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Volume 6, Issue 1

Oct - Dec 2009

In this issue:

Beginning 2-3 Intermediate 4-5 Advanced 6-7 Honorable Mentions 8

Information Email: Mailing Address: Project W.I.L.D. 308 Westwood Plaza 405 Kerckhoff Hall Los Angeles, CA 90024 Website: Site Location: Temple Intermediate School

Important Reminders Winter 2010 Sites: (1) January 16, 2010 (2) January 23, 2010 (3) January 30, 2010 (4) February 6, 2010 (5) February 20, 2010 (6) February 27, 2010 (7) March 6, 2010 (field trip) Remember, all sites are 9 AM-12 PM.

Drop Off and Pick Up: Please remember to pick up students from site PROMPTLY at noon. Thank you!

Field Trip Policy: This program’s field trip policy is to select students based on the weekly attendance and effort put into curriculum, as well as behavior during site.

BEGINNING “In our Beginning Level, we have our 2nd through 5th graders read a short story and answer questions followed by a section on verbs, nouns, synonyms, and antonyms. We focus on improving our children's reading by having them read out loud and their reading comprehension skills, writing, and grammar in order to have them improve in their English. There are a couple of times during the quarter in which we have our 33 students freewrite on the topic of their choice in order to have them express themselves on paper and to enable them to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the curriculum and activities in Project WILD.” - Xiomara Gomez, External Director Letters to parents Janet Lei— Dear Parents, I learned about acne and how to build an egg drop and my friends dress me up as a crayon. We also did a spegetti with marshmellow. They give us snack and the snack was so good. And my friend was dressing me up as a crayon with red paper. And we build a big tower but it fell.

cirriculm I like to go to Saturday School and we cud go to a fingtrip I like to go to Satrdad School becusa it is fun ther. Sandy Ip— Dear Parents,

When I came to project WILD I learned how to write essays. I also learned what is a noun, verb, and how pimples grow. Also I learned Cindy Ramirez — how to read clearly and loudly. I have learned what is a synonym and Dear mom and dad I learned how to a antonym. Also I learned how do cirriculm and I like to came becusa pimples grow and go away. I learned different thing every day so I learned more and I like to do A verb is a action word and a

noun is a person place, or thing. A synonym is a world that can mean the same but not spelled the same and a antonym is a world that is opposite. Pimples grow on your skin because your hormones tell then them to. You can get rid of it by eat healthy food or sometimes it won’t go away and you have to go to a dermatoligist. I also learned new activities. One is dress up a gril into Tinker Bell. We also played sinking ship. I also played builed the tallest tower using spaghetti sticks and marshmollow. I also played lots of games and activities

Cindy Feng— Dear parents, I read and write an essay. I do work sheets. I read and answer question. I learn nouns from the worksheets. I learn that how the arthor writes a story.

speak loud. I practice learning skills. My group dress up Melissa as Tinker bell. I did the egg drop. Some one made a parachute and the egg did not break. My groups egg droped. What I did was fun.

Sincerely, I learned that verbs are things Cindy Feng that move. I learned that every complete sentence must have a period. I learned that if you need help you ask sombody, I learned that when you read you have to

Favorites! Richard Ha—

drinking soda. The rides I don’t like are the spinny rides, little kid rides, My favorite place is Knott’s and the train. Berry Farm. I would be with my friends. We would go to Soak City Tach Chong— on the wave pool. We like riding on My favorite is the log ride. The one we like least is chuckiecheese. On they have pizza that we have to go on the and has mickey mouse. dancing they rollercoasters. We like eating there have video game. they put the are pizza, chips, cotton candy, and quarter go into the horse the horse

running. I want to play the toys car. These are reasons why I get disappointed. Even if there is a good side I still get disappointed. I don’t really care that much if I don’t get to play though. I could at least do better than my brother on writing. I could also earn money when I grow up, and when I get a job.

INTERMEDIATE “Our Intermediate Level emphasizes middle school grammar and reading comprehension through weekly curriculum lessons that reinforce concepts like verb tense and prepositions. Also, every week, our students, who range from 5th to 8th grades, are asked to write a one-page composition, with the help of tutors, to prepare them for high school writing.” - Justin Lee, Publications Director

Students were asked the following:

Write a short story about you as a superhero. Selected responses Jenny Lee—

Alvin Yu—

Hua Chen—

My name is Ice Queen. My powers are Icy objects. I could make objects and people frozen. The best part is I can freeze anything. I look like this: I have my hair down and I have a dress on and can change into a skirt. I have a headband and gadgets.

I am E-Man. I destroy buildings. I fight good guys. I wear lots of armor. I cannot get hurt but the armor gets hurt and it will have scratches. I team up with Kachang and Fangyou to fight the jelly teacher destroyer.

If I were a superhero I would be named Freeze Girl. I will live in space. I would wear everything light blue. My arch-nemesis will be fire boy he will ruin everything. I would use my ice shield to stop him.

My archenemy is Professor Fire. He always traps me in a fire cage. When I get scared, I stop him with something that could beat him by stopping him with water that beats fire.

I press a button and my armor turns into a robot dinosaur. It is the same height as I am. I destroyed the jelly teacher killer. We devestate the city and destroy everything.

Then I will destroy him by making an ice bubble. Then I will use my ice light to shoot him far away and the teleport home. My parents will be so happy that I save the world from evil. Then I will go somewhere very cold to charge my power.

Lisa Nguyen—

out he was my science teacher who had just gotten fired yesterday. The next day he rented a boat and bought a few more matches and a lot of oil to pour into the ocean. People were calling him Dr. Craze but he was Mr. Sakamoto who was going to put the ocean on fire. That day I also get on a boat and used my power of shooting water. I aimed the water at the fire and it went out. When it went out I froze the extra water and moved it to Antarctica.

Jose Atenco—

Ada So—

Control Freak.

My superpower is the power of powers. I am called the Super Power Girl. My appearance is a colorful dress with a bracelet that gives me my powers and a mask. One day I saw a big red light up in the sky so I flew up there. I couldn't believe what I saw. My arch-nemesis Mr.

Mr. Control Freak controls the scientist to give him the Lazer 700. He also stole the rocket to fly up to space. When I got up there he shined that lazer on me so I reflected it back to him and got injured in my eye. He was going to lazer the whole world and everyone would have

been statues. While I healed myself, Mr. Control Freak was aiming toward Earth. I turned myself into a big person with reflection and I wrapped around Earth. When Mr. Control Freak shot, it reflected to him and his machine so he turn to a statue. I brought it down to Earth to justice. He was unfrozen and stuck in jail. Finally I had peace in my room.

Hi, I'm Freeze Girl I have ice and water powers. I was just a regular girl going to regular school. One day I was walking home and some man was chasing me. The man looked like he was wearing a lab coat so I thought he was a scientist. The scientist chased me in the rain but I ran into an alley with toxic waste. The next day, I yelled to my classmate, "Stop!" and I froze her but no one noticed. I stayed after school to see if I could find him but that day I found

I will be captain Ice, Fire, Water, Wind and with tornado is wind, Ice is for Avalanche, fire is lava and the water is a suami and my evil villian Captain farty pants. Bill Ngo— If I was a superhero the power I would want is teleporting. My superhero name would be Bill. :) The way I would stop them is by teleporting back and forth then take their wepons and give them to the police.

ADVANCED “The advanced level concentrates on providing the students with the necessary tools to succeed in school, while also setting the foundation that will prepare them for higher education. With our teaching methods, we review English concepts that reinforce the skills they learned at school. We try to engage our tutees by creating interactive and educational curriculum to strengthen the skills needed to excel in school and achieve higher scores on standardized tests.” - Laurie Siu, Activities Director

The question posed to the students was:

How can disappointments have a good side? Selected responses Amanda Truong—

someone or yourself, you’ll think about negative things. You’ll tell yourself that you’re stupid or something that won’t make you happy. Did you ever consider about what you could do instead of making yourself more sad? You can learn from your mistakes and try to improve it next time.

Disappointment is something that makes you sad. It makes you angry and there’s probably no bright side to it unless you think about it. Disappointment is a feeling no one wants but everyone has once in awhile. Although disappointment comes in a variety of surprises and you might think the day will get Imagine you and your friend worse but I believe that there’s were suppose to hang out today but always something good no matter she/he cancelled on you. The feeling how bad it is. of disappointment fills in your body and you just want to break down. W h e n y o u d i sa p p o in t

What do you do? I would vent my feelings to another friend. On the bright side, you could bond more with that person instead of moping around and wasting your time when you could do something better. Disappointment is something no one wants but everyone has. You might think its something bad and there’s no bright side to it but you don’t have to waste your time making yourself be even more sad. Just think about something good and that’ll brighten your day.

Teresa Truong— Disappointments can be a good side. For example, you want soda, and you found out it is expired and old. You get disappointed, however, it saves you from getting sick and having a stomachache.

last week my best friend found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she broke up with him. After that, she was very sad she started crying. However, it is good she broke up with him because it would be a bad thing if she was with a bad dude.

One example about a disappointment about my life is when I was five years old. I came home from pre-school and I didn’t see my turtle. My mom told me it ran away in the jar. I was very disappointed, but my old turtle would always make the shelter dirty and everyday we would A couple more examples is, always have to clean the jar where it lives in. Still, I love my turtle, but I

Well, a realistic example was that my friend asked me if I wanted some cheetos, however, I looked at the expired date and it was 1 month late. He ate half of the bag and he threw up at school. He had to go home and take some medicine.

couldn’t say goodbye when my mom flushed it down the toilet. The very last example I want to say was that I wanted to buy the very old Beatles album. The huge CDs back in the 1980’s. However, it was 120 dollars. I wanted it for my birthday. I was disappointed, everyone know I love The Beatles. I didn’t get the 120 dollars old record, I got a John Lennon Doll, and tshirts of the Beatles, and the book about The Beatles. Well at least people saved 1 2 0 do l l ar s . I t h in k s o me disappointments may have a good side because anything we want we may not have, but life goes on.

watch TV. However, when I don’t of money in my bank account. This is do that, I could get more time to why I’m sort of happy that my mom My name is Carolyn Ngo. I sleep. I also won’t ruin my eyesight, closed it. get disappointed sometimes. I get and get glasses. The thing that gets me really disappointed when I don’t get to play I feel disappointed when my disappointed is writing a long essay like with things. I also get disappointed when my mom closed down my bank mom closes my bank account. I this one. I really hate it if there is a account. When I have to write a long won’t get to have enough money for hard writing prompt. However, I get college when I grow up, especially more practice on writing. I can also essay I also get disappointed. since I want to go to UCLA. I might make my writing neater than this. It’s Sometimes at home I don’t get enough money to buy a house actually okay when I write a long essay, get to play with things. I don’t get to also. The good thing though is that I as long as I don’t get a hard prompt to play on the computer, my DS, or won’t need to pay taxes if I had a lot write about. Carolyn Ngo—

F ALL 2009 H ONORABLE M ENTIONS Perfect Attendance

Beginning Level: Amy Zheng Anson Vuong Derek Thai Dexter Thai Diane Lam Hao Chen Hao Li Ivy Vuong Janet Lei Jason Lam Jia Kang Mao Kevin Yu Melissa Nim Sandy Ip Sarah Law Senh Chong Tach Chong Thomas Nim

Intermediate Level: Alvin Yu Andrew Gip Ashley Valveiljo Bill Ngo Daniel Mercado Hanna Lam Hua Chen Jenny Gip Jenny Lee Lisa Nguyen Sharon Law Vy Tang William Tang

Advanced Level: Amanda Truong Ashley Nhem Celine Hui Chris Em Elaine Ta Liya Zhu Tam Tran Teresa Truong Tiffany Truong

Congratulations! Thank you for showing up regularly throughout our Fall 2009 Sites. We hope and expect more of you to join the List Winter 2010!

Fall 2009 Newsletter  
Fall 2009 Newsletter  

Quarterly newsletter of Project Working for Immigrant Literacy Development. Fall 2009, Volume 6, Issue 1