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The Epics are Project Eight’s verion of the Academy Awards. Voted on by the students and awarded at the Epics ceremony on April 26th. Here are the nominees.

Airing Every Night at 9:00 PM

A Question and Answer show that interviews students for their answers to deep questions, like “Favorite Pick-up Line?” and “How Do You Spend Your Saturday Night?”. Currently Project Eight’s most watched show, it brings in the laughs with every answer.

Nominated For:

•Best Show •Best Tech •Best Actor

•Best Actress

Nick Johnson

Erin McGlinch

The campus’s news source and Project Eight’s most prolific show.

Airing Every Night at 9:30PM

Nominated For: •Most Impactful •Best Show • Best Tech •Best Actress

•Best Actor

Anna Skemp

James Pathoulas

A comedy series following the misadventures of a freshman named Lucy... that nobody likes.

Nobody Likes Lucy

Airing Every Night at 10:00PM

• Best Actor

Jonathan Larson

Chris Larsen

Nominated For: •Best Show •Best Tech

Hedi Hurrle

•Best Actress

Airing Every Night at 10:30PM

Bringing the Funny. One Sketch at a Time.

Nominated For:

• Best Actress Elizabeth Ringle

•Best Show •Best Tech

Jamie Reynolds

• Best Actor

Nickolas Benson

Fyreflies CSB/SJU’s Documentary Production committed to bringing awareness to the issues that really matter.

Nominated For: •Most Impactful •Best Show •Best Tech

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A Description of the 2014 Epic Nominees