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2 Public Relations NRF Drives Media Coverage of the Industry and Diffuses Potential Crises with Strong Public Relations Campaigns

Tracy Mullin with “Today’s” Matt Lauer following Black Friday.

NRF has continued its tradition of being a thought leader on retail issues in the media. Through our media outreach efforts, NRF spokespeople have provided consistent commentary in key news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, FORBES, Business Week, CNN, CNBC and FOX. Scores of radio, television and print stories arranged by the NRF public relations team helped build the public pressure that led President Bush to reopen West Coast ports after a waterfront labor dispute threatened retailers’ supply of merchandise during the crucial holiday sales season. NRF’s public relations team put together a major radio and print advertising campaign in support of NRF’s efforts to win passage of bankruptcy reform legislation that would have helped save retailers billions of dollars in bad debt each year. NRF routinely drives stories and provides vital commentary and statistics for virtually every holiday, from Halloween to the Holiday season. Working with the media and member companies, NRF has:

Secretary of Commerce Don Evans and NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin hold a joint press conference to release retail sales numbers for November.


" Developed a Public Relations Committee, providing a forum to identify key retail issues, create best practices in retail PR and develop messaging for the press. " Further positioned itself as an industry thought leader by developing and promoting new original research such as the Retail Executive Opinion Survey and the Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

NRF Annual Report 2002  

2002 National Retail Federation Annual Report