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Dear IETM members and friends, Céad míle fáilte romhaibh go Baile Átha Cliath! Welcome to Dublin! We are thrilled to welcome you to the first IETM Plenary Meeting in Dublin – our first major meeting in Ireland since Galway 2001. We have worked together to develop an enjoyable, incisive and debate-provoking programme for you, and we hope that over the weekend you have fun, meet new and old friends, get your teeth into some discussions, and get an insight into the local performing arts scene. Over the past three years, IETM has been exploring major themes linking the arts with contemporary society; ownership, collaboration, participation in political life, rights, ideas and ideals. Now comes the big one: Trust. We ask that you keep this theme in your thoughts and discussions throughout the weekend.

Dublin Phrases - Scarlet = Adjective. Extremely embarrassed


A lot has changed for Ireland – and for all of us – since the Galway meeting in 2001, both for better and for worse. During your time in Dublin you’ll no doubt spot evidence of the meteoric economic rise, most obvious in the shiny new buildings and bridges around the city centre. Less obvious is the evidence of the economic crisis. In some ways, the biggest impact is felt most keenly outside of the capital. Empty houses across the country constructed during the boom years and never occupied. A return to high levels of emigration, with over 80,000 people leaving each year. Most critically (and less visibly) there is now a significant lack of trust in the institutions that were meant to be looking out for us. A crisis of trust is happening, not just in Ireland, but across the world. Trust is the glue in all positive relationships. It is impossible to be democratic without it, to be good citizens without it, to create performance without it. Our trust continues to be betrayed on a massive, international scale, and this betrayal has touched the foundations of so many of our societies. What are we doing about it? How are we reacting? How has it impacted on our work practices, and has it changed our thinking about what art itself is for?

Where better to hold this discussion than a country recovering from crisis, undergoing massive social change and where trust is the key to a bright future? As part of IETM Dublin, we have specifically developed a discussion session called The Big Debate: how to trust and be trusted (p.6), which will take place over the three days and where we invite you and your fellow delegates to interrogate these issues and more. We trust that you will take the weekend to explore this theme in depth with our provoking discussions and meetings, enjoy the work of Irish artists and soak up the atmosphere of the wonderful city of Dublin. IETM Secretariat and the local organisers, Project Arts Centre

We have scattered a handful of Dublin words and phrases throughout the programme and challenge you to speak like a local! Look for the icon and strike up a conversation using your newly-learned vernacular!


IETM Spring Plenary Meeting. Dublin, 11.04.13 - 14.04.13.

As professionals in the arts sector, we want our audiences to trust us. Our artists want us to be trustworthy and at the same time we need to trust them. Boards, managers and staff all need to trust each other. You as a group have all created this network, IETM, as an act of trust, too. We all see that it's a fragile and vulnerable balance.

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