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who what why The organization was founded in September 2011 by the desire of a group of young professionals, in order to respond to the crisis situation of the territory of Sulcis and more generally of Sardinia. The aim is to create ideas and possibilities related to self-development of the territory through the rational and sustainable use of its tangible and intangible resources (local materials, know-how from the tradition revisited with modern technologies) minimizing the need to import materials. The main theme of the association is the revival of the local economy through the creation of local networks, synergies between people and companies who are looking for alternatives to traditional way of build (meant as building made of concrete, bricks, etc..) choosing the use and development of local materials with a low environmental and social cost of production impact. To show with informative workshop that there are techniques and technologies of green building with natural materials sourced locally, with a low-cost environmental impact and low waste of energy, is the first action of the association and is also one of the cornerstones of our activities. The association also aims to develop concepts which can be exported out of the island context, promoting a model replicable in other places, building a network community that shares concepts and know-how about eco-friendly building, sustainability, trough the participation and creation of new opportunities for a sustainable economic development.

the strawbale house educational construction site

During the year 2012, the association has organized training activities for the dissemination of knowledge in green building, alongside the steps of building of the house of straw, a house designed and built using only natural materials that ensure high living comfort and energy efficiency. The materials used are stone for foundations, adobe for the internal masonry, straw for the exterior walls, cob and lime plasters, while the structure is in wood. The workshops are aimed at professionals, craftsmen and anyone interested in building with natural materials.

WS1 26 to 27 May 2012 - Barega ( Iglesias) WORKSHOP STONE FOUNDATION object of the course: the construction of a stone masonry drain , then used as the basis for the walls in “ earth lightened “, “ clay “ or “ straw “ .

WS2 7 to 8 July 2012 Barega ( Iglesias) WORKSHOP FACTORY MADE IN COB object of the course: technical production and implementation of the constructive elements of the base materials with low energy content

WS3 Aug 31-1-2 Sept 2012 Barega ( Iglesias) BUILDING WITH BALES OF STRAW object of the course: analysis of the straw bales and their correct use to construct a building healthy , efficient and allows also to save money. Construction of an infill straw for a building with the technique of the ‘ big bales of straw ‘ (Big Bale)

WS4 20 to 21 October 2012 Barega ( Iglesias) PLASTER IN COB object of the course: the different types of land and their components, functions, plaster , masonry surfaces and basic element of the dwelling. Procedures for implementing the plaster mortars from the land, water and other ingredients of nature in agriculture .

WS5 3 to 4 November 2012 Barega ( Iglesias) LIME AND PLASTER FINISHES IN object of the course: applications of lime in the context of green building. Know how the manufacture of traditional lime mortars for plastering the packaging of various types and functions: internal, external , earthenware, faux- marble , faux - stone , etc. .

the sara project educational international campus

PROGETTO SARA 7-21 July 2013 Soleminis ( Cagliari) WE BUILD A SMALL THEATRE SPACE object of the course: Educational project directed to Sharawi young people, arrived in Sardinia to learn notions of bio-architecture.

The theatre space is composed by 3 benchs realized by sand sacks and covered by cob. The small stage is instead built in lime and local stones.

the REEDs GAZEBO workshop

27 to 29 September 2013 Barega ( Iglesias) Workshop “ Building with reeds Learn to build a shade structure made ​​of reeds ( Arundo Donax ) “ The goal was to spread technology to be able to self-build a gazebo / shade structure, with minimal expense and using natural materials, local and wide availability as the reeds. We used the technique of “bundles of reeds” to make beams and columns, while the coverage will be composed of individual elements that, while standing, in ‘together form a sinuous, undulating visually, due to games inclinations and slopes. The main joints will be joined by metal clamps, squeezetube type, in addition to the support of the rope, which is used for temporary ligatures or reinforcement.

Association of social promotion Bio Architettura Rete Economica Gruppo D’azione 2xECO Ecologica Economica web: Adress: via Roma 25, 09016 Iglesias Sardinia, Italy

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Portfolio ProgettoBAREGA  

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