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Programma di lingua e civiltà inglese A.S. 2013/2014 Classe 1° sez. E Docente : prof.ssa Gabriella Saba Entry Book: Lesson 1 – Me and my family Functions: talking about you and your family Grammar: verb be: present simple (all forms); verb have got: present simple (all forms); use of LIKE Vocabulary: family; common verbs Lesson 2 – Everyday life Functions: talking about everyday activities Grammar: present continuous, present simple Vs present continuous, adverbs of frequency Vocabulary: everyday activities, expressions of frequency Lesson 3 – Let’s eat! Functions: talking about food and drink; talking about quantity Grammar: countable and uncountable nouns; quantifiers: some, any, a little, a few, much, many, a lot of, how many.../how much...?; articles Vocabulary: food and drink Lesson 4 – Keeping fit and healthy Functions: talking a bout sport, fitness and health; talking about obligation and prohibition; giving advice; asking and giving permission; talking about ability Grammar: can, should, must Vocabulary: sport; parts of the body Lesson 5 – A day trip Functions: talking about holidays and towns; talking about past events Grammar: past simple (affirmative, negative and interrogative); past simple of can and be Vocabulary: about town; places and shops; irregular verbs Lesson 6 – What’s it like? Functions: talking about rooms and furniture; talking about likes and dislikes; describing the house and the people Grammar: like/would like; Vocabulary: rooms and furniture; adjectives Lesson 7 – Changing weather Functions: talking about the weather; making comparisons Grammar: comparative and superlative adjectives Vocabulary: weather Lesson 8 – Party time! Functions: talking about clothes; talking about future activities Grammar: future tenses: present simple, present continuous, be going to Vocabulary: clothes Lesson 9 – What next? Functions: talking about the future; talking about jobs; making predictions; talking about possible future situations and their results Grammar: will/won’t; may/might; first conditional verbs Vocabulary: job Moving UP ( Pre-intermediate A2/B1) Unit 1 – Show time! Functions: buying a ticket; planning a day out Grammar: the present, the past, the future Vocabulary: entertainment; time expressions Culture: “A great day out” Writing: description of a day out Unit 2 – Today and yesterday Functions: describing objects; talking about past habits; talking about actions in progress in the past Grammar: past simple; used to; past continuous; past simple Vs past continuous

Vocabulary: technology; gadgets and electrical appliances Unit 3 – Young achievers Functions: describing words; speaking about good and bad news; reacting to news; speaking about life experiences Grammar: present perfect with never/ever; present perfect with already/yet/just; relative pronouns in defining and non-defining relative clauses (who/which/that/where/when/what) Vocabulary: life experiences and achievements Culture: “University of life”, education system in the UK Unit 4 – We’ve been there! Functions: talking about feelings; speaking about journeys; Grammar: present perfect with for and since; present perfect vs simple past; present perfect continuous; verbs of perception; Vocabulary: -ed/-ing adjectives Libri di testo: “Moving UP” pre-intermediate, Entry Book, di Clare Kennedy e “Moving UP” Preintermediate A2/B1, di Clare Kennedy e Clare Maxwell, ed. Black Cat

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