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“Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul” -- Edward Abbey

“It is only fitting that the natural strengths of San Diego’s technology, science, and business communities be marshaled to achieve a goal of not just local but of global importance.” -- Anonymous







The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

Inspire, educate and Raise Awareness through Design and Community The Workspace is set to be launched as an exciting new vision in San Diego County to establish an infrastructure for emerging green consulting firms, startups and investors. Founded by San Diego green business leaders (EINI, Inc. and GreenSource Corp.) combining insights and perspectives, the Workspace is a new catalyst for green. We provide monthly membership services and pay-peruse conference space for business meetings and lectures and we deploy solutions to address capital formation, long-term business growth and everyday business support. The Workspace will be in the heart of downtown San Diego, a strategically important high-visibility center of policy, finance, energy, tourism and urban living. Along with a combination of part-time office rental and conference center meeting hall space, users receive a host of amenities to help green businesses get things done. At one low monthly rate, Workspace provides: office space, conference room and lecture hall time, administrative support, and discounts on food and events held onsite. Our Fundraising Plan Involves Stakeholders. The cost of the improvements is $1.2 million. We have identified redevelopment zone tax credits and are aware that the City is trying to build a cleantech cluster. Many stakeholders exist including contractors, investors, economic development agencies, SDG&E, etc. We are building a consortium to both reduce costs and engage investment partners or sponsors.

Meeting the Competition Guidelines – Raising awareness: Through our educational programs and the co-location of a green, organic, sustainable agriculture-based café, we expect to reach out effectively to the business community, industrial community, and the general public. – Environmental Social, cultural needs: Our city will benefit greatly as the sustainability movement takes hold. We have technology, expertise, entrepreneurs, and an interest in creating beautiful things. Still, the city lacks focus and coordination. We intend to provide this through the generation of a new culture that integrates well with our exiting culture. We are developing a culture of green entrepreneurship with this space, both physically and with our intent. – Impacting community/County: The East Village redevelopment zone is a better-than-expected hub for commerce and outreach. Parking is good, many people are visiting the adjacent ballpark, a new community is being developed throughout this corridor. This is the perfect time to shape the direction. – Outreach communication: Through our 5-Incubator program with technology cultures in water, energy, buildings, agriculture and transportation, we will create a buzz that will touch, and draw from the entire county. – Time line: On the following page, you see our plan. We are near the end. Now we have the significant work to do. Our next steps are the securing of the space, the financing of the construction & 6 months operation, marketing and sales.

The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

Inspire, educate and Raise Awareness through Design and Community

Pre-Funding Timeline

Post Funding Timeline We will be attending the Kick Gas Festival this weekend, Oct. 24th, to raise awareness about green technology, entrepreneurship, and our project.

The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

Lecture Hall Offices 141 14th Street San Diego, CA

Reception/Guest Business Center


Reception/Guest Business Center

Offices Lecture Hall Conference Room

Offices Ecology CafĂŠ

The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

Reception/Guest Business Center Open to the public in general Services offered: Photocopies, Faxes and Scans Printing and Shredding Docs. Wireless Coffee/Deli Shop & Garden Gallery Public Events/MPR

Offices Open to Workspace Members Office Space provided with Tables and Chairs (ergonomic and movable) Computer and other digital tools Telephone Stationary supplies Workspace areas from: 170 sq. ft. to 650 sq. ft.

Right entrance showing silo and lecture hall in the distance

Left entrance showing upstairs offices

This is the “Back Office�: Suites for larger groups and meetings

The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

Lecture Hall Open to the public in general Lecture and events Public or Private Events

Conference Room Open to the public in general Small seminars and private meetings Public or private events

Ecology Cafe Open to the public in general Meals and Entertainment Events Coffee, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks Our specialty touch: Crepes Public or Private Events Wireless Art wall Library

Ecology CafĂŠ

The Workspace Where green starts in San Diego

The Workspace  

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