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“With people, a city is alive. Street furniture brings quality to people’s life. We make street furniture of high quality.”

Street Furniture Design | Engineering | Manufacturing

When it comes to the production of street furniture, creativity is the soul of design, with engineering and manufacturing carrying equal importance. At Cityplus, we make well engineered, safe and beautiful street furniture produced with the best interests of our users in mind - the public, people who shape our communities.


Highest recorded temperature : 52.1 °C Making the World’s FIRST air-conditioned bus shelter for Dubai was a huge challenge, however, we knew from the outset it was too hot for standard street furniture to flourish. The look was subtly tailored to incorporate Islamic culture Engineered to protect passengers from the toil some heat Materials capable of withstanding UV rays and heat Semi automatic door to preserve energy Light signals to call for boarding


is the foundation

With the high quality metal fabrication center in Zhuhai since 1987, Program Contractors Limited is a leading manufacturer in the metallic street furniture industry. Through collaboration with some of the best advertising agencies and public transportation companies, thousands of our street furniture including bus shelter, advertising light-box, signage, bench, bicycle rack and trash bin have been delivered and installed in over 90 cities around the world.

What’ s more ‒ we have cumulated a lot of experience in dealing a plethora of dierent cultures and served a wide range of end-users. This is what separates us from other companies who mass produce one design and sell it to all kind of end-users without any customization.

As the cities Grow we too are


In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized and competitive, the addition and renewal of street furniture is not just about improving the living quality, but also

seeking to enhance the entire impression

of the city and bringing economic value too. All the appreciations and praises we received from our respected clients didn't add complacency to our attitude. We must continue to nurture our brand Cityplus to

cater to the increasing needs of improving

public spaces where people rest, socialize or are simply passing by.

We realize how much time people spend

outside their home each day and how they are becoming increasingly engaged with

street furniture and public facilities available

to them, however, most importantly we have

a vision of how their dream cities should

look like. Cityplus strives to add positive value to the city by considering sustainability,

accessibility, safety and to enhance the daily experience of those who live in or are visiting

the city. As cities grow, Cityplus does the

same and will not slow down its pace. Cityplus strives to not only adding more trendy street furniture to beautify a city, but

we yearn to build dream cities and foster real tangible change.

Design Partners

Cityplus is an open platform for all creative designers and architects who share the same vision, we understand that, to put heads together create a better result, therefore, we co-operate

with award winning young talents and sophisti-

cated architects on our new product design project, partner for perfection.

Martin Riese

Founding partner of Front, the New York-based integrated design practice that specializes in facades. Front collaborates with Program on iconic architectural

design projects, drawing on the strengths of both companies to deliver innovative products efficiently.

Jason Carlow

An American designer based in Hong Kong and principal of Carlow Architecture &

Design Ltd. His work has been exhibited in the Hong Kong / Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism as well as the Venice Biennale of Architecture. He is a recipient of Perspective Magazine's "40 Under 40" design awards for Asia.

Kristof Crolla

One of the founders of Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD)

which is a Hong Kong & Antwerp based architectural design and research practice. LEAD explores how architectural innovation can stem from the strategic integration

and combination of contemporary design technology and highly contextual and project-specific parameters. LEAD has won the 2013-2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards and 2012-13 A' Design Award ‒ "Platinum A' Design Award".

Kay Lai

An industrial designer from Hong Kong, has been employed by a number of local leading product design consultancy firms and has provided design services for

different international brands such as Philips, Motorola, Panasonic etc. He believes

that industrial design is not simply emphasizing the appearance only, but to form an unique experience when using the products.

Samuel So

A new design star of generation Y with creative ideas. He has won the Hong

Kong Young Design Talent Award, Hong Kong Eyewear Design Award and Opus Design Award.

Sandro, L.H.

A local designer, he believes that sensation and physical experiences affect how one acknowledges his surroundings. He believes this increases how people connect with street architecture ‒ which is very important in an urban city. At the

heart of his pieces, core values are placed on real life experiences. In 2013, Sandro won 1st place in KMB-SDC Sustainable Bus Shelter Design Competition. Collabo-

rating with us, he is looking for opportunities to bring his thoughts into street furniture that represent collective values of Hong Kong people.

L. K. Chui

Studied architecture at CityU and he is passionate about designs. In 2013, he

became a finalist of KMB-SDC Sustainable Bus Shelter Design Competition. Through design he explores how designs shape people’ s emotion and how people feel being in space.

Man Chow

Graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute with Professional Certificate in Innovative Furniture Design. Man Chow is eager to develop more people-

oriented street furniture to the city. Through her designs, you may found she is attentive to every details of the furniture development.

Cyclehoop Ltd

A firm of award-winning designers and architects specialising in designing innovative indoor and outdoor cycle parking infrastructure. Cyclehoop offer a complete service from design and planning to manufacturing and installation. They have won many international design awards including the New York CityRacks Design Competition

with their winning design for Google's cycle parking facility, and Reinventing the Bike Shed with the 'Cyclehoop' retrofit bike stand.


Based in Hong Kong and owned by Designer Ming-wai Wong and Civil Engineer Wailing Tang. Zedforce designs and manufactures furniture for compa-

nies or designers who have ideas. Also the founders have set up and other


company called DÉJÀ VU CREATION (DVC) which is specializing in exploring

the potential of reusing wasted materials through art and design to benefit the sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Product Highlight

Advertising Lightbox , Advertising Panel , Bench , Bike Rack , Bike Stand , Bollard ,

Bus Shelter , Column , Kiosk , Lamp Post , Litter Bin , Locker , Phone Box , Post Box , Public Toilet , Recycle Bin , Signage ,

Taxi Stand , Table, WayďŹ nding System...






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Strasbourg Taipei

Tashkent Tel Aviv Tokyo

Toulouse Vilnius


Professional Service

Cityplus complies and works closely with architects, government departments, property development and

management companies and public transport system

companies. By integrating the powerful support of design partners, rich metal fabrication experience and high

productivity, we bring premium street furniture to cities around the globe.

From time to time, our friendly, professional team of designers, engineers and project managers provide you with great support to meet your need for aesthetic and practical street furniture.

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Hong Kong




19/F, Wing Shing Industrial Building, 26 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Program Contractors - Public Landscape Cityplus Street Furniture  

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized and competitive, the addition and renewal of street furniture is not just about improvin...

Program Contractors - Public Landscape Cityplus Street Furniture  

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized and competitive, the addition and renewal of street furniture is not just about improvin...

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