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King Sing Ko City College of Technology B.Arch Degree 2010


Selected Works 2010

Professional Work Shaker Ridge House Ainslie Tower Lexington bldg

Academic Work BKL Museum Coffee Shop Barcelona Pavillion

Initial 3D Google Sketchup Rendering - An initial rendering presented to the owner of the new addition.

I have a certain fascination with the

This townhouse is located right on top

townhouse typology that exist in many of the older cores of america’s eastern cities. In this project i am assigned to design a speculative townhouse that could incorporate the existing townhouse sturcture while updating it to a contemporary design language.

of a cliff which has an amazing view. Our objective is to bring that great view into the new addition. Another objective of ours is to maintain a high energy effiecency. Solar gain in winter time become a very important part of our design.

2010 - Residential Project, New York

Shaker Ridge House

Solar gain is maximized as the broad face of the house faces west. The energy efficiency of house is kept high by maintaining a high degree of solid area on the glass. The new structure will use Zinc panels and a Prodema panel rain screen system. These materials, while possibly having a higher embodied energy due to fabrication and transporation requirements than more local “green� materials, are extremely durable and will not need to be replaced and thrown out. Site map - The building is surrounded by forests.

West Side Rendering - New living room, bathroom and master bedroom will use ceiling-to-floor curtain wall system.

1st Fl - The new grand vestibute would be transparent on both side in order to create an amazing indoor view.

2nd Fl - The staircase in the vestibute will lead to the main music room which has an outdoor deck.

2nd Fl

North Elevation - The addition would be sitting on the new foundation on top of the slope overlooking the sunset merging into the sullen earth at night time.

West Elevation - Shop drawing with window schedule for material estimating purpose.

Section - Section of the building showing the new foundation wall on the slope and details.

2010 - Mixed use building, New York

Ainslie Tower

I joined this project‘s team in 2009 when they started, right near the end of the design development stage. I worked on all parts of the project, from design, construction document, shop drawing, millwork design, finish selection, construction administration, contractor and client meetings, consultant coordination. Near the beginning of construction, almost half of the project team was laid off, including the project architect. Working with the project manager and design principle, i picked up many of the responsiblities left vacant by the personnel losses.

Bird’s eye view - To showcase the back of the building and the rooft garden.

Entrance - To showcase the view from a pedestrian toward the building entrance.


he original space had 6 apartment unit on each floor. Due to owner’s request, we had to change the whole floor plan to create 4 apartment unit on each floor and meets the new DOB requirement. We also have to come up with new curtain wall detail and window schedule in order to meet the new building height.

Typical Floor Plan - The complete approved floor plan with detail to meet new F.A.R. requirment.

Elevation - Elevation drawing to show the new adjusted building height.

2010 -Mixed use building- New York

Lexington bldg

Typical Floor Plan - The complete approved floor plan with detail to meet new F.A.R. requirment.

One of the main tasks that I was charged with was developing an architecture for the retail component of the project. A preliminart schematic design had been completed in 2009. Many features of the original schematic pakcage were changed when the project was revisited. That includes the plan, elevation, new metal panel and stucco wall changes.

Elevation - Elevation drawing to show the new building facade design.


he new building site is currently located right next to an existing factory. Our project is to create a modern art museum which is highly energy efficient. The front facade is constructed using a dual skin system. The inner skin consist of a strucal glazed curtain wall with openable windows. The outer skin is a layer of poly carbonate with voides. The layering created an interesting facades of voids and spaces while allow ing air to penetrate freely to into the building. During the night, the translucent facade glows. Not only this allow a passer by a glimpse of the exhibits, it alos cast interesting reflections on the reflecting water surface.

2009 - Musum Projectmix - Brooklyn, NY

BKL Museum

I had adpoted a simple site strategy in this design. I ‘ve allowed visual linkage from the the visitor’s park towards the main street. A welcoming landscape void is an intended contrast along the heavily build up street. The ground is opened up, letting people use the ground, penetrating the site. I had also implemented sun diagram and summer/winter wind direction into the site analysis in order be highly energy efficient. Site Analysis & Sun diagram - To calculate how sun is going to affect the light source for the building interior.

Site Plan - Based on the Sun diagram, I can successfuly locate the tree to limit the light source into the building.

Floor Plan - Simple floor plan to show how light distributes during day time.

Section - A section drawing to show how vistiors come from the street.

Ecologically sustainable development diagram(ESD) - A diagram showing how cool air goes in and how hot air goes out.

The interior columns are cladded with bright orangey panels integrated with lighting and artifacts display panels. The bright orange exercise aims to incorporate the principles of the ecologically sustainable development (ESD). The proposal encourages low energy passive heating and cooling strategies in

Rendering - A simple rendering of the interior column texture.

Elevation - An elevation showing the back side of the building.

Model - A model to understand how the space relate to the enviroment of the building.

This was my 2nd year site planning class project. We were asked to design a coffee shop to create an evolution in the manner how people interacts to the building location and prescence, how they respond to the context. The coffee shop will evolve in responce to movement and introduction of new programatic elements.

Floor Plan - Simple diagram the usage of each spaces.

2006 - Site Planning Class Project

Coffee Shop


West Elevation

North Elevation

Initial scratch

Exterior rendering - Key elements are lighting effect, background, and water ripple effect.

This is one of the project of my first 3D rendering class. The rendering is done in Autocad 07. The water ripples were done using a bump map on the fresnel water shader in photoshop. The goal of this project is to recreate real-time reflection, shade, texture and lighting effect as close as to the Barcelona Pavillion done by using Autocad 3D software.

Interior rendering - Key elements are ceiling reflection, texture on material.

3D rendering - Mies Van Der Rohe

Barcelona Pavillion


This is portfolio done for ARCH 609.

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