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Project W.I.L.D. Working for Immigrant Literacy Development

Winter 2007, Volume 3, Issue 2

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ABOUT US The main focus of our program is to teach students how to speak, read, and write English. Through the use of weekly tutorial sessions, W.I.L.D. helps immigrant teenagers and their families transition into America. In addition, our tutors act as positive role models and help our students through their adolescent years. The kids are separated into three different levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.



3 Advanced

4-5 Spring Site Dates April 21 April 28 May 05

May 12 May 19 June 02

Contact Info WEBSITE E-MAIL MAILING ADDRESS Project W.I.L.D. 308 Westwood Plaza 405 Kerckhoff Hall Los Angeles, CA 90024 SITE LOCATION Temple Intermediate School 8510 Fern Ave. Rosemead, CA 91770 Tel.: (626) 307-3360 Fax: (626) 307-8162

Major Day This activity introduced the students to different college majors and their requirements. We had different stations for the various majors: Economics, English, History, Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, and Political Science. College Day We took the students to the UCLA campus where we gave them a tour and had lunch at Covel Commons, one of the dining halls. California Science Center For our quarterly field trip we went to the California Science Center to expose the students to scientific discoveries.

Beginning Students Eric Chen Zhi Heng Chen Simon Deng Jianna Huang Tri Cong Le Sheng D. Liu Panha Liv Evelyn Lujan Bill Ngo Carmen Tang Derek Thai An Tran Linh Tran Phuong Tu

Tutors Steven Cheng Effiong Dampha Kristy Hwang Gabriel Ibarra Trinh Le Lily Liu Devin Loewenstein Tracy Luong Cherry Nhor Mutsumi Takei Joyce Tang Kathy Tom


Name and describe your favorite exhibit at the California Science Center. What is it about? What does it look like? Why do you like it? Does it have a history or story behind it? Would you recommend this exhibit to a friend? JIANNA HUANG I saw DNA exhibit. I liked earth quake exhibit. Because they were fun. TRI CONG LE The exhibit has human’s heart. I like it a lot. I saw many things that I have never seen. It was amazing. Now, I want to go to the Imax theater. PANHA LIU A lot of stuff inside is interesting. But my favorite is the wind boad. It is like a small ship. I like it because it special. I’m not sure. I would recommend this exhibit to my friend if I remember. SHENG D. LIU We saw about body, cells, DNA,...I like the show of body works. Because I can see right through her and learn about the body. I like the Energy Factory too. Because It tell us how food turns to energy. My favorite is the chicks. It’s little and cute! EVELYN LUJAN What I like the most is Bodyworks because the big human person talked. It was surprizing to me that it talked. It is the best show I ever seen in my life because The human being was talking about our body parts to help us know how to use our body. But most of all to know how our brain tells the other mucelus what to do. BILL NGO I saw a giant talking. I saw it play soccer and it’s heart pump. I saw it move to. I saw birds flying around. Trinh told me a scary story. CARMEN TANG I like the most is Bike Bodyworke. Because it was fun I like the windshow becise it makes my hair blow. DEREK THAI I like the bodywork. It is about a kid. It look likes a giant baby. Because I like giants and It was playing scoocer. No it dose not have a history or story. AN TRAN The exhibit has many different things to look at. There were many different games that we can play. We also saw a movie about the human body.

JENNY CHUANG I like Communication exhibit, because there is alot of fun things and somethings are fun, like the digital imaging it shows that funny picture of me and other people. It is very cool. And there is a game that you are inside that game, and a lot of the fun things. And I also like the place where you can see the little cute animals, and how do animals grow, but I don’t like the show about body, I just don’t like it because is not fun. CHRISTIAN FLORES My favorite exhibit was the car room because is show every about cars, it look like room with car on it. Why did I like it because they have cool car. KEN LIN My favorite exhibit is the car one. The car in that exhibit is so cool, I got to play the car game, that car game is like the cool thing in the exhibit. My another favorite exhibit is the human one, too. On the human exhibit I got to wash movie, and on that exhibit have a car game too. On two 2nd flood have basketball to play. That one is the cool thing too. JESSICA MOC It was the boat ride it was fun. No one can play that game. But I can It look like a helicopter seat and the only way to turn is going up and down on the controls. It never had a history on it. Yes, because I don’t what you meant.

AYIN ROMERO LOPEZ My favorit exhibit is when we enterd a door and there was a big human body. Her mouth moved when she was talking. It was about the body when youre runing and playing a sport. It looks fake and it shows the things we have in our body.


DANIEL CHONG My first exhibit is that the human body, talking about the organ. It would be cool, I learned about everything I know. It look like a room with all the invention. I would not recommend a friend over because it is boring.

Students ZAYIN ROMERO LOPEZ I like the rocked wen I pres the boten. And from the cars was so cool wen it gos wen the light gos the car and it run. ALBERTO MARTINEZ It was kind of cool. I liked to see gils angry. I thought it was cool to desien a computer I desiend a car it was a plastic car it was red then I tested it out and crashed it. It broke to little pieces I whant a car like that when Im older a escolade black. MAX NAVARRO I liked the body work. It was a little fun. I also liked the transportation area were I get to create your own car. No it does not have a history or story behind it. It looked like a t.v. but it also looks like a computer. I would tell them this is someplace that can help your future/career. RONY NAVARRO Body works is cool because it tells about the stomach, heart, and the lungs. A robot. Like a fortune teller. It is cool. This was abot a robot and a dude that are say stuff about your body how it moves and how blood is transported.

Zuzu Aye Daniel Chong Jenny Chuang Christian Flores Ken Lin Alberto Martinez Jessica Moc Max Navarro Rony Navarro Ayin Romero Lopez Zayin Romero Lopez Ivan Salazar Michelle Shen

Tutors Tiffany Ju Robert Lee Rachel Lin Jim Luu Shwanika Narayan Melissa Phatharanavik Natasha Pushkarna Linda Qian Joanna Quach Shannon Shih Annie Zhujiang



Being a Superhero

Students Zelena Navarro Tracy Phan Polly Tan Tina Tran William Vuong Danny Zhong

Tutors Maria Ayuningtyas Camille Sta Elena Mable Kong Stacie Kwan Rosemarie Lima Joan Tan Jonathan Tan Rose Zarcone


ZELENA NAVARRO Being a superhero means helping people by protecting them from the bad things. It also means to make things better around the community. If I were a superhero, my name would Spidy-Girl (SG). Then, for my outfit, I’ll wear a skirt, long boots and a shirt like Spiderman’s, but the colors have to be red and blue. Being a Superhero can be an exhausting job, only sometimes, and the rest of the time you can feel proud of yourself for helping. If I were a superhero, I’ll have the power to see into the future, climbing walls, and swinging across the sky with my web. The community would have harsh problems such as robbers breaking in someone else’s house and speeding cars heading right toward someone. Also, there might be some violence somewhere around the community. I can also help the community by catching robbers and tying them up with web and wait for the policeman to come and take them away. For speeding cars, I’ll slow them down by shooting web to the back the car and tying the web to something strong that can stop the cars. To stop violence from happening I’ll have a vision before it happens and then I’ll go to the location and help them solve their situation. There are lots of solutions for helping people and your community. A day as a superhero would be fighting evil and saving the world, but only if the situation was serious. Then, when I have nothing to do I’ll just put my superhero outfit and go out and watch the community. After I come from work, I’ll go to sleep and prepare myself for my next mission. TRACY PHAN If I were a superhero, I would be Super Girl. The powers that I have are super speed, super strength, invisibility, force field, the ability to fly, stop time, laser vision, super healing powers and I am able to fix things by just touching it. I would help the community by catching robbers, putting out fires and saving everybody. My day as a superhero would be waking up, brushing my teeth and go to work. Whenever I hear anyone that needs help I would secretly go somewhere safe and change into my suit. After that I would “save the world!” Then I would go back to work. After that, I would go home, eat dinner, shower, brush my teeth and then go to sleep. The next day I would do the exact same thing. POLLY TAN I would be an invisible girl. My power is being invisible, so that nobody could see me. If there are thieves stealing money and when I am invisible, they couldn’t see me. I fight crime. I will put them in jail. One day when I wake up, I brush my teeth and then I go to Willard Elementary School to learn. When it is nighttime, I fight crime because when it’s night everybody is sleeping. I sleep when I finish my homework and fight crime. TINA TRAN I would be an invisible girl. Yes, my powers are to be invisible. I want to be invisible because rich people do not care about poor people so they criticized them, so I want to be invisible to take stuff from rich people and give it to the poor people.


I will start my day by brushing my teeth, change clothes and listen to the radio or watch TV. I will listen to the radio and watch TV to listen to the news to see what’s happening. So I will come to help others. Then my job is done for the day. WILLIAM VUONG If I were a superhero, my name would be Super Knight. My suit would be blue and white. If I had a super power, I would want Superman’s powers. His power is better than any other hero’s, but he’s not from the Earth. My super power would be to steal powers from bad guys and maybe some superheroes that have lots of powers. I would help the community by protecting the people from any bad villains. In an ordinary day, I would go around the world stopping bad guys or villains. Then I would go home and find some more villains or bad guys, but first, I would beat them up. Then I would put them in jail. Then I would go to my home and sleep and watch TV until the next morning.

DANNY ZHONG I want to be a superhero Django the solar boy, and with many powers and abilities. I have the best super power ever. I like Batman’s gadgets. I like him too, but I don’t need the gadgets. My power is to say a power, and I would get that power. For example: I say super speed, I get super speed. I would help the community by saving people and beat up villains. My suit is going to be camouflage, that is pure black with a morpher that would give me the weapons I need and to change people into other things. It would be very easy to be a superhero if I have my own company, because I have other people to help me run it (but I would get most of the money). In the day I am being heroic. Then, at night I’ll be like Batman and fight crime.


Winter 2007 Newsletter  

Quarterly newsletter of Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development. Winter 2007

Winter 2007 Newsletter  

Quarterly newsletter of Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development. Winter 2007