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Cambodia 2013

Abstract. Two years into the official establishment of Project Little Dream Heatlhcare Division (Project C), Cambodia 2013 was a milestone for the team. If Cambodia 2012 was a soul-searching journey, Cambodia 2013 would be a leap of faith, the beginning of a commitment after a series of trial-and-error. This document consists of a summary of our achievements in Cambodia 2013, and a brief outline of the team’s future direction.


Acknowledgements This project would not have been possible without the support and assisstance of our sponsors, our Khmer friends, our volunteers, and our colleagues at Project Little Dream, and of course, the endless backing from friends and family. Thank you for helping us realize our little dreams.


Table of Contents


Thon Mun Village: Development SHIELD Health Campaign

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Thnouh Village: Research Needs Assessment

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Volunteers’ Development

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Working with Local Volunteers

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Contact Us

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Thon Mun Village: Development SHIELD Health Campaign

Objective: SHIELD stands to promote health awareness with the vision to “deflect and protect� a community where the lacking of such knowledge has resulted in preventable medical consequences. 5

Children’s Health Workshop What.

A year-long workshop for children with curriculum designed by PLD


January - December, 2014 Weekly classes


PLD School, Thon Mun Village, Takeo Province


To educate children on healthcare, hygiene, and health conditions

Chapters: Basic Sanitation Dental Health Common Health Conditions Food and Nutrition Lifestyle Wound Management


Health Awareness Day What.

A village event with games, prizes, and eye screening


January 2, 2014 0930 - 1530


Thon Mun Village, Takeo Province


To introduce SHIELD and help the community realize the benefits of proper healthcare

Turnout: > 400 Number of ophthalmic surgeries: 69



Eye Screening

5 stations with interactive games on various health and hygiene messages

Hygiene products such as toothbrushes and soap given out as reward.

Collaboration with CTEH* to provide free screening and follow-up surgeries+.


*CTEH = Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital Screening and surgeries were fully subsidized by CTEH, while transportation was provided by PLD.


Future Direction: Thon Mun Village

Impact assessments will be conducted in the 2014 survey and voluntary trip to evaluate the progress and outcome of the SHIELD Health Campaign. As sustainability is an essential aspect of healthcare promotion in a community, we will continue to explore ways to sustain and improve our support. A curriculum with higher levels of health-related knowledge as well as the possibility of extending the workshop targets to adults will also be considered.


Thnouh Village: Research Needs Assessment

Objective: To obtain information on village culture and current condition as guidelines for future development planning. 9


A qualitative assessment of the current health conditions and needs of the village


Focus group - an in-depth, open-ended group discussion exploring a set of specific issues - was used. The answers, group dynamics, and attitudes of villagers were analyzed for information.


December 29-30, 2014


Thnouh Village, Takeo Province


To obtain data for planning of future projects

57 villagers 7 focus groups Age range: 11-69

1.5-hr discussion on health, medical care and sanitation 10

“ Sometimes I tell father smoking is bad for health. Then he will go outside and continue to smoke. Most fathers smoke.” “Most of us use dirty cloth to cover (the wound). Bandages are so hard to find.”

“Rarely see doctors because need to spend so much time and money to see them. We just buy medicine from shops.”


“Always have toothache and cannot sleep. Sometimes it is so painful it makes me cry.”

“ Have leukorrhea, pain and fever. And we buy medicine from shops as we don’t have enough money to travel to the hospital.”

“ The food and water are not clean. Then we get diarrhea.” 12

Thnouh Village is a one-hour drive from Takeo Referral Hospital and Takeo Market. A round-trip on the motorcycle would cost USD$5 of petrol. In a country where cigarettes cost 20 cents a pack, the transportation fees are amounts villagers cannot afford to pay, especially those with chronic illnesses who need regular follow-up consultations and medicine.

General observations from the focus group dynamics: • Villagers are self-motivated • There is a tendency to identify the more educated person as the leader, and answer based on the leader’s response.


Future Direction: Thnouh Village

There are many areas of potential development in terms of health promotion. The team will explore the possibilities of working on education, and facilitate the distribution of healthcare resources and clean water sources. As the team is neither specialized nor qualified, many of these projects would be achieved in collaboration with the Education Division of PLD and other NGO organizaitons.


Volunteers’ Development

Objective: To enrich volunteers’ experience, and allow them to gain a personal understanding of the influence of history, bureaucracy and culture on the general health situation. 15

Volunteers this year came from various educational background, and each contributed to the projects in different ways. A total of 9 volunteers were recruited in early September, 2013.

Apart from the projects, the volunteers participated in: • • • 16

Visits to historical museums Visits to local hospitals and healthcare NGOs Inter-project volunteer development program

Working with Local Volunteers

Objective: To facilitate efficient communication with local villagers, and to better incorporate cultural considerations into the executioni of the projects. 17

Having met some local friends who are university students in Phnom Penh, we invited them to join our projects in Takeo Province this year. While the initial intention was for them to assist as interpreters, they soon proved to have much more to contribute and aided our projects in unexpected ways. Official recruitment of local volunteers may be a new item for Cambodia 2014.


Contact Us. Website


For further inquiry, please contact: Joyce Ming, Head of Healthcare Division


Thank you for your support And interest in our projects.

Healcare Division 2013 Report  
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