lessons and just as important the freedom for me to explore myself. So what will I do for me? First thing first- I cleaned the house. Then I went food shopping. I bought all healthy veggies and fruits, lots of water and vitamins. Now is the time for me to shed those last 5 pounds. I wake up and exercise. Before I go to bed I catch up on my reading. Most importantly I signed up for a Meditation Retreat at the Omega Institute. Five days of meditation and classes, healthy food and exercise. I’ve never vacationed alone before but am thrilled to have this opportunity to get to know myself better. Hopefully our summer adventures will make us all stand a little taller and relate a little better. ■ Holli Silver is a mom of two girls who give her a run for her money during the school year. Holli has declared 2012 the year she embarks on a journey to find herself. From working out, to weight loss, to meditation and more, Holli is also exploring her creative side as a first time published writer.



Ohm Sweet Ohm

Fun Stuff

“Oogust” with the


From The Wizard of Oz to The Barney Movie, kids of all ages have experienced movie-going in the same way. They get their popcorn. They sit in their seats. And they observe. Until now.


By Jeanne Muchnick

ummer’s here, and with it, the blockbuster movie to be. Think about it. What was the last G-rated film you season, including a slew of films categorized as saw with your kids in theaters? “family friendly.” But let’s be honest: Not every Can’t remember? Well, this might just be your lucky movie is as appropriate for young children as it claims summer. For those with children in the 2 to 7-year range, projectyou



project you

re Click here for mo ell information as w as downloadable activities.



comes The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure —due out “Oogust” 29th—an interactive, get-out-your-seats-and-participate movie that adds an energy and excitement to the big screen that has never existed before. This family adventure, which encompasses a wide variety of catchy songs and dances, invites youngsters (along with their adult companions) into the magical world of “LovelyLoveville” where everyone lives in harmony and brings out the best in each other. The story centers on the three Ooglieloves— Goobie, Zoozie and Toofie—and their friends, and the creative thinking, teamwork, and enthusiasm that help them rescue five golden balloons, a necessary component for an upcoming surprise party. The characters turn to the audience for help, often speaking directly to them, while specific cues (e.g. butterflies and turtles) signal when viewers should get out of their seats and dance, cheer, or sing. From the opening title sequence until the final song and dance number (which also includes celebrities Cloris Leach-

A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

man, Chazz Palminteri, Toni Braxton, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lloyd, and Jaime Pressly), children are encouraged to engage their brains and work together. The bottom line: When everyone bands as one, problems can be solved and goals achieved. This pioneering concept is all about making the viewers feel that they are part of the journey. In fact, Kenn Viselman, the film’s creator and the marketer behind Teletubbies, Thomas the Tank Engine and Eloise, says he made this movie with parents in mind, and specifically wants to engage moms (and dads) on the topic of family entertainment. To that end, the movie has its very own Parent Guide (go here to view) loaded with educational tips and suggestions. Equally helpful: The sense of relief in knowing it’s OK during the movie if your toddler jumps out of his seat to dance and cheer. The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure is a shared bonding experience you and your child (ren) won’t soon forget. In fact, don’t’ be surprised if he/she wants to see it again! It’s “Oogust,” after all. ■

project you

In the know Who says the early bird gets the worm? If you’re planning a last minute vacation, fear not! We’ve got the go-to sites for the best deals! By Beth Feldman

Last Minute getaways




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hen it comes to vacationing, I am the queen of the last minute bookers. Who needs to plan months in advance when there’s always a last minute deal to be had? If you’re still searching for the perfect summer getaway, use our tricks of the trade to land the adventure of a lifetime at an affordable price! From Waikiki to NYC, SniqueAway offers incredible consumer rated travel deals at high end hotels. The sales last a few days so you don’t have to make a spur of the moment decision and you’ll save big by locking in a rate at a fraction of the price.

FamilyiTrips: Created by a mom and travel writer, these new

detailed, content-rich apps for iphones and ipads enable your family to discover top attractions, places to play and special experiences in Boston, , New York City and Washington DC. Find out about sleepovers at museums, spy missions, moonlight tours and the best attractions for young kids, grade schoolers and teens. This summer, we’re headed to Nantucket and thanks to, I managed to find an Inn with an indoor and outdoor pool at approximately $340 per night. If you’ve ever been to Nantucket, you’ll know that pools and affordable hotel rates are hard to come by. Plus, you earn points toward free hotel nights every time you book.

Visiting New York City this summer? Turn to page 30 for details on a can’t miss event! 26

l,, Once you’ve

booked your airfare, these three sites enable you to book hotels, buy discounted tickets to major attractions and plan an itinerary so that you can get the most out of the city you’re visiting. ■

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Stephanie Rosenlund

tephanie Rosenlund was on the subway heading to her MBA class at the Stern School of Business at NYU when she first got the idea. While staring at the subway map, she thought it would be fun to create a Scavenger Hunt experience where people could connect with an advertising message while on the search School, work, and then life got in the way. After the birth of her son, Stephanie decided to pursue her next challenge—starting her own marketing company. All the while, she kept her Treasure Hunt in the back of her mind. Two years ago, she got her shot. After completing research that concluded consumers do, indeed, get overwhelmed and annoyed by advertising, Stephanie realized she could fill the void. She built a platform to bring brands and consumers together in a more fun and entertaining way. And adpropo was born. “As a marketer and a consumer, I know there has to be a better way for brands to interact and engage with current and prospective customers that is fun, appealing, relevant, and valuable for both sides, will be a platform to do exactly that.” ■ adpropo features games, an Idea Lab, and more—new Treasure Hunts are being built. If you’re a consumer who has had it with being bombarded everywhere by ads online, sign up for adpropo to show they want it to happen in a different and better way. They are looking for ideas, feedback, and insight to build a really cool way to collaborate with brands.




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he first time it happened it was a month after I left my job as VP of public relations at a major television network. I had been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and decided I had to start my own business before I was 40. Believing all the contacts I had made would help me out even when I left that big job behind, I walked out of my office with a huge grin plastered on my face - ready to take on whatever the world threw my way. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in that maybe, my big job or lack thereof would lead some of my work friends to pretty much consider me a has been. After picking up a few PR clients, I phoned my old contacts and much to my disappointment, they didn’t have time to talk to me. After I tried pitching them on several occasions, they began avoiding my calls. The people who used to perk up when I called offering a booking with a big TV star had no use for me now as I peddled no name authors and celebrities who I believed were on the verge of making it big. The problem was that when I was the PR rep for these no name celebrities, they weren’t famous enough - it was my job to get them there and my connections were not helping the cause. I soon became discouraged about striking out on my own. I began to think—it wasn’t me all that time getting 28


A Role Mommy Magazine l July 2012

those incredible media placements. It was the stars and the projects I was pitching. Consumed with self doubt, I decided to dive head first into writing while navigating my way through the blogosphere. I decided the only way to make a name for myself again was to start over. And so, I carved out a career as a PR pioneer in the online parenting space. So here I am five years later and guess what? One of the contacts I had known from way back when, who avoided my calls at all costs when I first broke out on my own, sent his love to me after a colleague visited the show where he works. I smiled knowing I didn’t have to pressure him anymore and he was able to remember me as the publicist who used to come through in a pinch when he was on the lookout for a big star. My advice to anyone who decides to leave a big job behind or loses a job and is on the search for a new one­ —don’t get offended when your old contacts choose to drop you like a bad penny. I’m sorry to admit that It’s not them­—it’s you. Sometimes when you give up your career, the only thing to do is start over, make new contacts and keep moving full steam ahead. If you are truly passionate about what you are doing, you will never be anyone’s afterthought. ■



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How to Combat Seasonal Allergies

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early 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies and with this year’s unusually mild winter, the dreaded allergy season arrived extra early. Dr. Zak Zarbock, creator of Zarbee’s, the #1 all natural, safe and effective cough alternative, shares his top five tips for identifying and treating coughs due to seasonal allergies:

Know your symptoms.

A little prevention goes a long way

Symptoms of allergies typically include clear runny or stuffy nose, red, itchy eyes, sore throat and cough from drainage behind the nose. Symptoms of an infection may also include runny nose, congestion and cough, but unlike allergies, may be associated with fever, green or yellow nasal drainage, and general achiness.

Reduce exposure to allergy triggers. Simple things like showering or washing the hair before bed will help rinse pollen from the skin and hair. Keep car and house windows closed during peak seasons. And remember to frequently change furnace and air conditioning filters as this may be an important line of defense.

Keep an eye on the calendar. Coughs that begin on or around the same time every year are often caused by allergies. Seasonal allergy sufferers commonly react to pollen counts that are high from certain trees, grasses and weeds.

Treat SAFELY and effectively Go natural! Keep airways moist and clear of mucus with natural saline sprays and rinses. Use antioxidant-rich honeys, like those found in Zarbee’s Cough Syrup, as a proven remedy to calm coughs and soothe and coat sore throats. ■

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Read about what Zarbee’s product we’re OBSESSED with! projectyou



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Visiting NYC this Summer? Don’t miss the new Spy Exhibit at Discover Times Square! Ever get the chance to see an umbrella that turns into a device that can assassinate a world leader? Or a shoe phone that was used by a real spy and not Maxwell Smart? Want to climb through a laser maze and then disguise your voice so that nobody knows it’s you? Then do we have the place for you! We recently hosted a fun and educational event for parenting bloggers and their families at the newest interactive attraction at Discovery Times Square... SPY: The Secret World of Espionage. This amazing exhibit offers visitors the first-ever public exhibition of treasures from the collections of the CIA, the FBI, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and H. Keith Melton, the renowned author, historian, and international authority on spy technology. For the first time ever, SPY grants guests unprecedented access into the real world of espionage by providing a first hand look at the weapons, surveillance cameras and disguises used during some of the biggest spy cases in history. For more information, visit Spy the Exhibit and book your tickets now! ■

? Want to be a spy eo! Check out the vid



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