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Project Arts Centre

APR—JUN 2013

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In person 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Monday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm

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By phone +353 1 8819 613. Monday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm Groups Group rates are available for many of our performances for groups of 8 people or more. For more information call and ask for Kate O’Sullivan or email

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On Foot – Project Arts Centre is a large blue building situated behind the Olympia Theatre and opposite the Clarence Hotel. Bus – Take any bus that runs to Dame Street and either enter Temple Bar via Parliament Street and take a right onto East Essex Street or enter Temple Bar via Eustace Street or Sycamore Street and take a left onto East Essex Street. LUAS – Take the Red Luas Line to Jervis stop. Cross the River Liffey into Temple Bar using the Millenium Bridge. Take a right onto East Essex Street and Project Arts Centre is on the left hand side of the street. Parking Offer A special €5 parking rate is available from Fleet Street car park, simply present your show ticket when paying.

APR—JUN 2013


2013 has been an incredible year for us

new production of Declan Hughes’ 1992

events and two exhibitions across our

classic Digging for Fire; Landmark

performance and gallery spaces. On

Productions’ Howie the Rookie written

14 March, Project Arts Centre hosted our

and directed by Marc O’Rowe and

first Gala Fundraising night and thanks to

featuring a stellar performance from

the support of our friends and patrons we

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and the brilliant

raised much needed funds to help support

Man of Valour from The Corn Exchange

the work of our Project Catalyst initiative.

which will visit us as part of a national

This will help us to continue to support the

tour. Performance festival Live Collision

work of over 34 artists and companies.

4 / 5

up, Rough Magic Theatre Company’s

so far at Project Arts Centre, with 133

The season from April to June

is back, taking over the city and Project Arts Centre. We’ll also be introducing new

continues apace with dance work from

artists to you and welcoming back some

Nightstar Dance and Dublin Dance Festival –

Dublin Fringe Festival hits from last year.

featuring new works from Project Catalyst artists Fearghus Ó Conchuír and Jean

From 11–14 April we are hosting the IETM Spring Plenary meeting,

Butler, fresh from her New York premiere.

welcoming 600 of our colleagues from

We have three major theatre works coming

across the globe to network and be

introduced to our brilliant city. I have

available for purchase here from 25 April.

curated a special artistic programme, some

This is the first time Project has produced

of which is open to the public, and includes

this type of work in a number of years

work from PanPan Theatre, Brokentalkers,

and it is a great way for you to support

Liz Roche Dance and John Scott Dance.

the artists we work with and to own the

This is an amazing opportunity to highlight

work of an Irish artist with a building

the incredible artists making amazing

international profile.

performance work in Ireland today. These

Later in the summer we welcome

performances are all open to the public so

some incredible circus work, more theatre,

if you are not attending the meeting I hope

dance and visual art and then it’s in to

you’ll still come along and see the work of

September and the Dublin Fringe Festival

these wonderful Irish artists.

will be back in the building.

In our gallery we present Garden a new solo show by Irish artist Niamh

I hope you will join us for this wonderful season of work and I look forward

O’Malley. I am really thrilled to welcome

to seeing you at many of our shows in the

Niamh to Project and to be presenting her

coming months.

beautiful works. She has also produced two printed editions for us, which are

Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director


APR—JUN 2013

Nova Collective – Debut Performance Nova Collective Music 3 April p16

Who Am I?: Night Star Dance Triple Bill Night Star Dance Dance 4 – 6 April p18

IETM 6 / 7

Meeting 11 – 14 April p20

Digging for Fire Rough Magic Theatre 18 April – 4 May p26

Live Collision International Festival Live Collision Performance 18 – 20 April p28

TEXT | Messages 3 TEXT Messages Theatre 25 – 27 April p36

Broadening Glass Doll Productions Theatre 30 April – 11 May p38

Songs of Grievance and Hope The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope Musical Theatre 7 – 9 May p40

U-R-HAMLET-TOO The Unlimited Dream Company Theatre 27 May – 1 June

New Triangle Ensemble New Triangle Ensemble Music 10 May p42

Community Day Project Arts Centre Music, Visual Arts, Theatre & Performance 10 & 11 May p44

Dublin Dance Festival Dance


Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am… Sunday’s Child Theatre 4 – 8 June p58

Solpadeine is my Boyfriend With an ‘F’ Productions Theatre 11 – 15 June p60


Howie the Rookie

The Lesson


Written by Eugene Ionesco

13 June – 6 July



14 – 26 May

14 – 18 May p52

Man of Valour The Corn Exchange Theatre 28 May – 8 June p54

Landmark Productions

Garden Niamh O’Malley Visual Arts 26 April – 22 June p66

8 / 9

APR—JUN 2013


Brokentalkers, in rehearsal for Have I No Mouth

Like a lot of people I was glued to the

us. The 34 artists we work with is far from an

TV a couple of weeks ago watching

exhaustive list of artists whose work is of real

the Oscars. I admit like most my main

importance but it represents a broad range of

interest was the glamour but while

diverse work across disciplines and formats

watching I was struck and pleased

which are less popular and less commercial –

by Michelle Obama’s speech for best

but not less important. Project’s ‘intentional’

production. She stated clearly, unlike

culture is one of collaboration and this has

anyone else that evening, what is most

created a democratic environment, it has built

important about the arts. Michelle

social capital and for us has transformed our

outlined how ‘the arts lift our spirits

working community.

and broaden our minds’.

Community and culture are worlds, places, conditions where rules and values

While listening I thought about how certain

operate. Both relate to human action.

art forms are embraced more than others.

They are places of diverse beliefs, places

How popularity creates a hierarchy and

of inconsistency of passions, places of

how that hierarchy presents or poses real

contradiction and difficult decisions.

responsibilities for arts organisations.

Does culture reflect life (society) or does

A responsibility to try to ensure that less

life reflect art? Do we expect our artists

popular art forms are not under-valued which

to challenge us or to lead us? Do we

leads us to the fundamental responsibility

expect them to ask questions or to supply

of playing our part in ensuring we live in a

answers? Do we expect them to always be

society which values creativity for all. These

revolutionaries? What level of responsibility

are responsibilities we take very seriously.

do we place on our artists that perhaps we

These issues present us with the important question of how we place or

do not place on ourselves? While I question the kind of unfair

understand ‘value’. I believe it’s through the

expectations that are on occasion asked of the

pursuit of values that we create culture. It is

arts and the apparent lack of understanding

at least for Project how we have created an

or interest in the diversity of the sector I feel it

intentional culture. We established Project

is important for all of us not to underestimate

Catalysts (our support initiative for artists) in

their power. If we focused less on the arts

order to protect artists and work important to

being one thing to one person and take a

proper look at the work populating festivals and arts centre round the country we would clearly see how the arts articulate the profound values that form our society and our lives. For me this could not be more evident than in the work we are developing and presenting over the coming year. In the coming months we are working

APR—JUN 2013

with 14 artists on the development and presentation of their work both nationally and internationally. The first works are with two dance artists of great talent and international repute who we are presenting in May in the Dublin Dance Festival. While contemporary dance can be perceived as a more difficult art form it is one of my favourites. Dance is one of the most intimate forms in that it conveys concepts, moods and emotions through discrete and subtle gestures. Jean Butlers piece hurry is a mindful, intense piece which considers us as individuals and viewers, the dancer as performer and individual and also plays with issues around memory, place, tradition

10 / 11

and even social expectation. It is a moving, completive piece where Jean’s incredible physicality, precision and skill – razor like – completely holds our attention. I felt completely transfixed and also transformed, in fact at times breathless at her premiere in New York Last week. Cure is Fearghus Ó Conchúir’s new work and this month is in the final stages

Jean Butler, rehearsing for hurry

of rehearsal. I have worked with Fearghus for over eight years and I thoroughly admire him as an artist. His creations not only move but push me. His work speaks in a way I believe to be unique. It is like an echo, waves of things that seem somehow new and unknown but at the same time instinctively familiar. Cure will premiere in May and I encourage you to attend and let Fearghus take you on a hopeful journey about recovery and survival where he will also contemplate what comes next. Brokentalkers, Gary and Feildlim, go on the road again with two of their works,

The Company, in rehearsal for As You Are Now So Once Were We

Have I No Mouth and The Blueboy. The Blueboy is an extraordinarily powerful piece

The Company are an ensemble of

which bears witness to the real experiences

four theatre makers, Brian, Jose, Nyree

of men and women in children’s care

and Rob. These artists are a total pleasure

institutions. Have I No Mouth is a work

to work with in that they are constantly

which looks at the loss of a parent and the

(almost annoyingly) optimistic and are

complications of how each of us deal with

thoroughly good natured. Their outlook

and understand our families, each other and

however cannot be confused with anything

loss. Gary and Feidlim work with difficult

other than a relentless ambition to develop

issues but manage to personalise them,

and change how theatre is made and

weaving them into their own story and in

seen and a ruthlessness in relation to

this way help us to look at unimaginable

how they force us to look and learn from

things, things we normally avoid because

the everyday. These qualities are then

they are difficult but in reality things each

combined with a thoughtfulness and

and every one of us need to understand.

sensitivity as to how we as people interact

Working with Gary and Feidlim is very

and how we see, learn and live. Their work

important to me because in their refusal to

does not so much challenge – it provokes

shy away from real and important issues –

and lifts. As You Are Now So Once Were

they give me a new perspective.

We was originally presented in the Dublin

Fringe Festival, was shown in The Peacock

CURE by Fearghus O’Conchuir

and has also toured to LA and Portugal. It

15 –16 May: Dublin Dance Festival, Project

will now be part of The Full Irish Festival in

Arts Centre

Berlin in May.

11 June: Spring loaded, Robin Howard

So with all of the work listed and the

Dance Theatre, The Place London

many pieces in development (THEATREclub,

Cure will also have a five venue national

Dee Roycroft, Junk Ensemble and Priscilla

tour in Autumn 2013. Stay in touch to see

Robinson who I will talk about next season)

dates near you.

APR—JUN 2013

I always come back to the age old question of the importance of art and self-expression,

Have I no Mouth by Brokentalkers

of empathy and of how we look and think.

11–13 April: Smock Alley Theatre as part

In all of the work I have outlined each

of IETM Dublin

artist, in their own way and from their

16 –18 May: The Full Irish Festival, Berlin

own perspective are looking at and trying

24–26 June: Theatreformen Festival,

to solve the problem of life. For me the


problem of life is arguably and essentially

2 –15 August: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

the problem of value. The Blueboy by Brokentalkers Niamh O’Donnell, General Manager &

25 – 26 April: Augenblick Mal Festival,

Executive Producer of Project Catalyst

Berlin 27– 28 May: Festival of Young Russian

Our Project Catalysts are

Theatres, Omsk, Russia

performing at

12 / 13

As You are Now So Once Were We hurry by Jean Butler

by The Company

7–9 March: Danspace, New York

9 –10 May: The Full Irish Festival, Berlin

18– 21 May: Dublin Dance Festival, Project Arts Centre

Fearghus Ó Conchúir in Cure

You can help us to support the work of Project Catalyst by becoming a Project Person. For more information about becoming a Project Person contact Kate O’Sullivan at or on +353 1 8819 608

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APR—JUN 2013


16 / 17

Nova Collect

APR—JUN 2013

Space Upstairs

New Dublin music group Nova

3 April

Collective debut an evening of original

9.30pm (Doors 9.00pm)

music composed in recent months.

â‚Ź12 / â‚Ź8

An uptempo and lively style, incorporating many of the percussive features of Latin Jazz, the show will also feature performance from actor Aaron Heffernan. Nova Collective was founded

Musicians include: Jeremy Morgan,

in October 2012 by Louis Ryan. The

Fiachra Kinder, Rob Kearns, Alex Ryan,

group comprises Jeremy Morgan

Louis Ryan

(vocals), Fiachra Kinder (drums), Rob

Performance by Aaron Heffernan

Louis Ryan (piano), embracing strains

Kearns (guitar), Alex Ryan (bass), Music & Lyrics by Louis Ryan

of Bossa Nova, Classical, and Irish

Lighting by Colm McNally

Traditional music.


18 / 19

APR—JUN 2013

Night Star Dance Company

Who Am I? : Night Star Dance Triple Bill


Night Star Dance Company presents a

4 – 6 April

triple bill of dance work from choreog-


rapher and dancer Ingrid Nachstern.

€12 / €10

Who Am I? explores a woman’s loss of identity through marriage and motherhood, while Freedom-to go! is a commentary on immigration and the state of present-day America. The final piece, Table Manners / Stopping

Suitable ages 13+

At Red Lights, uncovers the tension between the social mask and our more

REAL DEAL – Friday 5 April All Tickets €10

‘animal’ tendencies.

Choreographed and directed

Night Star Dance Company is a cutting-

by Ingrid Nachstern

edge contemporary dance company,

Lighting by Eamon Fox

set up in 2003 by its Artistic Director

Costume by Emma Downey

Ingrid Nachstern. Their aim in creating

Stage Management by

pieces is to engage the audience in

Margarita Corscadden

re-evaluating their world view. The company have performed both at

Cast Includes: Michael Cooney,

home in Ireland and in residencies

Lucia Kickham, Ingrid Nachstern,

in New York.

Malik Nashad Sharpe

APR—JUN 2013



20 / 21



This April over 600 performing arts

IETM Dublin will run from 11 – 14 April

professionals from around the world will

2013 at Project Arts Centre and a host of

descend on Dublin for four days of creative

other venues throughout the city.

thinking and networking, as we open our doors to host the Spring Plenary of IETM

There is still time to register

international network for contemporary

for IETM Dublin 2013

performing arts. Since its creation in 1981, IETM has hosted many events including two plenary meetings of their membership each year in different cities. The aim of

If you would like to find out more about

these meetings is to connect diverse

IETM and how to register please contact

arts organisations who share common

Amy O’Hanlon at

interests, to build closer relationships

or on 01 881 9629.

across sectors and countries, and to facilitate artistic partnerships, exchanges

IETM Dublin 2013 is an initiative of the Arts Council of Ireland

and collaborations.

in partnership with Culture Ireland, produced by Project Arts

For IETM Dublin, Project Arts Centre

Centre and supported by Dublin City Council and Fáilte Ireland.

is working closely with the IETM Secretariat

It is part of both the Arts Council’s and Culture Ireland’s Culture

in Brussels to present a lively programme

Programme to mark Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the

of discussions and events focusing on the

European Union.

theme of ‘Trust’. These events will address a number of artistic issues including the

Project Arts Centre is funded by the Arts Council

relationships between artists, collaborators

& Dublin City Council.

and audiences and also those between governments, societies and citizens. A

IETM is funded by the European Commission and

season of performances by Irish artists,

the Flemish Community of Belgium.

programmed by Cian O’Brien, Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre, will be presented alongside the meeting, offering the international delegates a taste of the local contemporary performing arts scene.

Let the music do the talking

All That Fall Pan Pan Theatre

Curated by Dylan Tighe

9pm, 11 April

8pm, 11 April

7pm & 9pm, 12 & 13 April

Space Upstairs

special low cost previews


Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College

APR—JUN 2013


A gig celebrating the contribution of musicians to the performing arts in

intimate installation performance

professionally with the performing arts

of Samuel Beckett’s 1956 radio play.

and in doing so have found a catalyst for

Experience this unique theatrically-

experimental collaboration. The result?

tuned listening chamber from the

A generation of musicians who have

comfort of your very own rocking chair.

invigorated both the performance and music scenes, and have had a defining impact on contemporary Irish theatre and dance practice. With Seán Mac Erlaine & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Seán Millar, Trevor Knight and The Devil’s Spine Band, Tom Lane & Brian O’Connell, Dylan Tighe and Francesco Turrisi.

22 / 23

All That Fall is an atmospheric and

Ireland. All of these musicians engage

Between you, me and the four walls

6pm, 12 April

Curated by Michelle Browne 11 & 12 April Cube Free

Spectral (lake of eggs) by テ(ne

To give you a taste of the very best live

Phillips, is a live performance where

and performance art being made in

one woman embodies sumptuous

Ireland today, IETM Dublin and Dublin

madness, a sculptural entrapment

City Council have commissioned

and ecstatic anesthesia. She recounts

three new pieces by internationally

narratives of self-destruction, madness,

renowned artists.

institutional care and psychological transformation; embodying a freedom

7pm, 11 April

in madness that is stifled through societal attitudes and fear of otherness. Sound by Trevor Knight. 9pm, 12 April

May I draw your eyes? is a one-onone performance and a meditation on looking and drawing. It comments upon visual art and literature to give a layered experience of intimacy and intellect,

Michelle Browne and Dominic Thorpe

with the broader audience viewing the

come together in count窶「ter窶「part to

engagement. Text by Orhan Pamuk,

explore how two distinct performance

from My Name is Red, is courtesy of

practices find common ground in

Orhan Pamuk and the Wylie Agency.

collaboration. The work draws out

Thanks to Debora Ando Print Workshop.

the potential and the tension that exists in the relationship between the two performers. Working through mark-making and interdependence, the performance explores the delicacy and intimacy in the collaborative act.

APR—JUN 2013

Have I No Mouth

Fast Portraits


Liz Roche Company

8pm, 11 – 13 April

6.30pm, 12 & 13 April

Smock Alley Theatre

Space Upstairs



A devised show by Brokentalkers.

Fast Portraits is inspired by the

Co-Artistic Director Feidlim Cannon,

observations on a human experience

his mother Ann Cannon and their

in video artist Bill Viola’s The Passions.

psychotherapist Erich Keller tell the

The dance explores the layers of

story of the loss in tragic circumstances

emotion and memory that infuse

of Feidlim’s father and youngest brother.

captured images, creating life-affirming

It was created using recordings of

and sometimes surreal moments

therapy sessions attended by Feidlim

between the performers.

and his mother Ann over the course of a year. Brokentalkers are part of PROJECT CATALYST, an intiative of

24 / 25

Project Arts Centre.

Body Duet John Scott Dance 8.30pm, 12 & 13 April Space Upstairs â‚Ź10

Packed with passion, poetry, humour, artistry, grace, fun and vitality, Body Duet shows two witty and gifted dancers attempting to create one body using breath to generate movements. It celebrates that ecstatic feeling when fear and inhibition are lost and bodies begin to trust being together.

26 / 27

APR—JUN 2013

Rough Magic


Space Upstairs

Rough Magic presents Digging for Fire by

22 April – 4 May

Declan Hughes.

8pm €15 – €25

Spend an evening with some old friends …

Previews 18 – 20 April Matinees 27 April & 4 May (3pm)

Seven college friends on the brink of turning 30 get together for a reunion. But nostalgia is gradually eroded as the drink loosens tongues and the true events of the past emerge with savage and humorous consequences.

Contains some strong language and sexual references

Hailed by the critics as “wickedly funny,

REAL DEAL – All tickets 23 April just €15

Fire is a bleakly optimistic comedy about

SPECIAL OFFER – Under 30? Limited €10 tickets

love, friendship and growing up.

stylish, clever and relevant”, Digging for

available when you show valid ID

This landmark 1991 play was a major hit Written by Declan Hughes

when first produced by Rough Magic. In it,

Directed by Matt Torney

Hughes brilliantly captures the mood of a

Set & Lighting Design by Ciaran Bagnall

generation on the cusp of the Celtic Tiger.

Costume Design by Niamh Lunny

22 years on, we look at how reality has

Assistant Director Rosemary McKenna

measured up to the aspiration of that time.

(SEEDS Programme) This new production is directed by Rough Cast: John Cronin, Orla Fitzgerald,

Magic Associate Director Matt Torney.

Will Irvine, Paul Mallon, Margaret McAuliffe, Jody O’Neill and Raymond Scannell

Throughout the run Rough Magic will

“A funny, revealing and important work …

Conversation, a series of free talks and

also present: Roughly Speaking: A Public go see it.” Irish Independent

conversations to accompany Digging for Fire. Led by high profile speakers, the

“Funny and fierce … compulsive viewing.” Daily Telegraph

events will discuss a variety of different aspects of Irish social history from the 90s to the present day. Find out more by clicking here.

APR—JUN 2013

Live Coll Internat Festival 18 – 20 April

28 / 29

Project Arts Centre €12 / €10 / Free

Live Collision package – Any 2 Cube performances and 1 limited capacity We Are In Public event for just €28

llision tional Founded and curated by Lynnette Moran. Live Collision International Festival brings some of the most exciting national and international contemporary artists to Dublin with works never before presented in Ireland.

What is the Future of Performance?

Live Collision Double Bills

In 2013, Live Collision will explode

Double Bill 1:

out of Project Arts Centre and across the city into public spaces, hidden locations, basement flats,

Dismantlement and Internal Terrains

rooftop gardens, mobile devices and

8.15pm, 18 April

GPS systems, blurring the edges of


the performance space and the line

€12 / €10

between what is imagined and what

APR—JUN 2013

is real. Where it begins and where it ends will be in your hands. Dismantlement by Alan Delmar (IRE) employs opposing forces, tensions and materials as a means of exploding out the politics of the body, showing it to be a volatile site where the conflicts of identity are repeatedly played out. Alan explores how the body becomes a fragmented space, endlessly seeking internal coherence within rigid cultural assignments. Internal Terrains by Natasha Davis (UK) explores life as a choreography of decades, in search of what’s at stake as we

30 / 31

move from one decade to another. Poetic and sensual, the performance plays chords with films and installations, crows, cages and electric shocks. Developed partly in the studio and partly through workshops with local residents, stories are generously shared with Natasha, who translates them into visual metaphors around body, memory and identity.

Double Bill 2:

Wideawake and The Best of Scottee

In the film Wideawake by Orla Barry (IRE), a distressed young woman finds her way into a concert hall and spits out a string of words. Clearly abandoned to her fate, she begs for someone to book her a hotel

8.15pm, 19 April

for the night only to find that the concert


hall is empty and she is performing, to

€12 / €10

no-one, a touching interior monologue in which consciousness and subconscious clamp into each other in a never-ending downward spiral. The Best of Scottee comes from live artist, show off, fat drag queen and attention seeker Scottee (UK). Welcome to a world of anti-performance, origami choking, pretend magic, naff storytelling, and stupidity. Scottee has thrown cake at Rihanna on the X Factor and spat milkshake at Nick Grimshaw live on Radio 1, broken limbs and lost 100’s of pairs of high heels in his determination to please his audiences. The Best of Scottee has been devised exclusively for Live Collision International Festival. This will not be performed anywhere else. This is Scottee at the end of being his best.

Double Bill 3:

The Woman Who Walks On Knives and We Used To Wait

The Woman Who Walks On Knives by Season Butler (USA) is a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic, The Little Sea-Maid. A grim tale of sacrifice, transformation and how far we are willing to go for love, starting from the giddy

8.15pm, 20 April

heights of infatuation and plunging to


the bottom of the deepest sea, this is

€12 / €10

a woebegone story of a woman who

APR—JUN 2013

braves her most primal fears and takes the ultimate risk. This journey towards requited love may not reach its destination, but this little mermaid is determined to get there, or die trying. We Used To Wait by Massive Owl (UK) explores how online communication and technological advances have affected both our experiences of, and relationship with, time and each other. We Used To Wait seeks to give its audience an embodied experience through exploring and provoking questions of what is ‘live’ and what is ‘recorded’ and how these can both be experienced within a live

32 / 33

performance space.


Discussions Without Time Limits, Dick Walsh and David Wall 2pm – 5pm, 19 April

We Are In Public, a series of off-site, limited capacity events

Walking:Holding Rosana Cade (UK) 4pm – 7.30pm (every 15 minutes), 18 – 20 April


Meet at Project Arts Centre


€12 / €10

Dick and David (IRE) invite you to be a

A woman with a shaved head takes your

spectator at a series of intimate encounters.

hand in a station. A large man dressed in

Discussions Without Time Limits explores

black follows you down an alley. An Indian

the urgent need for communication

woman holding a rose greets you outside

between public figures on topics of

a pub. A six-foot drag queen walks you

importance to modern Irish society.

past a church. A hooded youth puts his

Examining the need to focus on ideas

arm round you as you sit together on a

without the distraction of time limits, it

bench. A white haired woman hugs you

endeavours to get to the bottom of issues

good-bye as you leave. Walking:Holding is

at the heart of current society, filming

a walk through town, it is a performance

intimate discussions without audiences,

for one audience member at a time,

relieving the pressure to perform.

your journey is in the hands of a group of strangers who lead you through the streets of the city walking:holding.

APR—JUN 2013

dublin’s Fare City Michelle Browne (IRE)

All Limits Are Self-Imposed – icarus

3pm, 4pm 18 April

Curated by Sorcha Kenny (IRE)

3pm, 4pm 20 April

3pm, 19 April

Meet at Project Arts Centre

Meet at Project Arts Centre


€12 / €10

Dublin’s Fare City is a series of taxi tours

A walk from the street to the rooftops

in which your driver will take you and

of the city. From these hidden spaces

your fellow passengers on an intimate

in the cities skyline, we’ll encounter

excursion through Dublin. Along the

interventions in performance, music

way, they will share the personal, the

and sound inspired by the notion that

political and the social stories of the

Micheal de Certau calls An Icariun

scenes beyond the car windows. Climb

Fall – ”Must one fall back into the dark

in for an alternative experience of the

space where crowds move back and

city and its architecture.

forth, crowds that, though visible from on high, are themselves unable to see down below?” Featuring Emma Martin, Cian Nugent and more to be confirmed, along the route the walk will happen upon

34 / 35

other parts of Live Collision festival.

Other Events Live Collision International Festival 2013 will also include a series of off-site events. These events include The Artists Collective’s Speakers Corner at various locations around the city, a series of screenings of Middle Eastern performance hosted by NCAD, a digital interactive artwork by Niamh Shaw and Una Kavanagh (TATSOI) that will be featured in a Limited Edition publication created by Lynnette Moran (Festival Director), Future Forum, a discussion on the possible futures for live art and performance, and, a live art party at the Workman’s Club which will close the festival. More information on these events can be found at

The work present in Live Collision is supported by the Arts Council of England WITH THANKS TO: Create, Fringe Lab, The Workman’s Club, NCAD, Chelsea Theatre London, Refugee Week, and Colchester Arts Centre Supported by: Arts Council England, Hosking Houses Trust and Littoral, Live Art Development Agency, Arts Council England, Live Theatre, ARC Stockton Arts Centre, and Theatre in the Mill, UK.

APR—JUN 2013 36 / 37

TEXT | MESSAGES 3 TEXT | messages

Cube 25 – 27 April 8.15pm €5 (Thursday & Friday) €10 (Saturday omnibus)

Suitable 15+ TEXT | messages is back, and we want to know: Can you handle the Bard? Eight directors will tackle 160 lines of a Shakespeare play, with four different performances each evening, and show you what they’re made of. Want it all in one night? Then check out the TEXT | messages Omnibus, and you’ll see all eight pieces in one go. With more events to be announced, including workshops, discussions and lectures, make sure you get the message! TEXT | messages. What can happen in 160 lines? Since 2011, TEXT | messages has given young and emerging directors the opportunity to tackle a classical text head-on, with 18 pieces presented so far.

APR—JUN 2013 38 / 39

Glass Doll Productions


“Unnerving, disturbing, thought provoking;

1 - 11 May

this is new writing at its best” *****

(No performance 5 or 6 May)

Irish Theatre Magazine

8.15pm €14 / €12 / €10 Preview 30 April Matinees 4 & 11 May (3pm)

“[the] production capitalises on the palpable sense of unease in Dunne’s accomplished script … a convincingly suspenseful evening” Irish Times Do you know who’s in control? Based on the Stanford Prison Experiments

Suitable ages 16+

of the 1970s, BROADENING challenges

Strong Langauge, Adult Themes

the relationship between those who have

Note: this performance features the

authority and those who allow them to

use of strobe lighting

have it. The premise is simple – 7 people from different walks of life play house

REAL DEAL – Tuesday 7 May 2 tickets for €20!

together in the name of science. However,

Directed by Ronan Phelan

pre-determined and can sometimes spin

Written by Peter Dunne

wildly out of control...

the outcome of every experiment is never

Lighting & Set Design by Zia Holly Costume by Donncha O’Dea

Glass Doll Productions is proud to present the return of their ABSOLUT

Composed by Denis Clohessy

Fringe 2012 hit BROADENING to Project

Produced by Aoife Moroney-Ward

Arts Centre – a return that promises to thrill,

and Donncha O’Dea

excite and ignite!

Graphic Design by Oliver Kehoe Smith

BROADENING is written by emerg-

Movement Direction by Claire Walsh

ing Dublin playwright Peter Dunne, and

Technical Assistance by Dan Bergin

directed by Rough Magic SEEDS participant Ronan Phelan.

Cast Includes: Rob Bannon, Genevieve Hulme-Beaman, Michelle McMahon,

Glass Doll Productions was founded

Clare Monnelly, Matthew O’Brien,

by Aoife Moroney-Ward and Donncha

Jaime O’Neill and Anna Shields-McNamee

O’Dea in 2010. Film work includes Won’t


Somebody Think Of The Children (1st Runner Up Dublin Pride Short Film Festival 2010) and Camera Shy. Theatre credits include I Am My Own Wife.

APR—JUN 2013

The Spectacle of

40 / 41

Defiance and Hope

Songs of Grievance and Hope

Space Upstairs

Don’t say we didn’t resist!

7 – 9 May 8pm

In 2010 some 50 community and youth


groups met to create new ways of resisting the injustices of a faltering and corrupt system. Deciding on creativity as the medium, they took to the streets in powerful pageants of protest. In 2011, the group created The Books

May contain strong language

of Grievance and Hope, based on the Cahier Des Doleances that helped spark the

Early Bird – Book before 2 May and save 25%

French Revolution. The Books of Grievance and Hope are a permanent testimony to the

Written & Compsed by Sean Millar and The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope

injustices of the current era. Now in a moving stage performance,

Produced by Brian Fleming

The Spectacle testifies in song, pictures,

Photography by Ray Hegarty

movement and words that what’s happening is wrong, that we are resisting and that there is always hope. Sean Millar (Silver Stars, Tower Songs, The Blue Boy, The Last Ten Years) has worked with groups from North and South of the city to create songs that tell the story on the ground. The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope is a loose alliance of community, voluntary and youth groups who, since 2010, have chosen the arts as a medium of protest to defend, protect and sustain their communities.

42 / 43

APR—JUN 2013

Space Upstairs

What happens when three very distinctive

10 May

musical voices come together?

9pm (Doors at 8.45pm) €15 / €13

The New Triangle is a brand new musical ensemble comprising dynamic Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbu, composer and Aosdána member Roger Doyle and acclaimed singer/cellist Vyvienne Long. Following a very successful residency

“Roger Doyle ought to be canonised. They

in Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, where their

should all bow deeply for Roger Doyle. His

performances were rapturously received,

music is warm, funny and richly elaborate”

The New Triangle embarks on its very first

Granslost Magazine

nationwide tour. This unique ensemble combines classical, African, electro

“Tsumbu takes his audience on a journey

acoustic and folk traditions to thrilling

of discovery that traverses the peaks and

effect, demonstrating the rich collaborative

troughs of life’s unpredictable terrain with

potential of three very distinctive voices on

startling precision” The Irish Times

the Irish music scene. As well as a rare opportunity to

“Vyvienne Long’s Catapillar Sarabande is an

see Roger Doyle – one of Ireland’s finest

album for car journeys with a mute friend”

composers – performing live, this is a

Billboard Magazine

chance to experience virtuoso performers interpret and cut loose on each other’s compositions, while newly-composed and arranged work by the ensemble will also be performed.

THE New Triangle

APR—JUN 2013 44 / 45


Project Arts Centre

We’re throwing open our doors for two

10 & 11 May

days of free events and performances

11am – 8pm

to give you a chance to test drive your

Admission free

arts centre.

Fun for all the family

goes on behind the scenes or fancied

If you’ve ever wondered what trying something new now’s your chance. Come along try new things, meet new artists and ideas, and discover that contemporary art isn’t as scary as you might think. Join us for coffee, cakes, performances, talks, workshops, readings, face painting, backstage tours and much more. Keep an eye on for updates on programme of events

14 – 26 May Project Arts Centre €6 – €22

OFFER – Book 3 or 4 different shows and

46 / 47

APR—JUN 2013

get 15% off Full Price tickets!


It’s time for surprise and adventure with Ireland’s leading dance event – Dublin Dance Festival is back! Discover bold new works from Irish and international artists.



Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Jean Butler

9pm, 15 & 16 April

8pm, 18, 20 & 21 May

Space Upstairs

6pm, 19 May

€22 / €18

Space Upstairs

APR—JUN 2013

€22 / €18

What does it take to recover? What happens after collapse? Cure is

Dublin Dance Festival with her latest

what’s needed to survive and about

work. In this new solo Butler reconnects

the journey in hope as much as the

with her considerable history and

arrival. It invites us to look for the

training in Irish Step Dance. A personal

way ahead, and assembles the wisdom

and expressive work, hurry offers a

and creativity of others in order to

resolution to the task of balancing her

take the next steps.

past and present dancing sensibilities.

Cure is a new solo for Fearghus Ó Conchúir, choreographed by six

48 / 49

Iconic dancer Jean Butler returns to

about overcoming difficulties, about

hurry, choreographed by Butler under the direction of Jon Kinzel,

artists and performers with whom he’s

features an installation by renowned

worked in recent years. Ó Conchúir

visual artist Corban Walker. Butler

is part of PROJECT CATALYST, an

is part of PROJECT CATALYST, an

initiative of Project Arts Centre.

initiative of Project Arts Centre.

Note: Contains nudity

“Butler never flinches. Not for a moment does she seem to shirk the movement.

“Calmly conceived and intellectually robust, [Ó Conchúir’s artistic] strategy doesn’t just produce eloquent movement, it creates powerful art.” The Irish Times

She’s stingingly clear.” The New York Times

Egg Charade Aoife McAtamney & Nina Vallon 7pm, 21 & 22 May Cube €15 / €13

Welcome to the world of Peggy & Peggy. Guessing games, intriguing situations and a healthy dose of irony are served up in this road movieinspired performance. Egg Charade confronts some of the difficulties and pressures young women can face when deciding whether to have a baby. Intimate and revealing, this duet combines lightness and intense physical effort with a wry sense of humour. Supported by the Goethe Institut. Note: The opening section of the work takes place outside and stewards will indicate where to view from. Contains nudity. “Original and impactful” Irish Theatre Magazine on McAtamney’s Softer Swells & Empty Echo.

Dual / Skeleton

high heel to the BMX bike. Meeting

Stephanie Lake / Larissa McGowan

surprising and violent ends, bodies and

8pm, 24 – 26 May

objects collide via a sinister vanishing

Space Upstairs

screen. McGowan’s fascination with the

€22 / €18

skeletal form results in a work that cuts to the quick with articulate physicaliy, acute strength and a cracking choreographic pace.

APR—JUN 2013

Lake and McGowan are two of Puzzles, high heels and BMX bikes –

Australia’s rising stars – Lake emerging

a double bill of dance from two of

from Melbourne’s Chunky Move and

Australia’s rising stars.

Lucy Guerin Inc., McGowan from

Dual is a puzzle that fuses jagged yet slippery pieces. Two solos are

Australian Dance Theatre and Sydney Dance Company.

performed one after the other. Although distinct and unrelated, the solos are

Supported by the Tanja Liedtke

then interlocked to create an arresting


duet. Dual asks questions about individuality and what is sacrificed as well as heightened by a union. Skeleton reveals a set of characters who discover the hidden

50 / 51

stories of pop-cultural icons from the

Note: Skeleton uses strobe lighting

The Light Garden Rachel Davies

follow pebbles to cinematic tents to reach a smouldering ‘campfire’, and even use switches to control

10am / 11am / 12noon / 2pm / 3pm

the weather and make a storm! The

and 4pm, 24 – 26 May

Light Garden is an imaginative and


mesmerising introduction to dance and

€6 per person

nature for very young children.

€20 Family Ticket (3 children + 1 adult) Note: The Light Garden is designed as an experience for young children. Accompanying adults are welcome to observe them exploring from seating at Age range: 18mths – 5 years. Children

the side of the theatre.

must be accompanied by an adult. “Our girls really loved changing the Switch on your torch and follow the

weather conditions and hiding in the

dancing bug on a campsite adventure

tents with the lamps – brilliant. A very

from dawn till dusk! Award-winning

relaxing experience for for parents too.”

filmmaker Rachel Davies creates an

Quote from parent at

interactive light and video installation

The Light Garden.

for toddlers. Explore a beanbag hillside crawling with animated ladybirds,

52 / 53

APR—JUN 2013

Zoe Ní Riordáin presents



Every day is a school day. The Pupil

15 – 18 May

has come for her lesson. Her exams


are in 3 weeks… The Professor has a

€14 / €12 / €10

lesson plan, but the Maid doesn’t like it.

Preview 14 May Matinee 18 May (2.30pm)

As the Pupil asks the big questions, the lesson begins to unravel and the pair get locked in a battle of wits and teeth. Daniel Reardon stars as the Professor who takes the lesson too far.

REAL DEAL – Preview 14 May 2 tickets for €15

Written in 1951 by Eugene Ionesco Written by Eugene Ionesco

(Rhinoceros, The Chairs) The Lesson is

Translation by Donald Watson

a classic of absurdist theatre. This dark

Directed by Zoe Ní Riordáin

classroom comedy asks us to question

Lighting Design by Sarah Jane Shiels

everything, and believe nothing …

Sound Design by Jack Cawley

or does it?

Set Design by Colm McNally Dramaturgy by Christopher Collins Produced by Kate Costello Cast Includes: Daniel Reardon, Camille Lucy Ross and Lisa Walsh


54 / 55

APR—JUN 2013

The Corn Exchange

Presented in partnership with Ulster Bank

Space Upstairs

Farrell Blinks is an office drone. His im-

28 May – 8 June

agined heroic adventures offer violent


release from the pressures and boredom

€16 – €22

of his ordinary life – until one day his past

Matinees 1 & 8 June (3pm)

comes knocking, and the border between fantasy and reality begins to blur. Man of Valour is a breathtaking virtuosic performance by Paul Reid supported by stunning collaborative design in the unique transformational

Suitable ages 12+

style of The Corn Exchange.

REAL DEAL – Tuesday 28 May All Tickets €15

Dublin’s ABSOLUT Fringe, Man of Valour

Audio described and captioned

raised the audience to its feet with every

performance 6 June


Sell-out hit of Edinburgh Fringe and

Created by Paul Reid, Annie Ryan

The Corn Exchange has made some

& Michael West

of the most groundbreaking theatre

Written by Michael West

in Ireland. Founded by Annie Ryan

Directed by Annie Ryan

in 1995, the company has created an

Performed by Paul Reid

award-winning repertoire, ranging

Lighting & Set Design by

from contemporary site-specific work,

Aedín Cosgrove

adaptations of classics and original

Composed by Dennis Clohessy

theatre made in collaboration with the

Video Design by Jack Phelan

ensemble and writer Michael West. The company creates and presents

“Epic blockbuster”

stories reflecting contemporary Irish

The Irish Times

life – through boom and bust. The work combines strong physical theatre

“One of the best things to be performed

practice with dynamic text and cutting-

on a stage. Anywhere. Ever.”

edge design and technology to create

The Sun

a highly imaginative, transformational theatre experience.

APR—JUN 2013 56 / 57

Conor Madden and Derrick Devine



U-R-HAMLET-TOO is the sequel to the

28 May – 1 June

ABSOLUT Fringe 2012 hit U-R-HAMLET.

8.15pm €15 / €10

Using live music, spoken word, film and

Preview 27 May

blank verse, U-R-HAMLET-TOO seeks to

Matinee 1 June (1.30pm)

understand the connection that we all, as humans, share. Accompanied by an original score performed live by Derrick “The Duke” Devine it opens the hearts of the performers to the minds of the audience.

REAL DEAL – 29 May All tickets €9

Using Shakespeare’s Hamlet as a starting point, U-R-HAMLET-TOO sets out

Written by Derrick Devine, Conor Madden

to investigate humanity, showing the art

and William Shakespeare

that exists inside us all, the impossibility

Directed by Jason Byrne

of knowing all that we could be and the

Cast includes Derrick Devine and

beauty of being broken.

Conor Madden And apples.


APR—JUN 2013 58 / 59

Kiss Me and You Will See How Important I Am ...

Sunday’s Child


Sunday’s Child return to Dublin with

4 – 8 June

their smash hit Edinburgh Fringe


success Kiss Me And You Will See How

€10 / €7.50

Important I Am. Spend an evening in the lives of four people searching for themselves in the madness of the world around them. Sunday’s Child use their unique style of physical theatre to bring the

Suitable ages 14+

audience into a world dominated by

Strong language and mild violence

memories and secrets – secrets that will tear some apart and bring others

REAL DEAL – 4 June 2 tickets for €12

together. Visceral and touching, the

POST SHOW Discussion – 5 June

show propels forward towards a

Written by Eva O’Connor

wondering – if you had the choice

shattering conclusion and leaves you Directed by Sophie Fuller

to save or abandon someone, which

Choreographed by Elspeth McKeever

would you choose?

Lighting by David Doyle Set Design by David Doyle

Sunday’s Child was founded by

Produced by Hildegard Ryan

Eva O’Connor and Sophie Fuller.

Cast includes: Jamal Hue Bonner,

A young, vibrant company, for whom

Dan Cummins, Elspeth McKeever

physicality, dance and music are

and Eva O’Connor

foundations of all work, Sunday’s Child strive to create pieces of theatre which

“There is something infectious about

provide insightful critiques of today’s

Sunday’s Child. They are a young

society and provide a unique sense of

company who demand attention.

what it’s like to be a young person in

One can feel the passion, belief and

today’s turbulent world. Sunday’s Child

commitment they have to their work.”

presented My Best Friend Drowned

The Public Reviews

In A Swimming Pool at Project Arts Centre in 2012.

60 / 61

APR—JUN 2013


With an F Productions


What happens when the class clown

11 – 15 June

graduates and is no longer funny?

8.15pm €14 / €12

We drink, we smoke, we dance, we eat, we book online and pack suitcases, we turn off our phones, we turn on our computers, we log in and log on, we pretend. What do you do to escape? Solpadeine is My Boyfriend is

Suitable ages 15 +

about change. It’s more than a hair cut or going to college. It’s the changes

REAL DEAL – 12 June 2 tickets foR €20

you can’t control – the changes you can’t come back from, like growing

Written and Performed by

up, or emigrating, or that moment you

Stefanie Preissner

realise: you’re not who you thought

Directed by Gina Moxley

you were going to be when you wrote about it in 3rd class.

“a dark, delightful and intelligent comedy, a one woman tour de force”

With An ‘F’ Productions is the brain-

child of Stefanie Preissner and Fionn Woodhouse. After the success of their sell out show Our Father at ABSOLUT Fringe 2011, Stefanie returned to ABSOLUT Fringe 2012 with the gritty sequel, Solpadeine Is My Boyfriend. The Fringe run was a tremendous success, with a number of sell-out performances, critical acclaim and two nominations at the Fringe Awards – The Fishamble New Writing Award and the Bewley’s Little Gem Award

APR—JUN 2013 62 / 63

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor in

HOWIE THE ROOKIE Written and directed by Mark O’Rowe

Space Upstairs

Three hearts poundin’ loud, three lungs, pairs

17 June – 6 July

of lungs, suckin’ louder, suckin’ hard.

8pm €20 – €35

Then softer, then calmer, then quieter.

Previews 13 – 15 June, 8pm & 16 June, 6pm

Then quiet.

Matinees 22 & 29 June, 6 July (3pm) Howie tells a story. Then Rookie takes it up. It’s a white-knuckle ride through a nightmare landscape, hilarious and grotesque by turns. Mark O’Rowe’s electrifying, epic tale careers explosively over two bleak, vivid, vioSuitable ages 16 +

lent nights, shot through with moments of

Very strong language and

unexpected tenderness.

sexual references

Meet the enormous Avalanche, monstrous on the bar stool in her white ski pants. Meet Lady-

REAL DEAL – Preview 16 June All tickets

boy, a dangerous gangland thug with Siamese

€20 / €15 concession

fighting fish and – it is rumoured – three sets of


teeth. Meet Mouse, Howie’s younger brother. Meet the Howie. Meet the Rookie.

Written and Directed by Mark O’Rowe Set & Costume Design by Paul Wills

Howie the Rookie was first produced in 1999 and took the theatrical world by storm. Now this

Lighting Design by Sinead McKenna

brilliant play receives a major new production

Performed by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor

from one of Ireland’s leading theatre producers.

“an original voice and a staggering achievement” New York Observer

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, star of RTÉ’s Love/Hate, will play both Howie and Rookie. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-filled theatrical odyssey.

“Mr O’Rowe … is fierce with talent … one of those rare, shiver-makings instances in which language seems to become truly physical” New York Times

64 / 65

APR—JUN 2013



By Niamh O’ Malley

We are excited to announce that a new limited edition set of two giclée prints by Niamh OMalley

66 / 67

will be on sale from the opening of the exhibition. Accompanying her latest work, this unique edition was produced in collaboration with Black Church Print Studio as a fund raiser for Project Arts Centre.

Gallery 26 April – 22 June 11am – 8pm Admission Free

Curated by Tessa Giblin Garden is a newly commissioned exhibition by Dublin-based artist Niamh O’Malley.  Known for her painting and sculptural interventions, and more recently for her explorations of monumental sites, O’Malley will take us into a personal landscape using video and sculpture – the garden which she and her family shape and create with the changing seasons. Featuring a new video installation and a large painting on glass, this landscape will be revealed through  screens, mirrors and windows.  The video work will show a mirror panning and tilting, reversing the normal flow of light and camera movement, slowly and silently illuminating the garden in an elusive dance. Accompanying the video work and set into a wooden seating platform, a large glass plane will have textures and marks painted on both sides, creating a painting which is visible from both the front and back – a limitless image which complicates ideas of reverse, background, and negative space.  You are welcome to join us for the opening of this new exhibition from 6pm – 8pm on Thursday 25 April.

Coffee like no other Coffee of the highest order, coffee that delights: this is illy’s mission, passion and obsession. A simple idea created through complex means: eight decades of experience; unmatched knowledge of coffee biology and chemistry; unrivalled skill at roasting; the pioneering of innovative, enabling technologies; and a family’s entrepreneurial passion. There is a taste, a feel, an aroma that is all illy’s own. Velvety, immediately sweet, delicately balancing floral and fruity notes with caramel, toast and chocolate, naturally fragrant with aromas of almond and honey. You just might hold the sugar, for the very first time. This is balance that comes only from a blend: the singular illy blend of nine highest-order Arabica beans, selected and directly purchased by illy from farms spanning four continents. Each individual bean contributing to a greater whole, for the pleasure of those who appreciate all that coffee can and should be. In the cup, the illy blend becomes a symphony: rich, full, multi-faceted, yet subtle, comprised of immensely talented soloists, each coaxed to their finest performance under the hand of an expert conductor. Food Solutions are the Irish distributors of illy.

Proudly supporting IETM Dublin 2013 in association with Project Arts Centre from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th April 2013



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Project Arts Centre Events April - June 2013  

Choose from theatre, music, dance, visual arts and everything in between at Dublin’s busiest arts centre. Project Arts Centre is Ireland’s l...

Project Arts Centre Events April - June 2013  

Choose from theatre, music, dance, visual arts and everything in between at Dublin’s busiest arts centre. Project Arts Centre is Ireland’s l...