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Winter 2017


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“Winter Wonderland” by Crystal Lytle

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4 A Child’s Forgiveness

10 Solar Plexus Chakra

written by Char Jung

5 Crystals for the Solar Plexus

12 Tuning Fork Reiki

written by Jennifer Moldenhauer

6 Yoga - On and Off the Mat

14 Feeling Trapped in your Story?

8 My Journey, My Path with Reiki


written by Jennifer Mathias written by Char Jung

written by Brenda Stone

written by Annie Jarrett- Keffeler

Hypnosis: Helping Everyday People with Everyday Problems written by Collette Rudolph

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

Welcome to Project Light and Love! Wow, it’s hard to believe I am working on the one-year anniversary edition of this magazine! It has actually been two years in the making, as I spent an entire year contemplating and preparing for an idea of a magazine that I had no idea how to bring to fruition. It all started when my sister

sent me a national magazine on holistic living. I loved reading it and thought, North Dakota needs something like this. But not something on a national level; something local, written by local people. The name, Project Light and Love, actually came to me in a dream. It was a very vivid dream, more like a vision. There were some other components to this vision, specific purposes for me that I am working on becoming a reality. For now, I hope this magazine has brought to light some of the amazing people in our state who are ready to help you on your journey of life. May your 2017 be filled with blessings. Let your lights shine on! ~ Michelle Lytle

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Winter 2017

Project Light and Love


A Child’s Forgiveness

What a day of reflection! A day of noticing, and a lot of stillness. By Jennifer Mathias

My youngest daughter (age 10) had an issue with one of her very good friends. An issue that most grown adults would be furious about and hold a grudge for most of their life. What completely amazed me with her, was her ability to forgive her friend almost instantly, with no question, with ease and grace. She held that friend in her dear little heart and assured her she was forgiven. How beautiful. It then occurred to me that as we grow up we slowly lose this gift. A gift is what this truly is. I pondered some on why this occurs, but there are just so many variables in each person’s life, that it would be almost impossible to have a generic reason. All I could see, is that we all start to experience painful things and either “forget”, or maybe we just have no idea how to cope with these things? Do we start to slowly become numb to each other? Either way, this is quite saddening. Yes, I do realize that there are situations that seem absolutely unforgivable, but the reality of forgiveness is that you are doing it for you. Crazy right? That’s what I thought the first time I was told that too. When you truly forgive another, you are choosing to let go of the hurt, disappointment, anger, etc., that you immediately felt when the other person wronged you. Honestly, why hold the ick of the ick of the ick, deep down for years and years and years. You


may have some of that in your life right now and you will know exactly what I’m referring to. But true forgiveness can be quite liberating and again it is left for you to choose when you are ready to do so. I’ve personally held some of that ick for most of my life, so no judgment here! As for me, this experience with my daughter has reminded me to stay more aware and to try my best to practice forgiveness as much as I possibly can every day. Just imagine how the world would be right now, if we all either retained that gift or would be willing to focus on remembering that gift. It is still inside each of us we just have to remember. Much Love, Jenny My name is Jennifer Mathias. I am a mother of 5, a wife, granny to almost 2 (YAY!!) and a pet parent to 4 cats (yes 4) and an elderly black lab. I began this journey of finding myself, about 4 years ago or so. Over those years, I acquired many “titles” or “certificates” in the realm of becoming a Foster Parent, Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki, Chakra Certification & Elemental Space Clearing (still in progress). What I have gotten from all these things, is finding myself and even stronger desire to help others. My mission with this blog is that I may inspire whomever visits, with musings and inspirations that are based on daily happenings. The good, the bad & even the ugly. Let’s be honest, with this big of a household, life can get interesting! You can follow along at

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

Crystals for the Solar Plexus By Char Jung

The first nine to ten years of your life you are establishing the ability to truly stand in your own power, create boundaries, to do or achieve anything you put your attention on and to become anyone you want to be when you grow up. Interestingly enough, at the time of writing this article we just completed a 9 year cycle and I bet if you look real close over your life you will notice a pattern of your 9th year. Do you see a pattern where you were, or were trying to, stand in your own power? …Setting up healthy boundaries for your Self…. Maybe changing careers/jobs as you become who you want to be? The Solar Plexus is the center of your body as well as the center of your ability to take in, absorb and integrate the world around you. It is also the place where you learn the art of mastering your own energy. Intention + Energy = Strong Will Let’s check the status of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Which statements are true for you? • I frequently suffer from digestive disorders. • I’ve tried many ways to improve my life, but none of them have worked. • I have no sense of my purpose. • I do not accept compliments well. • I have trouble breathing deeply. • I never cry. When you choose to work through emotional blocks you raise your consciousness and heal yourself. Thus, breaking patterns of abusive behavior, poor health and addictive habits. Some crystals that will help raise your vibration and break up the emotional blocks in the Solar Plexus are: Citrine: This is THEE crystal for the Solar Plexus. It is all about shining bright, just like the sun. It helps channel creative energy into realization and helps to balance our expression of personal power. It is a wonderful cleanser of stuck energy. Yellow Jasper: Jasper comes in many colors, but the Yellow Jasper increases the feeling of safety when shining your own light. Rutilated Quartz: Helps draw off negative energy and breaks down barriers to spiritual progress. It is also an effective integrator of energy. Because of this, it assists the Winter 2017

energy of the Crown Chakra down into the Solar Plexus (Rutiles are golden in color surrounded by clear or smoky quartz) Amber: Depression is a profound state of disconnection from well-being and Amber is very helpful. When we are overwhelmed by anger and stress they serve as a valuable ways to tell us that we are blocking our self-esteem and not taking good care of our Self. Amber helps with drawing out the low vibration emotions while filling the body with healing, golden energy. Just like the sap that runs through a tree…. which that is exactly what Amber is… fossilized tree resin or sap. Golden Tiger’s Eye: Assists in accomplishing goals. Much like a cat does…it keeps its eye on the prize. It helps with recognizing one’s talents and abilities. Malachite: Yes, this is a green crystal but it is THEE crystal for transformation, and isn’t that what the Solar Plexus is all about?! It has this great ability to absorb energy, especially emotional negativity when you place this crystal on the Solar Plexus. These are only a few of the crystals out of many that will help master your energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Simply carry one or two that you feel drawn to. You can also meditate with them by placing the crystals on your stomach for 15-20 minutes. And with everything, intention is 90%+, so write down or state out loud what you would like to manifest and create in your life. Rock on! Char Jung is the owner of Doorways To….. Located in Jamestown, ND. She is also a Spiritual Mentor and teacher that will help you manifest your dreams. Contact Char at Additional information on Char and classes can be found at

Project Light and Love


Yoga - On and Off the Mat By Brenda Stone

Yoga has grown in popularity over the past few years and is evolving even as I write this article. Studios opening up all around offering different styles of yoga. But what are the reasons for this interest in a 5000 year old practice? Much of the attention is for the health benefits from a regular yoga practice. Not just the physical ability to become more flexible but also the emotional and psychological benefits. We can learn more about ourselves by having a good yoga practice on the mat while in the studio, then taking what we learn off the mat and use in everyday life outside the studio. Yoga and life can be viewed as reflections of each other. They are both journeys, which can be taken in harmony. Many folks start yoga because of the physical benefits. Trying to find alternative ways to relieve aches and pains that have occurred in the body. An accident, a sports injury or just the inactivity of our life style may have created unwelcomed pains in areas that we did not expect. To improve our physical body, we must learn to connect with our mind; yoga instructors refer to this as body awareness. Learning to activate the muscles around the bones and keep the body in balance provides for greater alignment and safety for the 6

joints. Focusing the mind helps us connect to the body. This is body awareness. Off the mat we can use this practice to make corrections in the body that might be causing pain and make adjustments to help the body heal or avoid injury. The psychological aspect of yoga is how we think about ourselves and the world around us. A good yoga practice will teach us patience, kindness, and humility towards ourselves. We all have thoughts which help us make decisions but there are also the “voices” that tell us that we are not good enough or create worry. Yoga is all about being in the present moment, taming the “voices” and creating a positive inner peace deal with the outer world. Being in the present moment allows focus and clarity in the mind. Making peace with the past, by staying present, will reflect a better future. This is done on the mat by focusing on your practice. Off the mat we will be more patient with ourselves and others. Many of our emotions are “issues in our tissues,” as said by one of my teachers during a class. Studies show that our emotions are deep rooted in our bodies not just our minds. Many times an injury is caused during a time of great mental stress and attack the weaker areas of the body. Yoga

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

can help with some of these stuck emotions by relieving the area of pain. Off the mat we can change how we deal with the “drama” around us by changing our thoughts. Managing a positive response to issues and events will keep our body healthier. Yoga can be a way of life on and off the mat. It is a path to a healthier lifestyle connecting the mind, body and spirit. The next time you step on your mat, really be in the moment; stop the toxic “monkey mind” and think only positive thoughts. When you step off your mat bring the serenity with you into the world outside. Smile and think positive thoughts and change the health of your body. Shanti ~Brenda

Brenda Stone is the owner and instructor at Yoga for You. Contact her at 701-255-8499 or visit the website at www.

“Yoga is all about being in the present moment...” ~ Brenda Stone


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Phone: (701) 721-2801 • Email: Like us on Facebook and check out all the events and classes we offer to the public Winter 2017

Project Light and Love


My Journey, My Path with Reiki By Annie Jarrett-Keffeler

One definition of Reiki is- a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us to be alive. I bet you have heard this before. Well, let me tell you my journey, my story and what Reiki has done for me. I found myself crying over everything and I mean everything! Commercials, work, news, you name it, I cried over it. A friend of mine was incredibly concerned about me and recommended Reiki. Of course I was hesitant. At that point I had tried counseling and I still felt angry, sad, numb and lost. I would often lie awake at night trying to control my tears so I wouldn’t wake my husband up. I hated myself. I hated who I was and who I had become. Six months after my friend suggested trying Reiki I ran into her again. She could tell by looking at me that I still had not tried it. After some nudging and encouragement I set up an appointment and my life began to change after. I started investing in myself. I learned how to open up and clear my Chakras. I also learned how to clear my own energy and I learned to decipher what was my energy and what was someone else’s I had taken on. During one of my Chakra clearings I looked up to see my gramma standing in the kitchen. She said, “I 8

love my North Dakota grandbabies and my North Dakota great-grandbabies.” This was a surprise as she has passed on my birthday a few years earlier. But in that very moment I had experienced unconditional love. I then knew what unconditional love felt like. And in that very moment it was like a concrete wall of emotions around me and my heart had lifted and wonderful new beginnings opened up for me! Soon after, my husband and I’s dream of owning a rural property and having horses had become a reality and we were grateful. I had also started what was then known as RAK Animal Reiki and Rehabilitation. My goal was to do Reiki with animals. I believe my Guides used my love for animals as a way of coaxing me into doing Reiki as a business. They understood my love for animals so much I started researching equine therapeutic riding programs. I was hesitant about this as I lacked knowledge and experience with horses. But, after a bad car accident I found myself crawling out of a crushed car, after impact with a semi-trailer, and I heard God’s voice saying, “I chose you! Now, I need you to finish!”. I knew he was talking about the riding program and soon after, during a meditation “A Moment of Freedom” was whispered in my ear. In that moment I knew my Guides had given me the name of the program. Project Light and Love Winter 2017

The program is slowly in the works as everything is in Divine Time and I am learning to let go and trust that everything will fall into place. This is a practice for me as I can get a bit impatient, but all in due time. After losing my beloved basset hound Bentley to cancer, I found myself lost, sad and angry again. I had a Reiki session, where this time, my grandpa came in and said to start writing down all the memories of Bentley as he will be published in a children’s book. Wow! What a great message my grandpa had delivered to me! Within a week after my Reiki session, Sunny Dawn Johnston had posted an eight week intensive writing course on her Facebook page. I had followed Sunny for roughly a year and I knew she wouldn’t ever post anything that was negative or wouldn’t allow one to grow, so I took it as a sign and I joined the class. The story I submitted was of my husband and I’s first memory of Bentley and soon after the class was over, I found myself signing a publishing contract! My first children’s book, “Duncan’s Christmas Cat’astrophe” was out just in time for the holidays! I’ve had many wonderful changes the last few years, including being guided to change the name of my business to: The Journey Home with AJK. My Guides knew the only way I would start this journey of Reiki as a business would be to work with animals; and boy, were they right! I probably would not have went into the business otherwise. I realized in the last the two years I was working more with people than with animals and I wanted to assist others in their journey of self-discovery. To help others discover the path they

Winter 2017

were meant to take. There is nothing better than to witness a client having their own ‘ah-ha’ moment, that moment of clarification and connecting with their own unique gifts and using them! I don’t regret starting my work with animals or the name of my first business. After all, animals help bring me back to that state of being and unconditional love. I learned how to speak with them, to accept them as a partner versus being their master. They have helped me have a greater understanding of myself which, I share with my human friends and this has helped me build my Reiki business as well. Unconditional love, self-worth, and the ability to share this with others? You can’t get any better than that! You can follow Annie on Facebook at The Journey Home with AJK or contact her at thejourneyhomewithajk@, or call at 701-320-3543 for a Reiki session. The Journey Home with AJK, -Assisting you on Your Journey to Self-Discovery. Annie is a contributing author to “The Invisible Thread” with Sunny Dawn Johnston and “ The Gift of Inspiration for Women” a DreamStrong Foundation Daybook.

Project Light and Love


Solar Plexus Chakra By Char Jung

Now it’s time to step into action as we enter the fire of the Solar Plexus Chakra! The first Chakra is the Root Chakra and it lays the foundation (matter/earth) and the second Chakra is the Sacral Chakra (movement/water) which is the essence of You. Both articles on the first two Chakras can be found in previous issues at When we combine matter with movement the result is energy. This is the third Chakra and its purpose is transformation. The energy of the first two Chakras flows downwards and it is here, at the Solar Plexus Chakra, that energy switches and moves upwards. Just like fire. Unless, a person does not shift/move/grow out of the first two Chakras then all they will ever do is what they’ve always done. It is the hamster wheel experience. The Solar Plexus is all about our personal power, ambition, change, personal will and passion. It is how we show up and shine in the world. “Without a strong third Chakra, we cannot reach beyond into new levels, and instead remain stuck, clinging to security and sameness.”~Anodea Judith The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the stomach area. Physically, it is associated with the digestive system, pancreas, as well as the adrenals. It also rules over metabolism. So if this area is all about our personal power and personal will then it is easy to see physically when the Solar Plexus is out of balance. It will show up physically as either tight stomachs, large pot bellies or sunken diaphragms. Large bellies indicate that the Solar Plexus has excessive characteristics such as the need to be in power, to dominate and control. A weak and sunken Chakra indicates 10

deficient characteristics such as a fear of taking power, a fear of standing out and low self-esteem. Excess weight in general can be a third chakra malfunction as it shows the body is not properly metabolizing its food into energy. The key words for Solar Plexus are heat, manifest, power, passion, drive, initiate, transform, purify and digestion. So, if there is too much power/passion/ heat in the area of this Chakra, then a person will: * Be overly aggressive * Dominating * Righteous * Manipulative * Have an attraction to sedatives * Temper tantrums * Type-A personality * Constantly active, can’t sit still, doing too much * Arrogant

* Victim mentality

If there is too little power/passion/heat in this area then a person will be: * Weak * Passive * Low energy * Chronic fatigue * Easily manipulated * Poor self-discipline * Emotionally cold * Physically cold * Have an attraction to stimulants

When the Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance the physical dis-ease will show up as eating disorders, digestive disorders, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, hypertension, and disorders of the stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and liver. Events/traumas/abuses for this Chakra may show up from a volatile environment, physical abuse, fear of punishment, emotional manipulation, growing up too fast with too many adult responsibilities, as well as shaming. Tools to Help Balance the Solar Plexus:

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

This is a great description of a healthy Solar Plexus “A healthy third chakra embodies a feeling of ease and warmth. There is laughter, pleasure, harmony with one’s surroundings and a joy in graceful and purposeful action. The power comes from within, and is neither oppressive nor submissive. It is not a power made of control, whether of self or others, but a power made of combination – mind and body, self and others, passion and compassion.” ~Anodea Judith If you noticed you have experienced some characteristics from the too much or too little lists above, try one or more of these suggestions to bring the body and emotions back into balance: *Vigorous exercise such as running *Practicing Martial Arts *If you are deficient in the Solar Plexus, then try taking more risks *If you are excessive, then try some deep relaxation practices * Grounding your energy into your waist and feet * Eating yellow foods * Wearing more yellow shirts * Inhale an essential oil of Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint, Sandalwood, Fennel or Bergamot * Carry throughout the day, or hold during meditation and prayers any crystal or rock that is yellow in color like Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Rutilated Quartz, and, even though it is not yellow, the Malachite is the best transformation stone for the Solar Plexus. * Emotional coaching/mentoring to release stuck emotions that are blocking you from manifesting as well as reclaiming your authority/personal power. True power is mastery of one’s energy and this happens by practice and effort. The lesson of the Solar Plexus is becoming aware of the importance of energy flow between the upper and lower parts of the body….aka, mastering one’s energy….honoring the power within. Letting go of the habit/need to look outside for what you are to do.

Winter 2017

Notice if you are always asking others for advice or for their opinion. Of if you are constantly helping others with their dramas/problems before your own needs because deep down, you feel everyone else is more important than you. Or if you do help others it is so that they will like you and/or to feel safe. Even if these are not something that you do regularly, bring your awareness to the area of your Solar Plexus when you do ask for advice or for an opinion or when someone walks into the same room as you. See if you notice/feel what happens to the energy in your stomach area… flows out to the other person. It’s like giving them a gift…a gift of your energy that you just gave away to someone else. You may notice it right away and you may not. That’s okay. It takes practice. To master the energy you must first become aware of it. In the next article we will learn how to stoke the fire of the Solar Plexus from the air of the Heart Chakra. Char Jung is the owner of Doorways To….. located in Jamestown, ND. She is also a Spiritual Mentor and teacher and has studied with Anodea Judith, the author of “Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System”. She also holds certifications and teaches the following classes: Chakradance ®, all Levels of Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystal Chakra Classes, she is a Soul Coach® and a Licensed Facilitator of The Desire Map and is a Teacher of Aroma Yoga®. Contact Char at and additional information on Char and classes can be found at

Project Light and Love


Tuning Fork Reiki ByJennifer Moldenhauer

Grandpa sat patiently beside my bed. Sleep teased his mind and left mine untouched. My mind tumbled with restless energy, eager to burst out of bed and return to play. Grandpa started to sing. His voice felt warm, like a bright sunny day in summer. I couldn’t help but listen to old familiar tunes. I felt my mind slowing to a day dream of the two of us playing, earlier in the day. Sleep snuck into his voice and the warmth felt more like a soft blanket. His humming continued, as I started to dream and drifted happily off to sleep. My childhood was filled with music, Grandpa played the saxophone, my Mom played the piano and sang, and Grandma taught me to hear music in nature. In first grade, I got shushed in class for singing to myself. As I grew, I found singing and music connected me to the world around me. It brought me comfort during times of deep turmoil, it expressed my joy better than laughter and it sent prayers on the wind. Music moves us. It soothes us when words fail to do so. It washes over us with a sense of passion. It transforms fear and oppression into courage. It inspires us and enchants us. Music is the language of the soul. When I started professionally offering Reiki, I found most people responded best with some form of music playing. Music was not just back12

ground sound, but a partner to the session. Ambient music helped bring peace, gentle piano helped diminish depression and instill hope. If CD’s of music had that effect, what if Reiki was paired with personalized, intentional sound? I knew I didn’t have the means of purchasing singing bowls and so I started using vocal toning and mantras. Vocal toning uses song, with or without words, to shift energy. Imagine a lullaby, a mother soothes her child, just by the way she quietly hums a song. It doesn’t need words, it just needs intention. I took a chance with this simple form of sound therapy and it worked, tears flowed, muscle tension melted, moods lifted. Then, I learned about tuning forks, by experiencing them, first hand through a session. I was amazed at how powerful the session was! The sound helped shift energy faster and left me knowing I had to bring this to my clients. Much like singing bowls, tuning forks are machined to frequencies that correspond to the chakras, the body, even the planets. They are very portable and much more affordable than singing bowls but still seem to produce similar results. Tuning forks can be used in a few ways. The sound can help balance the chakras and calm the mind. Their vibration can relax muscles and release endorphins. Slight changes in vi-

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

bration and tone can detect and release stuck emotion in the energy field. Tuning Forks work well with Crystal Reiki. Crystals help direct the vibration into acupoints and Reiki energy travels through the fork. Each session is personal. When someone books a session, I like to ask for an intention beforehand. This helps me choose the right mantras, tones and forks to use. If you would like to try a session please feel free to contact me online or by phone. I look forward to meeting you! May music brighten your day and help you on your journey. May you be well, may you be happy. Namaste. About the Author: Jennifer Moldenhauer is a Tuning Fork Reiki and Crystal Reiki Practitioner. She offers sessions through her business: Simple, Sacred True, at the Lighthouse in Jamestown by event or appointment. She occasionally travels to surrounding areas for special events. If you are interested in a session, would like her to speak at your venue or would like Tuning Fork Reiki offered at your event, you can find more information at Simple Sacred True on Facebook, online at, or by calling (701) 269-2162.

Winter 2017

Project Light and Love


Feeling Trapped in your Story?

Hypnosis: Helping Everyday People with Everyday Problems By Collette Rudolph

Another year has come and gone. Are you still feeling “trapped” or “stuck” in your life story? Does life feel like the movie “Groundhog Day” where one day fades into another one just like it? Millions of everyday people feel trapped in their relationships, financial situations or in their jobs. You may have a life where you can recall one endless suffering after another or you might be one who has it “all” and yet may still feel unhappy. I can relate to those same feelings. The unrelenting stressors in my personal and work life left me feeling depressed, exhausted and in chronic pain. For years I felt trapped in my story, until I found an alternative approach that changed my life; Hypnosis. Like most people, I met hypnosis with some skepticism. However, doing some research and experiencing for myself what hypnosis did to help manage my chronic pain, I ended up jumping on the bandwagon. I was so impressed by the results that I became a certified practitioner in hypnosis. Recent research shows that the feelings of being trapped or stuck in life can lead to higher rates of Depression and Anxiety. Usually when we feel trapped, we have a tendency to blame our current circumstances for being the reasons why we feel so hopelessly stuck. However, what we do not realize is that we unconsciously perpetuate behaviors that keep us stuck or trapped without even realizing it; this stems from our unconscious mind’s attachment to certain memories and unwanted feelings. Our unconscious mind records and stores our long-term memories and experiences which play a significant role in our everyday life. Many of these memories are not traumatic or even tragic. However, because they are uncomfortable, they can instill in us feelings of fear, anxiety, anger or sadness. This is where Hypnosis fits in. In hypnosis, you are guided into a state of relaxation and focused concentration, altering your awareness. This state of mind allows you to open the door of your unconscious mind, to retrieve the feelings or memories that are involved in creating powerful hindrances and obstacles in your life. Hypnotic sessions help you then to focus on reframing problematic areas, retrain your mind’s neural networks to shift thought patterns and eliminate unproductive programming. Healing the unconscious mind can be a very transformative and restorative experience. It can help you gain insight on how to end your life’s long suffering, gain new perspectives and feel more energized for your journey, helping you cre14

ate the life you want. It is no surprise that stress is the culprit for many issues that crop up in our lives. Numerous research studies link chronic stress to the development of illness, disease and certain conditions. Hypnosis is a great option that you can use to control the mind and body’s response to the stress, and the feelings that create it. No one, other than yourself, can control your mind with hypnosis; all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You cannot be hypnotized to do something against your will because you are in control. Hypnosis is not sleep. You are relaxed with a level of awareness of what is going on around you. And, contrary to beliefs out there, most people are capable of entering into some level of hypnosis as long as there is no resistance to it. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years about the mind and body connection and about evidenced-based holistic approaches to healing oneself. To maximize the client’s experience, I may incorporate other modalities into the hypnosis sessions such as guided imagery, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), eye movement techniques, aromatherapy or mindfulness meditation techniques. (It is always advisable to seek out a licensed professional counselor or physician when you are experiencing serious mental health issues, PTSD or memories related to traumatic abuse.) Colette is a Minot, ND native. In 1991, she graduated from Med Center One College of Nursing with her BSN. Her nursing career of 25 years involved many different areas involving critical care, emergency medicine, cardiac care, nursing education, home health care, hospice and palliative care. Most recently her experience in palliative care shed light to a more holistic approach to health care. In 2015 she became certified in Consulting Clinical Hypnosis and certified as a HypnoBirthing® Educator in 2016. More information on hypnosis can be found at To contact Colette for an appointment, email her at

Project Light and Love

Winter 2017

Fargo Dean McMurray—“The Military Medium”— is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, healer, dowser and ordained minister. After serving 24 years in the U.S. armed forces, Dean enlisted in a new service by devoting his life to developing his newfound psychic abilities to service others. Dean conducts readings for clients throughout the world, teaches mediumship classes, and presents at regional symposiums, conferences and workshops. Email - :: Web - :: Phone - 701-212-0470

Jamestown Char Jung Mentoring is a complete package personal trainer. What does that mean? It means helping people on their journey thru movement, meditation and mentoring to bring balance to the Soul, Body, Mind & Spirit so that a person is Being their full potential. : : 701-368-9255 Figure It Out with CJ – Heightened awareness|Deeper connection. Christi Jarland mentors women who are ready to step into the “something more” they know is waiting for them. Intuition, Reiki, crystals, tarot, meditation and more are brought into play to teach you to relax and trust your own wisdom. Sessions offered locally or via phone/Skype. : : 701.269.5783 Marnie Mohr LR is a N.D. licensed Reflexologist since 2008, and also a Young Living oil representative, and a Wild Tree Organic food representative. My goal is to help you in any way I can to achieve your best self. 701-252-3711 : e-mail at Tamie Kay Gerntholz, RN, FCN, is a Healing Touch, Reiki and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner with a passion to affect, inspire and support you on Your Journey to Wellness in the Mind, Body and Spirit. To schedule your healing session contact her at Energetics, LLC in Valley City and Jamestown: : : 701-490-2170

Valley City Be Well Healing Arts – Gail Pederson SPRN, HN-BC is a Board Certified Registered Nurse in Holistic Nursing. She offers Healing Touch, imagery, aromatherapy and nutritional information. Focusing on pain, stress and sleep management, Gail can help you reach your maximum health, Body, Mind and Spirit. Contact Gail at : 701-490-2132 : Be Well Healing Arts on Facebook. Tamie Kay Gerntholz, RN, FCN, is a Healing Touch, Reiki and Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner with a passion to affect, inspire and support you on Your Journey to Wellness in the Mind, Body and Spirit. To schedule your healing session contact her at Energetics, LLC in Valley City and Jamestown: : : 701-490-2170

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Project Light and Love is a magazine that highlights the holistic therapy options in North Dakota and surrounding areas.


Project Light and Love is a magazine that highlights the holistic therapy options in North Dakota and surrounding areas.