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Winter 2011 Newsletter

Jan — March 2011

Volume 7, Issue 2

In this issue:

Beginning 2-3 Intermediate 4-5 Advanced 6-7 Snapshots 8-10

Information Email: Mailing Address: Project W.I.L.D. 308 Westwood Plaza 405 Kerckhoff Hall Los Angeles, CA 90024 Website: Site Location: Temple Intermediate School

Important Reminders Spring 2011 Sites:


Questions or Concerns

1. April 9 2. April 23 3. April 30 4. May 7 5. May 14 6. May 21 Note: Site dates are on Saturdays from 9 am - 12 pm.

Project WILD is only open to 2nd to 8th grade students from the Garvey School District.

For any questions or concerns you may have, please talk to one of our 10 directors at site. If this is inconvenient, you may always email us. Thanks for your continual support of Project W.I.L.D.!

We will only register and accept new students for the first 2 sites.

BEGINNING What is your favorite television or cartoon show? Summarize one episode of your favorite show. Tell us who the characters are and what happened in the show. Selected responses -Kevin YuMy favorite cartoon show is Young Justice. It is about a team that is young and their names are Robin, Kidflash, Superboy, Aqualad, and Miss. Martian. They are the superheroes that fight bad guys on missions. They are the best team ever. The leader is Robin. They were fighting a person called Tornado. It is the best show ever. The Tornado was fighting Red Tornado but it was Miss. Martian. She can turn into anything. She can turn invisible. She can read minds.

-Ai Ying HuangMy favorite show is Pearlie on Qubo channel. It is about fairies. The character is Pearlie. The setting is Jubilee Park. She is the one who takes care of Jubilee Park. She has a cousin Saphyra. Saphyra is very mean. She wants to ruin everything Pearlie’s planning. I watched it last month. The episode was about Pearlie planning to have a party. She invited the moths and insects. This year Pearlie wants to turn off the light. Saphyra is trying to open the light. When the party starts Saphyra turns on the light. It was very loud. When a human came Pearlie told them to be together. The human thought those

were flowers. When the human went away they were very happy. Saphyra is so mad that she wants them to fight. -Abigail EspinosaMy favorite movie is Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakuel. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are the characters. Alvin has a red shirt. Simon has glasses and a blue shirt. Theodore has a green shirt. In the movie the chipmunks go to a new school. There are some boys who wanted to catch the chipmunks because they were mean to them. Some girls met the chipmunks and Alvin, Simon, and Theodore like the girls. They live with Dave. They save some beautiful songs.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. worked hard for his dreams. What are your dreams and what you will do to try and obtain it? Why are these dreams important to you?

Selected responses -Yvonne Chu-

president by working really hard. I am going to work on my speech My dream is that people will skills and my speaking skills. stop bullying. I think so because people will not get hurt. Also this is a I wanted to be president good dream because people won’t because I want to make potato chips have to worry about getting beaten free so I could eat them. And I want up. This is also a good dream because to make Ipods free so I could have people will be safe. them.

good job and staying in school and working very hard. I will also get over 1,000,000,000 or maybe more. I could even donate it for the poor and they might even get to rent a house or come to America and get a good job or even live in a big, beautiful house.

My other dream is that -Hillary Tranpeople will conserve water. I would I have a dream that I would tell people to save H2O so that there be rich and help all of the people that would still be water left. I would tell are homeless and poor. I will even people to stop using a lot of water. donate toys, clothes, and a limo to These are my dreams. all of the cancer people. I might go -Kent Aragakito the hospital to help all the doctors. My dream is to be the president. I’m going to become the I will obtain it by getting a

I have a dream that I will be an astronaut. I want to fly to the moon. I want to travel to the whole solar system. Even all the planets. I am going to fly with my friends.

-Jeffrey Liu-

I had another dream that I will be rich and share money. I will get the money by working. I will spend my money on a mansion.

INTERMEDIATE You are stuck on an island. Write about three things or people that you would like to have on the island. Also describe what you would do in order to survive. Selected responses -Priscilla LiuThe first thing I would have on an island is a life time supply of food and water. I think this would be important because the only water we will find is the ocean. We can’t drink the ocean because it’s salt water. The food is an important essential because if you don’t have food for a week, you will be dead. Also the island might not have any food for you to eat. The second thing I would bring is a tent and a sleeping bag. The tent would be important because if it rains, you would have shelter. If you have no shelter, there would be wild animals waiting for you as food. A sleeping bag would be useful for sleeping because the only thing you

can sleep on is the sand. It will also feel uncomfortable to sleep on. A person I would like to bring along is my dad. I would like to bring my dad because he is smart. He also knows how to construct things. Also, he is very good with tools. I can trust that he could build the tools that we need on the island.

would choose to be there. The second person I would want is my god sister. She is very responsible and is a responsible adult. She’s been to many places and she is a very good person. She knows how to take care of me and she’s a smart adult. I would want her to go with me as well.

-Jenny Lee-

-Austin Lai-

If I were stuck on an island the person that I would want to have with me is my friend. She is responsible and a good person. I would want her to be with me because she knows how to tell directions. My friend would be very helpful and plus, a good navigator. That would be the first person I

If I was stuck on an island I would make shelter. I would bring a pocket knife to find animals to eat after I kill them. Then I would I would find some thrown away items like a pan to boil my water. I would want a machete to cut down trees, coconuts, and animals. I would try to tame a bear and try to make him my pet.

Visiting new places is an exciting experience. Write about a place you have visited. Describe your experience.What makes it memorable? If you do not think you have visited an exciting place, write about a place you wish to visit.Why do you want to go to this place?

Selected responses -Ricardo EspinosaI wish to go to Washington D.C. It would be so cool and fun to visit the new places. I would go inside the White House. I would see Obama inside doing his work. -Sylvia SonI want to go to the Smithsonian Museum because it has many exciting artifacts that I want to see. The Smithsonian Museum is located in the U.S. I want to see the arts and crafts because they’re interesting and fun to see. Most people in the world would love to go to. -Benson TranI went to Palm Springs. I went with my cousins and my cousin bought his DS. I lost his stylus, so that made it

memorable. We went swimming. It was really hot and I was tired. When I was tired, I went to the Jacuzzi to warm up. It was refreshing and I wasn’t tired anymore. Then we went back to the hotel and slept. -Senh ChongI want to go to China because I want to see the Great Wall of China. I also want to discover the history of China because I want to learn more about two people named Loazi and Confucius. I read about China, but the book only told me half of the story about that person. The book that I read told me Loazi was a famous teacher in China and that Confucius was a very smart teacher.

-Austin LaiI wish I could go to Raging Waters again. It was really fun when I went the last time. I went swimming, to the water parks, and also on water rides. I also went around the water ring, just laid back and swayed around the ring. At the end, I went up this tall building then down a long slide. I was scary at first because it was dark and I didn?t even know I was moving. The fun thing was the big wave. First we just had to swim around. Then the Big Wave appeared!!! It was like an earthquake but just in the water. The wave was pushing everyone back and forth so everyone needed to grab a tube. People could have drowned. The wave caught me in it so I had to swim all the way back to where everyone else was. At the end of the day, everyone went home on a bus.

ADVANCED Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his speech,“I Have a Dream.” If you were to give such a speech, what would your dream for the nation or world be? What is your vision for the future? Selected responses - Maggie Gip My dream is to have everyone to be nice, equal, and free. Everyone would be happy to live a free life and you could do anything you want. Then having to listen to the rule. I want everyone to be nice, so they would be treated fairly. If they treat you nice and you treat them mean, then they’ll hate you for not being nice to them. You just cannot be mean for no reason. If you’re nice to them then you’ll get more friends. You’ll live a happier life. People should be treated equal. Before, white people get to sit in the front of the bus and black people had to sit in the back, but now you aren’t forced to. You could be treated fairly. You can sit anywhere you want and do whatever you want, except for dangerous stuff.

Everyone should be free. They should be able to do whatever they want. You don’t have to listen to people you don’t even know. If you’re not free and you’re being bossed around, then your life is not fair. If you’re free, everyone is happy, and you would go out with your friends and have fun.

- Anonymous My vision for the future has many changes. The major problems in the world would be solved. Everything will be eco-friendly. Earth’s temperature would stop rising, no acid rain, and more rainforests. There won’t be anyone hungry, homeless, and poor. Schools will get more money for education. Earth’s temperature will be normal. Icebergs will provide homes for polar bears and other species. Acid rain will stop and more species will live.

Trees will grow tall and provide more oxygen. The air won’t be so toxic. Nobody, not anyone, will be hungry, homeless, and poor. Food will be handed out daily. Homes will be built for people who do not have one. Poor people will be given money. There will be jobs for everyone. Schools will receive more money to pay for better education. Better teachers will be hired. Damaged classroom will be fixed. School will be able to afford better tasting lunches. School can buy better technology. When my vision is complete, everything will be solved. Every economical problem is fixed. People will live better. They will be more educated. Forests will grow. That is my vision completed.

Do you believe it is right for parents to push their children to do well in school, send them to after school or weekend teaching programs, and learn activities such as piano, dance, drawing, basketball, or karate? Why? Selected responses -AnonymousI think it is right for parents to push their children. It is good for them. It is good in the long run. When they grow older, the talents become useful. It will be easy to get good jobs.

different lessons and activities can help exercise their brain. It shows the potential that the child truly possesses. It will be good for physical health too.

school. When there are talent shows, they can enter them proudly.

When they get to the point that they need to get a job, they will be grateful. It will help them get good The child may not like it jobs with much pay. It will help them now, but in the future it could help get them a job in a nice and perfect them much. It helps with high school office instead of working in a It is good for children to and college credits. It can help them dumpster. Which one would you enroll in activities. They will be much get scholarships. It can encourage prefer? more behaved and smart. Getting the child to get good grades in


FALL 2010 FIELD TRIP Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Team HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) visited Project W.I.L.D to educate tutees about Hepatitis B, a virus that affects many Asian Americans.

Winter 2011 Newsletter  

Quarterly newsletter of Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development. Fall 2010, Volume 7, Issue 2

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