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General Assembly The General Assembly is an opportunity to learn about and discuss IETM's achievements, challenges, strategies and projects and influence its future developments. Besides discussing last year's reports and plans for 2013, the members will also decide on the new Board. Come and take an active part in the life of your network! This time, there is a change to the usual running order: in Dublin we will hold the General Assembly on Friday morning before the Plenary Session. There will be tea and coffee available to buy from 09:00, with pastries kindly provided by Dublin City Council and registration will be moved to this venue for the morning. Date and Time: Friday 12 April, 10:00 sharp - 11:30 Venue: Abbey Theatre

Dublin Phrases - Deadly = Adjective. Extremely good

Meeting Programme

Plenary Session We have asked one of Ireland’s foremost living poets and writers, Theo Dorgan, to talk to you about trust and to propose a tone, a challenge, a talking point for you to take with you throughout the weekend. Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre (IETM Dublin’s local host), will also give a brief introduction and context to the artistic programme of IETM Dublin. This session will take place on the main stage of the Abbey Theatre, Ireland’s national theatre whose roots are inextricably bound up with the founding of the Republic of Ireland. Where better to start the conversation about trust, culture and politics that will be explored over the weekend? Speakers: Cian O’Brien - Artistic Director, Project Arts Centre (Ireland) - Theo Dorgan - poet and writer (Ireland) - Date and Time: Friday 12 April, 12:00–13:00 Venue: Abbey Theatre

The Big Debate: how to trust and be trusted One thing we can all agree on: we’ve been betrayed. Who can we trust anymore? Internationally, economically, socially, politically – are we experiencing a trust crisis?

What place is there for culture when our societies are under strain? Do the ambitions of the network that is Europe still hold true? What are our responsibilities as cultural workers towards politics and politicians? What are our political responsibilities to our audiences? When trust has been broken between societies, between countries, what can we do to rebuild it? Questions, questions, questions. These are some of ours – we’re sure you have many of your own. Date and Time:

Thursday 11 April, 16:00 - 17:45 / Venue: The Ark Friday 12 April, 15:30 - 17:30 / Venue: Smock Alley Theatre Saturday 13 April, 11:00 - 14:00 / Venue: Smock Alley Theatre

Moderators: Eugene Downes - Performing arts producer and former CEO of Culture Ireland (Ireland) Anne Bonnar - Consultant, developer, thinker, coach, mentor, writer and blogger in the arts, culture and creative industries (Scotland) - and There will be provocations over the three days made by a number of people drawn from the IETM membership and meeting participants.


IETM Spring Plenary Meeting. Dublin, 11.04.13 - 14.04.13.

We invite you and challenge you to take part in The Big Debate, which will take place over three sessions and is designed to be a stimulating conversation that will last the whole weekend. Dip in and out, or be involved from start to finish – it’s up to you. Each day will bring up new questions and topics, and will grow and develop from the day before. Two moderators will be on hand at all times to listen, contextualise, provoke and direct the proceedings. But the real meat of the discussion is what you bring to it.

IETM Dublin 2013 Programme of Events  

This April over 600 performing arts professionals from around the world will descend on Dublin for four days of creative thinking and networ...

IETM Dublin 2013 Programme of Events  

This April over 600 performing arts professionals from around the world will descend on Dublin for four days of creative thinking and networ...