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5 Advisory Committees BOARD OF DIRECTORS & STANDING COMMITTEES Board of Directors The NRF Board of Directors is the governing body that oversees the activities of the Federation. It is comprised of leading retail chief executive officers representing the breadth and diversity of the industry. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are held in January in New York City in conjunction with the Annual Convention and Exposition and again in the spring or early summer. NRF staff contact: Tracy Mullin

Executive Committee NRF’s Executive Committee has most of the authority of the Board of Directors and serves as the ad hoc committee to determine strategic planning and direction for the Federation. Each member of the Executive Committee is elected by the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board of Directors presides over the NRF Executive Committee. NRF staff contact: Tracy Mullin

Finance Committee This committee is elected by the Board of Directors and oversees the finances of the Federation including reviewing and recommending the Federation’s budget to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The committee also advises the Board on general matters relating to financial and accounting issues. NRF staff contact: Carleen C. Kohut

Awards and Nominations Committee NRF’s Awards and Nominations Committee reviews nominations for Directors and members, and prepares slates of nominees for consideration by the Board and for election by the NRF membership. The Awards and Nominations Committee also makes recommendations for recipients of NRF awards and honors, including the NRF Gold Medal, International Retailer of the Year, Retail Innovator of the Year, Distinguished Service, American Spirit, Leadership in Public Service and the Silver Plaque Awards. NRF staff contact: Tracy Mullin

Independent Stores Board Comprised exclusively of chief executives of independent member firms, members of the Independent Stores Board provide invaluable advice to NRF in the development of programs and services, especially in the areas of conferences and member discounts, to meet the needs of the smaller stores community. The Independent Stores Board advises the Executive Committee on matters related to small store retailing and works closely with NRF staff to ensure that services, programs and government representation accurately address the current and future issues confronting independent retailers. The Chairman of the Independent Stores Board is appointed by the NRF Executive Committee. NRF staff contact: Steve Pfister

ADVISORY BOARDS, COUNCILS, AND COMMITTEES NRF relies on an interactive committee structure, open to NRF retail members in good standing, for the formulation and execution of policies, guidelines, standards and strategies consistent with retail industry objectives. The NRF committees are, without exception, designed to be representative of the industry and reflect its breadth and diversity. They are comprised of industry specialists in their individual fields who give generously of their time and knowledge to set policy and help develop positions on important retail operations or public policy issues which will benefit the industry at large. Existing for the purpose of advancing the retail industry, NRF councils and committees may engage in a number of activities, including:

This Board of Directors, made up of chief executives of major retail and supplier-partner firms, directs and oversees the programs, activities and functions of the NRF Foundation, the non-profit research and education arm of the National Retail Federation. Members are elected by the NRFF Board and approved by the Federation’s Board of Directors. NRF staff contact: Katherine Mance

ADA Task Force A group comprised of NRF retail members interested in the Americans with Disabilities Act and any resulting or pending federal regulations or litigation. NRF staff contact: Mallory B. Duncan

ARTS Consortium Europe

" Product development

ARTS Consortium Europe is the formal organization of ARTS European members to support standards development by organizing committees to enhance the Data Model and develop XML documents and messages. This work supplements the efforts of similar US based committees.

" Shared opportunities for purchase of services

ARTS staff contact: Richard E. Mader

" Information exchange " Setting of public policy positions " Research " Benchmarking

" Presentation of testimony " Standards setting " Publishing


NRF Foundation Board of Directors

NRF Annual Report 2002  
NRF Annual Report 2002  

2002 National Retail Federation Annual Report