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A.S. 2013/2014


Data: 3/06/2014…………… ……….

Prof.ssa Regina Barone

Testi: New Horizons ( P. Radley, Daniela Simonetti) Oxford Millennium ( Arturo Cattaneo, Donatella De Flaviis)Signorelli Scuola Contenuti:

Grammar and functions: unit 10: have /get something done should , ought to Vocabulary. The body Unit 11: second conditional make+ object+ adjective + verb vocabulary: emotions Unit 12: Question tags past perfect reported speech Unit 13: should have, ought to have reported speech: ask, tell.. Vocabulary: crime and punishment Unit 14 : past simple passive present perfect passive present continuous passive future passive reflexive and reciprocal pronouns Vocabulary: charity ad world problem Unit 15: Question revision( tenses) to be used to, used to vocabulary: technology Unit 16: third conditional conditionals revision

Literature: The Stuarts dynasty; The Civil War and the Commonwealth The New world: internal policy, Puritans vs Anglicans, The Pilgrims Fathers, The Thanks giving America exploration ; Colonization, first Colonies, Dee Brown “ Bury my Hearth at...”, Emigrants and the birth of U.S.A. Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet letter” (film) The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century (historical and social context (Modulo 3) London and the Court The Augustan Age The 18th Century – Literary context – The rise of the novel (Modulo 4) Daniel Defoe and “Robinson Crusoe” (Film) text: passage Robinson and Friday Culture: Ireland policy and Economy of the country Physics: Isaac Newton: text: The theory of Light and Colours

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