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Welcome to the latest newsletter - bringing you the latest and best in world cinema and independent films. This month, we’re focusing on Spanish language cinema - often overlooked, but brought to us by talent such as Trueba, Almodovar and Verdu. With a career spanning over 60 titles since 1984, Maribel Verdu has had one of longest and most solid acting careers in Spain. Known for her roles in Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Y tu mama Tambien, last year she starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro. As well as showing these well distributed titles, the London Spanish Film Festival will also be showcasing Oviedo Express, Siete mesas de billar and La Buena Estrella which despite critical success in Spain, are less well known here in the UK. Further, for the very first time, Oviedo Express and La Buena Estrella will be available online through Projector. tv.

Maribel Verdu

Oviedo Express is an adaptation of Leopoldo Alas Clarin’s La Regenta, where the arrival of a theatre company to the city of Oviedo unsettles the lives of those who live there. This comical portayal of love and romance is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Maribel offers a stunning performance as Marina in La Buena Estrella, an unlikely loves story of two disaffected people who find support in each other. After leaving her abusive boyfriend Daniel, Marina, pregnant and alone, meets Rafael, a castrated man who is desperate for a family of his own. When Daniel returns years later, it appears that Marina hasn’t completely forgotten about the real father of her child.

On the passing of Angela’s father his lover Charo reveals the secret that his business, a hall with seven billiard tables, that is heavily indebted. Angela decides to move back to her hometown to take on this business and attempt to make a life there. This is a story of two very different women struggling together to survive the passing of someone close and find companionship against the odds. Written by Gracia Querejeta with David Planell (La Verguenza). Maribel won a Best Actress Goya Award in Spain for this title.

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De Reparto

dir. Santiago Aguilar Spain 2009 UK Premiere Carlos Lucas could have been a cyclist, a cosmonaut or a banderillero but he was a supporting actor. He said he just encountered bad luck at crucial moments along his career, others considered him to be a total failure. However he has successfully worked for many years alongside big stars from Spanish cinema.


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dir. David Planell Spain 2009 UK Premiere La Verguenza,“The Shame” takes place in one morning. The morning in which Pepe and Lucia, have decided to they want to tell their social worker that they want to send their eight-yearold Peruvian adopted child back, but are too ashamed to admit it. A caustic, tender and funny tale about doubts, paradoxes and wounds of an ashamed couple.

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Rosario Francesc, an unpublished authoress leading a completely conventional housewife’s life, consults a psychotherapist regarding her nightime panic attacks. Iglesias tells us Rosario’s story whilst at the same time goes beyond her little common problems and explores the world around her. The film’s compelling narrative is beautifully complemented by Concepción González’s convincing perfomance.

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dir. Aitor Mazo and Patxo Telleria Spain 2009 UK Premiere In the summer of 1974, against the backdrop of Franco’s dictatorship and its political and social conflicts, a teenager sets himself the task of painting the portrait of the girl he loves. He turns to his older talented brother Mateo for help. Mazo and Telleria’s directorial debut is an optimistic and convincing story set in a working class neighbourhood in Bilbao.

Watch online at dir. Joaquim Oristrell Spain 2009 UK Premiere Sofía, an impulsive woman raised in the kitchen and dining room of her parents’ restaurant, is caught between her apparently perfect husband Toni and her lover-mentor, Franc. A ménage à trois in an extraordinary arrangement that, though it seems doomed to fail, is working. A delightful and enjoyable romantic comedy.

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OUR MAN FROM MADRID: MEET JUAN BLAAS The Instituto Cervantes is a not-for- profit organisation created by the Spanish government in 1991 with a mission to promote and contribute to the advancement of the culture of Spain and the Spanish speaking countries. This issue, we had a chat with Juan Blas – its new Head of Cultural Events. “Spanish culture seems very popular in London, even though it has to compete with so many other foreign cultures in such a cosmopolitan city. Spanish food and fashion are very valued at the moment, and although few purely Spanish films make it to mainstream UK cinemas the likes of Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Almodóvar are well known and received in the UK. The LSFF is one of the most important Spanish events of the year in London. I’m really looking forward to Celda 211, which won a hatful of Goya Awards earlier this year, and Chico y Rita will be something different and should make great viewing - Fernando Trueba is one of Spain’s leading directors and his codirector Javier Mariscal is renowned as a brilliant designer. I’m also looking forward to Tetro, even though it’s not purely Spanish. It should be a brilliant film, not least since it’s directed by Francis Ford Coppola and features two of Spain’s finest actresses, Maribel Verdú and the incomparable Carmen Maura.”


The First Lebanon War – June, 1982. A lone tank is dispatched to search a hostile town that has already been bombarded by the Israel Air Force. What seems to be a simple mission gets gradually out of control and turns into a death trap, a shivering nightmare.

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Based on the true story of eccentric artist Serphine de Senlis. In 1912, in a little town North of Paris, Séraphine Louis, works as a maid for Madame Duphot, who rents an apartment to a German art critic and dealer, Wilhelm Uhde. When Wilhelm sees a painting that she brought over a few days previously, he’s mesmerized, snaps it up and insists that Séraphine show him the rest of her work. It is the beginning of a nurturing relationship and the opening of a new world for Seraphin which leads her into the realms of madness.

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A documentary that offers a glimpse into the world of Mexican free wrestling, which combines elements of sport, acrobatics, theatre and comedy, and is tremendously popular in the Aztec country. Directed by, Nacho Cabana, writer of the feature film “You shouldn’t be here” and one of the creative minds behind TV series such as “Companeros” and “Policias”. This is a place where superheroes are real.

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