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Winter 2010 Newsletter

Volume 6, Issue 2

Jan - March 2010

In this issue:

Beginning 2-3 Intermediate 4-5 Advanced 6-7 Snapshots + Special Message 8-9

Information Email: Mailing Address: Project W.I.L.D. 308 Westwood Plaza 405 Kerckhoff Hall Los Angeles, CA 90024 Website: Site Location: Temple Intermediate School

Important Reminders Spring 2010 Sites: (1) April 3, 2010 (2) April 10, 2010 (3) April 24, 2010 (4) May 1, 2010 (field trip) (5) May 8, 2010 (6) May 15, 2010 (7) May 22, 2010 (field trip) Remember, all sites are 9 AM-12 PM.

Drop Off and Pick Up: Please remember to pick up students from site PROMPTLY at noon. Thank you!

Field Trips: This quarter, we will be having two field trips (May 1 and May 22) For May 1 (to UCLA’s PITA Day): Students must arrive by 8:30 am.

BEGINNING Students were asked the following:

Use your imagination to write a story of a superhero who saves the world. What are the superhero’s special powers and weakness? Selected responses Senh Chong—I like the spiderman, because he help people if people help. It had alot bad mosters hate people the monster want people die. Then the spider man come to help people. I hate the monster, because it is very mean. They love the spiderman alot. One day a bad monster made the road is broken. Then alot people die, and the spider man come to help people and fight with the monsters.

then Super Ability Girl saw the robbers and then she punch and punch and grabbed the robbers to jail put the money where it belongs, and so the superhero save the day.

Maggie Gip—Once upon a time there was a super hero named Mother Nature. She was a girl who cares about nature. One day she can make flowers grow and its weakness is fire. There was a villen name Sarah—My superhero is Super cutter; it cut down every tree, but Ability Girl. My specail powers is fly, mother nature save the day by fixing and punch and my weakness is power the trees and plants. is boomerang. One day, There was a Tyler Lao—The super hero save robbers who catched money. vergena. next he went home and Meanwhile at the secret care their got a call. Tyler it was from mayor was an alert and it was at the bank thomons. He told super man that he store. She fly out at fast she do and

needed to him. he went right away. He was capture by antson. he was saved. the super hero had a fight with the bad guy. 2 nouns later. he was called the garden of Vergena. Tach Chong—The batman is a good peope He can help everyone he have The car he car run fast. The batman help me even time. The batman kick she gum. Jason Gonzalez—Batman is Kevin that saves the world. He also lives in a cabin like Abraham Lincoln. He loves to punch. He has a ship that is black. He loves to save the world. He has no weaknist.

Students were asked the following:

Write about a dream you have. It can be about what kind of future you dream of for yourself, a future you dream of for the world, a dream about a different life, a dream about anything!

Selected responses Jason Gonzalez—I wish that I could help people get food. If I help get food for people they won’t be pour. I love to help people get food. I also really want to help people. So the people won’t get pour.

18th as well. Martin Luther King kind to people. I wish I can go to was a good person he teach some Disney land get everything I want. people good words. Have a peaceful world. Hao Li—I want to be a artist when I grow up. I will have two children. I will live in a mansion. I will be rich. I will buy toys for my children. I will buy a SUV. I will go to college. I will go to university college. I will graduate from college. I will go to China, Vietnam, and Japan. I will buy 1,000,000,000 houses.

Hao Chen—I have a dream that everybody was going to be very good not bad. They will not be bad and we don’t have to worry about the bad guys. There will be no danger no crime and everything will be calm and nice. That is my dream. I will like it Maggie Gip—My dream will be to come true. about me. I wish I can have a bunch Kevin Yu—I have a dream tha I will of money in the world. I have meet Martin Luther King at January biggest house in world. Everyone is

Sylvia Son—My dream is to be the richest girl in the world. And have a biggest house in the world, even bigger than the white house. My dream is to be kind to everyone. But everyone won’t listen except my best friend Johanna. My dream is to have Maggie Gip as princess of the world. Ivy Luong—My dream is to be famous. I see myself dancing. Also I see myself on T.V. I see my family and my friends on T.V. to. Last I see myself at home.

INTERMEDIATE Students were asked the following:

What is your new year’s resolution for 2010? Selected responses Daniel Mercado—My new year resolutions for this year is to get honor roll. I want to get honor roll to know that I could prove to people I am smart. I also want my family to be proud of me. I also want to know how different cultures are. I want to do that for I can see their foods. And I want to know their religions.

Wendy Luong—My resolutions are : try to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, get more 4’s than 3’s. Then my ultimate goal is to get Honor Roll. Because I always get close to getting it and my mom tells me to read, write and solve problems for more practice. For 2010 I want to try new things like: sports, foods, and clothes for the new year. Then I will try to go to the homeless shelter with my big sister because she sometimes goes. IF I go to the homeless shelter, I would donate foods, clothes, money and much more.

I will make them happen by working hard to get them achieved. I will get good grades for honor roll. I also study hard to understand what I don’t get. I will learn more of different cultures by telling us how they do stuff in their culture. I will try it out my stuff. And I will get a book on How I am going to achieve them is: their religions. for eating vegetables and fruits I will try not to get junk food and oily foods too. Then to exercise, I would

run more and play more sports with my best friend. Then to get better grades I would study more and learn new things. Now my ultimate goal is to get Honor roll. I will try to study more and learn history how its like. Then I would donate foods, clothes and money and much more to the homeless shelter. Why it’s important to eat healthy food because if I stop and start eating more and more junk food then my body will be unhealthy and I would get stomach aches. Then why it’s important to exercise because: if I don’t exercise I might get a foot cramp and my muscles would have no energy. Then if I don’t study my best I wouldn’t learn anything and I would be homeless.

Students were asked the following:

Who is your role model, someone you look up to?

Selected responses Hanna Lam—The person I admire most is my mom because she is nice. She is nice because she helps me. Another reason is that she mostly gets things that I need. She is also nice because she takes care of me and makes me proud. Another trait my mom has is that she is hard working. She is hard working because she works hard for money to buy me food to eat. She is also hard working because she tries to help me with my homework. She also takes her time to cook for me and my sister so the food we eat is delicious. She sometimes makes food whenever there is a party at class. The last good trait she has is patience. When I talk to my friend she can wait for me to finish so she can talk. Sometimes when I am doing my homework and she wants to play, she

waits by watching tv. At night when I sleep, she waits until I am asleep and then she goes to sleep. Whenever she needs something she waits until we go there again.

fun in that school. When I was there before, we got to play the computer. I wish I would go there again. Daniel Mercado—I admire many people but I admire the Martin Luther King, Jr. I know him or know how he is because I read many stories of him.. He is really smart and is a good person to this world. He is a good role model because he lives achieving his goals.

Alvin Yu—The person I admire is Erick Chavez. Sure he is Spanish, but he is my best friend. I also admire Lyle Navarro, Stanley Lau, Kenneth Lee and other people. They are funny and amazing. They usually be with He admires me because he changed the me. world of slavery. I don’t want to be like I admire them because they are smart, him it just that he follows his goals until fast, etc. I’m not saying that I am not he achieves it. I also want to follow my smart. I also admire other people, but goals. they are better. I usually admire a lot of people. My friends usually don’t When I grow up I want to follow my goal to be a lawyer. I want to be a move. lawyer. I want to be that because I want I also admire Edmond, John and other to help people. I won’t stop until that people. I don’t go to their school happens. If I achieve it I will try to anymore because it cost a lot. It was achieve another.

ADVANCED The question posed to the students was:

What invention can you not live without? Selected responses

Amy Vong— If the chair wasn’t invented, the world would be a miserable place. There would be chaos without the chair. Classes would have to sit on the carpet. If chairs with desks connected to them weren’t invented, students would need to write on books on the floor. Business workers have to work kneeling down. Lazy or tired people such as Kyle can’t sit down. Homes wouldn’t have any sofas or cars would not have car seats. Without chairs, students

have to sit, work and take tests on the floor. Older kids need to site like preschoolers. Everyone has to sit on the ground to eat lunch. Without chairs, business workers can’t sit somewhere and lay on the ground. The tutors have to stand up in Project W.I.L.D. In addition, Kyle can’t sit on the teacher’s comfy chair. With no sofas, houses just wouldn’t be the same. Handicap people will be disabled and unable to move. Relatives or doctors/nurses will have to care for them or carry them to events. Without car seats, adults will not

reach the wheel, see out the window, or even reach the pedals. There are only two choices, stand up or sit down. Also, passengers will be in great danger. Now you know that the world just wouldn’t e the same. Everyone benefits from chairs. Everyone has to sit on a chair once in their day. If there are no chairs, people would be fatigued, cars wouldn’t have seats or seat belts, and schools would be miserable without them. Homes worldwide won’t be the same. This is why chairs are important in daily life.

Tam Tran—


comfort and warmth, it can also be used for entertainment. Entertainment is great because it can keep you busy. For example, the T.V has many shows that you can watch. Also let’s not forget the favorite of all time, the computer. With electricity, it can allow the computer to surf the web.

One of the inventions that has change almost everyone in the world is electricity. Electricity is one of the greatest inventions that were created by Thomas Edison in the eighteenth century. Without it, the light bulb wouldn’t have been created and we would still be using candles. Electricity is what gives us comfort and heat. This is why I think that Thomas Edison was one of the greatest and smartest men

Electricity changed my life even though I wasn’t there when it was created. Although I wasn’t there, it really has changed my life. For example, this time of season it is really cold and rainy. However, with electricity, the heater can keep me warm while I watch television. Can you see how great Electricity had a very big impact on electricity can be? my life. This invention makes not only my life more comfortable, but Not only can electricity be used for also many people’s lives all over the

The question posed to the students was:

What would life be without history? Selected responses Jenny Ha— Life would be boring without history because you wouldn’t know anything about the past. We can’t even learn where certain things came from. For example, where the poetry called tanka come from? Who was Genghis Khan? You can’t even know who the famous were. History affects my life by teaching how to write poetry in my writing class. It helps me find out the rulers of the countries of different

parts of the world and when they died. The most interesting thing is that I know about Buddhism and where it came from. It came from China, and spread to Japan. Prince Shotoku had a few people go over to observe China and he started building up temples. I see many people at Chinese New Year worshipping, praying, and showing respect for the Buddha. I have learned where and

how traditions were made up. History is interesting because you learn about many traditions and cultures. I love the cultures of Japan and the rest of Asia. That part of the world is interesting to me. Life would be ugly when we can’t learn history. I have learned about many things and guess what? I have to take many notes for my present tests and future tests if I want to pass. I have to make my family members and myself proud.


W INT E R 2010

P ROJECT W ILD R ECOGNITIONS Perfect Attendance students

Beginning Level: Ai Ying Huang Anson Vuong Cindy Feng Diane Lam Emily Huang Hao Chen Hao Li Ivy Luong Jason Gonzalez Raymond Lu Samson Wong Sarah Law Senh Chong Sylvia Son Tach Chong Zewei Huang Maggie Gip

Intermediate Level: Ada So Alvin Yu Anthony Ngo Hanna Lam Hua Chen Jason Ha Jenny Gip Lisa Nguyen Phuong Ha Sharon Law Shelley Wong Vy Tang Wendy Luong

Advanced Level: Tam Tran Jenny Ha

Winter 2010 Newsletter  

Quarterly newsletter of Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development. Winter 2008, Volume 6, Issue 2