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turns 1

Happy Birthday Profusion! Turning one is the first milestone of many. I look forward to the journey with you

- Mandy

Thank you for a great year full of nurturing, growing and learning. May the years to come be as fulfilling and productive as the last. Happy Birthday Profusion

- René

Happy Birthday Profusion! May the next year be filled with as much zest and life lessons as the one that has passed.

It has been a year of promise and great expectation. As we celebrate our first year of Profusion I would like to say that it has been an honour working with such amazing and passionate people who dedicate themselves to our readers...without them, there would be NO PROFUSION. To our readers, thank you for your continued support and I hope that you have grown and gained as much from our features as I have. We will strive to make the next year an even better one. Happy Birthday Profusion! The greatest journey is one where you are a part of peoples lives and make a positive difference in the world we live in.

- Allan ,Ed

Congratulations to Allan and his team on their 1st birthday. The magazine is wonderful and fills a great niche for young people looking for information, inspiration and guidance. APSO is proud to partner with PROfusion in providing the expertise for job seekers in the PROfession section. Happy birthday, may it be the first of many!

- Natalie

- Jess

Happy Birthday Profusion and thank you to all the loyal readers, this month we celebrate our first year of cutting edge and action provoking journalism, encouraging a new generation of proactive interactivity that propels you into a new dynamic of life where words activate change. With all your enthusiastic and vibrant support we hope to tackle the new year with vigour of achieving even greater heights. In the meantime, never stop reading PROEnthusiasts

- Eva

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What an exciting year it has been! Filled with new experiences and a lot of growth on my part. What I have realised in this year is that nobody can stop you from achieving your dreams. I have come across two profound quotes that have changed my outlook on life and I want to share them . The first: “That sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but you never lose.” The second: “Learning to love the little things in life is learning to be happy.”I would like all our readers to remember that it is not who you are that matters but who you dream to be. Remember those dreams and always remember that you are unique and that there is nothing wrong with that. Happy Birthday Profusion!

- Danette

2014 08/09 Issue 07 - Profusion Magazine  
2014 08/09 Issue 07 - Profusion Magazine  

Profusion Magazine - Issue 07 August/ September 2014 ISSN 2310 - 2578