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A Word from Rhonda… Achieving balance in 2012 can be done by discovering your Core Desires Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go You can't afford to get this wrong! Do or Don’t Do, There’s no Try! Who Else but Me? What is a VA? Community Response Legacy Organizer iPhone App Students N2 Success The Underdog Platform

A Word from Rhonda… Wow…We are more than 30+ days into 2012! By now most are either holding on to their resolutions or quit them altogether. For those who decided to enter the Entrepreneur world allow me to lay some advice on the table. Before you launch your “Mega business plan” or take the “10 steps toward building your client base”…remember it all starts with a mindset. You WILL get tired You WILL want to quit and You WILL hear NO…a lot!

The difference between Success and Failure is how many times you are willing to tell “failure” that you are going to try again.

I Dare You to P.U.S.H. P.ursue U.ntil S.uccess H.appens

Achieving balance in 2012 can be done by discovering your Core Desires Desires By Jack M. Zufelt… “Mentor to Millions”

We all want balance in our life and want to know we can achieve those things that will bring us happiness and joy. Do you know that goal setting, affirmations, self-help books, visualization, positive thinking, motivational speakers and every other “Technique” self-help gurus tell people to do aren’t working? Millions have done all these things but don’t get the results expected. **WARNING ** What you are about to read will shatter conventional success theories that wellmeaning self-help gurus have been teaching for the past 75 years. In fact – even though they mean well -- what they are teaching is probably destroying your chance to achieve balance and success. Each January 1st people make New Year’s resolutions to have, become or do something they want. They resolve to do and be better. Everyone knows that New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. Why does their resolve vanish so quickly? The word resolution implies that one is “resolute” about something. If a resolution is made and then broken, that simply means you weren’t resolute. “Why not?” and “What can be done about it?” A simple method exists for achieving balance in all areas of life. Yet…even though it is so important it is regularly overlooked and failure is the automatic result. This critical ingredient and method are not based on what countless experts have been teaching. They all pretty much serve up the same old philosophies based on goal setting, reading self-help books, doing daily affirmations and visualization, PMA, listening to motivational speakers and subliminal tapes, breaking boards, walking on hot coals, etc. These so-called “keys” to a balanced life have been embraced by millions in the hope of finding happiness and success. Billions of dollars and untold millions of hours have been spent on seminars, books and tapes only to find they don’t work. If all these things worked, then why are people still searching? There is a better, simpler way. Are you smart enough to learn what someone is willing to teach you? Of course you are. Do you believe the information already exists that you need to know to achieve success? It is. To achieve excellence in any area of life -- something must put those two things together. That vital ingredient is the catalyst for balance and success. Is it really that simple? Absolutely.

Achieving balance in 2012 can be done by discovering your Core Desires Desires By Jack M. Zufelt… “Mentor to Millions”

First I want to dispel some myths. Myth #1 Goal Setting is critical to our success. The reigning king of all success techniques is goal setting. We’ve been taught that if we will write down our goals we’ll be successful. And if we don’t, we won’t. That’s just not true. My research shows that 7 or 8 out of 10 things a person writes on a goal list never happen. Everyone has many goals they didn’t finish and many they didn’t even start. Besides, we accomplish many things everyday that weren’t written down on paper. Simply stated, goal setting doesn’t work and, in fact, makes you feel like a failure when you don’t accomplish them. Myth #2 Motivational speakers are important. How long did you stay motivated after hearing a great speaker? Most people say: “two weeks”, “two days”, “`till I got out of the parking lot”. It’s always a very short time. No matter how good they are, motivational speakers have no lasting affect. Myth #3 Self-help books will make you successful. How many do you have in your library? 2? 5? 20? 100? How many does it take? Many have read the book Think and Grow Rich? The vast majority, have the “think” part down but the “grow rich” part didn’t happen. If, after reading several self-help books, you still aren’t achieving at the level you want, should we draw the conclusion that either you just couldn’t grasp the concepts being taught or the books you read were full of misinformation. Neither of those is true. You are not dense nor, in most cases, is the information wrong. Something is just missing, that’s all. It’s the vital ingredient alluded to at the beginning of this article. Myth #4 Daily affirmations make you successful. Do you like people to lie to you? Of course not. Then why is it okay to lie to yourself? But that’s exactly what the concept of daily affirmations asks you to do. Stating hundreds of times that you are out of debt or that you weigh 125 pounds (when you weigh 170) or have an income of $10,000 a month are usually lies. Repeating them over and over will not make them happen. The theory is that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between truth and a lie. Your conscious mind sure does. Lying never works. There are many more self-help myths that exist which just don’t work, yet millions of people keep on doing them. Why? Because they have been told by some guru that these things are what we must do to achieve success. They want success so badly they blindly accept whatever the guru says. When these precepts aren’t working they will either try the same thing again with renewed vigor or we throw more money into the next seminar or book.

Achieving balance in 2012 can be done by discovering your Core Desires Desires By Jack M. Zufelt… “Mentor to Millions”

What is this vital ingredient that must be present before excellence and a balanced life can be achieved? Where is the switch to our God given power to do, have or become whatever we want? Where does the unstoppable drive and strength come from to do that which is unpleasant, hard or way out of our comfort zones? Where do we go to get enthusiasm and discipline? Where is the source of inner strength and self-motivation that keeps one hanging in there, persisting, constantly learning truths and being determined to make the necessary character and personality changes required for the level of excellence and success they want? The answer is uncomplicated. All these things come from one thing. Core Desires. That’s the answer. A Core Desire is something you want with ALL your heart. Half hearted doesn’t cut it. When you accurately identify a Core Desire it automatically unleashes what I call the Conquering Force that is within all of us. This Conquering Force causes us to have the discipline and ability to overcome all obstacles in our way. Many years ago Mark Twain identified a problem that is the crux of why people don’t succeed. He said, “I can show anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is, I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” More recently Earl Nightingale confirmed that. He said, “Today in America people can become whatever they want. Trouble is, most don’t know what they want.” Most people don’t know how to identify their Core Desires so their Conquering Force is unavailable. Without it they cannot overcome the obstacles and barriers that are inevitable. Desire is, indeed, the most important ingredient for excellence and success. It can’t be a shallow, weak desire. It must be a genuine, deep longing. An old Welch proverb states that, “The hand will not reach for what the heart does not long for.” Everything we want in this life can be measured on a scale from 1 to 100. Core Desires are the100s. If the desire for the end result is a 70 on the scale we’ll get 70% of the way there. Any obstacle that is bigger than the desire will stop us permanently just like a dam does water. There are no barriers at 100 on the scale that can stop you. Anyone who succeeds at anything does so because it is a Core Desire, at 100 on the scale.

Achieving balance in 2012 can be done by discovering your Core Desires Desires By Jack M. Zufelt… “Mentor to Millions”

To drill down to your Core Desires ask yourself this simple question: What do I want that I am not getting? Then ask this question: If I had that what would it give me that I’m not getting? Keep asking, “What would that give me that I’m not getting.” When you get to a “Core Desire” you will always have an emotional experience. You may feel joy. You may feel tremendous peace or assurance and have total confidence that you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. You may tear up or cry. You may just breathe a deep sigh signifying that, “Yes that’s what I really want”. Once you discover a 100 on the scale you will then automatically be motivated from within to learn and do whatever is required. This is the source of discipline and enthusiasm. It also eliminates procrastination. Once you know your 100s, the easy part is finding the knowledge and mechanics of making it happen. The journey towards your Core Desires will be enjoyable and full of enthusiasm no matter how difficult it is. Rudyard Kipling, Nobel Prize winning author said it this way: “If you do not get what you want it is a sign that you did not seriously want it.” Identifying and focusing on your Core Desires never fails to bring about success. That is a fact of life you can take to the bank. Success and Balance is not “out there” in some technique. It is an “inside job”. About Jack Zufelt Jack is the author of the best selling book: The DNA of Success. He is a popular speaker and trainer and has spoken in countries all around the globe. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by a president of the United States. He was honored by the U.S. Senate for teaching Americans how to achieve more in their personal lives and their careers. His website is at:

Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go By Katherine Waddell

There are some things that are a struggle to balance in life more so than others. For instance, the adults in the household are the providers. On top of being the provider you need to finding time to spend with your children and make that time meaningful. This can be a challenge to balance. Imagine after a long day at the office you come home and your children are eagerly seeking your attention. More than likely you desire to be left alone to hide out in a quiet place in the house, some place that is free of other people. This behavior over a period of time can leave the children feeling unwanted and you feeling stressed out! What would life be like if you were able to take the children to work with you? Now this idea may seem unpleasant at first, but before you deem this a dead topic read on. This may not work for the traditional employee unless the employer has a policy in place, as for the entrepreneur you are the boss! Why not take your child with you to work and begin teaching them the business? This is an amazing way to show your children how you earn the money that pays the bills and buys the things they want. Some feedback on this topic has been that the children may slow you down and get in your way. Often children are told to slow down and take their time so they can do their best job. Is it different for the adult? Of course their job may require speed or may even be hazardous, and this of course should be considered when taking the children to work. Just as you would not put a new employee on a task that required more experience, neither would you do that with your child. Con’t Next Page

Train Up a Child in the Way They Should Go By Katherine Waddell

Take your child in as often as possible with you to work and train them. Something as mundane and repetitive as creating an invoice or filing paper work could be a task they learn to master. They will see what money goes out and what comes in. They will see that this little task that they help the business with helps the family ultimately. What a legacy to begin right there! Another comment received on this topic was someone did just what was suggested above and this became the way their children earned their own spending money. This is a wonderful way to teach them how to 'create' their very own path. None of that waiting for someone to tell you what you are worth and then pay you less than that. One more comment to this topic was on the opposing side because they said they went to work to get away from the family. This is a sure sign there is some work to be done on the family unit when work becomes the vacation something is out of whack. By sharing the business world with the children they begin to understand that money really does not grow on trees. Train them early and often and they will appreciate it when they are older.

You can't afford to get this wrong! By Wayne Bland

As the new years roll in we often use this time to establish new goals. You may decide to quit smoking, loose weight, save a child, save more for retirement or reduce debt. You also need to remember your annual life insurance review. This important area is often over looked. Did you know that only 44% of households have an individual life insurance policy, and 30% have no individual or employerprovided life insurance, according to a recent survey by LIMRA, an industrysponsored group. Some 11 million households with children younger than 18 viewed as families with the greatest need for coverage - have no life insurance. Scary right? How much life insurance do I need &, is it expensive? The general rule is six to ten times your annual income. However, there may also be a need to make adjustments based on outstanding liabilities such as mortgages, car notes, student loans, special needs, upcoming college expenses, credit cards and other debts. Another area that is often overlooked is coverage for dependent children. Most policies have optional (low cost) riders to include insurance for dependent children until the age of 25. At that time, they have the option to convert into some type of permanent policy in their own name. There are also riders to pay your premiums if you become disabled. Even if you have some insurance through your employer, you should do an annual review. In almost all cases, there is a cap on the amount of employer based or group insurance which usually falls far below the actual amount of insurance needed to protect your loved ones from financial ruin. You simply can't get this wrong! There are no do overs! Con’t Next Page

You can't afford to get this wrong! By Wayne Bland There are two main types of insurance. Term and Permanent Insurance. Term allows you to by a large amount of insurance at a very affordable rate. However term is just that. The policy is completed after the specified term period provided that you are still alive at that time. There is no cash accumulation component on term life. Permanent insurance, (usually whole life) builds cash value over time that can be borrowed in the form of a loan or surrendered for the available cash value. These policies last for your life time as long as you continue to pay your premiums. We strongly encourage our clients to buy a permanent policy while you are young and healthy so you can Lock in a super low rate while you are in your best health. The policy/premium cannot be changed over your life time. You can also use the cash value that accumulates to buy a home, start a business, send you child to college or let it grow as a supplement for your retirement income. You cannot afford to be uninsured or under-insured. You MUST have an adequate amount of protection in place to care for your loved ones. If you would like a free Insurance Review, call Bland Financial Services Group at 704-535-4833. Also visit us on Face Book >

Do or Don’t Do, There’s no Try! By Chisa D. Pennix-Brown, MBA

I have always been a black and white person. For me there is no gray area that exists when it is time to complete a task, and surely when running your business. Many business owners wonder why they don’t get the results that they want. I submit that they don’t put in the work that needs to be done to accomplish the task at hand. Getting rid of the mentality of trying to do something is a hard thing to do. For me you either do it or don’t, there’s no try. The effort that you put into the things that you really want to happen is evident in the results. In life, as in business there are things that are beyond your control. However, your effort is not one of them! You make the decisions that produce results. You make the choice to give your all or a half done attempt. So, when you think about what your results are, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Our motivation should lie in being a good steward for our business and making every effort to be successful. This does not always mean that our results will be as favorable as we like. However, when it’s all said and done, can you honestly say that you gave it your all? If your answer is no, then you need to re-evaluate your purpose, mission, and goals. If your answer is yes, then you can be satisfied in knowing that repeating great effort will be great reward. Make all of your efforts great and your results will be personal accomplishment, great reviews, and a positive business image. Remember to “Show Up & Show Out!” with everything that you do because there is no try, only Do or Don’t.

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Who Else but Me? By Michelle D.Bradshaw If I should die without having lived my dream; who else can I blame but me. If I never express all that’s in me, and become what it is that I want mostly; who else can I blame but me. If I continue to suffer through my life angry and uneasy because I’m not where I want to be; who else can I blame but me. If I give up on myself and not do my very best to fight with all I have to fulfill my dreams; Who else will I have to blame but me…..

What is a VA? By Gazelle Simmons Virtual Assistants (VAs) are mostly home-based entrepreneurs who assist with administrative support from their home offices. VAs work with other business owners to help them become more successful. A VA can help a business owner prioritize their day as well as organize the tasks needing their attention first and foremost. Those less important tasks can be delegated to a VA to complete thereby freeing valuable time to handle important tasks in a timely manner without rushing at the last minute. VAs can also assist business owners in finishing aspects of their important tasks. VAs can complete preliminary research, handle travel plans, order supplies, make reservations, update databases, send out promotional materials as well as a variety of other tasks that help businesses spend more time delivering products or services for their clients. Partnering with a VA provides a business owner with a team player who is ready and willing to accomplish assigned tasks so the business owner isn’t overwhelmed by it all. The business owner gains a valuable asset in streamlining business tasks for greatest efficiency. A business becomes more efficient, when the business owner can focus more on doing what they do best, while leaving other specializations to a qualified assistant. Becoming that kind of assistant is a highly rewarding career choice. Con’t Next Page

What is a VA? By Gazelle Simmons Inside Perspective on being a VA Having been a VA for years, since 1998 to be exact, I can tell you it isn't easy. There are days when I wonder if it's worth it, but then my kids come home and I'm here for them, I know it is. I started working from home to be here for them, and even though they are teenagers, they still look for me to be here when they come in. I can't promise you will get rich, but there are things money can't buy. Like the HBWM t-shirt says, being able to work when and where I want is priceless. Being able to care for my sick child is priceless. Being able to be here when school is out is priceless. Seeing them off and being here when they get home is again priceless. It takes work to get it started, and to keep it rolling. But if you are dedicated, the rewards are just awesome.

Community Response What does Success Look Like?

…The 1st Dollar my business made!


…Favor on a Bad Day …Walking in your purpose on purpose

…The 1st “Yes” after 100 “No’s” …Getting up when you fall

…A Graduation Diploma!!!

Legacy Organizer iPhone App Victoria Moore

Anyone who has worked for one of the many Virgin Group companies, can not help but feel totally inspired by Richard and his massive achievements over the last 40 years. From records to mobile technology, aviation and now space, there are few industry sectors that, to date, remain unconquered by the iconic Virgin brand. Having trained as a solicitor, and as a self confessed anorak, I landed my dream job a few years ago when I started working at Virgin Atlantic as one of the inhouse lawyers. The energy and camaraderie around the company were like nothing I had ever experienced before. This passion for what we were doing came from the top, and we all referred to “Richard” with great affection – as if he was one of the gang. I remember on a couple of occasions, he wandered into my office. Having been warned by other work colleagues that this might happen, I had hoped to pass myself of as a suave, cool and collected member of his legal team – half LA Law and half Ally McBeal. Instead, I sat there totally star struck and open mouthed and was hardly able to string a sentence together as chatted on whilst picking up different models from my aircraft collection. I’m sure he left my office hoping that my negotiating skills were a huge improvement on my social abilities. Working for Virgin had a profound impact on me, not least as I met my future husband there, but when I left the company I had a strong desire to create something of my own. This opportunity came up last year when I was living in the Highlands of Scotland and I met my neighbour and now business partner. Mo and I both have young children and having previously been involved in business, we started talking about new ideas and ventures and the idea for our Legacy Organizer app was born. Con’t Next Page

Legacy Organizer iPhone App Victoria Moore

It was around the same time that I had my will drawn up. I realized that although I could make financial and legal provisions, there was nowhere or no way or recording information about how I would like to be remembered or my life to be celebrated - major events, private moments, memoirs, photos or songs that have been of great significance to me. We also realized that the issue of “digital estate” (on-line accounts and content including email, photos, iTunes, games, blogs etc.) was becoming a huge issue and that the app should address this. Neither Mo or I had any kind of technical background so at the outset of our project we had a massive challenge on our hands. However, I did think back to Richard over 25 years ago, trying to book an air ticket and being unsuccessful. If he could start up an airline with no aviation background then my challenge looked pretty small fry in comparison. We did a huge amount of research both in terms of app functionality and content and once we had come up with a brief, we started meeting with app developers. We had a particularly surreal meeting with one agency where we felt we were old enough to be their mothers. They swaggered in wearing skinny jeans looking like Franz Ferdinand and appeared pretty startled when they spotted us sitting there sipping our lattes in our pastel colored cardigans. It was such a massive achievement for us both when the app was available to download – I couldn’t quite believe it sitting there looking at iTunes that all our efforts had paid off. We have been building awareness about the app through social media, app review sites and we were delighted to be featured on the Scottish news. This was my first television experience and I have to say I was hugely uncomfortable in front of the camera. Con’t Next Page

Legacy Organizer iPhone App Victoria Moore My husband, who had advised Richard on many occasions in his role as Communications Director, gave me some great advice but on the day I was nervous and way out of my comfort zone. My speech sounded all weird and robotic. And the more I tried to sound more normal, the more I feared I was going to end up with a cameo in the new Transformer film. Much of my inspiration for taking the leap in launching my own business has definitely come from my days working at Virgin. As you-know-who-would say “Screw it – Let’s Do It”. My tips on making a great app. Do some market research – your idea of how the app will function might be completely different to how users will interact with it. Our app has evolved with user feedback. What is your app’s unique selling point (USP). There are thousands of apps out there so make sure you are not creating one similar to another out there – ours is the world’s first of its type. How are you going to generate turnover – many apps are free so look at other ways of driving revenue through the app. Get the functionality right. Remember the 7 tap rule – the app should function from the user’s point of view and too many taps will put users off. Be true to yourself and your idea – although there is a perception that apps are for young people we have aimed ours at 25-55 demographic. Don’t be put off if you have no IT background. Look at me – I did it! Link to iTunes: Facebook page: Twitter: @legacyorgapp

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Students N2 Success Promoting Success in Education

Name: Ayanna Grade/Classification: University Senior Favorite Subject: English Favorite Dessert: Brownies Extracurricular Activities/ Volunteer Services: Moses Cone Hospital volunteer, NBSLHA, Aggies against Aids, Tutoring Future Career: Speech and Language Pathology In 10 years, my name will look like: Ayanna Andrews PhD CCC-SLP

What does Success Look Like? In my opinion success does have an appearance. Success to me is a state of mind. Success is reached once you understand that success is a process, and have reached the goals that you considered adamant for you to be successful.

Students N2 Success Promoting Success in Education

Name: Corbin Cameron Grade/Classification: Freshman in college Favorite Subject: English Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake Extracurricular Activities/Volunteer Services: Basketball, Track, Air force ROTC, Usher and Cook for my church Future Career: Industrial Engineer In 10 years, my name will look like : Dr. Corbin Cameron What does Success Look Like? Success looks like doing your best in everything you do and having a never give up keep your eyes on the prize type mentality. It means to learn from your mistakes and having the self-discipline to correct them.

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The Underdog Platform Society told them they couldn’t…. The Underdog proved they could

This Month’s Underdog:

Kathleen Combs, LPN Born in Manila, Philippines as the oldest of 6 children, Mrs. Combs was raised in an environment that did not “look like her”. Tall, half black and Filipino she was raised in a predominately shorter Asian community that did not embrace her. Due to this, she was the source of every type of ridicule from her peers and even adults. Despite this challenge, at the age of 27, Mrs. Combs married, moved to the United States and started a family. She worked various customer service jobs until she took a step towards fulfilling her passion and entered Nursing School. At the tender age of 47, and with hard work and dedication Mrs. Combs became a Licensed Practical Nurse and is the pride of her family not only in the United States, but also honored and respected in the Philippines. We salute this underdog! Con’t Next Page

The Underdog Platform Society told them they couldn’t‌. The Underdog proved they could

Name: Kathleen E. Combs Born : Manila, Philippines Year Became a Nurse: 1993 Favorite Dessert: Leche Flan Advice: Hard work never hurt anyone! Never forget where you came from. Respect those who helped you gain your success. One word Self-Description: Determined What does Success Look like? Success looks like having the career you want against all odds. Never depend on someone else to make your way. Success is relying on no one but yourself to make it happen.

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P.ursue U.ntil S.uccess H.appens

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