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The Beavis Syndrome

The Beavis Syndrome The countless hours of motorpacing, sun baked speed work sessions, hill repeats,decreasing interval sessions taken to the point of physical collapse. An entire spring season of race tuning all leading to...The Beavis Syndrome. This is the point, where after several nights of racing in a single file line, the accumulated fatigue results in a stupor where everything becomes funny! You develop a stoner laugh and mentality as you are now useless for any task that does not involve your hands in the drops, looking forward through the next corner while listening for next prime bell. Often times you do not areally hear the bell so much as you feel it reverberate through your chest. The prime bell induces a pavlovian response of either get to the front and try to make some cash or hang on for dear life. John Bowerman got to experience the Beavis syndrome for the first time last week at speed week. John is like a kid brother to me, I have known him since he was five years old when his father was a patron to my generation. Time moves fast and it has been a honor to pass on hard won bike racing knowledge guiding John on his journey through the carnival that is american crit racing. I cannot count the days that I have told him today's workout is going to suck all the time not letting him know just what he is in for. How many times have I looked in the rear view mirror and thought "damn that had to hurt"! There is a HUGE difference between riding and training, which is a point I constantly reinforce. I have said for a long time that cycling is a healthy not so much. After a good week of racing getting his teeth cut there is one conversation that stands out from all the others. At the end of a phone call John gave a fatigued laugh atrestruant called wingnuts! A couple of hours before start time the Beavis syndrome had taken it's full effect.

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