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Project VOYCE

Voices of Youth Changing Education

Empowering Students to Change the World, Starting With Their Own.

Annual Report 2014

A Note From Dayna’s Desk When I look back on my first year as the Executive Director at Project VOYCE, the word that immediately comes to mind is “transformation.” Our organization is in an exciting time of growth, opportunity, learning, and possibility. I am grateful for my deepening relationships with staff, who are the best example of what PV can accomplish. They are strong, intelligent, resilient young people who have overcome enormous challenges and blossomed into amazing leaders! They are living proof that when we work WITH youth to develop their talents and gifts, when we truly LISTEN to what they need to be successful, we achieve real change. I am also heartened by watching our young people give back to their community, teaching new students the skills they have learned and becoming mentors and positive role models. Albert Einstein said “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” I believe that PV’s young leaders ARE the hope for tomorrow. I also believe that tomorrow will be better as a result of their efforts!



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“Co-founding Project VOYCE was one of my single greatest contributions to the Denver community. I have watched our organization grow into a credible and valued asset in our city because of the caliber of youth we develop and our ability to engage and activate a diversity of voices in the education system. Eight years later as our current Board Chair, I am enthused about supporting the organization’s growth into a truly transformational player in the education revolution. Youth voice is leading the world in spotlighting and fighting for justice and I am proud to be associated so deeply with a group of people who have always known the potential of youth inclusion and empowerment. The future of VOYCE is very bright!” Candi Cdebaca, Co-founder, PV Board Chair Colorado Children’s Campaign Government Affairs Director


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The mission of Project VOYCE is to empower youth to create positive change within themselves, their schools, their community and the world! The impact of Project VOYCE is like a ripple that happens when a stone is thrown in a pond. Change begins at the individual student level, with our core programming, then expands to our partner schools, and eventually moves to community and societal change.





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Fast, Frequent Feedback We believe that teachers are the experts at teaching and students are the experts at learning. Project VOYCE has developed a breakthrough strategy that uses the strength of both to create strong partnerships in the classroom. Fast, Frequent Feedback trains students and teachers to work together to create a feedback loop in the classroom that improves teaching and learning. This program was piloted at three schools and continues to be a major part of our community engagement.

School Chang

Fast, Frequent Feedback Impact:

“It made the students feel empowered, that they can have some change in their school and they can have a voice in what happens.� - Scott Springer, Principal of CEC Middle College


Luis Robles, State of the Student Address

Societal Cha


‘‘Allow your students to have the freedom to be in control of their learning. This will give them a sense of empowerment that they may have never had in other schools. Sit down with them and come up with values that you all agree on. Work with us, not for us. Students dont want a boss, they want a mentor who will help them and guide them to success.’’Luis Robles, Site Coordinator

“This summer I had the honor of delivering the new teachers welcoming speech for Denver Public Schools in front of 1000 new teachers. The opportunity was invaluable and absolutely inspiring. This experience arguably changed my life because I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and show everyone how strong of a leader I am. I was able to overcome my fears and when I got on that stage I was confident, articulate, and well paced. I would never have thought I could deliver that speech before I participated in SLI.� -Raeven Clockston, SLI 2014, CEC Senior

Our mission is sweeping across Denver and beyond thanks to collaborative efforts with our community partners. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from teachers, administrators, parents, and others in our community.



American Youth Policy Forum AmeriCorps VISTA Aspen Challenge

Denver Public Schools Denver Mayor’s Office

Elevating and Celebrating Effective Aurora Public Schools Teachers and Chalkbeat Teaching Challenge Denver Ignite The Character Lab Indigo Project Colorado 9 to 25 Mapleton Schools Colorado Chapter Mile High United Way of the National National Coalition Association for for Dialogue and Multicultural Deliberation Education Stand For Children Colorado Children’s Teach for America Campaign University of Colorado Colorado Governor’s Boulder School University of Colorado Colorado Nonprofit Denver Community Partnerships Association Urban Leaders Colorado Student Power Convergence Fellowship Colorado Public Radio Whittier Neighborhood Denver Open Media Association Denver Parks and Recreation


Individual Students Impacted by SLI

{180} Individual Students Impacted by Chapter Teams


Total people impacted by Project VOYCE in 2014

2014 Impact in

{1,350} Total Students Impacted by Project VOYCE

{2,640} Educators Impacted by Project VOYCE

{2,915} Community Members/Adults Impacted by Project VOYCE

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2014 Budget Foundations Earned Income State and Government Individual and Businesses

Revenue %%




67% Expenses

Personnel and Staffing

Administration Program Cost Evaluation Training


2% 2%



Our Organizatio


“I wanted to be a PV board member because PV has such a passionate grassroots focus on transforming communities through the education system. By empowering young people and educators to be leaders in their communities and schools, creating an equitable education system can come from within. I am proud to be a part of this organization.� Mike Brinn, Board Member, Culture and Equity Coach at Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment

Our Board Candi Cdebaca, PV Board Chair Shelby Gonzales Parker, Co-chair Nathan Davis, Vice Chair Mike Shoemaker, Treasurer Danielle Ongart, Secretary Zena Price-Broncucia Ben Kirshner

Nick Lind Michael Brinn Glennon Stratton Isaiah Singleton Jonah Cortez Alexus Alcala Larry Graves Cassandra Rodello Samantha Lobato

Without your support and belief in our mission, transformations among students and change within our schools and communities would not be possible. Your generosity provides countless opportunities for our youth to make an impact.

Piton Foundation Daniels Fund Anschutz Foundation Mile High United Way Kellogg Foundation The Denver Foundation Carson Foundation Nord Family Foundation Rollie R.Kelley Foundation Virginia W. Hill Foundation Campbell Family Foundation Pratt-King Family Fund Brian Barhaugh Fund

City of Denver USBank Barker Rinker Seacat Group 14 Engineering Adolfson&Peterson Construction Architectural Engineering Design Group,Inc. Lime Green Design A very special thank you to our individual donors from WAKE UP WITH VOYCE and our COLORADO GIVES campaign.

With Gratitude


“Project VOYCE has helped me in so many ways! When I first came to the Summer Leadership Institute I was very shy and didn’t know how to articulate myself well. Now I think about what I say before I say it! And my public speaking skills have grown a lot through PV, too. I know how to present myself and I feel way more comfortable talking in front of people!” Chaunsae Dyson, 12th grader, SLI participant from 2012 and current Youth Trainer. “Thanks to my involvement with Project VOYCE, I am familiar with the issues in my community. I strongly believe that knowledge gives me a head start when it comes down to making a change. I plan to use the tools I gained at PV by advocating for those struggling in my community. I’m currently working to help fix issues in my school such as lack of student engagement or student-teacher relationships and I plan to continue helping even after I graduate.”- Ibeth Pasillas, SLI 2014, Senior at CEC

“Before I got into PV, I was really disobedient towards teachers and I didn’t feel like high school was right for me. As I got more into PV, it opened my mind and made me become more appreciative and mindful about what a privilege education is.” Isaiah Singleton, High School Sophomore, Training

Project VOYCE 2900 Downing St, Suite 1b Denver, CO 80205 Telephone: 303.292.2488

Apprentice,PV Boardmember

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Project VOYCE Annual Report 2014  

Our annual report featuring voices and visual representation of PV's 2014.

Project VOYCE Annual Report 2014  

Our annual report featuring voices and visual representation of PV's 2014.