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Investments San Gervasio

The ancient hamlet of San Gervasio Palaia (PI) Tuscany - Italy

"Chi da La Rotta va verso Palaia, a mezza via trova 'na borgata..."


SAN GERVASIO: TRADITION THROUGH INNOVATION Dipped inside the most beautiful and luxuriant Italian region, gentle Tuscany, between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea, rises the ancient hamlet of San Gervasio, built around 700 A.C. to defend the renowned Romanic Church. The castle that now dominates the village was created at the end of 900 A.C. and still today maintains the old circular plan, rising from the ancient fortress. During the centuries, the borough was contended between the dominance of Pisa and Florence because of its strategic position above the valleys of rivers Era and Arno. The estate has been property of many important families of the past, such as Counts Della Gherardesca, it passes unhurt the two World Wars and from 1960 is property of the Tommasini family, who succeeded to bring back the farm to its ancient prosperity, exalting the traditional agriculture, renewing and increasing the production of very high quality wines, which has become the real business core of the estate. The conversion of vineyards started during the Seventies; now the wine production is known and valued worldwide has the best expression of the Pisa terroir. The organic agriculture, started and certified in 1996, was a very important and difficult choice as San Gervasio was the first winery in Pisa area to start with it, but it reflects some of the most important concepts of our time: respect for nature and a natural winemaking, without any chemical additive; today this pioneering choice revealed successful, as proved by the very high quality of the wines produced, mostly made with Sangiovese grape, the most important and typical grape of Tuscany. San Gervasio is composed by 380 hectares and about 5000 square meters of buildings; the heart of the village is the main villa (about 1000 square meters) with annex the tower and the park, and the cellars recently restored, showing the ancient structures which have been maintained.


Completing the estate and the village the meeting room, the museum of country-life, many open galleries, terraces and two swimming-pools. The company has mainly focused on wine production and marketing, promoting the “Sangervasio� brand and investing in modern production technologies. As said, from 1996 the farm is certified organic by Bioagricert and follows the philosophy of the organic and biodynamic agriculture, respecting the surrounding wildlife. The annual production has grown during the years and is now around 100.000 bottles but is estimated to reach 150.000 bottles in the next years. Tommasini’s started and invested in promotional activities and now the wines are sold in the most important international markets such as North and South America, Australia, Europe, Russia, China and Japan.


LOCATION The hamlet of San Gervasio, located in Tuscany, inside the Chianti of Pisa Hills area, is 25 Km from Pisa (20 minutes from airport, 45 Km from Florence (50 minutes from airport), 30 Km from Lucca and 40 Km from Siena.

“Sangervasio” brand is property of the company, registered on 20/09/1996, n. 122/96.

The property is composed of many fields with different farming and a real estate; the buildings are composed by apartments to rent, cellars and residential area. The whole cadastral area is about 382 hectares, divided as follows: • • • • • •

High specialized vineyards Olive-trees fields Farming fields Woodland Buildings Roads (about 5%)

Ha 20.49.00 Ha 28.50.00 Ha 87.00.00 Ha 226.00.00 Ha 1.95.00 Ha 18.56.78

Total: Ha 382.50.78

To be remarked the mansion (villa), of about 1000 square meters. 4

SAN GERVASIO: VINEYARDS AND MORPHOLOGY The farm land surrounding the village, located at about 200 meters high, is particularly suitable for winegrowing. The soil has plyocenic origins, rich of fossil shells, sand and clay. This minerality of the soil gives the wine a very particular taste. The abundance of ground water, after a particular processing of the soil, allows the plants to survive the high temperatures of summer that often strike Tuscany and lets the grape grow up in the right way. From 1994 22 hectares of vineyards have been planted, mainly of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a selection of white wines such as Chardonnay, Vermentino e Sauvignon Blanc. Vineyards have been planted following the concept of modern viticulture, with very high density of plants per hectare, from 6.000 to 12.000. .


DETAILS OF THE BUILDINGS All the buildings are located in the municipality of Palaia, are composed by several apartments (residential and to rent), restaurant, shops and cellar and have been all restored and maintained during the years. Those buildings and the surrounding farm land are all running and employed for winemaking. Restaurant and Apartments to rent with garden and car parking.

Museum of Country-Life and Apartments to rent with garden and car parking.

Apartments to rent, Swimming-pool, Meeting room (Farm)


Services •

N°1 Swimming-pool with restroom, locker room and garden – Farm area.

N°1 Swimming-pool with restroom, locker room and garden – Museum area.

WINE PRODUCTION Based on the “Three-months analysis on wine market” issued by the Union of Chambers of Commerce in November 2010, Tuscan wine production is at the sixth place in Italy, with about 2,8 million hectoliters produced in 2009. Tuscany produces 6,1% of wine grape in Italy; the 3 provinces of Florence, Grosseto and Pisa represent 50% of the regional production; in 2009 in Pisa area have been produced 186.300 hectoliters – 6,7% of the whole Tuscan production. More than 80% of the production in Tuscany is on red and rosé wines. Tuscan production is dominated by quality brands, the most important is the origin’s denomination: about 67% of 2,7 million hectoliters produced in 2009 is composed by DOC wines, 26% of IGT wines and 12% of table wines. Tommasini family has always promoted the growth of the winery during the years, through the brand Azienda Agricola San Gervasio, investing in the quality of the wines, developing several distribution channels, many of which are international. In particular the winery is renowned for many products, such as Chianti DOCG, A Sirio, I Renai, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Recinaio; all of these wines received many national and international awards. When the new generation vineyards will reach their maximum potential, the annual production will be around 150.00 bottles.


FINANCIAL ESTIMATION Despite the worldwide crisis, market trends for Italian wines have increased, especially outside Italy. New markets have grown and many important contact are developing. Following an evaluation of the actual situation: COSTS/INCOMINGS PRODUCTION/WINE SOLD 2011 2012 COSTS RAW MATERIALS 57.000,00 64.000,00 EXTERNAL WORKING 47.000,00 26.000,00 EMPLOYERS 212.000,00 181.500,00 AMORTIZATIONS 105.000,00 88.000,00 TRADE FAIRS AND BUSINESS TRIPS 38.000,00 41.000,00 TECHNICAL ADVICE 23.000,00 34.000,00 211000/28 SALES ADVISORS 20.000,00 18.000,00 211000/18-19-29 TOTAL 502.000,00 452.500,00 INCOMINGS FOREIGN COUNTRIES ITALY TOTAL WAREHOUSE

191.000,00 92.000,00 283.000,00

178.000,00 81.000,00 259.000,00



2013 50.000,00 16.000,00 104.000,00 70.000,00 27.000,00 21.000,00 15.000,00 303.000,00

221.000,00 84.000,00 305.000,00 1.400.000,00


COMMERCIAL DEVELOPING PLAN FOR NEXT 3 YEARS Investing in the project of new markets has being more and more important during the year, as a result of the increasing global competition. A very important port of the work is focused on the promotion of the products and customers’ support. In the historical markets, like Japan, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, we are increasing business and consequently sales. In the last years we are focusing mostly on Asia; our aim is the firm presence of all the wines on the Chinese market and there are many ongoing contact with other countries of Asian South-East. Last, but not least, we believe that another important market for the future will be Africa; in December we will participate at the Wine Week in Dakar, our first experience in this continent. About 60% of the total production, that is now around 100.000 bottles, is sold annually so now the need of market expansion has been really strong. The average price of the wines is 4,50€ per bottle, with earnings of about 300.000,00€, which are estimated to grow together with the annual production and quality, with an increasing value for the future. A Sirio and I Renai are the most valuable wines and are having good selling results. For next 3 years, reaching the maximum production potential of 150.000 bottles and increasing the average price per bottle of about 1,00€, we forecast that earnings will be around 800.000,00€ per year. Another possibility is to develop a parallel market, already started, to satisfy the request of cheaper wines not our production that could be presented on many new markets. Current markets: • • • •

Europe: Switzerland, Austria, UK, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia. America: Canada, USA, Brazil. Asia: Japan, China, Cambodia Australia




55.000,00 20.000,00 110.000,00 70.000,00 30.000,00

60.000,00 25.000,00 120.000,00 75.000,00 35.000,00

YEAR 2016 65.000,00 28.000,00 130.000,00 75.000,00 40.000,00




20.000,00 33.000,00 396.000,00

25.000,00 40.000,00 407.000,00

30.000,00 50.000,00 447.000,00

100.000 BOTT. 130.000 BOTT. 150.000 BOTT.


320.000,00 92.000,00 412.000,00

400.000,00 92.000,00 492.000,00

500.000,00 92.000,00 592.000,00





COMMERCIALIZATION AND DISTRIBUTION The company has developed also a production line of non-organic wines not of local production, which is an increasing business with very high market potential. In particular, the Asian market requests not only high quality wines, but also lower level wines with pricing between 2,00€and 4,50€. The demand is increasing not only for table wines but also for DOC and DOCG products known worldwide, such as Brunello, Chainti Classico, Prosecco, etc. Supply channels have been already started to reply all the requests arriving in the last months. This sector needs a lot of investments from a commercial point of view (trade fairs, tastings, etc.) as volumes are increasing more and more. Main markets for lower level wines are Asia, USA, Africa.


Main Villa with Park

Vin Santo Room


Bobard and Vineyards

Vineyards and Country House


The Villa









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Vesta investimenti san gervasio