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LICEO SCIENTIFICO “L. MOSSA”, OLBIA PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA E CULTURA INGLESE A.S. 2013/14 DOCENTE : CAREDDU PANU DANIELA Classe II SUA Unit 3: Present Perfect – Defining relative clause Unit 4: Present Perfect vs Simple past – (Present Perfect Continuous – Verbs of perception) Unit 5:Modifiers, non-defining and defining relative clauses; adverbs; comparisons( majority, minority, equality, superlatives, regular and irregular: get/be + past participle Unit 6:make/do; infinitive of purpose; Some/ Any/ No + compound Unit 7:modals of obligation ( must/ have to), prohibition and possibility ( can and be allowed to) ; First Conditional ( when, as soon as, unless) Unit 8: second conditional, too, too much/many, (not) enough Unit 9: passive form ( present, past, present perfect, future tenses) Unit 10: past perfect, question tags, commands), functions changes Unit 11: reported speech( statements, questions) Unit 12: third conditional; the conditional tenses , I wish I…(past simple/past perfect). Vocabulary: Life experiences and achievements, relationships, make and do, rural and urban life, punishments, rules, crime and punishments, dreams and hopes, newspapers, books and literary genres.


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